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I Will Possess Your Heart

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Hawks remembered the first time he saw Endeavour. A memory that he will treasure forever and never forget. He was about five years old maybe sex, he doesn’t remember his exact age. Walking past stop after shop with his mother, with a black stare on his face. Nothing, in particular, interested him, plus everything that he did want was too expensive for his mother to buy. A flash of a muted red caught his attention and he turned towards a television that was flipped to a news live steam. The video was shaken and the quality of it wasn’t good, but it was enough to where Hawks witnessed a wall of flames blocking a group of villains. He nudged his mother with an obvious desire to move forward and watch it. People were starting to crowd around to watch the fight. Being small and with his mother at a watchful distance, he made his way to the front with his hands pressed onto the glass and his face almost glued to the clear glass. He had never seen a quirk that before, a Quirk that could produce and control flames at will. Hawks was memersived.


The fight lasted for only a few minutes if one could even call it a proper fight. A swarm of news personnel rushed onto the scene to talk to the man surrounded by flames. His back was turned but when he finally turned around to face the camera, Hawks’ heart skipped a beat. Red spiky hair with red flames adoring his face. Bright blue eyes that burned with such intensity, that Hawks was immediately hooked. His mother that night, seeing Hawks increasing interest in the Flame Hero, bought him a plush of the hero as a gift. Hawks had held onto it tight.


“What is his Hero name?”


  “Endeavour, sweetheart.”


After that, Hawks was head over heels in admiration for Endeavour. He began researching everything about the man, including continuous watching all of his fights, interviews that he had given (which were rare compared to All Might’s interviews). Learning the hero’s actual name had him over the moan with joy. As Hawks grew older and started realizing certain things that admiration turned into love.


He fell in love with Enji Todoroki.


Though he is reminded by the fact that the Flame Hero was married and has children. Hawks didn’t care too much, he had his dreams and fantasies to satisfied his needs. However, he always imagined when he was older and a successful hero that maybe just maybe the other will take notice of him.


The majority of his childhood was really a blur, he didn’t remember much of it after his mother died when he graduated high school. Next thing he knew, All Might would officially be retiring after his fight with All For One with Enji in the position to take the Number One Hero Spot. That annoyed Hawks, he knew that Enji didn’t want to take the title. Not like this. The Flame Hero loved to earn anything and everything by himself, through his skills and determination. Not just handed to him without any recognition of his skills. Hawks always imagined that Enji would earn his heart, own it someday.


Though how can someone earn someone’s love if they already have stolen it?


Hawks memorized everything about Endeavour, from his daily patrol schedules to his favourite food. Call him obsessed if you so pleased but he wasn’t obsessed. He was simply in love.


He was in love with a married man, however. A man with a wife and children, though he heard rumours about the woman being in a mental hospital. Hawks didn’t really care, he was that shameless, he loved Enji. And if Enji found friendship with him, then that was fine with Hawks. He’ll still bring one-night stands to his apartment and pretend that he was fucking or being fucked by Enji.


“Just watch me.”


Hawks didn’t say anything more after that statement. He wanted to push Endeavour into an abandoned alleyway and tell him he is the reason that Hawks was a hero into the fucking first place. He wanted to cry out that he had always been watching him since he witnessed the first of many battles of his.


Life went on per usual for Hawks. Kind of, if you call leaming up with Enji during patrols, meeting up with Dabi courtesy of the League of Villians. Dealing with High End, watching Enji get hurt. Spending time with Enji afterward, the man slowly opening up to Hawks. During a partly drunken endeavor, Enji opened up about his family, his kids and his wife. About everything. Hawks could only sit there in shock, not saying a word. It took him a week to look at Enji in the eyes again, his image of the man was shattered. Eventually, it was rebuilt, he wasn’t blind. Or stupid, he knew that Enji was a flaming asshole. Hawks had spent hours staring in the mirror and the wall of his apartment. But in the end, he could only watch Enji again. Watch him change. He didn’t stop being shameless around Enji. Feelings of innocent love slowly blacken into dark thoughts. Thoughts that Hawks shuddered with pleasure. There was one recurring dream that Enji paid for all his atones, doing anything and everything for Hawks willingly.


But that wasn’t real.   


He will be fine.


Hawks will only watch Enji as a friend.  


He will be satisfied with this relationship.


