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Kink Assemblage

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Bucky isn't usually a fan of Stark's parties. He hates the noise and crowds, he hates the people staring at him, whether it be in disgust or intrigue. He hates that he's strong armed into attending because of publicity needs. He's pretty sure most of the team feels the same way from time to time because the party tonight is a masquerade.

He'd thought it was stupid at first, who wouldn't recognize someone just because their eyes are covered? But looking around, it looks like Stark was right. It seems like most people don't know if they're talk to Clint, or Steve, or even Natasha with her dark wig. And no one is staring at him in disgust, so that's a nice change.

It only takes a few minutes of searching before his eyes land on Darcy. She hadn't told him what she'd be wearing but the woman in the long, deep blue velvet dress is unmistakably her. Her mask seems to be made up of delicate wire, framing her bright eyes and putting her wicked grin on full display.

Bucky winds through the crowd, avoiding anyone who might want to pull him into conversation, and slips up to her side. She doesn't notice him at first, though she barely startles when he rests his hand on her lower back.

"You were right, doll. The dress is incredible," Bucky says.

"Isn't it? Natasha has good taste," she says, grinning up at him. Her eyes rove over him, from his black mask covering the top half of his face, down to the dark grey suit that was tailored to him yesterday. "Damn. You are wearing the hell out of that suit."

"Considering how much the damn thing cost, it better look good," Bucky says with a grumble. Darcy just rolls her eyes.

"Welcome to the 21st century, my dude," she says. She runs her fingers up the lapel of his jacket, drifting across his chest to smooth over his red tie. "Hm. Yep, I'm gonna need you to come with me."

Bucky doesn't fight it as she takes him by the tie, tugging lightly until he's following her through the crowded ballroom. The party is in full swing and if anyone notices them slipping out, they don't let on.

"I thought you wanted to wait until we got home? Something about anticipation making everything sweeter?" Bucky says as Darcy pulls him into a secluded coat closet.

"You severely overestimated my self-control in the face of you in a suit, mister," Darcy says. She makes sure the door is locked behind them, sorry anyone who wants to leave early, and throws herself into Bucky's arms.

It doesn't matter where they are or what they're doing, Bucky will always love this, but there's something about being here, masks covering their faces, just a door and a hallway away from everyone they work with that makes his blood run hot. His hands are tight on her waist, velvet smooth under his fingertips. He'd love to slip his hand into her hair and hold tightly, but he knows that elegant knot at the base of her neck took hours and it isn't worth messing it up.

Bucky drops to his knees before her, hands slipping under the hem of her dress. Darcy's breath catches when she realizes what he's doing and she doesn't tell him no. He slides his hands up her smooth legs until he reaches her waist, fingers tucking into the hem of her panties and pulling them down her thighs. He chokes on a laugh when he tugs them all the way off. Only she would wear a thousand dollar gown with Hulk underwear.

"What? It's comfy!" Darcy says.

"I didn't say anythin'," Bucky says.

Before Darcy can reply, he moves her leg over his shoulder, spreading her for him. He takes off his mask and tosses it to the side, knowing it'll only get in the way, before lifting the hem of her dress and ducking underneath. Her laugh turns into a breathless gasp as he licks up her slit, pleased that she's already wet for him.

Bucky will never tire of doing this, of making her whine and moan above him. He remembers liking this before the war, before he became the Winter Solider, and he loves it now still. There's something to be said for having a partner fall apart because of you, and Darcy falls apart so beautifully.

Her moans are muffled by her hand, but Bucky can still hear them clearly, can still hear how she gasps as he slips two fingers inside her hot cunt, crooking them to press against her g-spot. Her leg over his shoulder shakes as he flicks his tongue over her clit quickly, wanting to get her off more than tease her. They'll be plenty of time for that later, but they can't afford the luxury of playing for long now.

"Bucky," she whines, hand resting on the velvet dress still covering his head. "Bucky, so close."

He knows. He can feel her tightening around his fingers, the way her skin's getting hotter and her breath is coming quicker. Bucky presses his fingers more insistently inside her, his other hand tight on her hip. He sucks at her clit, just the amount of pressure he knows is perfect for her, and she comes apart, whining his name as her sweet cunt pulses around him.

Bucky pulls away before she can get too sensitive, pressing a light kiss to her mound before pulling the dress back into place and standing. Darcy's cheeks are flushed, her bottom lip swollen from where she'd been biting it. She tugs him in by the tie, kissing him roughly, licking the taste of herself out of his mouth. She reaches for his belt, but he pulls away, shaking his head.

"You don't want me to?" she asks incredulously.

"Oh I do, doll. Don't doubt that. We're just short on time. Plus, I'm happy to wait until I can lay you on my bed and fuck you 'til your eyes cross," he says, pressing one last kiss to her lips before retrieving his discarded mask.

"Promises, promises," she teases before straightening out her dress.

There are hours left at this party before he can take her back to his room, and he's going to spend all of them knowing she's still wet in her Hulk panties.