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But Thinking Makes It So

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This can also be read as a standalone, though all the Space Hoe shorts are in the same universe. These two have been running circles around each other for ages, much to Rey’s annoyance. This is set before they decide to take their shit back to Corellia and indulge in each other because I needed to fill a prompt or two and this fit the bill.

Smutty with some Cinderella-esque makeovers, snobbery, and bitches that get their asses handed to them. I had too much fun with this chapter.


It was the performance of the millennium, at least it was what the gossip holos wanted everyone to believe. Anyone who was anyone was going to be there and Rey, who was pretty much no one, had never expected to get an invitation.

But it wasn’t an invitation, was it? No, it was a job. Work. A professional setting where she’d be acting as a bodyguard. Too bad Maz had handed her the assignment without telling her who she’d signed up to protect.

Sitting there in Maz’s cantina on Takodana, she’d taken the datapad without really looking, more content to eat her way through her piping hot meal, but when she’d finally looked at the kriffing thing, she had half a mind to throw it right back at Maz and refuse.

“What the actual fuck, Maz?”

Maz had turned her head slowly as if she couldn’t believe that someone would have the nerve to swear at her in her own bar. Of course, Maz and Rey went way back and, if there was anyone that got away with being a shit, it was Rey. But still. Maz fixed that ancient gaze on Rey, adjusting her glasses as she stared. With a smile, Maz assured her that she knew what she was doing.

“I thought I told you I don’t want any jobs that have anything to do with him?” Rey growled.

Ben Solo... The last person in the galaxy that Rey should have anything to do with. It wasn’t as if he was an odious sort of person; well, he was a pain in the ass, but it was mostly inconvenient that Rey seemed to have a complete inability to keep his dick out of her mouth.

Which was all sorts of embarrassing considering he had a reputation and she was a notoriously hard-nosed individual who sometimes smuggled spice, sometimes ran interference, and very infrequently acted as a bodyguard.

“My dear Rey,” Maz drawled, enunciating her words slowly as Rey waited for the other foot to drop. “He requested you—personally. And if you check the payment amount, it was considerable. I cannot, in good conscience, let you make horrible financial decisions just because you find Ben Solo irresistible.”

Rey blanched. “What have you heard?”

Maz’s smile widened. “Nothing, precious child. But your reaction just confirmed what I’ve long suspected. You need to learn to control your emotions better, Rey. Your face is like an unencrypted datapad sometimes.”

And so Rey found herself placed as the bodyguard of the one man in the galaxy that she didn’t want to see, and also the one man in the galaxy that she wasn’t able to keep out of her bed.

With only a few standard hours to spare, Rey arrived in Coruscant and docked at some private port before making her way over to Ben’s. His apartment on Coruscant probably cost more credits than Rey would ever see in her lifetime but, to his credit, the decorations weren’t showy at all. Sure the wall to ceiling windows overlooked the glittering and bustling cityscape, but the apartment was minimalist and threw Rey for a loop—wasn’t this the same decadent playboy that had a penchant for getting them both into trouble—and into his bed?

Ben wasn’t back from... whatever he did during the day, so Rey had just enough time to be annoyed by his protocol droid, a great, worrisome, golden individual by the name of C-3PO, who was really insistent that Rey sit in the receiving area and wait for his master.

“Miss Rey!” the droid called as she ignored him and took a turn about the apartment. “Miss Rey! It would really be so much better for both of us if you waited in the receiving area!”

There were more rooms than people in this house and Rey looked through them all, one by one, until she found the room she’d been looking for—Ben’s bedroom.

She’d never been to this place before and their clandestine meetings often didn’t involve a bed let alone a bedroom, but this... wasn’t what she’d been expecting either. The bed was big, but that was to be expected considering Ben’s size, but Rey had expected plush pillows and wild fabrics, but it was simple—stark, even. A solitary pillow lay in the middle of the bed and dark sheets covered the mattress.

There was a dressing table and a functional looking desk with... some sort of writing implements on it? Rey wasn’t sure and she didn’t have time to go over and take a closer peek because she realized that she was no longer alone in the room—and it wasn’t C-3PO either.

