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a study in spectacles

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“God, your hips, I’ve never seen a man with such pretty wide hips.”

“Joon-ah, please it’s embarrassing.”

Freshly showered after the show, they’re cuddled up on the bed, Hoseok’s face tucked into Namjoon’s neck as the other feels him up.

“No it isn’t. Hey, look at me… you’re beautiful baby. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Tad higher levels of estrogen are a blessing, just look how beautiful you are.”

“Mmh, please-” Hoseok puts his head back onto Namjoon’s shoulder, an attempt to hide the heat on his cheeks caused by Namjoon’s incessant praise.

“Look at you, these curves were moulded by Aphrodite herself,” he adds in genuine awe despite body worshipping Hoseok every other day. His free hand gently cradles the fleshier part of Hoseok’s hip, gliding up the curve of his waistline and all the way up to his ribs where he tickles lightly. “You’re an artwork baby, I just wanna cherish you.”

“Joon-ah… ah stop- you’re so chee-“

“-Sexiest boy I’ve ever laid my eyes on.”

“Still don’t have abs though.”

“Hoseok. How many times do I have to say it doesn’t matter. Your soft tummy is a thousand times more sexy than any boring abs could ever be, ugh.” Hoseok peeks up to see Namjoon pouting and it makes his eyes crinkle in delight. “Joonie you’re so cute.”

“I love you.”

Hoseok’s head shoots back up on reflex as he hears those words, eyes meeting Namjoon’s. He’s so taken in the moment he forgets to respond. Just as he’s about to, Namjoon moves in closer, already lowering himself to catch Hoseok’s lips with his own.

The kiss is warm and satisfying, velvety slides of tongue and deep pecks that have them both moaning softly. It’s just what he needs to fizzle out the flustered buzz he gets whenever Namjoon compliments his body.

Namjoon moves a hand behind his neck and lower back, manoeuvring him to straddle his thigh. He feels the other’s teeth scrape across his bottom lip. Hands, so gentle from before, now press into his hips harder – the pads of his fingers and blunt tips of his nails digging into the soft flesh. He whines as Namjoon sucks his tongue hard into his mouth, the kiss getting wetter and more urgent. Remnants of Hoseok’s favourite lemon tea linger on Namjoon’s tongue as he cups his ass and squeezes, steering him further up his thigh. Hoseok feels himself getting hard against the firmness of it. He thinks about grinding down, could ride his thigh and come from that alone. He doesn’t though, reigns it in for later as they break apart to breathe, loved-up giddy smiles left on their faces.

Namjoon reaches to stroke his thumb across the smoothness of Hoseok’s slightly puffy lips, loving how they’ve darkened to a deeper pink just from kissing a little. He reaches forward to place a tiny peck on the blush staining Hoseok’s cheeks, making him giggle. “Where are the glasses?”

The sudden question snaps them out of the moment, Hoseok taking a second to register what Namjoon just said.


“The glasses… you wore on stage just an hour ago?”

Oh, right. His mind reels back to when he’d taken them off before getting into the shower.

“Think they’re in my bag, why?”

“Wanna fuck you in them.”

“What-“ Hoseok can’t believe what he’s hearing. This is new.

Namjoon’s smiling now, casual, too casual, as if he didn’t just blatantly expose he has a glasses kink, of all things.

“Hob-ah, you think you can tease me like that? Look so fucking attractive and untouchable on stage and not think I was gonna do anything about it?”

Hoseok feels the aura in the room change. Namjoon’s eyes are dark and dilated. He’s got that look in them, that intense gaze that could make anyone putty in his hands, could make anyone submit without a second thought. Hoseok shifts on his thigh.

“Yeah ok, I’ll get them,” he breathes.

“Good boy.”


Hoseok’s sweat-slicked and moaning on his back as Namjoon slows down only to thrust harshly upwards, rolling his hips so Hoseok can feel his cock gyrating against his walls. He smirks, the sheer force of the action knocking the glasses down the bridge of his nose. Dazedly, Hoseok moves a finger to prop them back up. The simple action makes Namjoon slow down and wet his lips.

