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Hotter than the Summer

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Seokjin was in the passenger’s seat with an arm propped on the rolled down window, sunglasses on and the warm summer wind messing his hair. He and his friends had made plans of spending the weekend at an out of town place Hoseok’s parents owned; and that’s where he, Hoseok and Jimin were heading right now.

The place was supposed to be in a small suburban town, with three rooms and a pool – witch had been enough to convince everyone that this little trip was good idea, considering the high temperatures they were under these days.

It was still Friday morning, but since Hobi owned the place, he had to get there first to open the house and make sure everything was alright. Jin tagged along so he wouldn’t have to drive and Jimin jumped at the opportunity saying he didn’t want to risk his life with Jungkook behind the wheel. The other four would get there right after lunch, having to run some errands first.

“We’re here!” Hoseok said, turning off the engine.

“This place is amazing!” Jimin said, before rushing out of the car.

“So,” Jin began, starting to unload the trunk, “should we wait for them before assigning rooms?”

“Yeah, I think that’s better,” Hobi shouted from the front door.

The rest of the morning was spent checking the house and making sure they had everything they needed in terms of food and other supplies.


After lunch, Jin, Hobi and Jimin were leaning on the porch fence admiring the view when they saw the other boys’ car approaching.

Taehyung was waving enthusiastically by the time they parked, making them laugh – he had probably been the most excited about this whole thing.

“Aren’t the old ladies going to help us?” Yoongi asked, opening the passenger’s door.

Jin and Hobi exchange a look and answered “Nah, we’re good,” to which Yoongi scoffed.

“I’ll help, hyung” Jimin spoke, going down the few steps towards the car.

Jin stood there watching them unload the car without much interest. That is, until he noticed Namjoon closing the trunk and putting a backpack on his shoulders. When the hell did Namjoon’s chest get like that?

“Hobi,” Jin called, gaze following Namjoon, “did Joon start working out?”

“No idea, why?”

“Nothing…” he murmured and turned to enter the house.


Once everyone was inside they played an intense game of rock, paper, scissors for the room’s arrangement. Taehyung, Jungkook and Hoseok ended up on the room with the king size bed, Jimin and Seokjin would share the one with the double bed, and Namjoon and Yoongi would have their own single beds on the third room.

When everything was settled and all the boys had changed into more appropriate clothing, they went outside with beers to hang out by the pool. Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung took off their shirts and went straight into the water in a competition for the best jump. Seokjin, Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok chose to drink and talk for a while, before the younger ones convinced Jin and Hobi to join them.

After chicken fights, swimming competitions and a lot of laughter and splashed water, Jin decided to dry under the rest of the afternoon sun and Hobi followed his cue.

“I consider myself a pretty energetic person, but these three,” Hoseok pointed at the three boys still in the pool, “they are unmatchable.” Jin laughed, as they sat at the nearest chairs.

From where they were sprawled at, Jin could see Namjoon and Yoongi talking, probably about music. He wasn’t close enough to hear them, but definitely close enough to admire how Namjoon’s white sleeveless shirt rested beautifully on top of his chest. Too bad it wasn’t tight enough – Jin definitely wouldn’t mind seeing the fabric completely stretched over those muscles.

Jin came out of his reverie with Hoseok’s elbow poking his ribs. His finger was pointing at the three younger boys plotting something on one side of the pool while looking at two oblivious dry boys like they were some sort of prey.

“This is going to be good!” Hoseok whispered and Jin nodded.

Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung silently count to three before there was a huge splash of water on top of Namjoon and Yoongi, followed by two loud groans and five hysterical laughs.

After the laughter subsided and there were only Namjoon’s and Yoongi’s whines of “why?” and “why did we ever do to you?”, Seokjin took a moment to appreciate Namjoon’s new look: wet hair pushed back and a much transparent white shirt plastered over two toned pecs.

“Well, thank you, guys,” was all Seokjin could think while biting the corner of his lips, smirking.

“Are you checking Namjoon out?” Hoseok asked him, with an arched eyebrow and an amused smile. Jin turned to him surprised about getting caught.

“What? No!”

Before the conversation could get any further, their attention was stolen by a loud “Alright! I’m going, I’m going, geez!”

Apparently, after some convincing, Yoongi and Namjoon had decided to enter the pool. The first boy was already in when Seokjin and Hoseok looked their way, but Namjoon was right about to take off his drenched shirt.

Seokjin swallowed hard. He wished it’d happened in slow motion, like in those cheesy movies (or porn), but unfortunately for him it was over pretty fast.

As soon as it was off, Jin was only able to steal a quick glance of Namjoon’s collarbones and the way the golden skin stretched over the muscles of his chest before the boy was jumping in the water. Jin let a small disappointed sigh scape and lay against the backrest again (when had he even moved forward?). He clearly needed more time to appreciate that view.

“You were absolutely checking Namjoon out!” Hoseok exclaimed in a teasing tone.

“So maybe I was, so what?” Jin shrugged. “He is looking pretty hot.”

Hoseok laughed like Jin had revealed the most amazing thing. “Joon’s totally not your type, though.”

“What do you mean?” Jin turned to him.

“Come on, hyung, you don’t hook up with friends, or friends of friends for that matter. Don’t go for guys who are younger than you-“

“I’ve hooked up with younger guys!” Jin interrupted him.

The statement made Hoseok role his eyes. “Yeah, like twice. Before you knew their age.”

Jin pouted. “I do go out with hot guys though,” he tried to defend himself and Hoseok snorted.

“And when did you start classifying Namjoon as hot?”

It’s not that Seokjin didn’t find Namjoon attractive before (let’s be honest, their entire group of friends were pretty easy on the eyes), it just wasn’t enough to make him want to cross the friendship line.

“Apparently since those guys started showing up,” Jin pointed at Namjoon who was now out of the pool, drying his hair with a towel; specifically at the muscles on his arms and chest that were contracting with his movements.

“He always had them,” Hoseok told him.

Bullshit. If Namjoon had always had them Jin would’ve noticed.

“Yeah, well, now they are screaming my name,” Jin said, making both of them fall into laughter.



The night was crawling in and Jungkook was in his fifth complaint of “I’m hungry” when they decided it was a good time to take turns to shower and start making dinner.

Despite having three bedrooms the house wasn’t so big, so when Jungkook and Yoongi – the ones responsible for their meal that night – started cooking, it became too warm and Jin decided to wait for the food outside.

When he stepped at the backyard, he found Namjoon sitting at one of the pool’s chair enjoying the somewhat cool breeze while looking at the sky. He didn’t look much different from Jin – shorts and a t-shirt – except for the whistle necklace. The necklace wasn’t new, he had worn it a few times before. But the fabric cord had been replaced with a thin silver chain. Seokjin wasn’t that much into fashion that he would care for the change, but the heavy pendant pulled the sides of the chain closer together than it had ever done with the fabric cord, and that made contour of his pecs even more prominent.

As if that wasn’t enough to get Seokjin’s mouth dry, the wind decided blow in the perfect way for Namjoon’s shirt to hug his chest and give Jin the view of an outline of muscles that left almost nothing to his imagination.

Oh god, Namjoon was going to make him lose his mind.

There was nothing more that Seokjin would rather do right now other than rip that shirt off the boy in front of him and touch every inch of skin he could lay his hands on. He wanted to admire and touch and kiss and mark and-

“Hyung, you’re staring,” Namjoon said, obviously trying to hold a smile.

“I am.” he answered, with just a tiny bit of embarrassment. “Sorry. Have you been working out?” Seokjin asked and moved to sit beside Namjoon, who couldn’t contain his smile anymore.

“Yeah… But I don’t think it shows so much yet.”

“Oh, it shows,” Seokjin assured him. “You look hot Joon, really hot!”

“Thanks,” Namjoon scratched his neck, a tiny blush covering his cheeks.

They stood side by side in silence, each to its own thoughts. Seokjin’s thoughts probably not as pure as Namjoon’s, considering his brain decided to bring back all the images related to Namjoon’s chest he’d gathered throughout the day and he was probably gonna have to fight off a boner if his train of thoughts continued down that line.