He was quieter than Rey expected, that or he used his strange powers to cover up the sound of his falling footsteps, either way, Rey was caught red-fucking-handed in his room when Ben Solo finally decided to return.

Though she didn’t hear him, Rey had felt him. The air seemed to shift in the room as his presence made itself known, as it always did when he entered a room. He had that way about him. No matter who you were or what you were doing, everyone stopped and noticed when Ben Solo walked into the room.

Rey licked her lips and let out a shaky sigh. Her attraction for him was dangerous and inconvenient, but still, as the leather of his gloves brushed along the back of her neck, she had to keep herself from leaning into his touch. She knew how big those hands were and what pleasure they could bring.

“If you wanted to see my bedroom, all you had to do was ask me, Rey,” his voice rumbled, shivering right through her.

“Asking permission isn’t really in my repertoire,” she replied before turning.

His touch lingered, dragging across her throat and down her collar, trailing a shivering path in its wake.

Rey’s eyes ran over the length of his big, broad body and, as ever, she liked what she saw. He looked more subdued than normal, but every bit the senator’s son he was. While his long, dark hair was curled and oiled, it was lacking his normal embellishments as he often wore jewels, woven threads of gold, sometimes, even fresh flowers.

With a contrasting white undershirt that crossed over his torso, a flash of his skin was still visible, drawing the eye down the long length of his abdomen before stopping just above his middle. His long black overcoat was cinched at the waist by a wide, leather belt, the long tails of which flowed down his side, drawing attention to the strength of his legs and the tightness of his dark pants. Boots, in matching leather, stopped just before his knees and were so polished that Rey wondered whether she’d be able to see her face reflected back to her if she stooped to look closer.

“Attending a funeral?” she jabbed, trying to keep Ben from realizing how handsome she found him.

Ben only smiled, stepping closer. She always forgot this feeling until she was standing right in front of him—the rush of being in his presence, the knowledge that he was more than how he looked, and the memory of how he felt between her legs. He was a terrible, beautiful creature and one that had broken many hearts.

Hers wasn’t to be included in that list if she had anything to say about it.

“I didn’t know if Maz would honor my request,” he mused as his hand reached out to pull at the bottom of her long braid.

“Well, you of all people should know what the right amount of credits can buy,” Rey huffed, but still made no move to pull away from him.

“My credits can buy you?” he wondered softly.

He was close enough that she could make out the flecks of gold in his eyes, close enough that she could feel the heat of him seeping into her bones, close enough that the smell of him—deep, spicy and forbidden—clouded her senses.

Is his cologne laced with spice? she wondered.

Nobles were known for all sorts of excesses, and she wouldn’t put it passed one of them to line their perfumes with drugs. Rey let out a little sigh, for though part of her wished otherwise, she knew the real reason she felt lightheaded.

The reason her heart was pounding against the cage of her chest.

The reason her body ached.

It was him. And his damn proximity.

Rey took a shaky breath. “Not enough credits in the galaxy for that,” she murmured.

Besides... You’ve had me for free, she thought. And, at the smug look in his eyes, he knew it—or maybe he’d heard her thoughts? Sneaky Jedi tricks.

Collecting her dignity and her senses, Rey finally pulled away and strode out of his strange room.

“How long ‘til the event?” she called over her shoulder.

“Three hours. Just barely enough time to get you ready,” Ben replied back as she strode past C-3PO and into the receiving area while the droid sputtered apologies to his master.

“Get me ready? I’m your kriffing bodyguard. This isn’t a social event for me, Solo,” Rey growled before spreading herself out on what was undoubtedly an expensive couch. With that thought in mind, she hitched her dusty boots up over the arm and leaned back.

Ben entered the room, gave her boots a look, but said nothing about it. Apparently, her boots were the least of his problems.

“You have to dress accordingly, Scoundrel. They won’t let you past the front door looking like that. And while I might find your look quaint and charming, the rest of Coruscant will have a problem with my bodyguard looking like some sort of desert rat.”

