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Silas High

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It’s a Monday morning a steady flow of dim light slips through Laura Hollis’ curtains as the sun begins to rise. Slowly birds start chirping away in the trees. The sunlight catching the morning dew on the grass making the ground lightly shine.

An alarm sounds off somewhere in the distance, then begins to get louder and louder as Laura begins to wake up for school. She climbs out of bed and not as happy as she usually is. Laura goes into the bathroom and performs her normal routine of brushing her teeth and having a shower, before going downstairs to make herself breakfast before getting dressed. Today she decided on pancakes, she prepares the mixture quickly and cooks up two platefuls. Taking both plates up the stairs, she knocks on her father’s bedroom door before walking in. placing the plates down she sits on the edge of the bed and nudges her father awake.

“Morning dad I made you pancakes for breakfast.”

“Aww thanks Pumpkin’ my favourite.” He sits up and kisses his daughter on her forehead.

Laura hands over a plate to her father and they ate breakfast.

“Are you looking forward to school today?”

“Yeah sort of.”

“You don’t sound happy what’s going on? Are you being bullied? I will come down and talk to the dean if you need me to.”

“Dad, calm down okay, its nothing like that.”

“What is it then sweetie? You know you can tell me anything.”

“It’s just this girl who is in almost all of my classes. She’s infuriating and she teases me in a flirty way and I just can’t stop thinking
about her.” Laura sighs. “At least we are friends though kind of.”

“Aw I’m sure she likes you as well you did say she flirts with you right.”

“But that’s just the thing. She doesn’t have any friends we just hang out in before and after school and sometimes during the break and she says hi to me when she passes, but whenever I see her with someone she is always flirting with them and it’s always a different person each time.”

“She sounds like a player Laur. Don’t get caught up in that.”

“But the thing is dad. There is more to her then that I know it, but she hardly ever shows it.” Laura huffs. “I better get ready for
school, make sure you catch a criminal today, I ironed your uniform last night and it’s hanging up in the bathroom. Bye dad.” And with that she left after giving him a kiss on the cheek.

She went in to her bedroom and searched through her wardrobe for something to wear. Picking out a white tank top, a red and black plaid top and black skinny jeans, she took her phone off charge and put it in her back pocket, went downstairs picked up her keys, bag and grabbed her jacket off the hook as she went out the front door.

Once outside she went and unchained her push bike and rode to school. She arrived half an hour early. So she rode in to the Paville and chained her bike to a tree. Carmilla and Will were already there. She wondered why they were always the first ones to arrive, Carmilla didn’t particularly like school and didn’t seem the type to get up early. Laura stood a little away from the siblings as she never knew how Carmilla would react to her approaching first so she sat upon the fallen tree and waited for her friends, she chanced a glance towards Will and Carmilla and it looks like they are having an argument.

“I swear to god William if you say another thing I’m going to punch you in that pretty little face of yours.” And she huffs off walking towards Laura. “Hey cupcake why are you here early?”

“Uh hey Carm I just uh ride my bike so I usually leave early as I uh have nothing else to do.” Laura responds nervously.

Carmilla smirks at her and then her face becomes expressionless as she sees that Will has approached. “Listen Kitty I’m sorry for
teasing you so much but as your little brother it is my duty to annoy you.”

Carmilla stands up and advances towards him and he visibly gulps at the death stare she is sending him. She lunges at him and grips him in a headlock and rubs her knuckles across his head and she laughs. “I totally had you there willy boy.” She releases his hold on him and whispers into his ear as she gave him a hug so Laura couldn’t hear. “Say anything about this in front of Laura and I really won’t hesitate to follow up on breaking you.”

He Laughs and pats her on the back “Okay Kitty.”
Laura sat there and watched the entire exchange between the siblings and couldn’t stop herself from smiling as she watched Carmilla playing with her brother when Laura finally caught Carmilla eyes she saw how the brunette’s body language quickly slipped back into hardness and a smirk replaced the warm smile. Danny walked in and sat down next to Laura and Carmilla’s body language became even harder.

“Hey Hollis, how’s it going?”

“Hey Danny I’m okay how are you?”