Is what he told himself until the Heroes’ Gala two months after the High-End incident. He got there early was just leisurely walking around when the other man finally appeared. Hawks swallowed his saliva as Endeavour marched down the walkway with a smirk on his face and his head held high. Hawks had seen Enji in many suits before but this one...shit. Well, it’s possible that his daughter or someone with fashion sense decided this one from him. A dark blue suit decorated with a light pastel purple floral print. Enji didn’t have to look that good and Hawks couldn’t touch him. It wasn’t fair. Enji caught his eyes from a distance and smiled a bit making Hawks heart melt.


Hawks excused himself from a conversation to head to the bathroom. Once there and in a locked stall, he fumbled with his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. Hawks let out a soft sigh as he gingered touched his cock. It wasn’t fair, Enji looking like that and Hawks isn’t allow to flirt this time. He grumbled as he teased his leaving head. Enji had texted him before telling him not to make a fool of himself. Which equals not flirting with Enji at all. Hawks stroked himself faster, his hand covering his mouth to muffling his moans. It wasn’t fair for the Flame Hero to dress like that with his new scar on his face.


Hawks wished that Enji actually lost his eye. Another hole that Hawks could fuck as Enji squirmed and moaned beneath him. That image pushed him over the edge, his come spilling on his hand and the floor. Hawks cleaned himself up and leaned again the stall door. He wants him.


God, he wants Enji so badly. But he could manage his desire like he had been doing for almost half of the year. Going home with another one-night stand should help him.




He froze and attempted to fix himself up as best he could before throwing open the door with a wide grin on his face.


“What’s up big guy?”


God, just for once Enji didn’t think about anything else but him. With the beast of a man in front of him on his knees for Hawks. Pushing him into the stall only to lock it and remove his pants, revealing his messily cleaned come covered cock. He’d start hungrily licking and sucking the tip of his flaccid cock, slowly coaxing it back to life. Enji humming as he looked at Hawks with a smirk, making Hawks lose his self-control and started fucking his mouth.


“-giving a speech….are you even listening to me?”


Hawks blinked and looked up to blue eyes were getting increasingly annoyed.


He threw Enji a wink, “You got able to keep my attention, Daddy~” He got an eye rolled and a grumble.

“Could you not do that? I’m not your father, Hawks.”


Good god….


This man was old. And innocent, Jesus Christ.


“I’m not going to teach you slang, just ask your children.”


“I don’t know why I tolerate you.”


Hawks slipped passed him, “It’s because you love me.”


“I really don’t.”


I don’t.


Hawks coughed, his smile slightly strained as he bumped shoulders Enji as they both rejoined the gala. “Aw, I’m hurt Endeavour-san.”


“Just don’t make fool of yourself.”


Hawks watched the older man swaggered off somewhere. He wondered if anyone told him that his hips sway, unlike a woman. Hawks immediately grabbed two glasses of champagne and down them then and there. He gave a cheeky smile to the waiter who looked disturbed by this.


“I really don’t”


I don’t love you.


That’s fine. Hawks could handle rejection, he has before.


I don’t love you.


Don’t love you.


Hawks left the gala even earlier than intended which already left him irritated. He was supposed to grab a one-night stand, fuck them and leave. He shot a text to Enji that he got a headache. The man didn’t respond making Hawks frown. After a while just standing there, it turned into a sadist grin. I


“Oh Enji, you will love me. Eventually, I was willing to wait but now I’ll just have to take matters into my own hands.”


He walked away, contacting Dabi. He wasn’t supposed to contact unless it was from information, but for once he was being selfish. The villain often spoke about two types of drugs that a certain section of the Yutaka was developing. Hawks originally told him that he would think about it but now, he needed those drugs.


He wasn’t going to use them on Enji now, he wanted a full confirmation before he could put his plan into action. He’ll try again before he can think about attempting this. Faking a tale about a line of drugs being spread about different sections of the city would be child’s play. And it was a way for the League trusts him too. Hawks had personal ties to some sections of the Yuk, some from his interactions with the League, others from his childhood. Kids that he personally knew and helped remembered him after they joined the Yutaka and became high-ranking. It would be difficult but he could persuade them to play with the fake drug line tale.


“I wish you could see the potential Enji, I’m going to give you….one last chance.”


Don’t disappoint me.




“Have you ever had a stalker before?”


Enji paused his movements and looked up from his mountain of paperwork on his desk to stare at Hawks with a squint. A stalker? Him? As much as he was annoyed by the disturbance he couldn’t help but stop and think.


Did he ever have a stalker? Or an obsessed fan?


Hawks was a fan of him but he wouldn’t call him obsessed. Just a bit nosy if anything if Enji had to put a word to describe Hawks. And flirtatious too which made him comfortable.