Rey bristled. “Takodana is not a desert.”

Did he know about where she came from? How could he? Aside from their strange attraction and inability to control their desires, they didn’t talk much. Rey clenched her jaw. An Aristo with Force powers was a dangerous sort of person in the world. Still, he hadn’t betrayed her trust—yet.

“It might as well be a desert planet for all the dust on your body,” Ben continued as Rey rolled her eyes.

“I didn’t realize that there was a dress code for saving your ass from... whom, exactly?”

Though the job had specified she’d be protecting Ben, it didn’t say from whom.

“Let’s just say that my mother has made some... political enemies. I’d rather be safe than kidnapped and eaten by a rathtar.”

“Duly noted,” she replied, though Rey imagined that Ben had more than a few enemies of his own for very different reasons.

Ben uncurled his fingers as he extended his gloved hands toward her. “Come, Rey.”

Her body tightened in response. It was definitely not the first time she’d heard that command from his lips.

Sith spit, are you so hard up that two words from this man gets you going?

Against her better judgment, Rey slipped off of the couch and over to where he stood. With a pointed look, she slid her hand into his and as his warmth seeped through the fabric and into her body, she realized how much she liked the look of his gloves—the little stretching sounds his fingers made as he wrapped his hand around hers.

What would those gloved hands sound like when they were on more of her body? What would they feel like inside of her?

Ben let out a little snort as if he could divine her thoughts and Rey bristled. It was going to be a long, hard night.

Rey had to hand it to Ben and his fussy protocol droid, she barely recognized the woman who stared back at her from the mirror. Her long hair had been coiled, but was still back from her face, and cascaded over the curve of her shoulder. She’d only applied a little gloss to her lips, though she’d shadowed her eyes dramatically, hoping to pass for someone who knew what they were doing with makeup—C-3PO had assured her that she’d accomplished the look admirably.

Ben had styled it for her and Rey had to admit he had a knack for it, that and it was strangely comforting to have him do something so... mundane and domestic for her. He’d left to make his own preparations after finishing with her hair, leaving Rey to dress with C-3PO’s help before he too disappeared back into the house to “confirm the preparations for the rest of the evening.”

The dress they gave her to wear was long, but a slit had been incorporated into the design, so she was able to hide her hip holster just fine. With a blood-red sweetheart bodice, the dress was covered in a fine, beaded fabric that reached up to her neck and down to her wrists, but revealed the skin beneath. A gold belt cinched the red fabric at her waist and was tighter than Rey was used to wearing, but she decided she liked the look. Gold kitten heels, that were blessedly not too tall, rounded out the look nicely.

“Where d'you get the dress?” she called from the guest suite as she admired herselfif it could be called that, the room was as big as her entire home.

“It’s custom,” Ben answered from the door which surprised Rey. She spun on her heel to face him and did a double take. “I took the liberty of having it made once Maz confirmed your presence.”

Gods, he looks outrageous... Perfect look for a night at the Coruscanti Opera house.

He was completely covered and dressed in black and white, not that it did anything to mute the blatant and overwhelming sexuality he always seemed to exude. He looked like a prince, and Rey realized that, technically, he was.

Some people would kill to be where you are right now, she reminded herself.

Remembering the scant manners that Maz had managed to bully into her, Rey said, “You look stunning.”

Ben’s lips quirked as he strode forward and the full force of his scent hit her like a brick to the face. Rey’s breath caught in her throat as she tried and failed not to think about how addicted she’d become to that scent and how much she enjoyed the way he smelled when he was pressed against her.



That cloying perfume mixing with the scent of their sweat and sex.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Rey cursed internally.

At least, they were going to be in public—how much trouble could she get in when they were both in public?

Ben’s lips widened into a grin as if he was responding to her thoughts. A grin that told her, if she so desired, they could get into a great deal of trouble in public.

A custom dress... I guess he has seen me naked enough to know my measurements, Rey sighed as she tried to focus her attention anywhere but on the thought of him, which was impossible considering he was standing right in front of her.