He was about to state – to himself, obviously – that he was going to go insane when the wind blew again, rubbing Namjoon’s scent in his face. The boy smelled like something that wasn’t very sweet, but wasn’t not sweet at the same time. Something refreshing and calm and very much Namjoon.

“God, you smell amazing,” Seokjin blurted without filter.

A second too late he realized what he’d done and sat straight, looking at Namjoon to catch his reaction. It wasn’t like Seokjin was trying to hide his attraction, but he probably should do it more smoothly if didn’t want to scared off the other boy.

Good thing, Namjoon didn’t seem uncomfortable, just a little surprised by the sudden comment.

Bad thing, he had no idea what else was going through his mind. But his gaze had certainly gotten more intense (interested, maybe?). Seokjin had no idea what it meant, but it surely made him want to kiss Namjoon and find out.

It was Jimin who interrupted the moment to announce that the food was ready. They stole one more glance at each other before following him inside.


The rest of the night was going pretty uneventful in that regard – just their group of friends having fun catching up with each other’s lives. Maybe their eyes met a bit more frequently, but it was hard to tell if actually meant something.

Things got a little more interesting when Namjoon leaned over the armrest of the couch to grab something that fell on the floor. Let’s just say the kind of thoughts that flooded Seokjin’s mind after seeing Namjoon bent down like that, ass up in his direction, weren’t the ones your supposed to have while surrounded by your group of friends. He probably should stop staring, right?

Namjoon made the hard decision easy for him by sitting back again. Jin reached the coffee table for his beer (maybe a cold liquid down his throat would cool him down) and met Hoseok’s eyes looking at him with a humorous glint and a knowing smirk.

“Shameless,” Hoseok mouthed the words.

Seokjin grinned and raised his bottle in the other’s direction, as if toasting to that, before taking a sip.



The next day, the group split for a while. Namjoon, Jimin and Taehyung decided to go for a wall together, Jungkook jumped in the pool as soon as the others went outside to start prepping lunch – barbecue, prepared by Seokjin and Hoseok – and Yoongi sort of joined him, sitting on the border of the pool with only his feet under water.

Jin was finishing salting the meat when loud voices starting coming from inside the house. Soon, Jimin and Taehyung appeared, throwing their shirts on a chair and joining Jungkook in the water. Namjoon was about to the same when he halted his moves, eyes searching for Jin. Having found him near the grill looking back at him, he smiled and removed his shirt before breaking eye contact to jump in the water as well.

Jin gulped. Holy shit, sweaty shirtless Namjoon was a sight to behold.

“Hobi, how much of a bad idea would be to hook up with Namjoon?” Jin tried to sound casual. Hoseok laughed.

“Not bad at all? Why would it be?”

Jin shrugged. “Messing up friendship, our group, things like that.”

“As long as both of you are on the same page, I don’t see why it would screw up anything. Take Tae and Jimin for example.”

Jin looked at him in surprised amusement. “What do you know that I don’t?”

Hoseok laughed. “Oh, we are not going there. Let’s just say they experimented some things together and nothing changed. The fact that you didn’t know and we were all already friends when it happened just proves my point. Now put the things on the grill before someone-”

“Hyungs, I’m starving!” Jimin wailed, making both Jin and Hoseok chortle.


After a while, the air around the grill naturally got warmer and Jin began to sweat. “Can you keep an eye on those real quick?” Jin asked Hobi, pointing to the cooking meat.

“Yeah, sure.”

Jin was planning to dive into the pool just for a second to get rid of the heat, but the memory of Namjoon teasing him earlier on crossed his mind.

Beside the pool there was one of those showers you’re supposed to use before entering the pool. Seokjin turned on the water, attracting Namjoon’s attention. Perfect. Then proceeded to take off his shirt and get under the running water, humming in satisfaction – the coolness on his skin was marvelous.

Seokjin locked eyes with Namjoon and started sliding his hand across his chest and shoulders to wash off the sweat. Namjoon’s jaw dropped slightly and it didn’t go unnoticed by Seokjin, who smirked and winked at him.

When Yoongi called Namjoon again after he didn’t answer the question he obviously hadn’t heard, Seokjin seized the opportunity to go back to his duties.


The day went by with exchanges of lingering glances from both parts (not subtle at all, according to Hoseok), a change in gravity that made them stand closer more often than they usually did (or at least more consciously) and a lot of teasing when possible.

For example, there were multiple occasions in which Namjoon would rest both of his arms on the border of the pool just so his chest was more visible from where Seokjin was. And at one point, Seokjin challenged Jungkook to see who could do more pushups on the pool’s border from inside the water, just because Namjoon was sun bathing in front of them.

When Jin decided to come out of the water in order to enjoy the sun as well, he made sure to do it right in front of where Namjoon was sprawled at, in the sexiest way he could.

Despite the place he chose to get out, he didn’t sit on the vacant spot next to the younger, preferring a chair that would give him a better angle to admire the sun rays highlighting Namjoon’s beautiful pecs.

Seokjin put his sunglasses on in an attempt to have a little more privacy in his observations and get lost in thoughts. When the hell did he became so obsessed with people’s chests? Actually, risk that. When the hell did he became so obsessed with Namjoon’s chest? He was usually much more of a thighs person. Not that Namjoon’s thighs weren’t extremely attractive – all that walking he liked to do was sure paying off – and really distracting right now, with the wet shorts having gone up when he sat, exposing more of them and making Jin wonder about how nice they would be wrapped around his waist, how strong they would feel under grip while he-

Jin shook his head discreetly to try and stop his thoughts from going there. Not the time.

So where was he? Right, the chest. As big as his love for thighs was and as nice as Namjoon’s were, it was the guy’s chest that he couldn’t stop thinking about. With every passing moment he spent on Namjoon’s presence, the desire to run his hands across the sun-kissed skin grew bigger. How firm they actually were? How did it balance with the softness of his belly? If Jin’s hands went from said belly all the way up to the shoulders, how much of a lump would he feel when his palms pressed against his pecs?

Jin sighed, there was so much to explore.

On top of all these thoughts, Namjoon looked to the side where Taehyung was calling him, making a drop of water roll down from his hair onto his neck, slowly contouring his collarbone to find its way down to the middle of his chest, where it stood. So tempting. Seokjin wanted nothing more than to lick the drop all the way back to where it came from, maybe stopping to suck the skin on the neck, just to make sure there were no other drops left. Who knows, maybe that would quench his thirst – and if it didn’t, maybe he would at least be rewarded with a sigh or a moan. Namjoon’s deep voice would probably sound lovely moaning… Begging... Wrecked.

“Okay,” Jin interrupted his own dangerous thoughts, “I’m going to shower.”

“Suddenly?” Yoongi asked.

Everyone was now looking at him. When he met Namjoon’s eyes, he swallowed hard. He really needed to get out of there for a bit.

“Yes. I’m starting to sweat again and I don’t think my skin can handle more chloride for today.”

“I agree with him, we should organize things here and do the same,” Taehyung suggested. And that was the last thing he heard before going inside the house and rushing straight to the shower.


After washing his dirty thoughts down the drain, Jin threw himself on the couch to wait for everyone to get done so they could decide what to do next.

Jungkook and Taehyung were finishing up the dishes, Jimin and Hoseok were showering, Yoongi was waiting with a pout for his turn to do the same, “Disadvantages of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, they out ran me,” he complained. And Namjoon…

…Was currently coming down the stairs with a damn black tank top that had a somewhat exposing neckline and way to low sleeve cuts for Seokjin not try and peek inside or hope for a nipple slip.

Maybe Hoseok was right and he was turning into a pervert, but Namjoon surely wasn’t making it easy on him.

Due to the increased sexual tension between them, it took a very short time for Namjoon to notice Seokjin trying to peek inside the sides of his shirt every time he moved. And blame Namjoon, but he liked the attention he was getting from Jin, so, perhaps, he started moving a little more than necessary to do whatever he was going to do, just to indulge him.

“Namjoon, you left your wet towel on the bed,” Yoongi said, throwing it his direction.

“Sorry, hyung. I’ll hang it outside.”

