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Caster Gilgamesh lets out a sigh, as he stares at this woman, with brown hair and brown eyes, named Hakuno Kishinami, “What do you want mongrel? Don’t you have anything better to do, than to annoy me with your presence?” He asks Hakuno, who’s sitting next to him while he’s trying to work.

“Boooo. Gil, you’re telling me I can’t come see you anymore?” She whines at him.

“Way to twist my words around mongrel, I did not say that, I am trying to get work done, and you are being an eyesore, sitting next to me.” He snaps back at her.

Hakuno makes a pouty face at Gilgamesh before replying “What are you working on?” She asks honestly interested.

“The better question would be, what are you not working on? Isn’t my Archer self around? Why don’t you go bother him.” He tries to get her to leave him alone, he’s busy after all!

Hakuno frowns, “Archer is off doing some event, I don’t know when he’s going to be back. Everyone else is gone too. There’s hardly anyone left in Chaldea right now.”

Gilgamesh meets her eyes, “I see. So I’m just a replacement for you then? I am not your entertainment mongrel.” He says coldly.

Hakuno lightly touches his arms “Come on, don’t be like that, you know I care about both of you equally, you’re the same person after all! So answer my question pleaseee.” She smiles at him, it’s been a few months now since she’s started providing support to Gilgamesh’s Caster self, even though he’s saying all of these mean things right now, she knows that he cares about her too, Gilgamesh takes care of her on and off the battlefield after all, he’s far more affectionate than his Archer self.

Gilgamesh lets out a defeated sigh, it doesn’t look like she’ll leave him be, “If you must know mongrel, I am preparing to go back to Uruk. It is the perfect time to do so after all, as you said there is hardly anyone here, to make a fuss. My kingdom is probably lost without me.” He explains.

Hakuno’s eyes widen “Take me with you too!” She grabs his hand, “I want to see where Gilgamesh grew up at!” Hakuno exclaims.

Gilgamesh doesn’t pull his hand away, instead he intertwines their fingers together, before saying sternly, “No. Hakuno, you know I can’t let you come with me. I have no time to protect you. I am going back for a bit to take care of business not for pleasure.” He tries to make her understand.

“You act like I’ll be in your way. I can take care of myself you know!” She fires back, she’s not going to take no for answer, “Besides Archer won’t take me to Uruk either…”

Maybe there’s a reason for that! Gilgamesh feels a little irritated she’s not getting it! “It is not the fact that you’ll be “in my way” it’s the fact that, Uruk is no place for a woman! How would I even explain you, mongrel?” He questions her intensely.

Hakuno thinks for a second before responding, “I don’t know, you’re smart Gil, I’m sure you’ll think of something, besides you are the Wise King of Uruk aren’t you? If you’re a king no one should be able to argue with you!” She argues with him.

So stubborn! Does she not realize that Uruk is a dangerous place, for someone as innocent as her? She’s fragile too, he could never live with himself, if something happened to her, while he wasn’t around. He also doesn’t believe she understands that his palace life is not as carefree as she believes it to be. He huffs out a sigh, she’s not going to back down until he gives in to her, “Hakuno, I will allow you to come with this once-” her eyes light up, “but you will have to listen to me, you cannot do anything reckless, you also will have to follow my cultures norms. Promise me that.” His tone is serious, he has to make her understand that he is not joking around.

“That’s fine! As long as I’m with you Gil, I’m sure it will be okay!” Hakuno replies with her usual optimism as she holds out her pinky finger “I promise to to not to cause you any trouble Gilgamesh.”

Caster raises an eyebrow at her, “What are you five?”

Hakuno giggles, still the serious king she knows, before suddenly kissing him quickly, “There. That should seal my promise to you right?”

Gilgamesh grabs her hand tighter, as he gets up from the chair he was sitting on. “Come on then. I will tell you how I am going to explain you on the way to the gate.” He says as he leads her out of his room, still holding her hand.

They are standing in front of the Chaldea gate, waiting on Da Vinci to rayshift them to Babylon, she made Gilgamesh promise her that if anything went wrong they would immediately contact Chaldea to rayshift back. “Listen to me mongrel, here is the story we are going with.” Hakuno looks up at Gilgamesh waiting on him to continue, “You are a foreigner that has grew up in Uruk. I happened upon you a few months ago, and have decided to take you as my possible queen.”

She feels her face turning red, “H-huh?!”

“Let me finish. I am letting you stay in my palace, as a test run, before I make my decision. In my culture, the bride is kept separate from their soon to be husbands, until their wedding date. This is how we are going to work around that.” He explains to her with his usual serious tone. “I will also have to find you more appropriate clothes when we get there…you stand out too much in that outfit you are wearing now.” He has a really bad feeling about this, but she’s being stubborn, and won’t back down.

"W-wait queen?! Why not just wife?!” She blurts out embarrassed.

Gilgamesh meets her chocolate eyes, “Because-” He stops himself, she will understand why soon enough. It is probably the reason why his Archer self never took her to Uruk, he has many wives, that title is too low for her, “just another one of Gilgamesh’s wives” feels like an insult, to someone he almost cares as much about as Enkidu. He feels slightly worried, he’s never told her about his wives, he’s extremely concerned about her reaction. He doesn’t want to break her heart, he tries to talk her out of this.

“Are you sure you still want to do this Hakuno?” He questions quickly changing the subject.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I want to see your kingdom Gil? I want to know more about you!” She replies back with honesty in her voice, she chooses to ignore the fact that Gilgamesh, is avoiding her question.

“Are you two ready?!” They both hear Da Vici yell out.

“Yes!” Hakuno quickly says back, before looking up at Gilgamesh “Don’t worry, whatever happens, my feelings for you won’t change.” She assures him.

Gilgamesh lets out a small laugh, “Don’t regret this later, Mongrel.” he tells her as Da Vinci starts the rayshift.