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Turnabout Legacy

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December 22, 5:30 pm

Wright Anything Agency

Few days were as cold but still so nice like this one, Christmas was close and everybody was in a good mood typical of the holidays that have to come. Some were already buying things for the dinner or running from store to store trying to find the perfect Christmas gift. But other people were entirely into something else, something greater  magical and more fun, anyway, that's the way she describes it.

Trucy Wright was to perform a magic show at the Borscht Club, a place that brings back so many memories from when times were harder, when she was just her and her new father against the world. Now she smiled just thinking about the present, now her father had risen from the ashes like an authentic phoenix and was back at the courtrooms even more determined now that he had two young lawyers under his wing; Apollo and Athena. Even if Apollo was now at Kura'in he still sent a lot of letters and it felt like he was right by your side doing his Chords of Steel exercises, there wasn't even time to get sad or miss him with all the things that happened every day.

" It's almost time Daddy! I can't wait!"

Phoenix Wright looked at his daughter and smiled, her enthusiasm contagious.

" Yeah! You have been practicing a lot, this sure will be one of the best shows ever Trucy!"  that was Athena, she seemed more hyped than Trucy, as if that was even possible.

" When I finish my show surely there will be time for playing poker Daddy, you haven't played in ages!"

Phoenix just laughed.

" Can't leave them to take my title away" He answered pulling a smuggy smile and placing his hands by his hips, making the girls laugh. -Anyway, it's time, be sure to not forget anything.

" Sure thing!" said Trucy.

They took a taxi and arrived at the bar. It was slightly cooler than the outside, but was crowded with people, Trucy's magic sure attracted a large audience. Phoenix looked at a corner hoping to find a familiar shape and wasn't disappointed, his eyes met with the elegant form of a piano, now covered in dust, waiting in silence for somebody to “play” it.

"Not tonight, my friend..." He thought.

Suddenly he was awoken from his internal thoughts by the Steel Samurai ringtone from his cellphone, he answered quickly while Trucy and Athena looked at him.

“ This is Wright. Oh, hi Edgeworth.”  Phoenix's smile returned as he asked him how long it would take to him to join them, but Edgeworth spoke quickly and in a couple of words made Phoenix's brow furrow in worry, he looked so anxious and preoccupied now. He hung up the phone and faced Trucy.

“ Truce, I have to take care of something. Please stay here until I came back, okay?”

“ What's wrong Daddy?. You look pale...”

“ Nothing important, I'm going to Edgeworth's office to help him with a case. We will return in less than 15 minutes. I promise.”

He kissed her head and rushed to the door.

“Is Mr. Wright fine?” Asked Athena.

“Yeah, he does that all the time. But he will be back, you’ willl see!”

Athena had heard Wright's heart and he surely wasn't lying, but a lot of complex emotions were present, what had Edgeworth told him?


The show started and ended in what looked like a couple of minutes, Athena had watched Edgeworth arrive and that made her feel better, surely Mr. Wright was close. It wasn't until the very end of the show that she met with Edgeworth...all alone.

“ Where is Mr. Wright?” Asked Athena.

“ I though he was here, he didn't show up at my office but sent me a message to join him here instead. But I can't see him anywhere.”

“ That's odd, he promised Trucy he would come back...”

“ Uncle Miles! How are you?”  yelled Trucy, hugging the stoic man with care, Edgeworth gaive her a few pats on her back.

“ I'm fine. Great show, Trucy...”

“ Thank you! Have you seen my dad?”

“ No. But I'm looking for him.”

“ Really? Where did that old man hide, huh?”

Trucy searched for him with her eyes, but there was no sign of his pointy hair or signature blue suit.

“We should come back to your office, Mr. Edgeworth, maybe he arrived late and he's still in there.”

“It's a possibility. Come with me.”

Edgeworth guided the young girls to his car and drove back to his office. It was starting to freeze and Trucy was only wearing her Magician clothes, at a red light, Miles pulled off his own jacket and handed it to Trucy.

“ Thank you, Uncle Miles.”

“ What did your father tell you?”

“ That he was going to help you with one of your cases and that he would  be back in less than 15 minutes.…”

“ It's that so...?”

“ Why? What did you tell him?”

“ Some news from the police, one of his former clients was murdered.”

“ What? Who?”

“ You didn't know him; he was a client from more than 10 years ago. If you want, I can tell you everything once we arrive at the office.”

And so they did. The girls took the elevator but Miles chose the stairs, it should take him extra time to arrive so he trusted his key to Athena. The building was already dark, there were a pair of lamps that filled the corridor with light, it was a nice and warm place.

When they found Edgeworth's office Athena got close to open the door, only to find that it was unlocked, a closer look revealed that it was not just unlocked, but that the doorknob was totally busted and rendered useless. The sound of someone sobbing alerted Athena's senses enough to chill her to the bone. Trucy turned pale when she noticed something else, even more terrifying...

It smelled like blood.