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Dying was a process that felt nearly mechanical.


I wasn’t necessarily incredibly upset about dying, as I had been sick for so long at that point it wasn’t quite a relief but an eventuality.

I made it to my early twenties and already that’s about a quarter of a long lifespan. It wasn’t the greatest but there were good times. I did good things. I made peace with dying.


Dying was a process, but waking up after death sure came as one hell of a surprise.


Getting squeezed out of a horrifying tunnel and into a cold, vast expanse was terrifying. I didn’t immediately correlate what was happening with any sort of life-after-death experience. I was screaming my fool head off in fear and pain as I was getting hefted around like a sack of potatoes.


You can’t really blame me for screaming; though I had been sick and dependent on others for any form of mobility before the experience that doesn’t necessarily translate to being nearly blind, naked, and enveloped in what felt like the beefiest, meatiest hands I had ever encountered. I was scrubbed clean quickly and dispassionately, which, once again, wasn’t that unusual but the sheer scale of everything in comparison to me was utterly alien.

My flailing limbs were wrapped tightly in cloth and I was gently placed within waiting arms. I could scarcely see over the blankets surrounding me, and I let my screaming die down to a terrified muteness.




That’s not normal at all.


What my blinking, bleary eyes could barely make up over the scratchy fabric restraining me was a face of immense proportions. I had a brief moment where I thought that my agnostic self was about to be lectured on the truth of divinity and morality when the face cooed loudly at me and continued to speak utter gibberish. A massive hand reached out and cupped the entirety of my head as I choked on my tongue in an attempt to articulate my confusion. A second voice cut in on the chatter and another impossibly large face slowly blurred into existence beside the first. I could barely tell an eye from a nose, but I got the impression that both giants were smiling and crying and -by the hand cradling my head and the arms holding me tight- beyond happy to see me.


Oh. I thought, wrestling rubbery and unresponsive muscles into a nervous smile.



A second lease on life wasn’t an unwelcome prospect, just not something I ever put much thought into.


Though I suppose I certainly never thought that I’d reincarnate into the Narutoverse - not that I knew that yet.