He wore a swirling-patterned jacket that hung off his shoulders with matching trousers, which contrasted with a black and white shirt that did nothing to disguise how broad he was. A wide, ribbed leather belt crossed his waist and Rey had the most irrational urge to reach out and touch it. Which she resisted, just barely. His black loafers clicked against the tile as he moved closer, gloved hands curled at his sides as if he was resisting reaching out and touching her.

The web-like detailing of her dress contrasted wonderfully with the strange stripes and swirls of his. She had to admit, they looked good together.

“You look divine,” he assured her. “I would kill for the chance to see you in dresses more often, and covered in less blood, than normal.”

Rey rolled her eyes and turned to look at her outfit in the mirror again, but Ben surprised her by reaching out and gently pulling her close. His eyes locked with hers as he stared down at her.

“What?” she said, swallowing thickly; this close, it was hard to ignore how handsome he was and how much she wanted him.

“I... Do you know how beautiful you are, Rey?” he asked her, and it was almost awkward, as if he was having a hard time finding the right words, which was so unlike him.

“You don’t have to lie, Ben,” she replied, a sad smile falling into place. “I know what I am.”

Desert rat. Scavenger. Smuggler. Nothing.

But Ben shook his head, the long length of his jeweled dark hair dipping into his kohl-rimmed eyes

“No. Not only on the outside,” he said, his fingers traveling down her collar before settling over her sternum. “Here. You bewitch me in a manner that I’ve never experienced before. There’s something... something about you, Rey.”

It was too much. Rey wasn’t used to this kind of attention or genuine affection so, as ever, she pushed away, though her heart lurched as a sad expression flitted across Ben’s face before settling into his normal, smarmy look.

“Let’s go. Or you’re going to be late, but maybe that’s what you want?” she tried to joke.

Ben’s eyebrow raised. “My, my. You have been paying attention. What’s the point of making an entrance if you’re the only person there? Better to be late and have everyone notice your arrival.”

Rey sighed and tested out the weight of her dress. She could fight in this thing, if she had to, though it wasn’t the most practical thing for her to be wearing.

Still, she liked it and, for a moment, she pretended that it was hers and this night was more than a moment in time that would ripple and fade into the past as soon as it was over.

Just for a moment, she would believe that she was worthy of more.

The chauffeured airspeeder ride over to the opera house was quiet and Rey took the time to focus her thoughts and work out a game plan. She’d studied the specs for the opera house so, if needed, they’d have an acceptable escape route, but she worried about the masses of people. There was only one of her and if someone wanted to get to Ben, it’d be hard to keep that from happening.

Still, for once in her life, her gut was telling her to sit back and enjoy the moment, but as they pulled up to the entrance and the speeder’s door was wrenched open, setting off a dizzying array of flashes as the press fought to see the Ben Solo and, by extension, her, she realized that she hadn’t quite considered what it would be like to be on the arm of one of the most eligible bachelors in the galaxy.

This is... a thing, she managed to think as Ben stepped out before turning back to help her from the speeder.

“Watch your skirt, Rey,” he murmured and Rey’s hand flashed down to hold the fabric in place. The last thing she wanted was to show her privates to all of Coruscant.

Rey took a steadying breath as Ben held out his arm to her.

“Ready, sweetheart?” he asked, his expression concerned.

“No, but let’s get this over with, shall we?” Rey replied before threading her arm with his.

And, aside from the flashes, and the yelling for their attention, and the indecent questions, and the lingering glares from other Aristos—who were obviously wondering who Ben Solo was with and, more specifically, why—it was fine.

By the time they made it up the long staircase and into the brightly lit corridors, Rey felt more than a little frazzled.

“I’m going to get us drinks,” Ben said before gently pulling away, only to have Rey reach out.

“I’m your bodyguard. The last thing you should be doing is leaving my side,” she chided.

Ben winked. “You’ll be able to see me the entire time, I promise, Rey,” he said while gesturing to the bar—it was pretty close so, mollified, Rey let him go with a weak little wave.

Which, of course, left her open to attack, but not the kind she’d been expecting.

