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Spell Caster

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It was all her fault.

Now, Inko knew that she could not blame herself entirely for this. There were many factors that contributed to this problem, but even she had her role to play and could not turn her cheek and act innocent. Not again. Not like she'd been doing for the past three years.

Three years? It had already been three years that she had tried to pretend that nothing was wrong. Three years that Inko tried to pretend like she didn't notice that something was wrong with Naoki. Oh, her sweet little Noachan. Her strong and brave child. Finding out that Naoki was quirkless was not the worst thing in the world, but seeing that despair and utter pain on her child's face had been.

Of course, she knew that her daughter having two joints on her pinky toe wasn't her fault; that was all chalked up to bad luck and no one could be blamed for that.

But her actions afterwords were anything but her own mistakes.

Inko would never forgot the blank eyes of her Naochan as fat watery tears ran down her freckled cheeks; Inko apologizing over and over again for something that could not be helped. It just came to show that when her child needed her most, Inko buckled under her own disappointment and shame and could not even reassure her own child that she could be a hero no matter if she had a quirk or not.

Thinking back on it was enough reason for her to grimace as she stared up from her plate to look up at the wild green forest that she called her daughter's hair. The girl was sitting across from her with that huge smile and devouring her food with a gusto that reminded her of her beloved Hisashi.

Inko pushed back the tears that wanted to drip in favor of just watching Naoki. 

Naoki was a petite little girl with green hair that she received from Inko herself and the wildness of it all from her Hisashi. Skin a mix of her and her husband though leaning more towards the peachy tone of Hisashi with decorative freckles she also inherited from him. Though the most prominent feature were the large moss green eyes that overtook most of her face. Inko knew that with time, her baby would be quite the looker.

If only Hisashi were around to see what they both created..

Though if he were here, he'd be more worried about their child's mental state than physical one.


She started at the sound of Naoki's voice and Inko swiftly brought her eyes to stare into her daughters with a smile that she hoped didn't seem too forced, "Ah, yes Naochan?"

She watched as Naoki seemed to stare into her very soul until the little gave a small smile and went back to eating with a short 'nothing' as if she was not just analyzing her own mother.

Inko prided herself on holding back the concerned frown that was pushing to shape on her lips. Instead she tried a different approach.

"How has school been, Naochan?" Inko watched as the smile on her baby's face fell with each word that came out of her mouth and she almost wanted to stop, "I mean, you have said anything about it or anyone's quirk." 

Silence. And then.

"Everything's fine..." Came the whisper of Naoki as the girl laid her chopsticks down and ducked her head, almost as if trying to hide. And the scene was enough to break her heart, but she had to. She had to keep pushing; had to keep digging deeper than she had before. Inko couldn't let things sit as they were if she wanted to help her child.

She had to push further beyond.

"I'd like to believe that," Inko started, "but your teacher called me and told me something. Do you want to know what that is?"

Naoki said nothing, seeming to shift deeper in her seat and try to bury herself in her chair. Inko waited a little more before continuing on though it pained her to do so.

"Honey, you've been in this class for a week now and the teachers are telling me that you haven't participated even once the whole time?" There it was. A sign that her daughter was still listening to her. It was a small twitch of her body, but it was something.

"Now, I'm not mad." Inko had to make sure that was clear from the start before she started anything, "I am just really worried and I want to figure out what the problem so that I can help my little Naochan. Can you tell Mama what's wrong so that we can fix it?"

It was silent for a minute or two and Inko was worried that nothing was going to work until the sound of sniffles hit her ears and she was assaulted with the heart-wrenching sobs that had her maternal instincts blaring at her to eliminate any and all threats to her daughter as she scampered out of her seat and kneeled beside Naoki who was trying desperately to stifle her voice and wipe away the snot and tears that were running down her face.

Inko broke through her 'shields' easily and wrapped her arms around her child and Naoki wasted no time in throwing herself into her mother's embrace. She held onto her little girl for a long time, never even thinking of her own tears and sobs as she kept her daughter cocooned her arms as if she could protect her from all that was evil in the world. And even if she could not, Inko would damn sure try her hardest.

It was only after a few hard long minutes of crying that her and Naoki finally settled down into sniffles and her daughter was able to answer her question from earlier, "It's hard.."

"What is, Naochan?" Inko asked her daughter.

Both had eventually moved to the living room wall with Inko leaning against it while holding Naoki to her breast so that the little girl could find comfort in her heartbeat like she used to as a newborn.

"Talking.." Naoki sniffled and continued, "it gets so hard to speak Mama... it's like everyone is waiting for me to step out of line.. for me to say something so that they can just call me.. q-quirkless.. and a waste of space

"Everyone and everything... it makes me so nervous and scared.. I just can't talk.. I can only talk to you and Papa.. you both make me feel so safe and loved Mama..." Naoki lifted her face from Inko's bosom and gave her a look that almost made Inko want to do whatever she could to make her child happy again.

"Mama, please don't make me... don't make me talk anymore..!"

What could say? What could Inko even say that? Her precious and innocent Naochan had these thoughts plaguing her for such a long time and no one, not even her own mother, were able to see the effects until it became too much for the poor girl to handle and she burst at the seams with just a small prod from an outside force. Inko felt new waves of tears and self-shame and disappointment envelop her, but she squashed those emotions down without a second thought.

This was not about her.

This was about Naochan. Her only concern and focus was her daughter. It would not be like last time where she only thought of herself and her own feelings. This time, she would do what she could for her daughter.