Seokjin had no idea when Yoongi had gotten up, showered and come back, but he saw the opportunity and didn’t waste it.

“Let me help you with that,” he said, grabbing Yoongi’s towel from his hands and following Namjoon out, leaving a perplexed Yoongi behind.

Namjoon was hanging his towel on the clothesline when Jin got outside and he stopped to appreciate the show – the sun wasn’t completely set yet, so he still had a clear side view. When Namjoon was done, Seokjin handed him Yoongi’s so he could do the same. Namjoon tried to hold a smile at that, but his dimples gave him away.

“Do you want me to take it off?” Namjoon asked amused, turning to Jin.


“W-what?” Namjoon’s expression changed to a surprised one. Yes, they had been sort of flirting the entire day, but Jin’s answer still caught him of guard.

“I said,” Jin slowly approached him, gently pushing him against the wall, “yes.”

Namjoon blushed considerably with the approximation. Jin was now standing very close to him, with hands resting on his waist.

“I spent practically the entire day shirtless, hyung.”

“Oh, I’ve noticed.” Jin’s grip got a little tighter. “I still don’t see your point, though,” Jin shrugged. “Me jerking off to you in the shower did not make me want to fuck you any less, so why wouldn’t I want to see you shirtless again just because I’ve seen not long ago?”

Namjoon swallowed hard, cheeks burning brighter. Had he heard it right?

“Did you… Did you really… Thinking about me?” Jin laughed softly at his incredulity.

“Yes. You’re too tempting, Joon,” he said in a low voice, brushing his thumbs on the small patch of skin they could reach.

“Are you trying to resist temptation?” he asked back, a thousand butterflies dancing in his stomach with the touch.

“Not really.”


Jin arched an eyebrow and smiled. Namjoon smiled back.

A moment later Jin’s lips were pressed against Namjoon’s.

The kiss wasn’t gentle, at all. Come on, after a day of teasing glances and an ocean of improper thoughts, it was already a miracle that Jin wasn’t striping Namjoon naked right now, so give him a break.

Seokjin couldn’t decide if wanted to kiss, suck, bite or trace his tongue on the plump lips, so he kept altering between all of those of things; but it was all happening a little too fast and Namjoon was barely having time to catch up to the sensations. When Jin’s tongue invaded his mouth, Namjoon lost all hope of being able to think properly and just surrendered to his instincts for kissing back, letting Jin guide him through whatever he wanted to do.

After sometime, Namjoon couldn’t keep up with Seokjin’s eagerness anymore and tried to pull back, but with his back against the wall there wasn’t much place for him to move, so his attempt went unnoticed. He gave Seokjin a few more moments before pushing him by the hips with just enough force for him to notice, but not pull their bodies completely away from one another. Jin stopped and looked at him.

“Sorry,” Namjoon said, trying to catch his breath. “Need to… Breathe…”

Seokjin’s breathing wasn’t normal either, but he wasn’t nearly as out of breath as Namjoon was.

With a smug smile, he said “Do I leave you this breathless, Joonie?”

“You have no idea,” he exhaled.

“Hm,” the answer pleased Jin. “Would you mind if I did something while you recover?”

Namjoon shook his head.

Jin’s hands still lingered on Namjoon’s side, but he wanted more, so he slid his hands up to have his palms touching Namjoon’s bare ribs.

“I’ve been wanting to touch you all day,” Jin mention, bringing his hands closer together – the tank top was loose enough that he didn’t find resistance letting the fabric cramp on the middle.

Staring at the exposed pecs, Seokjin let his hands wander up until they were resting on the desired place – the pads of his fingers caressing the nipples very lightly on the way there made Namjoon’s skin fill with goosebumps.

“You got goosebumps,” Jin stated the obvious, looking back into his eyes.


Namjoon was trying hard not to lose his composure, but Jin seemed to want the complete opposite when he leaned closer to whisper in Namjoon’s ear.

“It’s not cold.”

A shiver ran down the younger’s spine. “No…” he said, voice barely audible.

“You have no idea about the things I want to do to you,” Jin moved his head so that he could look at Namjoon’s face again, hands pressing a little firmer on his chest.

“You’re making it really hard for me not pop a boner right now, you know?”

“Sorry,” Jin chuckled. “If it’s any consolation, I would love if we could do more as well.”

“Why can’t we?” A small frown appearing between Namjoon’s eyebrows.

“Unless you, for some reason, remembered to pack lube and condoms for a weekend trip with your friends to the middle of nowhere, with supposedly no potential whatsoever to get laid; I don’t think we have what’s necessary.”

“Yeah, no. Good point.”

Jin smiled. “As much as I would rather continue this, I think we should go back inside. It’s almost dark now and we might have taken a little too long just to hang two towels.”

After one last quick kiss, they entered the house to a chorus of “Finally!” that they soon realized was actually aimed at Jimin, who apparently had taken forever getting ready.

“Are the 200 steps of your beauty routine done, princess?” Taehyung bantered.

“Ha-ha, very funny,” Jimin said lighthearted, throwing himself across the laps of Yoongi and Hoseok who sat on the couch. “What are we doing now anyway?”

“Based on the time it took you to dress up, I think attending a wedding,” Yoongi teased him a bit more, making everyone laugh. “But seriously, we were waiting for you so we could figure something out.”

“Whatever we do, we most likely won’t have enough snacks and drinks to accompany it,” Jungkook said opening the last remaining chips on the house.

“How much did we eat?” Hoseok asked alarmed. “We still have at least 24h to go.”

“A lot?” Jungkook supplied unhelpful.

“I swear sometimes I think you guys are still on puberty,” Hoseok muttered.

“I’d go buy more, but I think Hobi-hyung is the only who knows how to get there.” Jungkook basically told Hoseok to go, without an ounce of shame in his voice.

“Fine, I’ll drive the half hour it takes to get to closest market, buy the stuff, then the drive the half hour back to feed you little monsters,” Hoseok whined, moving Jimin’s legs to the floor so he could get up.

“I can go with you,” Seokjin offered, an idea popping in his mind.

“Hyung, are you feeling okay? I think you spent too much time in the sun today,” Yoongi said. As Jin stared at him in confusion, he continued, “It’s the second time today you volunteered to do something nice.”

Seokjin rolled his eyes. “I’ll have you know I’m a very thoughtful person.”

Everyone snorted and Hoseok meddle in. “Yeah, right. Whatever ulterior motive is pushing you, I’ll take it, because I could use the company. You guys go think about something to do when we get back.”


About fifteen received messages letting them know what to buy and halfway through the way there, Hoseok remembered something.

“So,” he started, getting Jin’s attention, “I could be doing it wrong, but does it really take 20 minutes to hang a couple of towels?”

Jin laughed. “You noticed, huh?”

“Yep. Now spill.”

“We made out,” Jin shrugged like it was nothing, but had a big smile on his face.

“I knew it! And?”

“There’s nothing more. That’s all we did.”

Hoseok rolled his yes. “Yeah, I got that. But I doubt you’re going to stop at heated kisses, so…?” Hoseok urged him to continue.

“Why do you think I’m coming with you?”

After a few moments contemplating, Hoseok came to a conclusion. “You dirty piece of shit! I knew it wasn’t out of the goodness of your heart, that much was obvious, but I didn’t think you planned on fucking him this weekend!”

Jin laughed at Hoseok’s exasperation. “Why not? I never hid my intentions from you.”

“I don’t know! Maybe because you two are stuck in a house with the rest of us?!”

“So?” Hoseok’s expression was mix of horror and disgust.

“Shut up before I start imagining it! God, I don’t talk about this anymore…”

“You’re the one who started asking questions,” Jin reminded him, entertained with his friend’s suffering.

“Shut up. We’re here anyway.”


On the way back Hoseok kept side eyeing Jin.

“What, Hobi?” Jin asked, clearly amused. Hoseok must’ve been dying of curiosity, but too weird out to actually ask anything.

“Nothing. We are not talking about it.”



“You’re really going to do it?”




“I’m not going to tell you that.”


“How loud do you think you guys are going to be?”

“Just drive, Hobi.”


As it turned out, the ones who stayed home found an old box of WAR and it was determined that playing it was the plan for the night.