“Yeah I’m good.”
Carmilla sat down on the other side of Laura so she didn’t have to look at the giant redhead and she pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, she turned to look at Laura who was already looking at her and a blush slowly crept up the girl’s cheek. “Want one cupcake?” Carmilla asked with a cigarette between her lips tilting the pack towards Laura.

“Thanks.” Laura said as she took one from the pack. Camilla sparked her one up and the held the flame towards Laura so she could light hers, the blush on Laura’s cheeks reddened more. Lafontaine and Perry came through the opening in the bush hand in hand with Kirsch following a little way behind.

“Hey Laf, hey Perr.” Laura greeted them. Laf smirked at Laura when she saw Carmilla and Laura sat side by side, and Perry nudged them in the ribs.

“Hey L. Can I chat to you like over there?” They said pointing their thumb over their shoulder and gesturing to the open field.

“Sure.” Laura quickly looked at Carmilla before jumping up and rushing into the open field with Laf following and Perry behind them. “What do you need Laf?”

“So… You and Mistress of snark were looking pretty cosy back there. Want to tell us what’s going on?”

“Nothing is going on Laf, we are friends sort of.” Laura says as her blush comes back.

“Oh come on Frosh we all know you have feelings for her.”

“WHAT!” Laura squeaks. “I do not.”

“Sure, keep telling yourself that, but I see the way you look at her. Just admit it we are you best friends isn’t that right Perr?”

“Yes, Lafontaine we are her best friends and it’s up to Laura to admit that she has a thing for Carmilla when she is ready.”

“Not you as well Perr.” Laura says with a huff and casually looks over their shoulders to see Carmilla.

“Right sorry Laura sweetie but it is really obvious.” Perry says defending herself.

“Wait. Do you think she knows?”

“So you do have a thing for her?” Laf asks excitement written over their face.

“Yes okay I do like her a lot but I don’t want her to know it’s embarrassing.”

“Why do you think it is embarrassing?”

“Because have you seen some of the girls she has been with, I’m not her type.”

“But she totally has a ...” Laf was suddenly cut off when Perry elbowed them in the ribs. “Ow okay Perr harsh.”

“Right sorry sweetie let go.” And with that they both walk off.
Laura stood there looking seriously confused, so she sits down on the grass and then lays down.

‘What the hell was that? Why are they both so confusing. Can I just go home and pretend none of this happened ugh?’
Laura’s thoughts were interrupted when she feels someone nudge her with their foot and sits down next to her; she opens her eyes to see Carmilla.

‘Oh perfect just what I needed the most beautiful girl who will never be interested in me come and sit with me.’

“You okay there Cupcake?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“You don’t seem okay.”

“It’s nothing just forget it.” Laura stood up and walked away. She couldn’t deal with her feelings after admitting them to two of her friends.

“Hey Laura wait.” Carmilla called as she got up and chased Laura.
Danny watched the exchange and she saw Laura get up and walk away from Carmilla looking upset and now Danny was mad at the girl for upsetting Laura and then her anger boils when she notices Carmilla chasing after Laura so she walks over to them.

“Hey Elvira leave her alone.” Danny says with a threating glare.

“Fuck off Xena I just wanted to make sure she was okay.”

“Well she looks upset with you so just back off.” Danny says

Laura watched the exchange and it looked as though Danny was about to shove Carmilla so she interjected before anything could happen. “Danny stop Carmilla didn’t do anything I’m just tired. I forgot to make coffee this morning and I’m going to get some from the café so bye.” She huffed and walked off.

She walked into the café and grabbed herself a coffee and sat down at one of the tables, she checked the time on her phone and
noticed she had ten minutes until her first class so she scrolled through her Tumblr for five before walking to class. She stood outside the English classroom for a few seconds, then walked in and took her seat, a few minutes Carmilla walked in and sat down next to her.

“Hey are you feeling better after your coffee?” Carmilla asked without looking at Laura.

“Yeah.” She kept looking at Carmilla out of her peripheral vision, hoping the girl didn’t notice and if she did, she didn’t make a comment on it.

“Miss Hollis?” Laura’s attention snapped to the teacher and Carmilla looked to her. “In Romeo and Juliet the play starts with the Montague’s and Capulet’s fighting in the streets of Verona. Who started the brawl?”