“And just who might you be?” called an airy sounding voice from behind.

Rey shifted, keeping Ben in her sights as she turned to face the voice. A coiffed and scantily dressed human stood before her, arms linked with a similarly dressed Twi’lek. It would have been easier to describe what their clothing did cover than what it didn’t. Still, Rey was impressed that they managed to wear so little without freezing to death.

“Depends on who’s asking,” Rey shot back. The last thing she wanted to deal with was some Aristo bullshit. She didn’t have that kind of time or patience.

“Oh, a Coruscanti accent. Still, tinged with something prosaic, I think; don’t you, my sweet?” the woman said while twirling her long, purple hair. The Twi’lek gave Rey a nasty looking smile before flicking the end of her green lek in a dismissive manner.

Rey rolled her eyes. The last thing she gave a shit about was Aristos and their stuck-up opinions, and she was about to give the woman a piece of her mind before Ben walked over, smoothly stepping between them as he settled Rey and his’ drinks on a passing droid’s tray.

“Carsella,” Ben acknowledge. “Seela. Well met. I see you have already introduced yourselves to my date, Riena.”

At least Ben had the presence of mind not to give her real name. Still, the human woman wasn’t about to back down and seemed to take pleasure in trying to make Rey feel out of place. And it shamed Rey to realize that it was starting to work.

She’d always felt out of place and events like this just highlighted the fact that she did not belong. But Ben continued, his arm wrapping around her waist as he tugged her along the length of his body. Rey had to reach out against his chest to steady herself as he held her close.

“And where did you drag her up from, Benny?” Carsella purred. She looked as if she was going to reach out and touch Ben, but he held his arm up to stop her.

“She’s quite the treasure and not one I wish to share,” he said slowly, a peculiar kind of menace rolling through his words as he glared at the woman. They felt palpable and as if they were lined with something more than just his ire—as if his words had a dark and twisting power to them that he was barely managing to control.

She laughed, a sound as hollow as surely her head was. “Debatable. Still, I’m miffed that you didn’t seek out one of your own to bring tonight. Considering what an event it is, and all. And you bring an unknown! Why it would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad!”

“I think I’ve had just about enough of you for one evening, Carsella,” he said, his tone suggesting he’d rather go an entire lifetime without having to interact with her again.

“My darling, Rey; shall we?” he murmured and because Rey was so startled at what he’d just called her—in public—of all places, she didn’t realize what he was about to do next until it was too late.

Instead of leading her away, Ben slid his hands over her body, one hand tangling in the hair at the back of her neck while the other held her waist. He took his time, dipped his head slowly, tongue darting out in anticipation over his blood red lips, as he waited until everyone in the proximity could see.

And what he did next so shocked the Aristos that Rey wasn’t certain who would faint first—her at the horror of being at the center of so much attention or them for witnessing it.

Ben Solo. Notorious lothario, and consummate space slut, let his nose brush against hers, their breaths mingling before he pressed his lips to hers.

Rey thought she heard a glass hit the ground, but was so thoroughly distracted by the moment that it blended into the background.

Because Ben Solo had just done the one thing he never did with anyone.

He kissed her.

And he may as well have dropped to his knee and asked for her hand in marriage, for all the scandal this would create. But for all the attention, for all the cattiness he was trying to counteract, it was such a sweet kiss.

Their first.

And kriff if Rey wasn’t already addicted. No wonder he didn’t kiss anyone on the lips. Once she felt that plush, perfect mouth on hers, the last thing she wanted to consider was that she might not feel it again. So, instead of worry, Rey leaned into the kiss and darted her tongue out and between his lips, an act that seemed to surprise Ben, if his wide eyes were anything to go by.

Fortunately, Ben recovered quickly and what had started out as a sweet, purposeful kiss, was rapidly turning into something dark and delicious. He tasted like sweetness and sin and Rey knew that she’d carry the memory of his lips with her for a very long time to come.