“You look so fucking innocent doing that. How can you be so effortlessly sexy?”

Hoseok whines, frustrated Namjoon stopped fucking him just to say that. He lifts his hand from where it’s clutching the bed sheets to run through Namjoon’s gold locks.

“…’M not innocent.”

He tugs harshly on his hair once, making sure his nails scrape Namjoon’s scalp.

“Fuck me harder. Now.”

Namjoon growls at that, loves it when Hoseok gets really into the sex. The dirtier side of him that comes out in bed. He gets so vocal, demanding or begging Namjoon to completely ruin him. And well, Namjoon’s a man after all. What’s he supposed to do, say no?



“Think you could ride me and keep them on? We both know how fucking slutty you get when you ride me, can’t stop yourself using my cock to make yourself feel good. They’re bound to fall off.”

Namjoon chuckles, Hoseok rolls his eyes.

“Is that a challenge?” He breathes, inching upwards to gasp into Namjoon’s ear as the other goes back to his slow abrupt thrusts.

“Let’s test it out Hoseok-ah.”


Once he’s seated pretty in Namjoon’s lap, Hoseok pushes the other’s cock, standing loud and proud, down against his stomach, then sits right on top of it. Namjoon strokes his thighs, the touch alone so sensual it makes Hoseok press his ass down harder, wanting to be impossibly close.

“Wanna bite you here,” Namjoon whispers, rubbing along his inner thigh before he’s digging nails into the sensitive skin.

“Mm, I shave my legs just so your bruises show up extra dark and pretty. Go for it Joonie.”

Namjoon chuckles. He pulls Hoseok down by the neck so he can lick across his lips before licking into his mouth, enabling Hoseok to really nestle Namjoon’s cock between his ass cheeks. It’s been a couple of days since they could properly fuck so Hoseok wants to take his time with this. He starts by pouring more lube across the length of Namjoon’s dick before running a little more around his own rim. He seats himself back down and just… rocks, shamelessly moaning as he feels every ridge and vein of Namjoon’s cock slide against his rim. The friction is so good it has them both moaning in pleasure, Namjoon already gripping Hoseok’s hips to move him back and forth.

“Such a good boy, love my good boy who knows what he wants.” Namjoon breathes, reaching up to push the glasses back up Hoseok’s nose where they’ve started to slip. Hoseok almost forgot he’d been wearing them but Namjoon’s paying attention. Hoseok can tell by the way he keeps looking up at his eyes and smirking that he really does have a thing for them. The thought has him flushing all over, hit with a new wave of arousal.

“Look at you, my cock isn’t even in you but you’re already losing it.”

“You’re so hard Joon.”

“It’s the glasses and dark hair... you look like a sexy professor come straight out of porn.” Namjoon groans, taking hold of his cock to smear all the precome that’s been collecting along Hoseok’s crack.

“Is that so, Mr Kim? Aahh… Aaah! Mmm, you’re making me feel so good… right there Mr Kim, right there~” Hoseok moans exaggeratedly, mocking Namjoon.

“So you’re saying you’d be the nerdy student who just wants to get fucked on the hot teacher’s desk instead? How cliché. Thought you’d make things more interesting baby.”

“Shut up, don’t act like you wouldn’t wanna throw me against your chalkboard every time I asked a stupid math question,” Hoseok chuckles but stops as the wet head of Namjoon’s cock catches on his rim, mid grind. “Aah,” a real moan.

Namjoon hums, more focused on trying to get back to actually fucking him. He moves forward to get a hold of Hoseok’s cock. It’s curving towards his belly and bubbling with precome, begging to be touched. He gives him a few generous strokes, just to take off some pressure and prevent him coming too soon.