“Uh I don’t remember sir.” Laura sunk into her chair.

“Sir I believe it was the servants who started the brawl because they were arguing over who served the better house.” Carmilla answered the question without taking her eyes off Laura.

“Thank you Miss Karnstein.”

Laura looked over to Carmilla to see her looking at her with a smirk and a hint of red in her cheeks, as casually as she could she took her eyes away from Laura and leaned back in her chair focusing on tracing patterns on the ceiling.
When class ended Carmilla was up first and out the door trying to avoid getting caught up in the sea of kids. She made her way behind the building of her next class and waited it out until all the rush had died down, she had to mentally prepare herself as today was the day she had all classes with Laura and they always sat next to each other. Being in such close proximity with the ball of sunshine was not helping with this crush she had.

‘Ugh’ she groaned to herself. ‘Laura would never go for someone like me.’ She pushed herself off the wall and stalked to her math lesson.

She walked in to the class accidently slamming the door open and she grimaced at it. “Sorry total accident.” She mumbled as she walked past the teacher and took her seat beside Laura.

They sat in silence. Carmilla took out her book and began drawing, and Laura looking over occasionally. As the class went on Laura lost interest in the class and more interested in Carmilla’s drawing of a black panther prowling through the woods at night with the stars and moon. Carmilla doesn’t say anything when she notices Laura watching her as she draws, she does the finishing touches a few minutes before the bell goes and slides it over to Laura.

“Are you coming to the field Cupcake?”

“Uh yeah, I said I would meet Kirsch outside his math class. If you uh wanted to walk with us you could.” Laura suggested shyly.

“Sure why not.”

They walked out the classroom and down the hall and saw kirsch waiting outside his classroom with Danny. Carmilla rolled her eyes and mumbled something to herself before walking behind them.
Kirsch and Danny got into an argument so Laura dropped back to walk next to Carmilla. They continued to walk silently until they went to the far corner of the field where Lafontaine and Perry were waiting for them.

“Either of you ginger twins seen Will?” Carmilla asked.

“No.” Perry answered.

Carmilla pulled out her phone and called her brother.

‘Kitty what can I do for you?’

“Where are you, you little shit?”

‘I’m with mother I won’t be long.’

“Well hurry up I’m stuck with the dimwit squad thought you would already be here already.”

‘Okay Kitty I’m on my way save me a spot.’

“Don’t I always?” and with that she hung up the phone and laid down. Watching the clouds move in the sky.

“Hey fang face if you don’t like us you could always fuck off elsewhere.” Danny said.

“Actually Cujo it’s just you I can’t stand. The rest of you are somewhat tolerable.”

“Aw Carmilla that’s the nicest thing you have said to us.” Lafontaine said.

“Yeah well don’t get used to it.” She propped herself up on her elbows and saw Will jogging towards them, he didn’t stop but he slowed down and tackled Carmilla until they were rolling around and fighting. Eventually Carmilla pinned him down.
He slapped the ground. “Okay Kitty you can let go now you win.”

She released his hold on him and tapped him on the back. “You’re getting better Willy boy.” She chanced a quick glance at Laura who was watching her with a smile but quickly averted her eyes and finding interest in a leaf.

“So Kitty what class do you have next?”

“Uh double history I think.”

“Damn that sucks for you. What topic are you on?”

“Don’t know I don’t pay attention.”

“We are about learn about the Sandakan death march’s and the prisoners of war we are starting on it today the teacher mentioned last lesson and I looked into it and it is pretty interesting.” Laura told Will.

“Thanks Laura, you better pay attention Kitty I want to hear about this.”

“Whatever Willy Boy. Well we should get going, you coming creampuff.” Carmilla stands up and offers her hand for Laura to take. Laura regarded it for a moment but took the offered hand and was pulled to her feet quickly.

“Bye everyone.” Laura said
The walked in silence for a few minutes Carmilla had her hands shoved into the pockets of her leather jacket and her hand was playing with a lighter, she had to occupy her hands she was just itching to reach out and tuck the fallen strand of her behind Laura’s ear.

“So Kirsch’s parents are going away this weekend and he is having a party, are you going to be there?” Laura asked.