Her hands dug into the fabric of his shirt as her mind and body reeled. She’d never been kissed like this before it was uncanny and all-encompassing. Time solidified around them as the noises of the room melted away. It was just the two of them, their bodies entwined, their lips locked. And Rey realized there was no turning back from this moment.

And the thought frightened Rey to her broken core.

Eventually, one of them—and Rey wasn’t sure who—had sense enough to pull back. Clearing his throat, Ben gave a withering look to the nasty woman and her Twi’lek partner as he grabbed two new drinks from a passing droid as he led Rey towards his private box.

He was angry. Rey knew him well enough to be able to tell that much, but she wasn’t sure why. Ben handed her a drink, downing the contents of his own glass as she sipped hers.

“I’m sorry, Ben. I didn’t mean to draw attention like that,” she started, but Ben shook his head before taking a look around. They weren’t alone and the two attendants, though professional, were definitely listening.

Ben flicked his wrist towards the exit. “Leave us, please,” he directed and attendants quickly shuffled out of the private box.

Rey let Ben lead her around to their seats. The private box was high enough that they could see everyone in the opera, but no one would be able to see them. The height made Rey feel a little dizzy as she sat, or maybe it was the wine. There were only two seats, suggesting that Ben only ever hosted himself and one other person at a time here, which was about right for him.

Ben reached over and gently folded her hand in his, the leather fabric smoothing over her skin as he gently caressed her. “You have nothing to be sorry for. I’m sorry that you had to deal with them. They’re notorious gossips and have nothing better to do with their time than cause problems.”

Rey shrugged, even though some of Carsella’s words had hit their mark. “It happens.”

Ben turned away and stared out over the crowd. The stage was set. It was some Bith romantic tragedy that was famed for its beautiful arias. Rey had the foresight to at least attempt to understand what she was getting herself into and, as she’d studied the holos, she found she really loved the music. It was hauntingly beautiful, and the sounds resonated with the sadness in her heart, not that she was about to admit that to anyone.

Ben turned to look at her as the lights dimmed in the auditorium before pulling her hand to his lips to press a chaste kiss there.

“Perhaps you will let me make it up to you?” he asked quietly as the orchestra tested their strings.

“Really, Ben. You don’t have to do anything. I imagine what you already did will catch you no end of shit...,” Rey started, but Ben silenced her with a gentle nip to her fingertips.

“I want to,” he assured her. “Will you let me apologize?”

Rey cocked her head as the long length of her hair dipped to the side. “What did you have in mind?”

Ben grinned and immediately Rey knew he was planning something obscene and, instead of feeling horrified because they were in public, she only felt curious. Ben spread his arms out to the sides, indicating that Rey should join him by sitting on his lap and, as her cheeks flushed and her stomach dipped, Rey decided this was going to be another moment where she pretended that she was worthy of more.

Rey set her half-finished glass down on the table beside her before standing slowly. She let Ben get a good look at her before stepping closer and his eyes felt like a brand against her skin. He wanted her as much as she wanted him, which was so unnerving. With a little flourish of her skirt, Rey twirled before sliding into Ben’s lap.

He was so big, and his long legs split open as he urged her to straddle him as she sat. Rey pressed back as her legs spread over his as she realized he was already hard. Rey let out the most pathetic little moan as she twisted her hips, grinding into that considerable length as he reached out to still her.

“I’d rather this be about you, Rey,” he said with a gentle nuzzle along her neck.

Rey leaned into his warmth as his hands skimmed low. “Make me feel good, Ben,” she murmured as the music struck up.

The opera was beginning. Ben’s lips caught her earlobe as he promised, “Always. Always, sweetheart.

Rey watched as a lone female—Xi’Dec from the looks of it—made her way out onto the stage, and from the first note and the first slide of Ben’s fingers along her thigh, Rey was entranced.

Because the slit on her dress was obscenely high, Ben didn’t have a problem fishing under the layers of fabric. Ben let out a shaky laugh as his hand found her blaster before sliding higher on her thigh, tracing along the silky fabric of her underwear.

Rey gasped. “Aren’t you going to take your glove off?”

His fingers moved wickedly, ghosting along the seam of her leg before delving under her panties.

