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Hal Jordan fucks the DC Universe

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The first thing that Clark had done when he had dragged Hal into his bedroom was tie his arms to the bed and pulled off his ring. Hal had already been hard under his costume, which Clark was surprised by how unsurprised he was by that. He’d sunken down on him immediately, taking him into his mouth, and the wails had started immediately.

Clark tried not to imagine Bruce on the other side of the wall faced with the sudden knowledge that Hal Jordan was a screamer or the lecture that he was going to give Clark about this tomorrow.

It was fifteen minutes later, filled with Clark stopping every time Hal started getting really into the blowjob and starting again when he seemed to have calmed down, that Hal finally spoke up.

“Clark…” It came as a ragged moan and Clark finally pulled his mouth from the head of Hal’s cock and glanced up at his co-worker’s face. Tears clung to Hal’s eyelashes. “Please.”

Clark immediately pulled back his hand, which had been jerking the red and leaking cock, almost as if he had been milking Hal into his mouth, and moved up Hal’s body, so that he could kiss him softly on the lips, which soon turned into full-on making out.

“Please let me come,” Hal said breathlessly as soon as he pulled back, Hal was trying to find some way to grind up against him, which was bad. Hal was always going against orders.

“You are being punished,” Clark replied softly, dragging one finger slowly up that cock, it really was leaking impressively. He was keeping watch of Hal’s facial expressions, and when he spoke again it was lightly, the kind of voice that made it clear that he was done and that he was going to be strict with Hal from then on. “Every time you try puppy dog eyes I add another five minutes to your punishment.”

Hal whined, but he did stop immediately. He could be a good boy, no matter what Bruce and John said. Sometimes he just needed to be taken in hand.

Clark tapped lightly on the head of the cock as he spoke again. One tap for each word.

“Now, how many minutes should we add for what you said to Ultraman?”

It had been completely ridiculous, finding Hal flirting with his evil alternate-universe counterpart, especially since, if he was going to do it, Clark would have thought he’d try for Power Ring. Hal definitely came down on the fucking your clone side of that debate. Bruce had been this close to kicking Hal off the mission right there and then though, and they’d agreed that he needed to be punished.

Everyone knew about Hal’s thing for controlling doms now. Clark just wished that he would go for a better dom.

Hal’s lips were moving, he was trying to sound out words. It was just that after nearly an hour of edging he was finding it hard to form full sentences.

“Look, I just wanted to ask if he would choke me…”

“You aren’t repentant at all then~” it was another cheerful response that hid a threat of extending the punishment further. Clark encircled Hal’s dick in a death grip as he spoke.

Honestly, the biggest reason that Clark had even suggested this was that he was deeply concerned about Hal’s stated preferred dom type. Having your friend, who was well known for scary levels of self-hate, reference a ‘heavy pain kink’ was concerning, to say the least. Clark would rather he did this with someone who would apply the appropriate levels of aftercare, and not just toss him out of bed without another word.

He gripped Hal’s dick hard enough to cause a slight ache, but not tight enough to cause any serious damage, the gasp that Hal made worryingly indicated an interest in cock and ball torture, but Clark wasn’t going to touch that particular kink with a ten-foot pole. He did, however, slide his over hand down over the Lantern’s perineum.

“Do you know what prostate milking is, Hal?” He asked, rubbing his index finger over Hal’s sphincter.

“I’m amazed that you do, Boy Scout,” and okay Hal was surprisingly a brat in bed, although now that he thought about it Clark wasn’t quite sure what else he had expected.

“30 seconds,” Clark stated in a voice that didn’t offer any argument, and he chuckled softly under his breath at the squawking noise Hal made at that, “and you know country boys make do.”

Clark pushed two well-lubed fingers into Hal and they went in surprisingly easily, he raised an eyebrow at Hal. “You prepared yourself before the mission?” There hadn’t been any time that he’d been alone in the time between then and now.

Hal looked confused as to why that was an issue, tinged with what looked like concern that he had done something wrong and more time was going to be added before he was finally allowed to come. “I was flirting with Ultraman, you know, he seems like the type to thrust right in.”

“Good thinking,” Clark managed to say, although internally he was screaming that Hal needed better taste in doms. He hummed as he pressed his fingertips right up against Hal’s prostate and made a small swirling motion. Hal gave a loud yelp at that, from the next room Clark’s super hearing picked up the sound of a slamming door, as well as footsteps retreating down the hall. Clearly, Bruce had given up on there being any chance of peace quiet tonight.

Clark’s fingers rubbed right up against Hal’s prostate, his fingers rubbing, nudging and massaging as Hal squirmed desperately on the bed, his precum leaking all over his own stomach.

As his breath became more and more ragged, coming in desperate gasps for air now, and his dick looked almost painfully red, already starting to twitch, Clark pulled his fingers out of Hal’s ass.

He ignored Hal’s whines as he moved back up to the head of the bed, finally releasing Hal’s cock from his hold.

It was completely covered in precum. Hal had leaked all over it.

Locking his gaze with Hal’s own, Clark brought his come stained hand up to his mouth and licked it, then, as Hal made a pleading noise he wiped a smear over the man’s own lips, watching as his pink tongue immediately darted out to lick it up.

“C-Clark?” Hal finally managed to say as Clark finished lapping up the come on his hand. “Am I allowed to come yet?”

Clark gazed up at the ceiling, putting on a big show of pretending to think about it. “I dunno Hally, you’ve been pretty bad this week. I have you in my schedule for another hour.”