It was common knowledge that he wasn’t well liked among the public. Enji knew himself and he couldn’t bring himself to care. He wasn’t blind to it, one can’t expect everyone to love him like people loved All Might, though his attitude towards the media was a player in that facto. His PR director constantly tells him to just smile more. Smile and wave, like a puppet.


No thanks.


Enji leaned back in his chair, pondering, “No, I can’t say I have.” He hoped that would be enough information to satisfy Hawks’ curiosity. The other man only stretched out against his desk. Enji just blinked and got back to reading and signing off or paperwork. The peace only lasted a few minutes, when he looked up Hawks was gone. He straightened, a feeling of dread sinking in. Feathers ruffled behind him and he sighed in relief.


Damn Hawks for making him paranoid.


“Why are you at my back?”


“No reason~”


Enji growled and turned in his chair, “I’m really getting tired of your nonsense-”


He ended up being kissed instead.


Hawks was cheering with glee in his head. He didn’t think that it would actually work. With hesitation, he cupped Enji’s face, tilting his head to the side to get a better angle so he could push his tongue inside the older man’s mouth. His eyes were open, watching to see if Enji would fare up in a rage, flames spreading through his skin. Nothing, he didn’t even try to push him away. His blue eyes were dazed, his body slumped, relaxed as he let out a small whimper. Hawks swirled his tongue around Enji’s for a while, moaning at the taste. Cold brew black coffee lingered on his tongue as Hawks pulled away. Enji slumped back into his seat, completely dazed.




Hawks leaned back against the wally, “Simple, I like you Endeavour-san. Do you even know what a kiss is?”


His lazy posture and a bored expression on his face made Enji’s blood boil. He snapped out of his daze and his face twisted into a scowl as he immediately stood up to his full height.


“I’m a married man, Hawks . Does that mean nothing to you?”


Hawks snorted, looking outside the window, “Says the man who didn’t bother to pull away the first few seconds. Says the man who practically ruined all of his family’s lives with his obsession with one man. Do you really want to talk about a marriage that complete and utter failure? Do really want to go that direction Enji Todoroki?”


“Doesn’t matter how I feel about Rei, or what I have done to my family. Cheating is still cheating, regardless of how I feel?”




Does Enji even feel anything?


Hawks looked down and him a sly smirk, “How you feel hm? Your body, specifically your cock says otherwise.” Sure enough, Enji’s cock bulged out, larger than usual.


“Body reactions.”


“That’s what they all say, and I smell someone in denial. Only a matter of time.”


“...You had your kiss. Now get the hell out of my office, I won’t be nice the second time I have to ask.”


Hawks boldly shot forward pushing Enji back into his chair and straddled his lap.


“You are really pathetic, I hope you know that you want this and if you really didn’t you would have stopped me from getting on your lap in the first place.” Enji scowled at him but didn’t make an effort to push the smaller man off. Hawks cupped his face forcing Enji to look at him straight in the eyes.


“All I want you to do is love me.”


Enji just looked at him and starting to laugh. The laughter echoed throughout Enji’s office, as he practically threw Hawks off him.


“Love you? Ha, you’re delusional. You call me pathetic, look at you.” Enji stood up looming over Hawks, who cursed to himself.


“You think you know me, you don’t. I’m changing, yes but I’m not blind or naive. I’ll never love you and the sooner you accept that, the better Hawks .”


Hawks just chuckled as he stood, his tilted head and his posture unnerved the older man. “You will. I was willing to wait but now, I don’t know anymore. You will come to love me, I’ll make sure of it.”


“Get out of my office.”


Hawks grinned sadistically and gave Enji a mock bow before leaving through the door. The man slumped into his chair, suddenly tired with an unsettling feeling in his stomach. What just happened? Did he start something that he couldn’t finish?


Why didn’t he stop it when he had the chance?


Did he want this?


“You will come to love me.”


Enji’s head hurt but he continued his paperwork, not knowing that Hawks was watching him through his window.


Love. A useless emotion.




Hawks willed himself as he watched Enji do paperwork like nothing in the past ten minutes mattered. His face was red with anger as he struggled not to let out a scream of frustration. How dare he? How dare Enji Todoroki said that to him. Hawks landed on the ground and walk-stomped away. He reached into his jacket pocket feeling the syringe in there.


He was done waiting.


Waiting was futile at this point.


Enji is going to be his.


Hawks stretched and looked at the morning sky with a dreamy smile on his face. He’ll give the older man a few days to squirm.


“Now, where is the mental hospital located at?”