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Come To Me

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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of it's characters or events. They belong to J.K. Rowling. 

As Draco fled the Great Hall he had Harry's full attention. Green eyes stared after the white-haired boy, concern suddenly flooding through his body. Something about the look on his face, and in his silvery eyes, the way he bolted as soon as he saw Katie tipped Harry off that something bad was going on with the young Slytherin. 

Long strides race after Draco through the many halls of Hogwarts. Twist after twist after turn, one corridor after another, making Harry wonder where Draco could possibly be heading. To take refuge possibly? Some secret hideout where he would try to escape punishment and plan out his next harmful scheme. He'll get so many hexes thrown his way, they won't even be able to identify him, Harry thought, enraged at what had happened to his friend. However, his plan didn't exactly pan out the way he planned, as Harry had had the contrary ideas to what was really going on. He quickly discovered this as he entered Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, the scene before him almost causing his jaw to go slack. 

Draco was white-knuckled, clenching the edge of the porcelain sink, his head bowed. At first, Harry thought Draco was going to be sick. Then he heard the sob, as Draco's shoulders heaved and he glanced up at his own pale, tear stained face in the grimy mirror. He caught Harry's shocked eyes in the mirror, and suddenly his face was no longer filled with pain, or even hatred. Instead it was filled with panic and stress. He whirled to face Harry, wand raised in a shaking hand. Defensively, Harry quickly disarmed him, and Draco's wand clattered to the floor ten feet away. However, Harry was not filled with anger or malice as he thought he would be, but instead a feeling of concern and worry took over him. He rushed towards Draco, who backed himself against the wall, wide-eyed and flailing, desperately trying to protect his vulnerable form from a blow. 

"Stop," Draco begged, still trying to protect himself, "don't hurt me..."

"Hey, hey, hey," Harry said softly, "I'm not going to hurt you." Draco winced as Harry pinned his arms to the sides above his head. "I'm not trying to hurt you, okay? It's okay." Draco breathed heavily, tears still welled in his eyes, pain mingled still with shock. "Mal- Draco, what happened?"

The genuine concern in his voice continued to shock Draco, and his lips quivered. "Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why aren't you trying to hurt me?" Draco exclaimed. "W-why aren't you trying to ruin me?" 

Harry could tell that Draco was barely containing his tears. One slipped out as he started to speak. "I don't want to do that, Draco."

Two more tears fell, Draco choking on what he was trying to contain. It became harder and harder as they came quicker. "I-I don't understand..." Draco stammered, overwhelmed. Harry had released his hands and was now pulling at his hair. 

Realizing that Draco was about to break down completely, he placed his hands lightly on the sides of his ribs, which Harry could clearly feel through his dress shirt. Geez, Draco, when's the last time you ate? Harry thought. But with Draco's breathes becoming shorter and shorter, he lowered his voice as he spoke. "You can talk to me, Draco..."

Draco broke, and he broke hard. Shaking his head fervently he stopped fighting the tears and sobbed. Harry frowned, pulling the shaking boy into his arms. Draco clung to Harry, his arms around his neck and face burried in his shoulder. Although, it didn't do much to muffle the sounds of his broken sobs. They wracked his frail body. In the moment, Harry didn't think much of it, focusing all his attention on comforting the broken boy against his chest. "Shh... shh, Draco. It's okay, it's okay," Harry whispered, rubbing Draco's back. 

"No," Draco choked, somehow starting to sob even harder. He shook his head again. "N-no, it's not!"

Harry bit his lip, genuinely concerned for Draco. He wanted right now what he never thought he'd want ever in is life, the ability to comfort Draco, to get him to calm down and stop crying and shaking so badly. The young boy was shaking like a leaf, and Harry doubted that he'd ever seen someone look so terrified and utterly defeated, destroyed even. He shifted their embrace slightly, lowering them to the floor. The embrace felt awkward in that position on the floor, so Harry lifted Draco to sit sideways against Harry's chest and right shoulder, his knees bent over Harry's legs. He embraced Draco again, tighter, who turned his face into Harry's chest. Draco was surprisingly light and bony, which concerned Harry even more. 

