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Drops of Jupiter

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Castiel massages Dean’s wrists gently, “I think these are going to bruise,” he says. He didn’t think he tied the rope that tight, but Dean did keep pulling at his restraints. That might have helped with bruising.

“Yeah, I’m definitely going to have bruises tomorrow,” Dean says. “And by the way whoever the fuck taught you how to give a blowjob has my admiration.”

“Well, thanks to you being a slow teacher I am self taught,” he says with maybe a little too much snark not that Dean seems offended by it.

Instead he snorts, “self taught? I call bullshit, buddy. No one is that good in their first try.”

Castiel rolls his eyes, “that’s a stupid thing to lie about. I’ve read things you know, the mechanics didn’t seem overly difficult and frankly you were a very willing subject,” he says. He’s sure Dean’s imagination has been filling in all sorts of blanks for him not that Castiel minds- less work for him given that he has no genuine idea how to be any kind of sexy.

Dean looks him over for a long moment. “You’re actually telling the truth,” he says and Castiel frowns.

“I already said that’d be a stupid thing to lie about. Why is that so hard to believe? I can’t have possibly been the best you’ve ever had.” Good for a novice is different than good in general and Castiel is more than willing to bet he is the former.

“I uh… I mean no, you’re not. But that did land in my top three,” he says, laughing softly and looking strangely self satisfied given that Castiel did all the work. “You seriously got all that from reading?” he asks.

He nods, “most of it. I added in a few details of my own, obviously.”

Dean’s eyebrows draw together, “dude, what the fuck do you read? And all the rope stuff, the tie? And that dirty talk? Did you get that from some… book or whatever too?” he asks.

Dirty talk? Castiel frowns because that’s… not what he would have called that. “Yes. Some of it anyways. The tie was mostly because I was lacking for materials,” he says honestly. It had been a decent enough length to tie Dean’s wrists though he hadn’t considered the headboard problem right away, but that was easily solved.

Please do not get rid of that tie- that was inspired. You used to sing in the church choir wearing that,” Dean says, strangely titillated by this fact. Castiel doesn’t see what he does but he’s happy to let Dean take his creative liberties. “And the boy scout thing? And that ‘you’re here to be used’ thing? You’re seriously telling me that you got all that from pinning me down once and reading?” Dean asks in disbelief.

Castiel has no idea what answer he’s looking for here. “Yes, Dean, I’ve told you that. Meg suggested-”

“Ugh, Meg,” Dean mumbles, wrinkling his nose. He doesn’t understand what both Dean and Gabriel have against her.

“Don’t make that face, you owe your orgasm to her. Its not like I ever would have thought to look up kinks on my own. I found a few things that appealed to me,” he says somewhat primly. He’s got a bunch of ideas he wants to try too. Like a lot. All of them involving Dean in some kind of position where he’s reliant on Castiel for something or another.

Dean’s eyebrows shoot up, “kinks?” he asks. “Shit angel, please tell me what you have gotten into,” Dean says. Its casual, the use of ‘angel’ but Castiel gets that feeling in his gut again, the one that has him licking his lips and pushing Dean back into his bed flat on his back. He swings a leg over Dean’s hips and leans forward, kissing him eagerly. With Dean’s hands free they immediately go to his thighs, running up them until they settle on Castiel’s hips. When Castiel pulls away Dean is a little flushed and dazed, “well, you learned a thing or two from that kissing lesson,” he murmurs.

Sure he did, and he’s sure he’ll learn more with practice. “You did take an excruciating amount of time on that lesson,” he says in a low voice, leaning forward and kissing Dean again. This one is slower, more deliberate, and when Castiel pulls away he catches Dean’s bottom lip in his teeth and pulls a little. Dean’s hands tighten on his hips and he takes that as a good sign.

“Shit, Cas,” Dean murmurs. “I um… we’re going to do this again, right?” he asks, frowning like its just occurred to him that this is a one night stand or something. He supposes that’s not out of character for Dean, a one night stand, but it is a little out of character for him to care either way.

“Of course,” Castiel says. “I am nowhere near done satisfying my curiosity and you… well, you behave so well. It’d be a shame to have to find someone new.” He says it with the intention of teasing Dean and it works at least on some level because he sits back up, hands shifting to Castiel’s ass as he pulls him forward into a kiss. Castiel makes a surprised noise, falling into Dean a little before wrapping his arms around his neck to keep balance.

