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This Is What You Get with a Drunk Kenta

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Ken You Not?: Hey Keisuke


RunningInThe90s: I thought you were dealing with Kenta

WalkingInThe80s: Im on my third shot of vodka

RunningInThe90s: Oh boi


RunningInThe90s: What?

Ken You Not?: We should create a group chat

Ken You Not?: With the Panda Trueno, everyone’s phone numbers you have and random strangers off the street


RunningInThe90s: I’m joining you

WalkingInThe80s: Ok

WalkingInThe80s: Vodka or wine?


Ken You Not? has added Nocturnal Tofu Delivery, Certified Idiot, Eternal Bachelor, WalkingInThe80s, RunningInThe90s, Make Me, SaSaSayonara, Ringo, and ImNotEmo

RunningInThe90s: Nope

RunningInThe90s has left the chat

Ken You Not? has added RunningInThe90s to the chat

RunningInThe90s has left the chat

Ken You Not? has added RunningInThe90s to the chat

RunningInThe90s has left the chat

Ken You Not? has added RunningInThe90s to the chat

WalkingInThe80s: This is very entertaining


Ken You Not?: stay :)

RunningInThe90s: I’m now terrified


SaSaSayonara: what the fuck is this?

RunningInThe90s: Hell

SaSaSayonara: oh

SaSaSayonara: ok


WalkingInThe80s has added EmperorPenguin to the chat

WalkingInThe80s: I’m not suffering alone


EmperorPenguin: what the fuck


Nocturnal Tofu Delivery:

Nocturnal Tofu Delivery: Why am I even here?

Certified Idiot: Wait

Certified Idiot: Both the Rotary Brothers are here?!

Certified Idiot: AM I OFFICIALLY FAMOUS YET?????!!!!!!

Nocturnal Tofu Delivery:

Nocturnal Tofu Delivery: How do I leave?


Takumi: I’m in a group chat now I’m suffering

Natsu~: ooooooooooh!!!

Natsu~: Can Natsuki join?


Nocturnal Tofu Delivery has added Natsu~ to the group chat

Natsu~ has changed the group chat to Dank Dreams Broken Memes

Natsu~: Woah!!!

Natsu~: These are your friends?

Nocturnal Tofu Delivery: Nope

Natsu~: @everyone Please introduce yourselves!!!

Natsu~: Natsuki isn’t very good with names!!!

Nocturnal Tofu Delivery: I’m Takumi

Natsu~: Idiot!!! Natsuki already knows your name!!!

Certified Idiot: I’m Itsuki

Certified Idiot: I didn’t choose this name

Certified Idiot: I also don’t know how to change it

Eternal Bachelor: Hi I’m Iketani and I’m not a serial killer

Eternal Bachelor: I also didn’t choose this name

Ken You Not?: Hi I’m Kenta

Nocturnal Tofu Delivery: Hi I hate you

RunningInThe90s: At least I’m not the only one

RunningInThe90s: I’m Keisuke

RunningInThe90s: Ryousuke’s passed out on the couch

Ringo: ???

RunningInThe90s: He’s bad at holding his liquor

Ringo: ah

Ringo: Takeshi is the same way

Ringo: I’m Shingo and I also hate Kenta

Ken You Not?: :(

ImNotEmo: This is just the Kenta Hate Club at this point


ImNotEmo has changed Dank Dreams Broken Memes to Kenta Hate Club

ImNotEmo: Also @Ringo stop ruining my reputation

EmperorPenguin: I don’t know why I’m here

EmperorPenguin: I’m Kyoichi and I also hate Kenta

Make Me: Who’s Kenta?

Nocturnal Tofu Delivery: Itsuki but worse

Certified Idiot: !!!

Certified Idiot: Mako?!

Make Me: Hi

Certified Idiot: I like how Iketani threw his phone out the car

Certified Idiot: Takumi’s just staring with this ‘wtf?’ expression on his face as he’s driving

Certified Idiot: We’re never gonna see that phone again

SaSaSayonara: !!!

SaSaSayonara: Hi Takumi~~~

Nocturnal Tofu Delivery: I really want to leave now


Nocturnal Tofu Delivery: IT’S THE FIRST DAY OF HALLOWEEN


Ringo: I

Ringo: I’ve never seen Takumi so

ImNotEmo: excited?

SaSaSayonara: alive?

Make Me: human?

RunningInThe90s: awake?

RunningInThe90s: also it’s technically the 31st day of Halloween

Natsu~: ???

Ken You Not?: Halloween for the Red Suns starts on Spetember 1st

RunningInThe90s: If people are going to play Christmas music from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day, I’m gonna blast Spetember, Spooky Scary Skeletons, and This is Halloween on repeat for 61 days


Eternal Bachelor: @Ringo what is even with your name?

Eternal Bachelor: Why are you named Apple?

Ringo: Shingo

Ken You Not?: ???

Ringo: Ringo

Eternal Bachelor: ???

Ringo: ShingoTheRingo

ImNotEmo: I came up with it


RunningInThe90s: I hear shrieking from here and I’m now mildly concerned for Takeshi’s health


Eternal Bachelor: I’m now mildly concerned for Takumi

Certified Idiot: Why???

Eternal Bachelor: I’m on the pass rn and he pulls up in the AE86, right?

Certified Idiot: And???

Eternal Bachelor: He gets out of the car and he’s playing Pokemon Go

Certified Idiot: He’s an addict don’t judge him

Nocturnal Tofu Delivery: The pass has some good ‘mons, k?


EmperorPenguin: @RunningInThe90s

EmperorPenguin: Is Ryousuke ok???

RunningInThe90s: He’s still passed out on the couch

EmperorPenguin: It’s been two days???

RunningInThe90s: Like I said

RunningInThe90s: He’s really bad at holding his liquor


WalkingInThe80s: Fuck what day is it?

RunningInThe90s: It’s October 3rd at 8 pm

Running In The 90s: You’ve been out for three days

WalkingInThe80s: fuck I missed the first three days of Halloween