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31 days of Kinktober (And beyond)

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The room was warm, too warm for Ahriman. He whined needily as he pulled against the chains holding his arms back. Questions floated through his mind, where was he? How did he get here? Who had brought him here? He vaguely felt that he should be panicking, or angry, but all he could really feel was the increasing warmth from his groin and a need for something, anything, to fill him. In his need he desperately rubbed his armoured thighs together, trying to get some relief from the building arousal.
Suddenly a door in front of him opened, revealing a pair of space marines. He should have recoiled, fought harder, or even demanded information, but his mind was filled with need, and they looked like they could fill that need. Moaning, he found himself mindlessly spreading his legs and attempting to pull himself towards the pair.

“Like a bitch in heat, ain’t he?” The horned one said proudly as he gestured towards Ahriman.
The smaller one scoffed and replied, “definitely an improvement compared to before.”
“Sure, it’s not exactly what you wanted, but he’s sure gonna be fun to use while it lasts.” The horned one pressed a hand against Ahriman’s helmet, and Ahriman couldn’t help but lean into the touch, desperate for physical contact. Gods, he just wanted them to take his armor off, it was too hot and only worsened his agonizing arousal.

“Aw, what’s the matter?” The smaller one gently moved aside the horned one and pressed his hand under Ahriman’s chin. “You wanna be fucked full, wanna have our cum fill you up, wanna get fat with our pups? Is that what you want?”
All Ahriman could manage was a desperate, needy whine as he shivered in arousal at the questions.
“You like that idea don’t you, being fucked full? You always struck me as a huge cockslut Ahriman, good to see that at least there you don’t disappoint.” The smaller one said, chuckling he took off Ahriman’s helmet and continued, “Don’t worry, we’ll give you all the dick you need, ‘first librarian’”

Unbidden excitement filled Ahriman as the helmet was removed, he didn’t even know why exactly, but whatever was going to happen he wanted it, bad. Ahriman’s skin was already slick with sweat from his arousal, his bright blue iris barely a line around his dilated pupil, breath hard and panting. He keened as the smaller one pulled his hand away, sad at the loss of his touch, but he forgot when he saw the smaller one reveal his thick, knotted cock.
“Like what you see?” The smaller one said, beginning to idly stroke his cock, slowing down with every stroke as he went over his unswelled knot, making sure Ahriman saw.
Suddenly Ahriman’s body was not just too warm, it was scorching hot. He pulled aggressively against his bonds, he needed to have that cock in him. With every pull Ahriman moaned in frustrated need, the smaller one keeping his cock just out of reach of Ahriman.

The horned one gave a hearty laugh as he watched Ahriman struggle, now palming his codpiece. “Gods, I always forget how needy this stuff makes bitches like him act.”
“I hope he remembers this, it’d do for him to learn some humility,” The smaller one said, slick precome leaking from the head of his cock. The sight only helped to make Ahriman’s mouth water, he wanted to taste it so bad.
“You know, I bet he’s hungry after all this time chained up. I think it’s meal time for this big slut.” Stepping forward, the smaller one pressed the tip of his dick against Ahriman’s lips. “Come on big boy, eat up.”
Without hesitation Ahriman eagerly wrapped his lips around the man’s cock, body relaxing slightly as the precome met his tongue. He distantly felt some disgust, but it was easy to push aside as he began to suck and lick at the cock’s head. His eager sucking only increased as he felt the cock get pushed deeper into his mouth.

“Fuck, such a good little whore, take it all in.” The smaller one panted out, now pressing on the back of Ahriman’s head. Halfway in Ahriman began to give choking gags, but the smaller one knew Ahriman could take it, any good slut could.
Ahriman wanted to take as much as he could, he needed the cock to fill him up, needed that warm sticky cum to fill him, but he had a problem. The knot, even in its unswelled state, felt far to big to fit inside, even in his drug addled state he knew this. The smaller one still was pressing on the back of his head, uncertain Ahriman whimpered around the cock, hoping that the other would understand.
The smaller one gave a snarl and said, “Come on you little slut, when I said take it all I meant all of it. If you want even a drop of my cum you’ll do as I say, or you won’t even have the privilege of carrying my pups in that empty belly of your.”
A low whine escaped Ahriman’s lips at the mention of pups, he needed to be full, feel his belly swell first with cum, then with pups, this emptiness was too much for him to handle. Now with renewed purpose he began to struggle to fit the knot into his mouth, drool leaking from the sides of his mouth. Finally with a wet pop the knot finally filled his mouth, and he could feel the tip rub against the back of his throat.

“Gods, good boy, taking it like a true champ,” The smaller one groaned, running his hand through Ahriman’s long, brown hair. Ahriman moaned at the praise, already imagining that sweet, sticky cum filling his belly. Just before he could begin to worship the cock with his tongue the smaller one pulled his hips back and then quickly pushed forwards, starting a brutal pace as he held Ahriman’s head still with his hand.
“Aw, Ahriman, I’m so glad you could save your soft little lips just for my cock! I’m surprised you could hold yourself back from sucking off your entire personal circle, I bet you wanted to though, looking at their bulges in their robes, imaging their fuckmeat filling you up both orally and in that needy little cunt, huh! Such a thin little whore, don’t worry though, you’ll be filled up soon enough.” The smaller one said, pulling Ahriman’s head back as he thrusted as deep as he could into Ahriman’s mouth and throat, causing Ahriman to moan and gag with every thrust.

There was a part of Ahriman that didn’t want the thrusting to stop, it made him feel full, made him feel so good, but with every drip of precome which went down his throat, the more he wanted to be filled with something much longer lasting. Ahriman’s hope came true as he finally felt the cock swell and suddenly rope after rope of hot cum began to fill him, the knot now firmly locking it in place.
“Fuck! Swallow it all, you’ve earned it!” The smaller one said, both hands now holding Ahriman’s head, even though he knew Ahriman wasn’t going anywhere.
A whimper of disappointment made it past Ahriman’s lips when he realized while it had been a hearty amount of cum, his belly felt no bigger, he needed his belly to swell, needed babies. Ahriman was drawn from his thoughts when he felt one of the smaller one’s hands brush his cheeks, looking up Ahriman heard him say, “Don’t worry, we’ve only just begun.”