“I don’t think so not really the partying type, it all depends on how this week goes and whether or not I will need a few drinks, or if Willy boy hounds me until I say yes who knows.”

“Okay cool.”

“Did you want me to come?” Carmilla asked in a teasing tone.
Laura heavily blushed before responding. “I uh… Yeah. I would like to see what kind of prank you and Will would pull.”

“Well there is one I want to try which might be better at a party. I might just be there Cupcake.”

“Hmm well I look forward to this prank if you show up.”
They arrived at the classroom and Carmilla took the door handle and opened the door for Laura to walk in first.

“Thanks Carm.” Laura smiles at her and Carmilla blatantly checked out Laura’s arse and smiled to herself.
They walked to the back of the classroom and took their seats. Carmilla pops her feet up on the desk and pulls out her sketch book and began drawing. She started off by drawing again a faint line horizontally a quarter of the way down the page. She then drew the moon and the stars and then the beginning of mountains but the class had filled up with the rest of the students and the teacher was making her way towards Carmilla.

“Miss Karnstein you better put that away before I take it away and rip it up.”

“If you rip it up I will have you fired so fucking fast you won’t know what hit you.”

“Excuse me young lady who do you think you are to talk to me like that.” The teacher said as she reached for Carmilla’s drawing.
Carmilla pulled the drawing out of the teachers reach stood up and looked her dead in the eyes. “The Dean’s daughter, that’s who.”
The teacher’s face dropped, her eyes widen and her jaw clenches. “What?”

“You heard me newbie, I know you been here for only a few weeks but you are by far the most annoying teacher I have ever met and my patience is wearing thin, and I am just itching to tell my Mother about the way you treat your students.”

“Very well Miss Karnstein, please take a seat, I apologise.” The teacher walked away

Luckily the exchange was a quiet one and no one was paying attention so no one knows of her relationship with the Dean. She sat down in her chair and looked at Laura who was looking at her with her mouth open, of course Laura would be listening in.

“Close your mouth cutie you’re letting the flies in.” Carmilla said with a roll of her eyes.

Laura snapped her mouth shut and shook her head. “You’re the Deans daughter?”

“Yes can we move on now please?”

“Yeah sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it, just don’t tell anyone please.”

“I won’t you can trust me.”

Carmilla lets out a sarcastic chuckle. “I don’t trust you and you wouldn’t have ever found out if that stupid teacher wasn’t such a
Laura looked confused. “Why don’t you trust me?”

“I don’t trust anyone except for William; it’s just the way I am. Don’t take it personally.” Carmilla returned her attention to the teacher and actually got on with most of her work.

Carmilla eventually gave up on paying attention to the teacher thinking she has retained enough information for one lesson. She goes back to the drawing, she finished off the mountains and making them covered in snow. Next she colours in the line making it look like a wall. Next she draws a floor and its beginning to look like a roof of a building. Next she drew a blanket and some pillows, then a female wearing all black leaning back and propped up on her elbows, there was a female on her hands and knees, one arm was over the woman lying down and leaning over her slightly and their lips were pressed together. And two glasses of champagne stood beside them forgotten.

Carmilla feels Laura looking at her and does her best to cover the drawing. It’s slightly embarrassing that Carmilla basically drew them on the first date she would take Laura if she got the chance; she doesn’t want Laura to notice that it’s them.
The bell rang signalling lunch time so Carmilla shoves the drawing into her backpack along with her pencils, and walks to the canteen with Laura next to her.

“Thanks for the drawing of the panther from this morning. You’re very talented.”


“What were you drawing just now?”

They arrived at the café and Carmilla picked up a chicken wrap and a red apple, the she went over to the coffee machine and got a black coffee. Laura picked up a salad and water

“Nothing of any interest just some doodles.”

“Okay.” Laura knew the girl was lying it didn’t look like just doodles even though she couldn’t tell what it was, but she didn’t press the girl on it
They walked up to the field chatting about anything and nothing; they sat where they did earlier and began their lunch while they waited for the others, they were sat kind of close to each other when Will showed up and gave Carmilla a knowing look and she sent him a death glare in response. Carmilla and Will sat there throwing insults at each other for a few minutes when Perry and Laf showed up.