“Isn’t WAR the game that ruins friendship?” Yoongi pondered.

“Good thing we are stuck in the middle of nowhere and must make up in order to be able to go back home.” Taehyung pointed out.

The game went well, no serious fights. Since it allowed a maximum of six players, Jungkook and Yoongi formed a team – Yoongi alleged that he wasn’t good at games and didn’t mind sitting out, but Jungkook suggested for them to share an army (they would alternate making decisions) as a way to include him and everyone agreed.

At first, Taehyung got frustrated because the only thing the two of them did was attack him (it was their objective to destroy him after all), but soon the dice was on his side and he was back in the game.

Jimin, Seokjin and Namjoon battled over the Americas, leading to an interesting scenario. At one point, Namjoon occupied the entire North America minus Mexico, which was Jimin’s only territory on that side of the map, and Seokjin’s army covered all South America. Both Namjoon and Seokjin needed Mexico to complete their objectives, but Jimin wasn’t giving in easy as he had a strong army there. After suffering another attack, Jimin said playfully:

“Do you guys want me to leave? I’m pretty sure I’m interrupting your plans.”

Hoseok chocked on his beer while bursting into laughter. Jimin had no idea how accurate his statement was.

When Jin responded with a “Yes, that would be lovely,” Hoseok’s laughter got louder. The others probably thought he was already drunk, but little did they know. Oh, that innuendo.

In the end, it was Hoseok who won the game, having conquered all his territories without drawing too much attention.


Later that night, while everyone was busy helping with dinner, Seokjin pulled Namjoon aside.

“How do you feel about changing rooms tonight?”

“I’d like that,” Namjoon smiled.

“Good,” Seokjin smiled back. “Come with me.”

While Namjoon was in his room gathering his things, Seokjin was throwing Jimin’s belongings back into his bag and writing a note he would glue to the door before going to bed.

“Dear Jiminie, we decided to take you on your offer to leave so we could conquer Mexico. Your things are on Namjoon’s bed. Good Night~ Jin”

“Done,” Namjoon announced after trading their bags.

“Perfect. Do you mind if the guys find out about us?”

“Not really. Why?”

“This might not be so subtle,” Jin said, handing him the note.

Namjoon laughed,“Nice way to put it.”

“Thanks. I’m good at putting it nicely.”

They stared at each other, lust dripping from their eyes.

Half a second later Seokjin was grasping Namjoon by the stupid tank top and giving him an openmouthed kiss, which was immediately reciprocated.

The kiss was rough and getting deeper by the second. Tongues were urgent, teeth clashing at times. Seokjin’s hands wandered from chest to neck and waist to Namjoon’s ass, squeezing as they passed. Namjoon gasped, tightening his grip on Seokjin’s hair and using the arm wrapped around his shoulder to pull him even closer. The move made Seokjin stagger and pin Namjoon against the dresser for balance. Namjoon exhaled sharply with the impact, but being pressed to Seokjin like that gave him the opportunity to roll his hips against the other’s, eliciting a humming noise from the older boy. That was enough motivation for him to move his hands down to Jin’s hips so that he had better leverage grinding them together.

Seokjin had started leaving kisses along Namjoon’s jaw, then going down to this neck when a loud noise (something that resembled pans colliding with the floor) came from downstairs, halting his movements.

“Why did you stop?” Namjoon’s breath was uneven.

“We should get back there,” Seokjin said in a soft voice, looking him in the eye. “Dinner must be almost ready.”

“I want to keep doing this, I can skip dinner.”

But as soon as the words were out of his mouth, Namjoon’s stomach growled. Seokjin chuckled.

“I don’t think that last part is true.”

“I want to keep doing this more than I want to have dinner,” Namjoon rephrased.

“Yeah, me too,” Seokjin bit Namjoon’s bottom lip lightly and the younger’s eyes fluttered closed. “But it’s better if we wait until they’re all asleep, don’t you think?”

“I do,” Namjoon sighed.

By the time Namjoon opened his eyes again, Seokjin had fixed his clothes and hair to look less suspicious.

“How come you seem completely unaffected?”

Seokjin laughed. “Trust me, I’m not. I’m just better at hiding.”

“You should probably go first, I need some time to...” Namjoon's gaze quickly shifting to his crotch before meeting Seokjin’s eye again. He wasn’t fully hard, but his shorts made a terrible job at hiding anything.

“Okay,” Seokjin held back a smile. It was nice seeing Namjoon getting worked up.

When he got to the door, Jin turned around with a teasing smile.

“Don’t have fun without me.”

Namjoon let out a laugh. “I won’t, don’t worry.”


The advantages of having a small kitchen and a large group of friends is that it gets so crowded no one notices that two of you actually went missing for a while.

After who knows how many bowls of spicy noodles, a lot more dirty dishes than it should’ve had (that Jin and Namjoon did because they felt bad for no helping before) and some talking, Yoongi was the first to go to sleep. “I’m going early because spending so much time in the water worn me out,” he’d said. Not that 11PM was that early.

40 minutes was the amount of time Seokjin and Namjoon waited before coming up with excuses like “my back hurts from washing dishes for too long” and “I think I’m feeling heat exhaustion from all the sunbathing” so they could go to bed as well.

They would’ve gone earlier, but the delay was needed in order to ensure that Yoongi would be sleeping and couldn’t ask why Namjoon wasn’t going to sleep in his bed – and because that’s when Hoseok ended up having a bathroom emergency, creating the perfect timing to be spared of his judging look.

They climbed up the stairs as calmly as possible to avoid seeming suspicious, but as soon as Jimin’s note was stuck to the door and said door was properly locked, they threw caution to the wind.

Seokjin attacked Namjoon’s lips in a desperate kiss that didn’t last long. Soon he was throwing the tank top on the floor, flowed by his own shirt.

The only light coming through the window was from the pool area illumination downstairs. It was enough not to bump into things, but not nearly enough for Seokjin to appreciate Namjoon’s body as he wanted.

“Do you mind if I turn on the bedside lamp?” He asked, roaming his hands over Namjoon’s back.


“I spent an entire day yearning for your body, it’s almost not fair if I can’t see it when I can finally have it.”

Namjoon laughed softly and nodded.

“Much better,” Seokjin thought as he stood in front of Namjoon again, unable to tear his gaze away from him.

“You’re staring again.” Namjoon had a dimpled smile and a light blush on his cheeks – he still wasn’t used to his hyung’s desiring eyes directed at him.

“You’re right, I could be doing so much more,” Seokjin said, closing the distance between them to push Namjoon to the bed.

With the younger laying down on his elbows, legs parted, looking up at him, Seokjin’s eyes grew darker.

“Namjoon, I’m only going to ask you once, but you can change your mind at any time. Are you okay with what we’re doing?”

In a mischievous tone, Namjoon asked back “Does it look like I’m complaining?”

“No. But I’m too turned on to have an unbiased opinion, so use your words, Joon.”

Oh wow, Seokjin’s demanding tone was definitely helping Namjoon’s pants get tighter.

“Yes, I’m okay with what we’re doing.”

“Thank God,” Seokjin blurted out, climbing on top of him and taking his lips on a passionate kiss that went on for a while.

As they caught their breath, Jin sat in Namjoon’s thighs resting his hands on the younger’s belly.

“You know… Earlier, by the pool, I had a lot of improper thoughts about you.”

“Show me,” Namjoon encouraged, holding Jin’s gaze.

“There was one about pressing my hands all the way up to your shoulders,” Jin mentioned, moving his hands to do exactly that. The difference between the softness of the belly to the sudden firmness of the chest was as delightful as he had expected. “Then scratching on the way down.”

The moment Jin’s nails caught the nipples, they got hard, with goosebumps spreading across the chest like before.

“I like this reaction,” Jin’s lips turned into a smug smile.

“You can get different ones too,” Namjoon let him know in a low voice.

Jin arched an eyebrow, intrigued. “Really?”

Without breaking eye contact, he leaned forward placing his lips around one of the nipples and gave it a tentative lick. Namjoon inhaled sharply. Then he tried nibbling and sucking, not so gently, and saw Namjoon’s lips part and back slightly arch.

