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I'm going to use this part to explain what's going on. Basically I'm a huge persona fan and an aspiring author. I have a few original series I'm working on, but I'm taking a small break to write this and get some extra practice. I'm not in any sense a professional writer so this fic will have it's flaws. It's really just something I'm writing to prove to myself that I can do this and for my friends to read and enjoy.
I've got a few chapter written in bulk so I'm gonna start posting them soon. If I find a chapter to be short or kinda boring cause filler sucks but is needed, I'll post two chapters but for the most part it'll be one a day.

*Disclaimer I do not own Persona in any way shape or form. However all of my characters are gonna be parodies of my real life friends. I'm obviously giving them different names. They are also fairly similar to their real names and if you can guess what all our real names are in one try you get nothing but the satisfaction of knowing you were right.

Now that that's over I'm gonna explain some Persona game mechanics to my friends who are lame and poor and can't afford to get a ps4 and buy Persona 5 or just don't have the time to watch an entire walkthrough/let's play of the game. This fic is gonna be similar to Persona 4 with some mechanics taken from Persona 5. It'll also have a few references only fans of the series are gonna get.

The story itself features Personas that are unique for all my main characters as well as some from the series. I do my best to explain what they look like but use some imagination or in the case of an already existing one Google it. I also hate/am bad at symbolism so don't look too much into things. Also this story has no real major themes or message. It's just the Persona 4 idea of "Face Shadow that is an embodiment of your repressed angst." but with my friends~ We are just here for fun.
Also I say also a lot. My grammar skills are also not the greatest and fuck the quotes rules we die like men. If you notice an issue with my quotes and dialogue know that I don't really give a fuck.

Now then. Let's begin the crash Persona Course. This is just to get the ideas of what'll happen fight wise before hand. The story will be explained in the story.

The game works on a system of elements. Each persona has one they are strong to and weak to. Mostly. Most of the time you can tell an enemies weakness from the way it looks but sometimes you just don't know what to hit that one ugly motherfucker with so you try everything. For the basics it goes like this:

Eiha or Curse (basically darkness) is strong against Kouha or blessed (light) and vice versa.

Agi or Fire is good against Bufu or Ice and vice versa.

Zio or Lightning is good against Garu or Wind and vice versa.

Frei or Nuclear is good agasint Psi or Psychic and vice versa.

There is also Megido or Almighty which nothing can resist. It's usually white balls/explosions that murder everything.

There are also blessed and curse insta kill spells those are Hama and Mudo respectively.

There are also physical attacks as well as support magics and ailments. The ones I mention in story will be explained here as well as in the story when they come. I may add some or remove some. These are also just the basic words used for these spells. Prefixes and suffixes are added for the stronger versions of them. I will handle explaining them as they come up.

Physical attacks are just that. They deal physical damage think like stabbing someone with a sword a punching a bitch in the face.

And this is a support and ailment spell run down:

Dia: Healing Spell
Baisudi: Cure Shock/Freeze/Burn for one ally.
Patra: Cure Dizzy/Forget/Sleep/Forget for one ally.
Energy Drop : Cure Confuse/Fear/Despair/Rage/Brainwash.
Amarita Drop: Cure all Ailments of one ally.
Recarm: Revive ally w/ 50% Health
Tetrakarn: shield that reflects physical damage once
Makarakarn: shield that reflects magic damage once
There are also attacks that'll be "element" name then wall. These help with weaknesses. i.e. fire wall will make you not weak to fire for a bit.

Ailments: Dizzy, Sleep, Hunger, Forget, Fear, Rage, Despair, Brainwash, Confuse.
Ailment Spells
Marin Karin: brainwash 1 foe
Dormina: sleep one foe
Lullaby: sleep all foes
Dazzler: dizzy one foe

There are also buffs which will appear rather late in the story. The buffs are:
Tarukaja: Attack Up.
Rakukaja: Defense Up.
Sukukaja: Speed/Accuracy Up.

There are also "charge" mechanics.
Charge: Next physical attack deals more than double damage.
Concentrate: Next magical attack deals more than double damage.

Like I said some of these will appear. I just want my non persona playing loser friends to get a general idea.

I think that's all I had to say. Bye for now, and enjoy.