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Harry Potter Kinktober 2018

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Harry watched everyone rejoice in the fact that Voldemort was finally gone after all these years. Although Harry wanted to feel the same, his heart was just not in the moment. He was drained completely so when people did come up to him he tried his best to talk, but in the end he’d always end the conversation. Thankfully Luna had came up at one point, after having a conversation with Ginny, and distracted everyone in order for Harry to leave the Great Hall.

He knew there were some things he had to take care of, but at the moment he just wanted to walk. All his life he had spent dealing with either Voldemort right in front of him or the constant threat of whether or not he’d return. Now that it was all over, Harry wanted to take the longest nap to ever exist. Then again he didn’t want it to be a nap since he’d have to wake up at some point. He just wanted to sleep for the rest of his life. A sigh left his lips as he sat on the ledge on one of the windows that overlooked the grounds of the castle.

Everything was pretty destroyed due to the battle, but Harry didn’t want to think of it. Mostly because he didn’t want to think of the deaths that occurred due to the battle. A shiver went through his body as he shut his eyes and tried to get the images out of his head.

“Oh, Harry.” Harry’s eyes snapped open as he looked back to see Neville. He couldn’t tell what scars were from the battle or from his adventures throughout this year of Hogwarts.

“Hi Neville.” Harry then said turning so he rested against the side of the window.

“Didn’t think anyone was up here.”

“Had to get away from it all.”

“Me too. Apparently killing a snake makes me a hero.”

“Well you did turn the tide a bit there. Wasn’t just a plain snake.” Neville sighed walking over and leaning against the wall.

“But you did a lot to Harry. You’ve always been doing a lot leading up this, even missing a year of school to make sure he wouldn’t be at his strongest.”

“Still Neville if there was more of an option for choices I wouldn’t have done any of it. I can’t even think of what a normal year of Hogwarts would even be like. I’m not the hero type.”

“There is a whole list of things that would be against that statement.”

“I know. Doesn’t mean I like it though.” Neville frowned slightly before moving so he was now slightly sitting on the ledge to the window. Harry moved his feet back to give him more room till his knees were pressed against his chest.

“What’re you going to do now?” Neville asked while looking down at his hands.

“I don’t know. Logically it would be to finish up school, but I just want a break from it all. At least more than a month of not dealing with all of this. Or more than that.”

“That doesn’t seem ridiculous. If we were getting technical you need about a 7 year break.” Harry laughed softly which had him trying to remember when he last laughed.

“That’d be something. What are you going to do? Hero?” Neville now laughed softly making Harry smile.

“Well I’m planning to be a teacher.”


“Is it that obvious?” Harry shrugged slightly while Neville rubbed his thighs.

“Yeah it is. It’s good though, I know you’ll be a good teacher.”

“Thank you Harry.”

“No problem.”

The two sat in silence listening to the slight breeze. Neville’s eyes drifted over to Harry and he couldn’t help but feel something for him. He thought Harry was an amazing person and that thought grew more when the DA was formed. That entire year had been a turning point for Neville, especially when it came to how he really saw Harry. Instead of just Harry he became someone Neville looked at in more than a friend way. He knew it would never happen though no matter how much he day dreamed about it.

Little did he know Harry felt the same way. There was a reason he wasn’t exactly near Ginny at the moment. The two of them had agreed that it wouldn’t work out between them, but Neville didn’t know that. He assumed Harry would have a break but when he was better Ginny and him would get back together. However he did not expect Harry to reach over and take his hand into his.

“Harry?” Neville questioned feeling his face heat up thinking that Harry would let go, but he wasn’t even attempting.

“Neville.” There was no room between them now as Harry slyly scooted closer till he was pressed against Neville’s side.

“What’re you doing?”

“I don’t know.” Before another word could be spoken Harry leaned in and pressed his lips against Neville’s.

Everything ceased as Harry kissed Neville who was in a state of shock. He thought he should feel bad even thinking about kissing Harry back, but before he knew it he was leaning into Harry more and kissing him back. There was a mutual sigh of relief as the two of them kissed each other. Neville’s hands went to Harry’s cheek as he held him still to really kiss him. He didn’t want to seem like he was a bad kisser. Harry on the other hand wasn’t thinking about how good Neville kissed but instead the fact that their lips felt good together.

“Whoa.” Neville breathed out once they finally pulled away. He noticed how Harry looked the most vulnerable that he’s ever seen him in his life.

“Is this bad?” Harry questioned as confusion went through his body.

“I don’t see it like that.”

“I don’t either.” The two were silent as slowly they were gripping each others hands. “Come with me.”

Neville followed as Harry stood up and started pulling him through the halls. All the paintings were empty due to everyone being towards the bottom of the castle. Soon Harry and Neville reached the Gryffindor tower and the painting was open, that Fat Lady nowhere to be seen. Harry made Neville go through the painting first before shutting it behind them since he knew no one would be able to get in otherwise. At that point Neville took over and pulled Harry with him up the stairs to the rooms. They reached the top of the tower before Neville finally opened the door and led Harry into their room. The only beds that had been lived in were of course Neville’s and Seamus’s. The other three were empty, expecting Dean, Harry and Ron.