“This is interesting…” Seokjin said, moving to suck the other nipple now. This time, Namjoon bit his lip and hummed.

“Don’t do that,” Seokjin used his thumb to free the plump bottom lip from the teeth confinement. “My fantasies also involved hearing your noises. Speaking of which… There was this stupid water drop that made me wonder where should I suck on your neck for you to moan for me.”

Namjoon chuckled and turned his head to side as an invitation.

Seokjin’s mouth explored the spot behind his ear, along the line of his collar bones, tried biting, sucking and kissing both sides of his neck, but even though Namjoon made pleased noises, he couldn’t find the one spot to make the boy melt.

“This feels really good, but I don’t think you’re going to find what you’re looking for. So let me try now,” Namjoon said with a confident smile, turning their positions so that he was the one straddling Seokjin.

He kissed Jin’s lips before slowing moving down his neck. It took him one kiss under the angle of Jin’s jawline to make his breath hitch; and one gentle suck a little bellow that for a soft moan to scape Jin’s lips.

Namjoon had been giving the spot a lot more of his attention when he felt fingers tangling in his hair to pull him for a kiss. It reminded him a lot of the first one – too much stuff happening at once; only this time his body kept asking for more.

Initially, Namjoon started making small movements with his hips just to alleviate some of the pressure on his dick, but things were evolving to intense grinding with Seokjin’s hands groping his ass underneath the clothes and guiding his hips; and his shorts had become too uncomfortable.

“Need to take the shorts off,” he panted, getting down from Seokjin.


Once underwear was the only remaining piece of clothing on their bodies, Namjoon jumped back into bed and waited for Seokjin, currently rummaging through his carrier.

“What took you so long?” Namjoon asked when Jin came back.

“This,” Seokjin dropped the contents of the bag he was carrying on the bed, revealing a package of baby wipes, a bottle of lube and a box of condoms.

“Oh. I thought we didn’t have those.” Namjoon sounded slightly confused.

“We didn’t. I bought them when I left with Hobi.”

“So that’s why you offered to go!”

Seokjin chuckled at Namjoon’s sudden realization. “Yes. Can we-“

The sound of voices coming up the stairs attracted their attention, stopping Seokjin mid-sentence and making both of them turn to the closed door. It wasn’t long until they heard Jimin trying to get in, followed by a bewildered “what the fuck does that even mean?” coming from him. They chuckled silently.

After they could no longer hear footsteps, Seokjin turned to Namjoon with the same wanting eyes from before, as if nothing had interrupted them. It was pretty easy getting back in the mood with a messy haired, half-naked Namjoon with light red marks decorating his neck beneath him.

“You look fucking gorgeous, Namjoon,” Seokjin said before grabbing him by the neck and crushing their lips together.

His hand slid up Namjoon’s thigh to get to the bulge on his underwear and caress it back to full hardness. Namjoon moaned, throwing his head back and breaking the kiss – it felt so good!

Jin was about to do it again when Namjoon held his wrist.

“Wait!” Before the fog of pleasure could cloud his mind, there was something he had to talk to Seokjin about.

“What’s wrong?” Jin asked lightly.

“I didn’t know we were going all the way tonight,” Namjoon explained, a flush creeping across his cheeks.

“Oh,” Seokjin moved back, sitting on his heels. “Do you want to stop?”

“NO!” Namjoon rushed out. “Is just… We had spicy food for dinner, hyung…”


“Shit, I’d forgotten about that. But there are other things we could do, you know?”

“Oh, I know,” Namjoon smiled and pulled Jin back on top of him.

“What do you want me to do to you?” Jin asked in a very sultry voice, brushing their lips together.

If Namjoon was honest, he probably could get off just on Seokjin speaking like that to him.

Unable to trust his voice, he took one of Jin’s hands and placed it inside his boxers, sucking in a deep breath when Seokjin’s fingers wrapped around his cock and moved up and down a couple of times. The skin on skin contact felt so, so good!

“I think I can make this better,” Jin said, letting go of him in order to take off Namjoon’s underwear and spread some lube in his hand.

Namjoon’s eyes closed when he moaned as Seokjin grabbed hold of his length again. It felt incredible. The slide was smoother and he kept the perfect amount of pressure moving his fist up and down. The pace was slow enough for him to know Seokjin was teasing him, especially with the question that followed.

“Is that all you want?”

There was a glint in Seokjin’s eyes showing that he knew that wasn’t enough for Namjoon, not at that speed at least, but wanted him to ask for more. Namjoon would, but when Jin flicked his wrist on the stroke up and pressed his thumb on the slit, the wave of pleasure that jolted through his body swept every coherent thought out of his mind.

“Come one, Joon, teach me how you like it.”

“I like…” His voice was so beautifully broken. “I like y-your hands...”

Seokjin hummed and teased the head of his cock between his fingers.

“Faster…” he moaned.

Seokjin increased the speed of his tugs. “Like this?”

“Mm,” Namjoon let out as shaky breath. The sensations rushing through his body got a lot more intense and he could feel heat start coiling on his lower belly.

Jin noticed Namjoon’s muscles stiffen – he shouldn’t be too far.

“Is just my hand enough?” he asked, peppering wet kisses along Namjoon’s chest and sucking hard on his nipple. Namjoon whined and Jin felt own his dick pulse in his too tight underwear. He gave it a few squeezes to calm down his body and sighed in relief.

Stopping his motions only to change the hand jerking Namjoon, Seokjin rearranged himself to have better access to the younger’s thighs. Tracing kisses up on Namjoon’s inner thigh made them quiver and a lot of small sounds came out of his lips.

“I can do more if you want to,” Jin suggested, taking one of Namjoon’s balls between his lips and sucking lightly. Namjoon saw stars. His back arched, his dick leaked a big amount of pre-cum and he couldn’t help the broken moan that left his lips.

Namjoon desperately shook his head. He was too close for that.

“Please,” he begged after a dry swallow.

Namjoon was going to be death of Seokjin.

Moving up so he was close to Namjoon’s face again, Seokjin gave him a quick kiss and whispered:

“Are you gonna come with just my hands?” Jin kept stroking him.

“Yes…” Namjoon answered in a breathy moan, right next to Seokjin’s ear. A shiver ran down his spine and his hips buckled against Namjoon’s side.

“God, Joon, you make me so hard,” Jin said, pressing his hips forward again.

And Namjoon was a gone man. Jin’s hardness pressing against him, the dirty words falling from his lips and the relentless movement of his hands pushed Namjoon over the edge, making him come with a long hoarse moan, gripping almost painfully onto Seokjin’s shoulders.

Jin kissed his neck and jerked him through his high, until there was no more cum spurting out. When his body relaxed and he opened his eyes again, Namjoon smiled full on dimples.

“Good?” Jin asked, unable to keep his own smile out of his face.

“More than good,” he laughed still a little breathless. “Wanna suck you off now.”

Seokjin groaned and Namjoon felt his dick twitch against his leg. “You’re killing me, Joon.”

“Why? You seem to like the idea."

“I do,” Jin sighed when Namjoon pressed the thigh on his crotch. “But you’re still basking in your orgasm, catch your breath first,” Seokjin brushed the sweaty bangs out of Namjoon’s eyes.

True, Namjoon was still dizzy with all the endorphins running through his veins, but Seokjin’s dick must have been painfully hard by now with the lack of attention and he wanted to make him feel good too.

“I’m fine,” he pulled Seokjin down for a sloppy kiss.

“At least let me get us cleaned first,” Jin said when they parted, reaching for the baby wipe’s package with his clean hand.


When Seokjin was done, he sat back on the bed and rested his back on the pillows. Namjoon took it as an invitation to remove his boxers – which had a big wet patch on the front – and touch his cock.

“This must hurt,” he said, gently rubbing Jin’s erection. The older hissed with the touch.

“It’s starting to feel good now. I’m probably not going to last long, though,” Seokjin warned.

Namjoon didn’t say anything, just positioned himself better so he could fit between Jin’s legs. He didn’t intend on teasing him tonight, so Namjoon left only a couple of kisses on his hip bone before taking Jin’s dick into his mouth.