“Yeah, you don’t need to find anyone else,” Dean tells him, kissing him hard. “I’m all you need.”

Castiel smiles into the kiss, which he thinks ruins it a little but Dean doesn’t seem to mind. “Then I guess you need to prove yourself worth keeping,” Castiel tells him, “like you did tonight.”

“Hell yeah, angel, anything you want,” Dean mumbles into his mouth. Castiel shivers at that, letting out a small moan of pleasure before he presses into Dean again.


Okay so at the time Dean thought nothing of it, he was getting a damn good blowjob and Cas leaning over him with a wet mouth, lips pink and flushed… Yeah, that made his morning masturbation session because fuck that’d been hot. But Cas didn’t seem interested in any kind of reciprocation and that’s weird, he thinks. “So guys,” he says to Ash and Jo on lunch break, “last night I slept with a guy. But it was kind of… weird.” He pauses to try and find the words to explain but Jo fills the silence with a snort.

“Yeah, I’ll say. Since when are you into guys?” she asks. Shit. He forgot he hadn’t told anyone here about that… “Relax Dean, we don’t give a shit. So what was weird? Must have been something really off the wall if you took notice,” she says, laughing. Yeah, okay, so he’s pretty known for his experimentation and whatnot so he guesses that’s fair.

“You know, aside from the guy thing,” Ash adds. “And by weird I mean that to our knowledge you’ve never slept with a guy before not, you know, dickery.”

Dean snorts because yeah, okay, he shouldn’t have expected either one of them to care and it feels nice actually, that they know and reacted well. “Okay,” he says, letting the Hallmark moment pass. “So, uh, yeah alright- I got tied up and got the blowjob of a lifetime, might as well be blunt,” he says. Jo and Ash frown at each other but don’t say anything, presumably waiting for the weird part to kick in. “But uh… nothing was reciprocated, if you get what I mean,” he says.

Jo lets out a loud ha. “I knew you were a pillow princess!” she says, earning a confused look from Ash. “What? You’ve never heard that before?” Dean has, but only in reference to lesbians, which makes him question Jo a little but whatever. Who’s he to judge?

“Its not that,” Dean says. “Its that he had no interest. Like at all.” Castiel seemed plenty interested in him, but not much concerned for himself. “That’s weird, right?”

“But he had an interest in going down on you,” Ash says skeptically.

“Yeah, totally into that, pretty bossy too. Didn’t see that coming but you know, its was hot so I let him play his game, whatever. But like… nothing for him. You guys ever come across something like that?” he asks. Ash shakes his head and Jo rolls her eyes.

“Yeah, I get the reverse- every guy I’ve ever been with leaves me high and dry but they get off,” she mumbles. “Your entire gender is selfish, and the one that isn’t got wasted on Dean,” she says, shaking her head. “Women everywhere are crying.”

“Hey, we’re not all dicks,” Dean says on his gender’s behalf.

“Not all men, really Dean? Whatever. Define ‘no interest’. Like could he get it up, because that’s a pretty useful process in bed,” she says.

Dean rolls his eyes, “yeah he could get it up, he just didn’t seem concerned about it,” he says.

“Even after you… you know,” Ash says, waves a hand around.

“Yeah, Ash, that’s what makes it weird.” Its not like Dean hadn’t tried but Cas brushed him off and went straight to examining his wrists.

“Think he’ll go down on me and not ask for tradesies?” Jo asks, grinning.

Dean glares at her, “no,” he says with probably too much force.

Jo holds her hands up in mock surrender, “damn, okay. Had no idea you were in a committed relationship over there,” she says, shaking her head.

He isn’t, he doesn’t think. But the thought of Cas with someone else does kind of make him want to rip someone’s lungs out. And Cas is bi at least, if he’s experimented with Meg and he came to Dean specifically. He’s actually kind of mad about that and he knows its stupid, just because he developed some stupid crush on Cas doesn’t mean he staked some kind of claim on him. But the thought of him with Meg kind of makes him want to punch Meg. She could probably take it, she seems tough. She’d probably come at him with a knife though and that’s a ball of crazy he doesn’t want to deal with. That, and he’s pretty sure Cas wouldn’t be happy about him punching his best friend.