As Draco started to calm down, Harry voiced his concern. "Draco?"

"Mm?" He sniffled.

"When's the last time you ate a proper meal?" Harry could feel Draco curl into him more, completely exhausted and not at all minding who exactly was holding him. He seemed comfortable there, almost like he needed it - craved it. Is he touch starved too? Harry wondered. 

"I don't remember," he mumbled into his shirt. "'S not important..."

"Yes it is, Draco, you need to eat." Harry said concerned, rubbing his back gently again. 

Draco only shook his head. He stayed very quiet for a few minutes as his breathing slowed. He was quiet for so long that Harry was sure that he'd fallen asleep in his embrace. Mind wandering, Harry's body acted on it's own. He raised his right arm to the top of Draco's head, and started to lightly run his fingers through Draco's platinum hair. They stayed this way for a while, Harry worrying about Draco's situation and what could possibly have upset him this much, and Draco enjoying Harry's gentle, caring touch. 

"He's going to kill me, Harry." 

Harry was startled by the soft, shaky voice using his first name, and by the possible meanings that simple statement could hold. "Who's going to kill you, Draco?" 

His voice wavered as he spoke. "Voldemort."

Harry's mind raced. "W-wha-" 

Draco pulled his sleeve up gingerly, revealing what Harry has suspected all year, the Dark Mark. He flinched slightly, and Draco started to get upset again. "I didn't want it, Harry! I swear! But my parents, th-they-"

"Shh," Harry whispered again, "it's okay. I believe you. I believe you, Draco." 

Draco stared up at Harry, silvery eyes full of wonder. "Really?" Harry nodded. "Why are you being so nice to me? I thought you hated me."

Harry smiled sheepishly. "You needed someone."

"But you...?" Draco questioned. 

"Yeah, me. I can't fully understand, but I can try. Is that a problem for you?"

"No," Draco admitted meekly. 

"I thought you would push away my comfort," Harry mused. 

Draco flushed. "You were right. I really needed someone." 

"I'm right here." 

"Thank you." 

Harry's only response was to hug him tighter. He ignored the wet patches on his clothes went back to playing with his hair. 

"I'm scared, Harry." Draco's voice trembled. 

"Oh, Draco... I'm so sorry." As if it was second nature, Harry leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to the top of the blond's head. 


Harry winced. "Yes?"

"Could you do that again? Please.." Draco's voice was incredibly timid. 

Harry cradled Draco to his chest and pressed another kiss gently to his head. "You're touch starved, Draco. Aren't you?"  The question was innocent, and honest.


"It's okay to tell me." Draco nodded against his chest, and Harry ran his fingertips through his hair once more. "But your parents... Pansy... I thought-"

"No one loves me, Harry. My father... he's very hard on me. My mother cares about me, but she can't show me affection around my father, which is almost always. Pansy and I aren't together... I haven't truly had a girlfriend..."

"Me neither." Harry admitted. "Draco?"


"Are you gay?"

Draco flinched, but then settled back against Harry's chest. "Geez, what tipped you off?"

Harry chuckled. "Hey, it's okay to need comfort."

"Harry, I asked you to kiss me again."

"I know," Harry stated softly. "And that's okay. I was the one who kissed you in the first place."

Draco chuckled once, breathily, and nodded against Harry's chest. 

"Draco?" He looked up into green eyes, green eyes that he'd admired from afar since first year. Harry tucked one finger under Draco's chin and tilted his head up. Draco parted his lips just slightly and soon Harry's were pressed against his own. The kiss was slow and gentle, but both boys soon felt that it was over too soon. Harry wiped the moisture from Draco's cheeks with his thumbs.  "You'll be okay. I promise."


"I won't let him hurt you, Draco. He won't get to touch you," Harry stated firmly.


"I'm always here for you, okay? Don't come to this bathroom to cry by yourself, please don't let it get that far again. Please?" Harry was practically begging. 


"Come to me, no matter what time of day. I don't care if it's the middle of the night. If something happens and you need me, come find me. I will try my best to get to you, I promise."


"Yes, Draco?"

"Thank you."