Jin moaned. Namjoon’s mouth was so warm and wet.

“Definitely not going to last long,” Seokjin corrected himself when Namjoon started bobbing his head, tongue sliding on the underside of his cock.

A hand flew to grab Namjoon’s hair and he relaxed his jaw so Seokjin could control the speed.

Namjoon’s lips stretched around him felt heavenly, but having him looking straight into his eyes while doing that was too much of sight, so Seokjin closed his eyes – maybe he could last a little longer like that.

Then Namjoon started giving kitten licks on the tip of his cock and Jin’s lips couldn’t help but part.

“Twirl your tongue around it,” Seokjin asked in a breath.

“Yeah… Like that,” he said when Namjoon complied. “Fuck…Feels so-oh good...”

Namjoon did it a couple more times before bobbing his head again – only this time he hollowed his cheeks on the way up.

“I’m close!” Jin choked on a moan.

Namjoon gave his dick another suck, just on the tip this time.

“’m really close” Seokjin managed to say through gritted teeth.

With a popping sound Namjoon let go of his hyung’s cock. “Do you want to come on my tits?”

Jin groaned and opened his eyes, nodding frantically. Namjoon concealed a smile.

Placing one knee on each side of Jin’s thighs, Namjoon began to jerk him off. It was almost enough, but he needed a little bit more, so Seokjin put a hand on top of Namjoon’s and sped up the pace.

When Namjoon got the rhythm right, Jin’s hand fell to his side gripping on sheets.

“I’m coming,” Jin moaned seconds before he started shooting his load.

Namjoon made sure to aim the dick at his chest as Seokjin came hard, trying his best to keep his eyes open to watch the white strings of cum landing on the defined muscle.

As he was recovering, it was a lot easier for Seokjin to admire what he had done.

“Thank you,” Jin said in his post-orgasm husky voice, reaching his hand forward to smear his mess across Namjoon’s tits.

“No problem,” Namjoon smiled at him.


They cleaned up and lay down to cuddle – Namjoon’s head was nested on Seokjin’s chest and he played with the ends of Jin’s hair, while he could feel Jin running his fingers up and down his back.

“You are a lot more pliant than I expected,” Jin said and Namjoon moved his head so he could look at him.

“How so?”

“You’re usually the one thinking things and making decisions when we hang out, that’s the only side I knew.”

“Hm. That’s why I like being taken care of in bed. Is the one time my brain is not overthinking.”

“I liked it.”

Both of them smiled and Namjoon felt his cheeks warm.

“Sorry to break the moment, but I’m thirsty,” Namjoon said, making Jin laugh.

“Me too, but my legs are still jelly so I don’t want to go down.”

“I know. Don’t you have something up here?”

“Hm, I think I might!” Jin suddenly remembered.

As it turns out, there was a water bottle in Seokjin’s things that he’d carried for the car trip and ended up not consuming. They shared it and went back to cuddling.

Seokjin was almost falling asleep when Namjoon called softly.

“Jin…” Seokjin hummed. “Can we actually have sex tomorrow?”

“Yes!” Jin chuckled sleepy.



The next morning Seokjin woke up first, his leg trapped beneath Namjoon’s. When he tried to break free, the younger stirred and only managed to barely open one eye and look at him.

“Good morning,” Jin said with his raspy morning voice. Namjoon’s brain was working at a 3% capacity and he did not have the strength required to answer.

“I’m going to go downstairs. Do you want to go with me or would rather sleep?” Jin gently caressed Namjoon’s hair and it was impossible for him not close his eye and fall back into dreamland.


Downstairs there was only Hoseok and Yoongi having breakfast. After sharing good mornings, Seokjin poured himself a glass of orange juice and sat at the table with them.

“Are we the only ones awake?” Jin asked.

“Yes, but I don’t think the others will take long to wake up. No one went to bed too late last night.” Hoseok answered.

“Speaking of which,” Yoongi buttered his toast. “Why was Jimin sleeping in Namjoon’s bed when I woke up?”

“There were things Namjoon and I wanted to talk about, so they traded,” Seokjin shrugged and sipped his juice.

Hoseok looked at him, face contorted in a grossed-out expression. Seokjin held his gaze with an amused glint in his eyes, smile hiding behind the glass on his mouth – it didn’t go unnoticed by Hoseok.

“What’s wrong, Hobi?” Yoongi asked. “Nothing. Just… Unpleasant thoughts popping in my mind,” he shook his head to get rid of them.


They had talked for quite a bit when Hoseok wondered, “What do you guys want to do today?”

“Stay in and avoid the blazing sun,” Yoongi suggested.

“Oh come on, hyung. Why would you do that with an entire swimming pool outside?” Jungkook joined the conversation, jumping the last step of the stairs.

“Aren’t you tired of spending the day on the water?”

“Not really,” Taehyung said coming down right after Jungkook. “Besides, a little vitamin D is good for you!”

“I can always pull the extended sunshades over the barbecue area to create more shadow for you. It doesn’t reach the pool, but it helps. Is not fun being inside,” Hoseok joined the convincing Yoongi party.

“You had them all this time and didn’t mention?!”

“Sorry, hyung,” he laughed, “I never pull them, so I forget they exist.”

“Fine,” Yoongi grumbled and everyone cheered.

“It’ll be fun, hyung!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Yoongi sound unconvinced, but that was just façade and everyone knew he actually enjoyed being by the pool. “Someone should wake up Jimin and Namjoon so they don’t miss it.”

“I’ll go,” Seokjin said.

Turns out Jimin was already up and Jin met him halfway through the stairs.

“Good morning,” he greeted.

“Good morning, hyung.”

“Jimin is up!” he shouted behind him and continued his way up.


When Seokjin opened the door to his room, Namjoon was bent down shuffling his bag wearing only shorts.

“Oh, you’re up!”

Namjoon turned around, holding another one of those rude tank tops.

“I am.”

“And you’ve showered,” Seokjin’s tone wasn’t as lighthearted anymore.

“I did,” Namjoon said the same way. Seokjin locked the door behind him.

“I doesn’t make much sense to shower right before we’re about to be covered in chloride,” he waked closer to Namjoon. “Unless it wasn’t unintentional…?” He tilted his head.

“Totally intentional,” Namjoon’s lips turned into a smug smile and he threw the clothing in his hands back on the bag without looking.

“Oh,” Jin wrapped his arms around Namjoon’s waist and the younger leaned down to kiss him slowly – no second intentions just yet.

“You taste like orange juice,” Namjoon said when they parted.

“Sorry, just had breakfast. I can brush again if you want.”

Namjoon shook his head smiling. “Nah, I don’t mind,” he kissed Seokjin again, a little less innocently.

“Don’t you want to eat something first?” Jin asked against his lips.

Namjoon chuckled, “Why are you always trying to get me to trade sexy time for food?”

“Just taking care of you,” Jin smiled.

“Well, there are other ways you can do that right now,” Namjoon said, taking his lips more eagerly this time.

Parting for air, Seokjin nuzzled Namjoon’s neck and breathed in. It wasn’t the same scent from the other night, seemed lighter and more natural. Seokjin enjoyed it more.

“You smell good…”

“I didn’t apply lotion today.”

“Hm,” Seokjin hummed against his skin. “I like this better.”

Jin started kissing Namjoon’s neck, still looking for the spot he couldn’t find. He was almost giving up again when his nose brushed the earlobe and he thought he’d give it a try. So he grabbed the soft skin with his lips, swept his tongue on it and sucked lightly.

Seokjin felt Namjoon’s body completely relax against his – to the point Jin’s arms around his waist were practically the only thing keeping him standing. When Seokjin moved his head to look at him, Namjoon’s eyes were closed, mouth hanging open and he could feel a full boner (that was not there before) poking him.

“That’s interesting,” Jin sounded pleased. His eyes darted down to Namjoon's crotch and the younger blushed, embarrassed about how fast he’d gotten hard.

“You found it,” he said quietly.

“You could've told me yesterday that I only had to go up a little more.”

“I was enjoying your explorations.”

“So was I, but I could've made you feel like this sooner,” Jin said and sucked the earlobe again.

