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and you can have this heart to break

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Chapter One

“Well, you just better hope to hell you didn’t bring anything else back,” Regina stated with so much malice, Emma worried what she had brought back was the once Evil Queen.

Emma was at a loss for words, her eyes meeting that of Regina’s – willing her to understand. But before she could speak, the woman disappeared right before her eyes in a cloud of purple smoke.

That certainly got everyone’s attention. The diner went quiet at the Queen’s sudden disappearance.

Robin, himself, loosened his hold on his…on Marian. “Regina,” he breathed out softly, eyes widening as the gravity of the situation took hold of him – he swallowed the lump in his throat as he watched Henry, Hook and the Charmings approach their group.

“Mom,” Henry said, looking at Emma intently, “what did you do?”

Emma shook her head, her gaze meeting the eyes of everyone around her before she settled on Henry, “I didn’t know.”

“Didn’t know what?” Emma heard her mother ask.

“That she’s...,” Emma began, looking at the woman beside Robin, holding on to little Roland.

“Marian?” Snow cried out, her voice happy until the realization hit her in full force. Oh no, Regina. Not again.

Henry looked with wide eyes, and asked, “Marian? As in Maid Marian?”

The woman in question turned to the young boy, “I’m sorry, how is it you know who I am?”

At that, Hook stepped in and said, “Long story, love. Best not to get into that tonight.”

“I have to find my mom,” Henry finally exclaimed, realizing the real reason why they were gathered in this group – he couldn’t fathom what she must be feeling right now.

At his voice, Robin was brought up this reverie. “Yes, Regina…” he whispered quietly, unable to meet the boy’s eyes.

Marian looked at her husband, her mind whirling at his mentioning of her name, “Regina? Robin, you know she is the Evil –“

“My mom is not evil,” Henry cut her off. “She’s a hero.”

“A hero?” Marian asked, incredulous. “Just yesterday, she had me in her dungeon, about to be executed.”

Robin gasped. “Marian,” he cried out, his voice rising as he looked at their son; he shouldn’t be privy to these things. Luckily, Roland was too focused on his ice cream – his youth allowing him to be too preoccupied to bother noticing the rising tension in the room.

“It’s true, Robin,” the woman continued. “She captured me because I knew the whereabouts of Snow White. I gave her neither that information nor my name – I feared what she would to you and to Roland.”

The group was stunned to silence. Emma looked over at Henry, whose face showed anger – anger at whom exactly, she didn’t know.

“Marian,” Emma said, “as I told you, Regina has changed. She is no longer the woman you describe. I know it was only yesterday for you, but three decades have passed since that time --“

“Everything has changed,” Robin finished, willing himself to look at the eyes of the mother of his child – still not believing that she was right in front of him.

“Three decades?” Marian asked. “Then how is it that none of you have aged?”

Charming sighed. He had taken a back seat throughout this whole ordeal – his head swimming with what this held for the future – all of their futures. Taking a cue from the pirate, he said, “Again, quite a tale to tell for one night.”

Marian nodded her head slowly, her eyes still looking at Robin. His gaze had changed, from initial shock, to adoration, disbelief, joy…and now, confusion?

Robin was having a battle within himself. So much information was going through his mind. Marian was alive; Roland had his mother back, and he, he had his --. Oh, Regina. Marian was lost to him on her orders, it now seems. It was never his fault – but as he can see Marian living and breathing now in front of him, was it really hers? After all, a crime undone can no longer be called a crime at all.

His thoughts were interrupted at the loud bang of the diner’s door slamming shut. He can see that Henry was no longer with the group. His feet moved on his own accord, towards the door and following the boy until he felt a hand on his arm.

“What are you doing?” Marian asked, her eyes filled with question.

All of a sudden, a yelp was heard from the outside.

“Henry!” Emma cried out, dashing out of the diner quickly. Everyone made a move to exit, only to see the young boy down on the ground, flat on his back.

“Careful, mom,” he yelled, “there’s…ice.”

Emma noted the shimmering layer of ice that now filled the walkway to Granny’s and it seems the street, from what she could see from the glimmer under the street lamps. That wasn’t there before – definitely not.

She helped her son up, meeting the look of both of her parents and the entire Storybrooke population.

“Is it me, or is it a tab bit colder than it was just moments ago?” Hook asked, voicing the inner thoughts of everyone there.