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Mirrored in His Sliver Shield: deleted scenes

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AN: this was the chapter that I cut out of part 3 of the series. They felt good when I wrote the outline but now they feel like they are dragging away from the action and plot. I wrote them up here because there are important things that they have that the story needs and you need to know for later.

The same goes for the second chapter, so thanks for reading this and I hope you like it.

  • Time Jump: 2008, Bucky has been discovered and HYDRA wants him back.

 -Bucky creates a new system to train snipers in combat and takes the idea to Stark.

-Stark sees its potential in the private sector as a top of the line gaming platform with cutting edge virtual-reality simulations that they could use to recreate battles and people in a game.

-Bucky’s platform is based on Battles from WW2 that he participated in, to train snipers to assess the situation and find the best solution. Stark sees the simulations of the battles and thinks they can make a game based on the adventures of Captain America and the Howling Commandoes.

-Bucky agrees but only if they let him do his own voice-over and Steven do the voices of the dead commandoes.

-Stark loves the idea and pitches it to Obadiah.

-Stark thinks that it could make even more money in the private sector than the military, but the military would benefit from it even more.

-Stane sees Bucky and recognizes him. (Stane is HYDRA)



 sorry that this is just an outline, but it's getting cold in the land of the great white north, and I like my fingers to not be numb.