Namjoon moaned loudly, a hand flying to squeeze the base of his cock.

“That sensitive, huh?” Seokjin grinned.

“You have no idea…”

“Noted. Can you keep standing without my help?” Seokjin teased him and let go of him.

“Yes!” Namjoon chuckled and then kissed Seokjin's sweet spot on the neck just so they were a little more even – Namjoon knew Seokjin wouldn't be as affected as he, but it was a start.

Jin gasped. “Okay. Got it. Bed.”

Namjoon yanked Seokjin's shirt off and both of their shorts, before kissing him and walking backwards towards the bed without disconnecting their lips.

With Seokjin lying on top of him, Namjoon allowed himself to get lost in the kiss. It felt so good having his lips against Jin’s plumper ones. And Jin was incredibly skillful playing with his tongue. And there was something about the way Seokjin sucked his bottom lip that…

Namjoon’s train of thought was abruptly interrupted by Seokjin moving hips against his. The friction felt amazing. With only the thin fabric of their underwear between them, he could feel of Jin’s dick pulsing and growing hard every time it pressed down on his own cock and that became the only thing he focus on.

From there, it wasn’t long until they were both panting.

Breaking apart for air, Seokjin sat on Namjoon’s thighs and let his hands run wild over the younger’s chest.

“Can I mark you?” he asked.

Namjoon could see the craving in his eyes. “Yes.”

The words were barely out of Namjoon’s mouth and Seokjin’s lips were glued to his skin, sucking a mark bellow the collar bone.

”You don't mind the guys seeing?” Seokjin nibbled a nipple.

Namjoon gasped. “No.”

Seokjin dragged his lips down to where the muscled pec met the ribs and bit there. Namjoon whimpered.

“Is showing off your work one of your kinks?” he asked as Jin moved to the other side.

“Maybe,” he sucked hard on middle part of the muscle.

Namjoon’s hands grasped tightly onto Jin’s shoulders. “Where are they anyway?”

“Downstairs,” Seokjin licked up the valley between the muscles and placed another mark there. Namjoon’s back arched. “Is getting caught a thing you’re into?”

Namjoon laughed but it turned into a moan halfway when Jin sucked a big hickey where his chest met the shoulder. “N-Not that I know of.”

Suddenly, there was the noise of people jumping on the pool and they both looked at the window's direction. Thankfully, the angle didn't allow them to see or be seen through it.

“I guess they're out now, so you’re safe,” Jin kissed one more mark on Namjoon’s chest and it made him shudder.

When he felt like he was done, Jin drew back to admire his work. Namjoon’s chest was covered in several tones of red and purple and it was such an appealing view. With a feather like touch Seokjin traced the bruises and smiled.

Jin looked at Namjoon’s face again and found his eyes fixed on him, more precisely on his body. You see, with Namjoon lying down and Jin sitting on top of him he had a down-up view that made Seokjin’s shoulders look even broader, increasing even more the contrast with his tiny waist – just dazzling.

“Like what you see?” Jin asked with a conceited smile.

“Very much,” Namjoon’s hands roamed over Seokjin’s firm belly, contouring the waist, caressing the chest until he could reach the shoulders and knead them.

“But shouldn’t I be the one asking that?” Namjoon caught a glimpse of his chest.

Seokjin chuckled. “I thought the answer to that would be pretty obvious by now, but just in case you need to be sure,” Seokjin grinded his erection on him, dragging out a moan from both of them.

“I think…” Jin’s voice sounded breathy. “We should take these out now,” he said, removing Namjoon’s underwear once he nodded. His followed soon after, when he got up for a moment to retrieve the lube and condoms that had fallen out of the bed the night before.

“Just checking, you bottom right?” Jin asked, settling between Namjoon’s thighs and running his hands up and down the inner part to coax him to open them a bit more. It was a nice feeling.


Seokjin lubed two of his fingers and circled them around Namjoon’s entrance, making him sigh. Jin continued until he felt the younger relax.

“I’m going to push a finger in, okay?”

“Hm,” Namjoon hummed with a single nod.

Planting a kiss on his perineum, Jin pressed his finger on Namjoon’s rim and it slipped in easily. It took only a few in and out movements for the younger to let him know he could take another. Seokjin poured more lube in his fingers and pushed the second one in with as little resistance as the first one. Jin couldn’t tell if Namjoon had stretched himself earlier or was just really turned on, but either way it was hot.

Namjoon smiled in pleasure and bit his lip – finally the stretch was beginning to satisfy his needs. Seokjin tried opening and closing his fingers for a while, then turning them inside and it had Namjoon’s toes curling and breath picking up speed.

After more lube and making sure Namjoon could handle another one, Seokjin was now three fingers deep inside him. He could feel the bumps of Jin’s crooked fingers dragging against his walls and it felt wonderful.

“Fuck, I love your fingers,” Namjoon said.

Hearing that, Seokjin increased the pace of his movements and started bending the tip of his fingers from time to time, which made it impossible for Namjoon to keep still, squirming with every move.

He hadn’t been too vocal yet, just small sounds here and there and a few noises that got stuck in his throat. But when Seokjin grazed his prostate, there was no way he could keep that moan in – the warmth and electricity-like feeling that spread through his body felt splendid.

Jin hit it again and another moan escaped his mouth, albeit not as loud.

“You sound so good, Joon,” Jin said. “I can’t wait to be inside you.”

The words made Namjoon’s dick twitch. “Then- Ah- Be already!”

He fumbled for the condoms and ripped a package open while Jin removed his fingers and cleaned them in the sheets (they were going to have to do laundry before leaving anyway).

Seokjin outstretched his hand so Namjoon could hand him the condom, but the younger didn’t move, just kept looking at him with a question in his eyes.

“Do you want to put it for me?” Seokjin asked, guessing his thoughts.

“Can I?” Namjoon asked somewhat timidly.

Jin smiled and rolled his eyes playfully. “Yes, Namjoon, you can touch my dick that is about to be inside your ass,” he teased.

Namjoon smiled back, “Shut up!”

And to ensure Seokjin would do so, he grabbed his cock eliciting a choked sound from him. Namjoon stroked him a couple of times before rolling the condom down the shaft ever so slowly.

“You shouldn’t tease me, Joon,” his breathing was uneven, like he was trying to regain some control over his body.

“Why is that?” Namjoon asked, letting go of him after he was done.

Seokjin hooked his hands under Namjoon’s thighs and with a strong grip pulled him towards himself, opening his legs to fit around him.

Namjoon’s back hit the mattress and wow. Namjoon sometimes forgot how strong Seokjin actually was, but man, did it feel good to be reminded like that.

Grabbing Namjoon’s hands and pinning them beside his head, Seokjin wetted his lips and barely brushed them against the curve of Namjoon’s ear.

“Because that means I can do it too. And you seemed a little too impatient just now to have me believing that you’d actually want to delay this a bit more. Especially when it wouldn’t bring you nearly as much satisfaction. Am I wrong?”

To illustrate his point, Seokjin let go of his wrists to trace extremely light touches across his skin. It wasn’t fulfilling at all and only served to have Namjoon’s body trying to chase Seokjin’s fingers for more wherever they brushed.

There was only so much Seokjin’s self-restraint could deal with, so when Namjoon let out a whimper, he gave in.

After lubing himself up and positioning his dick right at Namjoon’s entrance, Seokjin gave him one last deep kiss and pushed in slowly.

Namjoon gasped as Jin moved deeper. Oh god, it felt incredible to finally get filled.

Seokjin groaned when he bottomed out – Namjoon was so pleasantly tight.

While he waited for the boy beneath him to get used to the feeling, he leaned down and gave him simple kisses, just lips; more to distract him form the delicious pressure on his dick than anything else.

“Can I move?”

“Yes,” Namjoon exhaled.

Jin started thrusting rather shallowly at first; steadily increasing the amount he would pull out before sinking in again.

“You feel amazing,” Jin moaned as his hips began to gain speed.

Namjoon’s hands left Seokjin’s waist to his clutch his ass, pressing hard whenever Jin pushed in – a silent urge for him to go harder. But Jin seemed to think he just wanted somewhere to grab onto and didn’t give him what he wanted.