“Hi Laura how are you?” Perry asked

“I’m fine. How are you? How was class?”

“Oh you know Danny and Kirsch spent most of it arguing I really do not know how they keep it up.”

“Speak of the Devil and she shall appear.” Carmilla Leers when she notices Danny walking towards them with Kirsch behind her and they were arguing.

“Why do you hate her so much Carm?” Laura’s eyes widen at the nickname not meaning to say it.
Carmilla doesn’t say anything about the nickname. “She is just really annoying and thinks she is a know it all that’s why I don’t like her and she picks on Kirsch for anything the Poor guy says.”

“Honestly Kirsch do you ever think about what you say? you sound so freaking dumb. How have you made it this far without being held up?” everyone could hear what Danny was saying.

“See what I mean that was just horrible.” Carmilla say dryly

“Kirsch seriously please stop talking listening to you is making me feel like I’m losing IQ points.” Danny said when they had actually

Kirsch’s face dropped and he looked so sad. “Hey everyone.” He said quietly.

“Jeez Danny, that was pretty harsh.” Laf said

Now that Laura didn’t have feelings for Danny she had begun to notice that Danny had a bit of a mean streak when it came to Kirsch and Carmilla. “Yeah Danny I have to agree.” Laura said.

Carmilla just smirked and was trying to hold it back, and Danny noticed

“What’s with the look Drusilla? Got something you want to say to me?” Danny’s blood was boiling at this point.

“Not a thing Danny long legs.” Carmilla said as she stood up to stretch her back as, she went to sit back down Danny strode over to her and pushed her over, no one was expecting what happened next Carmilla continued to roll back and onto her feet and got into a fighting stance. “Come on Stretch show your friends what you’re really like.”

Danny lunged forward to grab Carmilla but the shorter girl dodged with ease and tripped Danny over. The tall girl quickly got to her feet and went to swing for Carmilla but she brought her arm up effectively stopping it and with her other hand she grabbed Danny’s forearm tugging her attacker forward and elbowing her on the bicep nudging her closer to the ground and then quickly placed her hand between Danny’s shoulder blades and pushed her forward until she was face down on the grass with a hand pinned behind her back.

“Holy shit Carmilla.” Lafontain breathed out

“OH MY. OH NO. TEACHER ON THE WAY” Perry shouted

“Kitty the screeching Harpy is right, the lady that looks a bit like an owl is on her way over here and she looks pissed.”

“That was so hot.” Laura whispered to herself.

Lafontain had heard what she said and they burst out Laughing “Holy shit Frosh is that all you’re going to say.” Their eyes began to water because they were laughing so hard.

“What is the meaning of this entire ruckus?” the teacher yells at them all. Which suddenly turned into everyone shouting over each other. “SILENCE.” The creepy owl look alike shouted at them again. “All of you have detention with me this Saturday no arguments.

Now go to class” They all let out an annoyed groan as the teacher walked away.

“Good going mistress of the snark you got us all detention.” Danny glowers at Carmilla

“Seriously Danny what the hell has gotten into you? Carmilla didn’t even do anything. I think you need to see someone about your anger.” Laura snaps at Danny then she grabs Carmilla’s hand and walks off.

“Cupcake, where are you taking me?”

“Away from Danny, I’m so fed up of the way she treats you, you didn’t even do anything and then attacks you then she loses and then blames you for detention when all you did was defend yourself, you don’t deserve that.” Laura takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly. “I can’t believe I dated her.”

“Hmmm. Let’s go somewhere.” Carmilla suggests pulling Laura along they were still kind of awkwardly holding hand and neither seemed to realise.”

“Where are we going?” Laura asked as they walk down the road that was in their school that went towards the exit.

“Skipping cupcake, come on” They got to the gate and Carmilla punched in a number that opens the gate and they walked out.”

“How do you know the number?”

“My mum is the Dean.”

“Oh yeah.”

They turned left once the excited the school grounds and entered the Paville and into the open field. They laid down in silence for a while as they watched the sky above them. They stayed that way until the end of the day and then their friends joined them while they waited for their rides home. Laura got on her bike and went straight home.