“I am not,” he mumbles finally but Jo clearly doesn’t believe him.


Gabriel picks Castiel up like normal, and like normal Dean is in the back seat. When he changes the music to something he wants to listen to Gabriel groans, “ugh, not your depressing shit, Cas. I had a hard day, I don’t want to listen to your emo phase,” he whines. “Dean, back me up,” he adds.

Castiel turns to look at Dean and Dean is already looking at him, quite resembling a deer in the headlights. “I wouldn’t if I were you,” Castiel tells him.

“Its not that bad,” Dean says to Gabriel. Castiel smiles and Dean’s cheeks turn a little red. That’s cute, unexpected, but cute.

“Dude, what the fuck. You’re defending my little brother’s shit taste in music? Since when?” he asks, looking at Dean in the rear view mirror.

Since Castiel started sucking his dick but neither of them tell Gabriel that for obvious reasons. “Better than your music,” Dean says. “If I have to listen to one more shitty pop song I’ll throw myself out of this moving vehicle.” Castiel smiles, laughing a little to himself while Gabriel defends his bad music taste. He mostly tunes out the actual words, but he listens to Dean’s voice. It’s a little gruffer than it used to be, deeper too, probably the result of growing up some, and Castiel likes it. He likes that Dean stood up for him too, with barely any prompting at that.

He wants to reach out and thread his fingers through Dean’s, to pet his hair and kiss him but he’s stuck in the car with his stupid brother whining about his perfectly fine music. And Dean is right, Gabriel’s music is so much worse than his or Dean’s. Instead he chooses to send Dean a text with a few instructions that surprise Dean so much he forgets he’s in the middle of an argument with Gabriel. Castiel smiles at that, especially since he can feel Dean’s eyes on him, and Gabriel asks what the hell he just missed.

“Cassie,” Gabriel says when they get home. “Get your ass back here.” Castiel doesn’t listen to him, he beelines it for the house because he needs to come up with some kind of plan for Dean. Gabriel catches up with him though. “Shit Cas, where are you off to in such a rush?”

Castiel glares at him, “none of your business,” he tells Gabriel. “Now out of my way.”

Gabriel steps back into his path and Castiel gives him another irritated look. “Relax Cassie cakes, just answer this one question and I’ll let out off the hook.”

“If you give me a riddle I’ll punch you,” he tells Gabriel. He’s half serious about it too.

“Chill, little brother. What’s got your feathers in a ruffle?”

There’s his one question. Castiel smiles, “nothing that concerns you,” he says and he goes to step around Gabriel.

“Whoa, whoa, get back here. Seriously Cas, what’s up with you? You’ve been acting weird for the last week or so,” he says.

The only reason he even stops is because Gabriel sounds concerned and when he turns around he looks it too. Castiel sighs, “I um… met someone,” he says hastily. “I like him.” And a bunch of other things he’s not going to tell Gabriel about.

Unfortunately for him he figures it out anyways. “Oh my god, that’s why you were looking up bondage? Oh, you dirty bitch,” Gabriel says and Castiel wrinkles his nose. Gabriel has that prideful brother look he gets on his face and honestly Castiel doesn’t understand that. He’s technically not even dating Dean but even if he was he sees no need for Gabriel’s reaction.

“Why are you this vulgar?” he asks.

“Dude, vulgar? You’re tying people up to get your rocks off,” he says.

He is not. “It’s not sex that interests me, Gabriel, now can you bugger off?” he asks, turning and heading into the house. It shouldn’t surprise him but it does when he finds Lucifer standing in his doorway ten minutes later.

“Gabriel thinks whomever you met is a bad influence on you. He must genuinely be worried if he came to me,” Lucifer says. Must be, yes, because they’ve learned not to go to Lucifer for anything a long time ago. Lucifer might complain about their absentee father, later dead, but he’s just as distant, more so maybe. “I have to say he’s a bit of an idiot for not noticing you’re fucking Dean Winchester and honestly Castiel, great taste, really, but I don’t approve.”

Castiel squints at him for a moment, trying to determine if Lucifer is actually serious about that. “You don’t approve?” he asks, suddenly pissed. “Well I don’t approve of whatever it is you did to Sam Winchester but you didn’t ask me what I thought before hand now did you? I don’t give a damn about your approval,” he tells Lucifer. To a point he doesn’t care about Gabriel’s either, which is convenient because Lucifer exploits the obvious loophole.