“More,” he pleaded.

Jin thrusts grew rougher and a moan left Namjoon.


“Immensely better!” Namjoon wanted to say, but there was this haziness in his mind compelling him to completely surrender to the pleasure coursing through his body instead of thinking words; and he just hummed in response.

When Seokjin changed the angle of his pounding, Namjoon wrapped his legs around him and it was too enticing for him to resist the desire to scratch one of the thighs with the pads of his fingers. It was as nice as he’d imagined, the hard muscles and the way they’d stiffen under his touch.

In a harsh jerk of his hips, Jin’s cock pressed just right at Namjoon’s prostate and the younger moaned loudly, nails digging into Seokjin’s back and scraping down. It ripped a groan out of Jin and he began to move faster.

Seokjin’s arms were getting weak from hoisting him up and he had to adjust his body to better distribute his weight. The change allowed his dick to slide in at a different angle, one that had him hitting Namjoon’s sweet spot way more often and it felt fantastic, for both of them. Every time he pressed against the bundle of nerves, the strong tingling warmth rushed over Namjoon and made his walls clenched around Jin.

From then on, the room was filled by noises that came in many variations of volume and pitch – gasps, pants, groans, moans; mixing together in way you couldn’t tell which one of them had let it out.

“Jin…“ Namjoon called. He wanted to let the other know he was close, but his voice was raspy and Seokjin mistook it for moan.

“Call my name again,” Jin gave a harder thrust. Namjoon scratched his back again as his name rolled out of his tongue, sounding more like a beg this time.

Shit, Namjoon sounded wrecked.

Jin’s hips stuttered and his head fell to curve of Namjoon’s neck.

Seokjin’s labored breathing next to his ear and the continuous thrust of his hips were turning Namjoon boneless and he wouldn’t take long do finish.

“Ah-I’m close, Jin…”

“Y-Yeah. Uhn- Me too…”

Namjoon clenched again and Seokjin almost lost it.

He really wanted to make Namjoon come first though, so he gathered all the strength he had left to hold himself up with just one arm and started jerking off Namjoon in time with his thrusts.

Namjoon whined and Seokjin could feel him writhing under him – he must be really close.

On his next thrust, Jin also sucked Namjoon’s earlobe and that did it.

Namjoon’s orgasm hit him like convulsions, wave after wave of pleasure smashing over his body. His heart was beating impossibly fast, the blissful feeling that started on his pelvis and irradiated to his limbs and his dick was flooding his veins with endorphins – it was overwhelming. It was so intense, he couldn’t stop coming.

Seokjin’s climax was triggered by all the commotion happening on Namjoon’s body. The constant spasms coming of his walls made Jin feel like he was being milked, coaxing his high out of him until he had nothing more to give.


They both came down to the sound of heavy breathing.

At some point, Seokjin unconsciously let his body slump on top of Namjoon’s, whose death grip had turned into a soothing hand running up and down on his back.

After regaining the bare minimum of his strength, Jin slipped out and rolled to side. Namjoon took a deep breath.

Having removed the condom and thrown it somewhere on the floor once it was properly tied, Seokjin turned his head to look at Namjoon. His entire body was still quivering a little and he looked utterly fucked out. Absolutely gorgeous.

A huge grin spread on Jin’s face. Namjoon turned his head to look at him with a matching one plus dimples, but soon both smiles turned into a silly laughter.

“That was… WOW!” Namjoon was still breathless.

“I know!” Seokjin wasn’t better. “Want to kiss you… But no air.” They giggled.

“Don’t care.”

Turning slightly more to one another, they shared a sloppy kiss – that was more like breathing in each other’s mouth with an eventual touch of lips – that didn’t last long.

“Too hard. I give up.”

“Yeah, I’ll kiss you later.”

Once they had recovered some more, Seokjin took another look at Namjoon, then down on his chest. They were covered in Namjoon’s white gooey mess.

“You came a lot!”

A bubbly laugh burst out of Namjoon, accompanied by a flush on his cheeks – that had more to do with Jin’s statement than the acts from moments prior. (Little did he know that the condom lying on the floor had been filled up pretty generously too).

“I don’t think I’ve ever came this hard,” he admitted rather shyly. Seokjin beamed. “I think I could’ve come without you touching my dick.”

“Really? I’d like to try that next...” Seokjin said and started looking for the wipes to clean them.

Namjoon found them on the floor by his side of the bed, next to the condoms. “Is that why you bought an entire box of condoms?” He bantered, handing Jin the package. “‘Cause I don't have the stamina for that!”

They laughed. “Yah!” Seokjin exclaimed. “I bought it because that would be the only opportunity I would have, and who knew what could happen!”

“I'm kidding, I'm kidding!” Namjoon smiled, but it soon left his face. “Not about the stamina though, I can't go round two!” Seokjin laughed.


After getting clean up and lazily kissing for a little while, the sounds of their friends hanging outside caught their attention. They should go out of their bubble soon.

“Hey, how are we going to do when we get back?” Namjoon asked.

“I was serious about a next time. There are still a lot of secrets on your body I want to unravel,” Jin said playfully.

“That would be nice.”

Holding the other’s stare, they smiled.

“Sorry to break it to you, but we have to get downstairs. After all, I did get up here to wake you up so you wouldn’t miss the last day here,” Seokjin said, getting out of bed to get dressed.

Namjoon groaned, “They are gonna tease us so much!”

When he got up his legs were still a bit wobbly and Seokjin commented. “It was really strong!” Namjoon’s eyes were glimmering and the dimpled smile was back on his face. The whole thing was a boost to Seokjin’s ego.


Once they were properly dressed and all the evidence of their doings was taken care of, they went outside to meet the rest of the boys.

“There you are!” Jungkook said when Seokjin stepped in the backyard. “Took you long enough! Where’s Nam-”

Jungkook’s question was brutally interrupted by Taehyung screaming “What the hell happened to you?!” and pointing at Namjoon’s chest the moment he came into view – the marks Jin had left grabbed everyone’s attention.

They had decided on the lack of shirts because they would be gone pretty soon anyway. Besides, the sooner their friends could get over the initial shock that they had slept together, the sooner they would have peace again.

Seokjin and Namjoon walked to the poolside shower without saying a word, letting them reach their own conclusions.

“I think the answer is pretty obvious if you match his marks with the scratches on Jin-hyung’s back,” Yoongi enlightened the others with an amused smile.

“THAT’S WHAT THE NOTE MEANT?!” Jimin practically screamed. Namjoon and Jin couldn’t help but laugh – the others asking what note. “You banished me for sex, hyung! What happened to bros over hoes?” Jimin feigned disappointment.

“Sorry, Chim! But in this case, it was more like a bro over bro thing, so I don’t think it counts as betrayal.”

“You changed rooms last night, though…” Yoongi said.

“And the marks on hyung’s back seem recent,” Taehyung followed Yoongi’s line of thought.

“Wait!” Jungkook’s eyes grew bigger with the realization kicking in. “Does that mean you literally just had sex?! Ew!!” he splashed a big amount of water where Seokjin and Namjoon stood.

Seokjin jumped in the pool right beside him as a revenge splash. “Get over it, Kook. You’ve seen and heard nothing,” he smiled as if this was a big accomplishment.

“But we could have!” he whined. It was Namjoon’s turn to jump beside him as revenge.

“See! Kookie agrees with me!” Hoseok said to Seokjin, who playfully rolled his eyes.

“You knew didn’t you?” Yoongi’s question was directed to Hoseok. “That’s why you made that face at breakfast!” Hobi shrugged.

“YOU KNEW?!” Jungkook splashed water on Hoseok. “And you let them?!” he splashed some more, just for fun – he was smiling already.

“Yah!” Hobi splashed water back just for heck of it. “I didn’t let anything!”

“If you’re going to start a water fight, at least include the rest of us!” Taehyung said, splashing water on both of their directions.

And like that, the second water fight of the day began, marking the return of things to normality.

The teasing wasn’t over, just on a temporary break and Namjoon and Seokjin knew that. Still, they shared a complicit smile. It had been totally worth it.