“You know I’m so attracted to you as it is, but something about you in glasses just.. makes me wanna ravish you, fuck you till you can’t remember your name.”

He grips Hoseok’s hips, fingers digging mercilessly into skin, so hard it’ll leave crescent shaped marks. He pushes him forward so he’s straddling his waist then reaches for his cock. Hoseok moves happily back into his lap. Namjoon slaps his cock against his crack before lining it up with his hole and pulling him slowly back down on to it.

“Fuck…” they moan in unison. Once bottomed out, Hoseok places his palms against Namjoon’s broad chest and lifts before fucking himself back down, gurgles of pleasure slipping between his lips. “Fuck Joon, ah, feels- so- good.”

“I was fucking you not even fifteen minutes ago and you’ve already closed up, so fucking tight,” Namjoon groans, lifting his hips to pound up into Hoseok’s ass. He puts his large hands under his ass cheeks to control the pace, the smaller man clenching around his cock, maintaining the delicious friction.

“Oh fuck! Namjoon-ah! Fuck~” Hoseok cries out, clenching impossibly tight as he grinds against the hard cock inside him. Namjoon keeps hitting his prostate, the hard tip of his cock hammering right against the electric nerves. The glasses have made their way down the bridge of his nose again. Hoseok’s so lost in pleasure, he barely notices. His hands are preoccupied, one in his own hair and the other on Namjoon’s chest. He’s bouncing desperately on Namjoon’s cock, completely losing himself. The glasses fall onto Namjoon’s chest, Hoseok hasn’t noticed.

“See. I told you.”

Namjoon slows Hoseok down, pulling his cock out. He lifts him gently and gets him to lie back down on the bed. Hoseok mewls helplessly, his hole clenching around nothing.

“So you’re not gonna finish??? You didn’t say there’s a punishment Joon, just a challenge.”

“Nope, you’re gonna suck my cock and make me feel good then maybe, just maybe I’ll consider finishing and letting you come,” he says with a challenging look in his eyes, as if daring the other to argue. Hoseok looks down. Namjoon’s stroking his cock. It’s gone from a pale red to a deeper purpley colour and Hoseok knows that means he’s at the hardest he can get. He whimpers at the thought of having it between his lips, his oral fix driving him insane already.

“Really Joon? It’s not a punishment if I want it.”

“Always love having something in your mouth huh, little cockslut.”

“Yeah, that’s me. C’mere.”

Namjoon shifts so he’s sitting on the edge of the bed. Hoseok moves on to the floor, hands on the other’s thick thighs and wastes no time in suckling the head first before giving him long licks up and down the length. The heavy hot weight and slightly salty taste has Hoseok flushing all over, nerve endings set ablaze. Precome weeps at the head of his own cock, dripping messily onto the wooden floor. Namjoon’s so big. Hoseok loves it. He’d been nervous when they first started having sex, pressurised whether he’d be able to take it all. He didn’t want to disappoint Namjoon and his own need to impress had him worrying he wouldn’t be good enough. Namjoon was an angel of course, said he didn’t even care if he’d get blowjobs. He’d made it so easy for Hoseok to take it step-by-step, learn along the way. And now he’s a pro, knows exactly how to take all of him and drive him to the edge. It always ends with Namjoon either pulling off to fuck him senseless or he comes right there in Hoseok’s mouth.

He’s moved to deepthroating, bobbing up and down, tears prickling his lashes and he loves it. He feels Namjoon tangle his fingers into his hair, slowly fucking his cock deeper into Hoseok’s warm mouth. When he looks up, he meets Namjoon’s gaze, lust-filled but still so warm. The other lets go of his hair to reach across the bed for the discarded pair of glasses and gently places them back on Hoseok, the fondest smile on his face as he moves damp bangs away from his eyes.

“Beautiful, always take me to heaven.”

Hoseok almost chokes at that, getting impossibly hot because Namjoon keeps watching him with that heated gaze. He wraps his hand around his own throbbing dick, stroking in time with Namjoon’s thrusts.

