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Reset Renew Re: Life

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Reset Renew Re: Life : Prologue


Dust, rubble, surprisingly not many causalities, yes that was the results of the raid on the Shie Hassaikai base, The Eight Precepts of Death, in order to capture the yakuza leader Chisaki Kai and his minions: The Eight Expendables. Unfortunately for Aizawa Shota quite a few of his students were involved in this raid, some in better shape than others. Kirishima was being carried along with his sempai Amajiki to the nearest ambulance. Sir Night Eye was immediately taken when he was found, his wounds being the most severe and if Aizawa were an optimistic person he’d try to say the man would make it, but even he could see it was a faint hope at this point. Uraraka and Asui were relatively unscathed thankfully, though it still was nothing short of a miracle that they were unharmed based on Hado and Ryukyu’s statements. Then it left Midoriya, the reckless troublesome kid of Class 1-A right next to Bakugou, who nearly died minutes ago with carrying the girl they were there to rescue. Said girl, Eri, was immediately taken away when emergency response finally came in their direction. The girl was running a high fever, hyperthermia from quirk exhaustion most likely, and could be lethal if not taken care of immediately. Limping his way through the rubble himself, finally going to seek his own treatment a paramedic came running up to him, and he looked very panicked and confused.

“Umm Eraserhead sir you said only one small child was taken in by the Shie Hassaikai correct?” The worker waited for Aizawa to nod before continuing. “We…well, we found another child around the same age as the one who was just taken away. And we can’t find Overhaul anywhere in the rubble where you said he should be…”

“Wait! What do you mean he’s nowhere to be found? The spot I stopped by student at was definitely the area where he should be.” Aizawa said shocked, running immediately now toward the spot, ignoring his injuries in favor of tracking down the missing villain.


As he arrived Aizawa looked on in shock at the scene, there was indeed a small child there, cloaked in a coat and shirt much too large and long on him, as if a child who tried to play dress up with his parents clothes. But to Aizawa there was no mistaking it, the short brown hair the overly fluffy collared coat, the pale skin with freckles peppering the child’s face. This was Chisaki Kai. There was no other explanation. This child was Chisaki Kai, Overhaul, the yakuza leader laying near motionless on the broken down coughing harshly from the large amount of dust that still encompassed the area.


“Take that kid to the hospital..” Aizawa said quietly, pulling out his cellphone to make an important call.


“Sir? Is everything alright?” The paramedic looked onward more nervous than ever.


“Yes… you don’t have to worry about finding Overhaul… he’s that kid over there… just get him to the hospital where you brought the girl.” Aizawa typed quickly, finally hitting the call button and waiting for the dial tone to end as he heard a familiar voice pick up.


“Hey Principal we have a problem…”