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Price of Betrayal

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Once there was an enchanted land called Narnia where the Dryads, Nymphs, and Fauns would dance on long summer nights. Where Dwarf and talking beast would feast at harvest and be merry, while the centaurs read the night sky and Son's of Adam or Daughter's of Eve sat at Cair Paravel and ruled the land with kindness and justice under the great lion himself. The fields were green, the regular tree swayed gently in the warmth as Narnia’s Great river sparkled in the sunlight. Narnia was a lovely and magical place where its creatures and humans lived in peace since the day tke world began.

At least that was Narnia. Now Jadis, or you may know her as the white witch, took position of the land and cast it into never ending winter. She rid the land of all its festivals and holidays, causing the Narnians to spend their time in their home where to keep warm by the fire. For the queen forbade any dancing in the snow, and there were no feasts since not much grows in winter. Instead, Jadis preferred that her subjects spend their time serving her and being miserable, rather than have any kind of joy in what she called "her" land.

You can see this Narnia was not a place you would want to spend your holiday in, and most of the Narnians would rather have become dumb beasts than spend another day treading snow in their feet, paws and hooves in the snow. Others Narnians, such as black dwarfs, werewolves, minotaurs, and nasty centaurs who like to pick on animals smaller than themselves. Those Narnians didn't mind the cold and praised Jadis as their true Queen, gladly willing to die serving her. Still other Narnians, like the Beavers, Centaurs, and others, hope for a deliverance from Jadis's wrath.

I could go on and on about the different Narnians and how they fair during the long winter, but you might find it rather dull to hear about. It's much better to hear this story: one about a pretrial Narnian who would have huge role in one of the greatest events in Narnia's history. This Narnian is none other than a Faun named Tumnus.

Our story begins when Tumnus was being lead to the Witch's throne room by one of the wolves of Jadis's secret police. He screams as he's thrown at the paws of Maugrim, captain of the secret police. Tumnus tried to lift himself only to see the feet of witch, and quickly put his head down in fear, for any criminal who enters her house never came out.
"The Faun, your majesty, was caught playing a flute in the western woods," Maugrim said, and Tumnus felt his heart racing faster with the wolf's growl.

"Please, your majesty, the snow wouldn't stop falling; I took shelter in a small cave and I was only playing until the storm passed."

"Silence, Faun," the witch shouted, causing Tumnus to freeze in place. "You know my laws, and I'm sure you're aware what happens when someone breaks them," she adds, twirling wand in hand. Tumnus looked at the stone statues at the back of the throne room as she spoke, but moved back when he heard the wolf's growling behind him.
"Your majesty, I promise do anything you ask of me," he pleaded as she moved closer.

"And what could you have to offer that has any use to me?" she asked coldly in response, Tumnus still frozen in his spot.

"I…I… could inform you of any suspicious activity in the Western Woods or Lantern Waste," he told her, feeling his hands shake in fright for what the witch might do to him.

"Lantern Waste? What do you know of that place?" the witch asked as she stood in front of him.

"I pass it whenever I'm coming home from the market; it is not far from my cave," Tumnus said quickly and desperately, wanting to get out of her castle alive—he would say anything to be back in his cave where he could play his flute in peace, relax beside his fireplace and not think about the long winter or the witch's reign.

The Witch stopped twirling her wand and looked down at the pleading faun at her feet. She didn't think much of the faun and would have turned him to stone right then rather than hearing his pathetic cries, but then again one could never know what may wander into the woods.

"Maybe you can be of some use after all," she said, and Tumnus smiled while letting out a sigh of relief. "I'll let you be my informant," she adds. Tumnus' eyes widened at her words, and his heart beat rapidly. "But, more importantly, I need you to be my look out for any young Sons of Adam or Daughters of Eve,"

"Humans?" Tumnus said in confusion. "Your majesty, there haven't been humans in Narnia for almost a hundred years, I haven't even see one in my lifetime," he tells the witch, almost laughing at the thought, for Tumnus wasn't even sure if there were humans.

"And you will make sure no human children come without my knowing, and if you do find a Son of Adam or Daughter of Eve, you will bring them to me. But, if you fail to bring them to me, I will not show you any mercy," she added coldly. Tumnus looked once more at her wand and then at the stone statues. "I'm sure you wouldn't want to disappoint me."

"No, your majesty, I'll do just as you requested," Tumnus said, though he cringed at the thought of working with the White Witch, though at least he was certain it was unlikely he would ever find a human child.

"Good. You won't forget what you own me Faun, and you know what happens if you go back on our agreement." Tumnus swallowed his fear at that last word as she then turned to Maugrim. "Show our guest out," she said before returning to her throne as Maugrim grabbed Tumnus and dragged him out of the Witch's house.

Years Later…

Tumnus walks toward Lantern Waste with umbrella in one hand and some food and wine wrapped in paper tucked into the other. He had had a long day of doing errands and he was really looking forward to returning to his cave and playing his flute in front of a roaring fire; thinking of the old days before the Witch came and winter was only a season. The summer night dances with the other fauns, Dryads, and Nymphs, when the air was warm, the grass was green, and he wouldn't be in the service of the White Witch.

He still cringes at the thought that he agreed to do anything for her, but at least his job was something that won't come up, for there were no humans in Narnia. Although, before the Witch took over, Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve were the ones who ruled the land, but the witch killed them and the others humans had run off to Archenland, the Lone Islands, or some even to Calormen. None of them would go near Narnia. Tumnus wasn't even sure if those countries were still there, for Narnia had been isolated from the rest of the world for a hundred years and he knew the Witch's reign wasn't going to end anytime soon, if at all. So, Tumnus was certain he would never find a human child in the woods.


He heard a scream as he came to the Lamppost, causing him to drop all his packages and hide behind the nearest tree. Tumnus looked over to the Lamppost, only to see a strange creature with short fair hair, a button nose and odd clothing. He thought it might be a female dwarf, but he would soon find out she was, in fact, a Daughter of Eve.