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“Alright honey, what’s today’s kink?” K.O. questioned, hoping that it would be something good.

“Ass worship.”

“Oh, so I’m guessing you-” He paused as he stared at Dendy’s attire: a long sweatshirt and yoga pants. “Wait, what?”

“Does my bottom not look pronounced in these?”

“No it’s…really pronounced.”

“Good, but we might as well get them off.”

“You want me to?” K.O. asked as he faced away, knowing that she was stripping and set to work with himself.

“Don’t worry, if you do something wrong, I’ll tell you ‘Lily.’ Until then, enjoy yourself, sweetie.” Dendy explained, taking off her clothes faster than usual.

“But, I didn’t get to let you-”

“That is because you didn’t enjoy it. Do not worry K.O., I want us both to enjoy this.”

“I just think that…you might want to…since-”

“K.O., I groped you when I was deep-throating you.”


“It was instinctual and after that, I knew your fat to muscle ratio. You have a very nice bottom, by the way, and I wanted to return the favor with you doing it instead.


K.O. walked behind her and rested his head on her right shoulder. He took in a breath and began to palm her bottom, after an awkward moment, and some goading from Dendy, he fully groped it, feeling the shape in his hand. He shivered as he wrapped his other arm around her waist. “It’s..kind of…”


“Uh…y-yeah, actually…” K.O. felt a blush creep onto his face and he gulped. “Is that ba-”

“K.O., I will tell you our safe word. It is fine to keep going.” She rubbed his wrist that was wrapped around her body.

K.O., keeping his arm wrapped around her, went down on his knees and began to kiss at the skin. The thought of: “This is just like her belly or neck, right? Just…behind her…?” Went through his mind.

He opened his mouth, and suckled a bit of the skin.

“O-okay. ‘Lily.’” Dendy announced immediately after.

K.O. stopped what he was doing instantly, and looked to her worriedly. “I-I’m sorry.”

“Don’t- be sorry. Let’s just talk about it, okay?”

The two sat down. “I will start, since I said the safe word. Alright K.O.?”

“That’s fine Dendy.”

“I liked it, but I feel that I would need multiple kinks for me to orgasm.”

K.O. cringed at how she could say such lewd things so easily.

“I liked it up until the point I felt your lips. It felt awkward, but I thought it would end. When you opened your mouth, I felt I had to say the word. I was not worried about my safety, I was worried about being comfortable.”

K.O. sighed. “Sorry, I just…I liked it a bit too much, and…I guess I thought I had to kiss it like how we make hickies.”

“Well, now we know how we felt about the experience. And now we know how we’d feel if we wanted to do it again.”