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phantom thieves said gay rights

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arsene's sexy squad (mishima dni)

vampiresherlock: what if our personas are actually our kins

wuhluhwuh: oh....big tiddy

byuji: hey

byuji: don't say that

vampiresherlock: hhhhdsgjsjjfg

sasuke: is ren alright?

wuhluhwuh: yeah hes just a bottom

vampiresherlock: can you not tell yusuke that

vampiresherlock: i'm the only one allowed to overshare about myself

sasuke: oh. i already knew that, but thanks.

byuji: oh? you already know that ren's a bottom huh?

vampiresherlock: shut up sans undertale


byuji: ren amamiya.

[vampiresherlock has changed byuji's display name]

vampiresherlock: :)

sanskin: you know what? fuck this, fuck you

wuhluhwuh: kin assigned personas

wuhluhwuh: maybe this is why ryujis gay

sanskin: what. does that mean

vampiresherlock: fingers

wuhluhwuh: in

sasuke: his?

vampiresherlock: ass babey!

sanskin: oh my god did you seriously show yusuke that vid

sasuke: yes.

vampiresherlock: he wanted to learn about 'gay culture'

vampiresherlock: he came over w/ 2 seasons of drag race illegally downloaded on his ugly little flip phone

wuhluhwuh: is that why he keeps death dropping in mementos

vampiresherlock: i think its rather sexy of him

sanskin: of course you do

sanskin: you find everything he does sexy

wuhluhwuh: i mean like.

wuhluhwuh: its not like we expect anything more from you

vampiresherlock: *sadly* ok wig

wuhluhwuh: oh my god shut up!!!! freak!!!

sasuke: ren

vampiresherlock: yes mister sasuke?

sanskin: freak.

sasuke: can you please let me in im cold

sasuke: i have season 3 of dance moms


vampiresherlock: long have you been outside

sasuke: hm

sasuke: i don't have my watch with me

sanskin: you have a phone....

sasuke: either way. please let me in

sasuke: i can't feel my hands

vampiresherlock: im so fucking sorry yusuke

[vampiresherlock has gone offline]

wuhluhwuh: im shaking

wuhluhwuh: he really is a dumb bottom huh