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“Oh geez,” K.O. mumbled. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.” He said with a laugh.

“We do not have to if you do not want to.” Dendy told him.

“No, I want to just…a whole month of exploration…it’s exhilarating…” He laughed nervously as he let his hair down. “What’s the first one?”



“Deep-throating.” Dendy repeated. “You do know what that is, right?”

“I-isn’t that where my…thing…”

“K.O., we are adults, you can call it by its real name."

“I…still don’t feel comfortable to say it. It can’t roll off my tongue as well as you saying yours…”

Dendy sighed, but looked at K.O. lovingly, she hugged him gently as she tried to reassure him. “We agreed to this, we have our rules that we go over beforehand, and this is just adding different rules.”

K.O. breathed. “Yeah, okay.”

Dendy sat on her knees in front of K.O. and K.O. followed suit. “So, going over the rules:” Dendy nodded, “1. Safe word:”

“Lily.” They said together.

“2. If gagged, hit where and how many times?”

“Bicep or Thigh, three times.”

“And now, we’re adding onto what’s on and off limits for sex.” Dendy said.

K.O. gulped.

Dendy pressed her hand to his cheek, and he leaned into it with a smile. “Ready?”



K.O. paused, before nodding. “Yeah.” This part wasn’t that nerve wracking for him, but, the implications of what was happening made him exhilarated as his face flamed up from embarrassment.

The two faced away from one another as they stripped, and K.O. gulped as he reached around his boxers. Releasing a breath, he finally finished stripping and waited to hear Dendy tell him that she was ready.

When she was, (she was a horrible striptease, that kappa) the two faced each other and got close to one another, her chest nearly pressing up to his. “Main event?” She asked.

“Yeah, let’s get this out of the way.”

“It could be fun for both of us…”

K.O. sighed. “I know, I’m just nervous.”

Dendy pressed her lips to his in a chaste kiss, before settling on her knees in front of his member.

K.O. gulped as her familiar hand wrapped around the base of his shaft. He closed his eyes as her small mouth began to wrap around the tip, trying to ease him into it. He let out a shaky throat moan similar to a quiet horse whinny and Dendy took more of him inside of her mouth. Focusing on his breathing and this wonderful feeling, K.O. let himself be lost in his girlfriend’s mouth, feeling her perfect little tongue tease him. He gulped as she took in more, nearly taking him to her throat. He knew she’d need help so, he carefully opened his eyes and made his hands come to her hair.

His hands quickly got tangled, and after a moment, shoved her onto himself. K.O. nearly lost himself in his pleasure, before he saw how his Dendy looked. She looked…degraded…in pain…like he was choking her… K.O. quickly cursed himself as he felt his body try to come off to her looking like that. She tried to continue pleasuring him, causing lewd gagging and smacking sounds to come from her. K.O. continued to curse this familiar pleasure building up in his body. He ripped himself from the feeling and looked to his mate with worry.

“‘Lily.’” He suddenly said. His left hand freed itself from her hair and stroked her head, getting hair out of the way showing her ear. “Dendy, honey, ‘Lily’…”

Dendy pulled away and K.O. looked away in shame. How could he treat her like that? How could he take pleasure from that!? He hated himself for it.

Dendy drew up to him, and rested her hands on his shoulders as he refused to look her in the eye. “Let’s talk about this.” Dendy told him.

The two sat next to each other as Dendy rubbed his bicep, a caring thing that she had learned that the two were comfortable with.

“How was it for you?”

“It was…degrading…”

“You felt that it was degrading for you?”

“No, for you. And…I felt…kind of…happy…like…in a lustful sense. Like…seeing you like that…made me feel that I was…better…more…in control, than you? It just…it felt weird…” His hand came up to his face as his arm wrapped around her waist, and pulled her close. “I don’t want that for you…no matter how good it felt for me.” He paused. “How was it for you?”

Dendy thought for a moment, bringing K.O.’s hand onto her her stomach area just to soothe herself. “I liked it. It felt kind of exhilarating and lewd. I’ve…always wondered if you’d enjoy such extreme oral sexual pleasure considering you’ve been able to do the same for me.”

K.O. cringed, but Dendy kissed him on the underside of his jaw to bring him back. “If you want, I’m more than happy to do it again, but only if you want to, okay?”

K.O. nodded. “Okay…”

The two hugged in the nude before leaving each other’s bodies to grab some pajamas for that night.