“And if were to tell Gabriel his precious baby brother is screwing around with his bad boy best friend?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

He’ll make good on it, Castiel knows he will because Lucifer is an asshole. “Go ahead, then I’ll tell him you screwed around with Sam and see how he likes knowing that his entirely hypocritical lack of approval for Dean given his own dating life is really the least of his worries,” Castiel tells him. “I’m assuming you know Gabriel and Sam are together if you know about Dean and something tells me he’ll be understandably more concerned about your relationship than mine,” he says. He’s sort of surprised Sam hasn’t said anything, but he’s always been the independent type and Castiel hasn’t said anything because it’s not his story to tell. Instead he decided to keep a close eye on Lucifer, but Lucifer isn’t a moron. He noticed and backed off.

Besides, he knows Gabriel will be pissed at Dean, and he knows Dean will be pissed at Gabriel now matter how stupid either of them are for holding that opinion. But both of them would decide Lucifer is the bigger fish to fry and Castiel gets the feeling that Dean in particular would be pretty happy to fry Lucifer. Which he knows Lucifer would know because he’s not stupid, not totally anyways. He’s a creep, and a predator too, but he’s not lacking for intelligence. Just any decent set of morals. Beyond that Gabriel and Sam are actually good together- opposites, but in a good way. He and Dean are good together- opposites, but in a good way. Lucifer can eat it.

Lucifer laughs, “shit, and dad thought I was the rebellious one. Yet here you are, refusing to go to church, coveting the neighbor right after tying him up- yeah, I know about that too, and all under your own brother’s nose,” Lucifer says in a velvety tone, shaking his head sadly.

Castiel rolls his eyes. “Oh please Lucifer, I may not go to church but I haven’t stopped believing in god, and I’m not coveting the neighbor I’m dating him. I’ll give you the bondage, but Gabriel? I’m not doing anything to him that he and Sam aren’t already doing to Dean. Taste of his own medicine, and all that. And as far as rebellion goes, the difference between the two of us? I do these things because I’m trying to figure out who I am; you were just throwing tantrums like an oversized brat. Now get out of my damn room,” he snaps.

Lucifer laughs, shaking his head. “Man, I wish dad could see this. You were always his favorite. Probably wouldn’t be now,” he says, shutting the door behind him.

Castiel frowns because he was never their father’s favorite. That was Raphael.


Dean’s got a lap full of Castiel and he’s fucking pleased about it. He’s spent so long lusting after Cas and now he’s in Dean’s lap tracing over his chest with his fingertips. Dean has been told that he can’t touch Cas so his arms are firmly planted on either arm of the fluffy chair they’re sitting in. Sammy is out, presumably all night considering their deal, and Dean is kind of glad for it now even if he worries about Sam still.

Castiel’s heated gaze draws him back in and honestly its weird with him and not really in a bad way. Cas is fucking great, but he’s got some odd tastes. Dean hadn’t noticed it in the moment, hadn’t even noticed it until he’d been told not to touch Cas, but he doesn’t really respond to any normal thing Dean would do to get someone in the mood. But he does react to Dean following instructions, like a lot. And that’s not what Dean’s used to seeing either but he quickly decided he didn’t give a fuck about that because Castiel is the last year of his fantasies coming true and Dean isn’t about to be picky on what Cas is into.

And he’s into it too. He wouldn’t have taken himself for the type really, but he likes the way he can see Cas react when he follows Cas’ instructions. He wants to listen to him, to do as he’s told. Its not a familiar feeling but its one that makes him feel… he doesn’t know how to describe it. Safe, maybe? Wanted? That doesn’t seem like the right way to put it but after a long day its nice to have Cas tell him what to do. He can shut his brain off and let Cas run the show and boy does he run it. If he didn’t think he was the type Cas is even more of a surprise. Sure, everyone has a side people don’t usually see but the side where Castiel is suddenly good at dirty talk, blowjobs, and tying people up? Dean would have never seen that coming.