“Getting off to blowing me? Fuck, you’re such a cockslut, how did I get so lucky?”

Namjoon pulls out then, just to guide his dick across Hoseok’s swollen lips and cheeks before he stops for a second, hesitant.

Hoseok knows exactly what he’s going to do.

He moves the tip of his cock across the cool glass of Hoseok’s spectacles, cock twitching at the barely-there contact. He slowly drags his length across the lenses, leaving traces of spit and come. Hoseok moans as he watches, hand working his own cock faster. It’s filthy and messed up, and so, so unhygienic, but he loves it. He’s so far gone at this point he doesn’t even care.

“I wanted to see you come wearing these but I’m so hard right now I wanna fuck you from behind. We won’t get a chance like this for a couple days at least.” Namjoon mutters, dragging his dick back across Hoseok’s lips.

“Yeah,” Hoseok says, it comes out breathless. “It’s always good from behind. Do it Namjoon-ah.” He gets up to straddle Namjoon’s lap and licks along the shell of his ear. “Break me.” He breathes.  

“Fuck.” It’s all it takes before Namjoon’s pushed Hoseok face down into the mattress, hands above his head and ass in the air. Namjoon wastes no time in spreading Hoseok’s cheeks, watching how easily his cock hammers into his hole. Hoseok has completely submit, face turned to the side, open-mouthed and drooling into the pillow case. His eyes roll back into his skull from the mind-numbing pleasure and he just… can’t move. It feels too ridiculously good.

Namjoon’s transfixed, watching his cock disappear and reappear from Hoseok’s stretched out hole. “Fucking hell you’re taking me so good.” He spits and slaps his cock across his ass cheek, making Hoseok sob and clench harder.

“Wish you could see yourself right now. Your ass is swallowing me up- and god your skin... it's glowing, so fucking pretty,” he growls the last word, spits into his hand and spreads the saliva around Hoseok’s rim.

“Aah f—uck!" Hoseok cries out wantonly. He shudders at the feeling, clawing at the bed sheets to keep himself grounded. “Fuck mmh fuck, ah, I’m- I’m gonna-”



Namjoon pulls out to manhandle Hoseok around onto his back then pushes back into his tight heat. From this position he can watch his face as he comes undone. It’s just then that he realises Hoseok could still wear the glasses in these last hazy moments of pleasure. He blindly feels for them on the bed. Luckily, they didn’t get thrown too far. He quickly places them on Hoseok’s face once more. The other’s eyes are shut tight, lips trapped between his teeth as he whines in complete ecstasy. Namjoon thrusts hard into him a couple more times before pulling out and moving his dead-limbed lover to sit in his lap. He takes both their cocks in his hand and positions upwards-

“Together,” he pants.

He strokes, once, twice before they’re both coming, loads splattering up on Hoseok’s chest, chin, some of it catching on the frame of his glasses.

As soon as Hoseok’s milked his orgasm, he falls back onto the mattress, unable to function as he shakes from the intensity.

Namjoon smirks to himself.

“Let me clean you up doll, so dirty…”

Hoseok whimpers like he’s actually crying when he feels it. The blood rushes straight back to his dick, the overstimulation too much because Namjoon’s eating him out. He somehow finds the energy to lift up onto his elbows and watch as the man licks hard and fast across his rim. He lunges his strong, skilled tongue into Hoseok’s walls once more before moving out again to lick across his balls.

“F—uck Namjoon-ah, you treat me so good… feels amazing…” He gasps breathlessly one last time before dropping back onto the mattress.

“Anything for you, sunshine.”



When Hoseok wakes up the next morning, he finds the glasses on the floor. He picks them up to inspect their condition. Of course, there’s one huge crack right down the middle of one the lenses. Oh well, he muses, they did get pretty dirtied up. Besides, now that he knows about Namjoon’s kink, he’s going to have to make a few more purchases anyway.