“No. I want to smell you on these later. It’s so much easier to fuck my own hand when I have you in my thoughts,” he growled.

Her mouth fell open at his admission before she let her head fall back against his chest. He pulled his hand away for a quick moment and, with a flick of his wrist, a knife shot out from his sleeve; a few slashes later had her underthings falling from her body.

So he was ready in case he needed to fight. Rey tucked that information away for later as she took a steadying breath while Ben’s fingers skimmed along the seam of her sex—already slick with her desire—but her breath ended on a moan as he dipped his fingers inside.

Ben chuckled behind her before pulling his free hand to his lips. With a tug, he pulled the glove off and held it to her lips. “To keep you quiet—a gag in a pinch.”

Rey bit down on the offered leather as a low moan left her body. He was going to be the end of her, she just knew it.

The opera continued and, all the while, Ben played Rey like an instrument, his touch responding to every take of breath, every twitch of her hips, every quiet moan. Rey closed her eyes as the music rose up to them, setting the soundtrack for their own erotic exhibition.

Gods, it would be so easy, to love this man.

To give herself to him. But what would she get in return? For the moment, Rey was willing to indulge his and her own desires, but as for the future... it was uncertain.

The moment. The moment. Indulge in the moment, she reminded herself, even as it felt like more.

Ben’s teeth rasped along her shoulder as two long, gloved fingers pressed into her, curling wickedly as they stroked within her.

Kriff, how does he always find that—Oh... Spot!

Rey bit down hard on the glove in her mouth as his thumb joined his fingers, swirling in time with the music as he pushed her higher.

His free hand traveled up high, holding firmly against the column of her throat as he murmured wicked, dark things into her ear while the music played and the haunting voices reached their ears.

“I knew the first time that I saw you that it would end up like this between us. Your glare. The way you swished your hips as you strode away from me. They’re your tells, do you know that, Rey? I can feel how badly your body wants me, even as your head works to hate me, because I feel the same. And who are you to make me feel this way?” he said through gritted teeth, as if he was just as frustrated with their strange connection as she was... except, there was more?

Rey was overwhelmed by feelings of desire, of completion, of something that she couldn’t quite put the words to—something dangerously akin to love—even as her head reminded her of all that she lacked.

Nothing. I’m nothing... she thought, chest tight as he fucked her with his hand.

“No, Rey. You’re wrong. You’re everything,” he said in answer to her thoughts and his words, as much as his touch, flooded her with desire.

Ben,” she managed around his glove, breath hot and teeth tight as her head rolled and her body twisted in his lap.

Please... Please... Please! she thought, wordlessly seeking the pleasure that only he could give her.

“The way you fight—everything,” he said against her skin, words punctuated with a growl. “The way you fuck—everything. But the way you beg. Rey, I would kill the Chancellor himself just to hear you beg me for more. And I’d give it to you. Every. Fucking. Time.”

And as the music swelled, Rey came with a crescendo of her own around Ben’s talented, long fingers, at his wicked and powerful words, as he drew out every last drop of her pleasure while she sat, helpless and wanton in his lap while the music cascaded all around them.


Author's Notes: Guys. I had way too much fun with this chapter lol. I think I'm in love with my Space Hoe and grumpy smuggler smol and this is really inconvenient because I have other things to do lol. Hope you enjoyed. I fucked up my stupid elbow last week by not typing with proper form (I also type a lot for work), SO PRACTICE GOOD POSTURE and proper form, people. Or suffer like me. 

In case you're like me and you like to have an idea of what people were wearing, I took some inspiration from some of my favorite designers.

This is what Ben is wearingish when he sneaks up on Rey because he's not wearing the cravat! THE SCANDAL (also just because I have a thing for Baptiste Giabiconi (like omfg).

This is what Ben is wearing to the opera because he's a dramatic bitch and he knows he can pull of contrasting patterns.

This is what Rey is wearing because Ben has an eye for women's fashion and a kink for Rey's legs (center dress, except in Red because Ben loves the way black, white and red look together).

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