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Alex x werewolf!reader

Request: "Dating Alex Fielding (twitches) would include, please? Could you make the reader a werewolf?Thank you!" - anon

song inspo: my kind of perfect by david archuleta


- You and Alex met when you both applied for the same job.

    1. You started talking while waiting to be interviewed.

    2. Even though neither of you got the job, you stayed in touch.

    3. You saw her again about a week later, at another job interview.

- You were pretty sure you imprinted on her the moment you saw her.

    1. You're suspicions were confirmed when you saw her again.

    2. Your wolf was drawn to her, and who were you to deny your wolf.

- You took a chance and asked her out.

    1. You felt like howling when she said yes.

- Pretty soon the first date turned into a year of dating.Her birthday was coming up, and she started acting a bit weird.

    1. You knew better than to pry, so you just watched and hoped she would come to you when she was ready.

- Part of you always believed that you and Alex were destined to be together.

    1. She was a night owl and you were a werewolf.

- You have yet to tell Alex the truth about what you were.

    1. You love her to death, but you didn't want to drag her into your world.

    2. But the day before her birthday, you decided to tell her.

    3. Coincidentally, Alex also decided to tell you why things had been so weird lately.

- "I'm a witch and I have a twin sister who is also a witch."

    1. She expected you to laugh and ask her if this was another story she was writing.

- "That actually makes more sense than what I was thinking."

    1. "And if we're putting all our cards on the table, then I'm a werewolf."

- She didn't hate you for not telling her before.Next step was meeting she sister and mom.

    1. She took you to Coventry with her.

    2. You had heard a lot of stories about Coventry and you were mesmerised and awestruck.

    3. You were so excited you almost turned. You started but Alex calmed you down.

- Camryn though you were adorable. Miranda was happy you made Alex happy.

- When the Darkness came for Alex and Camryn, you did all you could to help.

    1. Alex was able to see your full wolf form.

    2. You were in full protective girlfriend mode.

    3. The only thought running through you head was "keep mate safe"

- You almost didn't turn back after everything was over.

    1. Alex had stop you from attacking Illeana and Karsh

    2. She looked you in the eyes and told you she was okay.

    3. She was your anchor.

- You apologised profusely to everyone.

- Being the first werewolf in Coventry for years, everyone had a lot of questions

    1. You answered them all.

- After saving Coventry, you all went back to Earth for the twin's birthday.

- Your gift to Alex was a promise ring.

- You accompanied Alex and Camryn from time to time when they would go to Coventry.