Cas shifts and Dean licks his lips as Cas looks down at him. He’s actually shorter than Dean though not by much, but the way he’s positioned himself at the moment has Dean tilting his neck back to look up at him. He’s got this weird, fluttery feeling in his gut that gets stronger if he sinks a little lower in his seat. It occurs to him that he likes when Castiel towers over him and it seems to occur to Cas too. He carefully curls his hand around Dean’s jaw, “you look beautiful like this, underneath me,” Castiel tells him, voice gravelly and rough. It hadn’t been like that a couple years ago and Dean thinks he started paying attention to Cas when it changed. Now he’s got this deep, sexy voice and Dean’s pretty sure Cas can convince him to do whatever he wants with it.

“Yeah, Cas,” Dean breathes out even though that makes no sense as a response to what Cas just said.

Thankfully Cas doesn’t seem to give a shit. “You’ve been good so far,” Cas tells him and he nods stupidly along but Cas smiles at him like this is the best reaction he could have had. Dean smiles too. “Are you going to continue to be good for me?” he asks and Dean nods again.

“Anything you want,” he tells Castiel.

Castiel licks his lips, “well that’s just dangerous Dean. You have no idea what I’ll ask,” he points out.

He’s known Cas for years, he wouldn’t hurt Dean. He’s had plenty of opportunity to do it so far and he hasn’t. “I trust you,” he says and that, of all things, gets a reaction out of Castiel. He pushes Dean further into the chair behind him and kisses him harshly, overeager but that has its own appeal. Dean moans softly and tries to gain some kind of control over the kiss but Castiel refuses, pulling back a little every time he manages to gain an inch of dominance. Finally Dan gives up, instead letting Castiel do what he wants.

Despite how this started Dean can tell Cas has some experience kissing, he’s actually kind of skilled at it. A little unrefined, but that comes with more practice and Dean’s happy to be the lab rat for this one. Take one for the team and all that. Besides that Cas is hitting all sorts of buttons he didn’t know he had, nipping at his bottom lip as one hand settles at the base of his throat. Dean tries to tilt his head back some, a silent plea for Cas to lift his hand higher, but he accidentally breaks the kiss instead. When Cas doesn’t come back to him he swears he lets out an honest to god whine.

Cas laughs though, “oh, what’s that?” he asks, fingers flexing at his throat. “Do you like this?” he asks. Dean nods a little and he already knew he liked this. He’s had a few more adventurous adventures and one of them involved a little choking and damn it’d been good. It’s better with Cas because Dean had bought into that stupid innocent angel thing too, and to see him like this all covered in debauchery is a fucking turn on. Cas, with his pale skin, dark hair, and piercing blue eyes- he’s always been what Dean imagined an actual angel would look like and now he’s being fucking choked by him. Well, sort of.

Doesn’t matter because Dean has like a million fantasies just like this one and he wants to see which one Cas will make come true or if he’ll make a whole new one like the other day. “I like it too,” Cas murmurs, lifting his hand a little higher on his neck. Its almost loving, the gesture, and Dean involuntarily lets out a soft noise of pleasure. Cas’ hand feels heavy on his neck and he likes it there, like an anchor that keeps him attached to Cas with the way his fingers caress Dean’s throat. There’s the fact that he’s in Dean’s lap, sure, but his hand feels more solid, concrete show of Cas’ presence and the danger of it isn’t lost on him either. That just makes it better though, like Cas literally has Dean’s life in his hand and when he swallows hard he can feel Cas’ hand more, pressing into him a little. Not too much, but enough to be almost invasive.

Cas looks at him with the closest thing Dean has seen to desire in his features but his eyes are fixed to his hand around Dean’s throat. “Cas,” Dean murmurs and Castiel’s eyes flick up to look at Dean. “Can I… can I touch you?” he asks, hands itching to get ahold of Castiel, to let him know how much he likes this, to give him something in return for making Dean feel so good. Castiel tilts his head to the side though, considering.

“No,” he says and Dean lets out a whiny sigh he sort of resents himself for.

“Cas,” he says, whine in his voice too but Cas shushes him.

“Don’t whine Dean. I’ll tell you what I want and you’ll do it, understand me?” he asks and Dean nods. “Good,” Castiel murmurs, tightening his grip on his throat. Dean’s eyelids flutter as his eyes rolls back in his head a little. Yeah, okay, maybe he can forgo touching Cas for the moment.