“I’ve almost forgotten what it was like to be here.” Harry said softly as Neville sat on his bed.

“I missed seeing you here.” Neville admitted making Harry sit down right next to him.

“Well I’m here now.”

“Yes you are.” He gripped Harry’s hand and pulled him down so they were lying on the bed.

Neville slightly got on top of Harry, kissing him to his heart’s content. Both of them were nervous as their hands started slowly travelling up and down the other’s body. The touches were tentative as if asking of this was really ok. Slowly the nervousness slipped away as Harry’s shirt was being pushed up till it slipped down to the floor. Harry undid the buttons on Neville’s shirt till they were all undone and Neville was shirtless also.

The heat started to build up as they maneuvered around so Harry’s head rested against the pillows while Neville straddled him. Their pants joined their shirts on the floor as now they were only left in their boxers. Harry’s eyes were travelling up and down Neville’s body, especially the bulge that resided in his boxers. Neville did the same, thinking of how pale but curvy Harry’s body was. His hands were skimming down the other till he reached his boxers and tugged them down.

“You’re beautiful.” Neville whispered making Harry’s face heat up.


“Yes. Are you sure about this?”

“I’m the most sure about this than most things in my life.” A small smile slipped to Neville’s face as Harry smirked.

“Alright then.” He let Harry pull down his boxers to, a small pause came as Harry eyed Neville’s body but mostly his now revealed dick. “We’re doing this.”

“Yes we are.” Neville nodded reaching over the side of the bed and pulling his wand out of his pants. It reminded Harry he’d have to fix his, but he’d manage it later. For now he was focusing on the spells Neville was mumbling. A small gasp left his lips as he felt everything get wet and cool down there.

“I’ve never done this before so sorry about that. Just try to relax your body.”

“Don’t apologize, I’ve never done this before either.”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes I do.” Neville felt a lot better than earlier as he made Harry wrap his legs around his waist. Harry’s arms were wrapped around Neville’s neck as he tried to relax his body to the best of his abilities.

The truth was he was of course still nervous because he had never been with someone in this way. There was some kissing in empty corridors, but no being in bed with someone completely naked and about to have sex for the first time. Although he trusted Neville he knew he’d feel this way with just about anyone. But he really liked Neville so it wasn't as bad as it would’ve been with someone else.

“I’m going to start now.” Neville whispered softly.

“Ok.” Harry breathed out. He soon felt the tip of Neville’s well endowed dick pressing against his entrance. In the beginning it felt weird but soon there was slight pain as he was being stretched out. “Ow.”


“Just give me a minute.” Neville nodded automatically. He watched Harry’s chest rising as his body tried to relax. It was taking all of Neville’s self control not to get carried away and continue what he was doing to Harry. The raven haired body was doing so much for Neville at this moment and he couldn’t handle it. He let his hand drift down to rub Harry’s dick which made him gasp before he relaxed finally.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes, keep going now.” A sigh of relief left Neville as he inched himself more in.

When he finally bottomed out Harry was gripping his arms tightly and breathing deep through his nose. Neville bit down on his lip really taking in the sight as he looked at Harry. The blood was starting to go to his head now. Before he knew it he saw drops of blood fall to Harry’s stomach. He gasped catching Harry’s attention.

“Neville your nose is bleeding.” Harry said quickly making Neville groan as he placed his hand against his nose. Harry reached down and gripped his shirt and handed it to Neville who titled his head back.

“That’s embarrassing.” Neville groaned out making Harry smile fondly as he rubbed Neville’s stomach.

“I see it as a compliment so don’t worry about it.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, are you better now.” Neville pulled the shirt back and saw some blood that stained it, but not an absurd amount. He sighed in relief making sure nothing else was coming out before letting the soiled shirt fall back to the ground.

“I’ll get you another shirt.” Harry laughed softly as his arms curled around Neville’s neck and pulled him down.

“It’s fine, let’s continue ok?”


The rest of the night was filled with them panting each others names and gripping tightly. The first round was short, Harry ended up coming first around the third time Neville pressed against his prostate. After a small break they tried again, this time getting way more out of it then the previous one. When they finished they laid passed out on Neville’s bed, the covers over them and arms wrapped around each other. They didn’t noticed when Dean and Seamus had came in after the Fat Lady had went back to her portrait. The two acted fast, making sure Ron didn't go into the room because they were sure he didn’t want to see his best mate in that position.

“Neville actually did it.” Seamus whispered into Dean’s ear as they grabbed blankets and pillows from the room that weren’t being occupied.

“You owe me 5 galleons.” Dean whispered back making Seamus groan and glare at the taller boy.

“I should not bet.” The two left with smirks. An exhausted Neville and Harry lay in bed figuring out where to go from here once the sun came up.