So, Inko didn't answer and instead pulled her daughter's face back into her chest and started to rock on the floor, not stopping until she felt Naoki's breath even out and her body relax as the girl let the exhaustion and burden of her emotions melt away; escaping to the beautiful embrace of sleep and dreams. She took her time standing up in order to not wake Naoki and carefully climbed the stairs and opened her daughter's All Might decorated room and laid her on her bed with a gentleness that shocked even herself and she tucked the little girl in, already kissing the girls plump cheeks.

"Don't worry Naochan," Inko caressed her baby's cheek, "Mama is gonna make this all better."

Inko quietly, but swiftly exited her daughter's room and closed the door while leaving a small crack open in case Naoki awoke during the night and walked down the hall to her own simple room and grabbed her laptop to turn on Skype app. The glowing screen showed 'Midoriya Hisashi' on the side bar and she clicked the call button with a determination that hadn't been sparked in a long time.

No more running away.

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Inko sat in the waiting office, Naochan sitting obediently on her lap though she could sense the aura of obvious displeasure wafting off her small body. Her daughter was not as quick to cover up her emotions as she thought. Inko was getting better at telling the tales or catching Naoki in a lie rather than acting like she didn’t; like she would have done a whole other year or two ago. She’d been practicing at reading her daughter after thinking back on the blank look Naoki would give when confronted with her emotions or even the thought of talking to someone that wasn’t her or Hisashi.

Hisashi had his own thoughts on the matter when she Skyped him.

It didn’t even take a full second before the call was received and accepted. Inko could have cried from relief when the screen read ‘Connecting.’ She knew how busy he was, but she also knew that when it came to Naochan there was not anything the man wouldn’t do.

Narrow, but tired chocolate brown eyes on a tan angular face full of freckles. A wild mane of black curls sat atop of Hisashi’s head as his full lips were pulled to form a sleepy, but loving smile that reminded her of Naoki. God, how she loved that smile on the face of both of her precious people.

”Inko-chan, good morning or,” her Hisashi looked to the corner of his laptop before turning to her, “good night, should I say?”

His smile was immediately wiped off of his face when he saw her — really saw her — and his face turned serious in a matter of seconds.

”What’s wrong?”

It was those words that broke her down.

The tears that fell down her cheeks and sobs that burst from her throat weren’t like her normal tears. This was the deep emotions of a mother’s fears, love, and despair and she knew that Hisashi could tell as he just allowed her to cry and stutter out everything.

Everything from her mistake three years ago to all the signs that she missed of their daughter going through pain and fighting her feelings down and even the guilt over waking him so early in the morning, seeing as he was in America. 

It all just came crashing down until she had no more energy and all fell silent with Inko just leaning her head and her crossed arms.

”You done now?” She barked out a laugh, but lifted her head and nodded. She was sure that she looked like a total and literally mess, “Good, cause you’re making something float back there. Can you put whatever it is down for me?”

Inko turned in her seat to see that her television was being pulled towards her. She hadn’t even noticed that she had been gripping her fingers therefore pulling the TV towards her. 

She went to pushing the TV back to its position on the table it say upon and turned back to her husband.

The man was just watching her intently. She was almost scared to open her mouth again until his lips parted.

”Yeah, that’s some shit. And you are at fault,” Inko winced. He always was a blunt asshole at times, she forgot that after all this time, “But it’s also mine as well.”

Her mouth was already ready to defend her husband — like she had done so many times against Mitsuki — but he only lifted his hand and she closed her mouth again.

”Don’t defend me Inko. The fault doesn’t rest on your shoulders only and you wouldn’t feel like it was if I was home more.” The man seemed to sink into hers hands as she hear the deep sigh he gave as well as see the small flames that emitted from his mouth along with some smoke. 

“Me being home might not have stopped what’s going on with Naoki, just like me being home wouldn’t have stopped her from being quirkless, but having me around wouldn’t have made it so hard for the both of you.” The man lifted his face and Inko shuddered at the molten orbs that suddenly glowed in place of her husband’s normally chocolate brown ones, “I could have been there for you two. I could have comforted my girls better and you both wouldn’t be so hesitant to bring me into the house problems. Instead I left the burden on your shoulders and I am sorry, Inko-chan.

”And you shouldn’t defend me — yes, I know what Mitsuki says, Masaru is my best friend after all — because a bitch she might be, Mitsuki isn’t a liar and never has been. She’s right that I’m a good for nothing father that doesn’t know anything because I never make time and I never have tried. I can admit that about myself. And I know I can do better. I need to do better." 

Inko didn’t say a word during his speech because what could she say? 

Hisashi was right. The fault was not just hers, but it was his as well. It was shared between the two of them. Inko looked down at the keys of her laptop and laughed bitterly to herself, "We really are a messy family, aren't we?"

"Not as messy as Mitsuki being a mom," At her playful glare, Hisashi laughed loudly to himself, "I swear that kid learns a curse word every hour whenever Masaru calls me."

She burst into giggles as she thinks about her husband's face as all he hears in the background is the screaming and cursing up a storm as the only calm Bakugou tries and fails to conversate with Hisashi while also trying to make sure his wife and son don't murder each other during another heated argument. The poor man would probably be sweating up a storm, thank goodness he couldn't make a spark without rubbing his hands together or they would have been in deep trouble.

Both of them fell into a heavy silence as the thought of their child weighed on both of the parent's mind and Inko was glad that she had someone that understood. She was also glad that she was not alone with her thoughts. While Hisashi was not good at comforting people, he was good at making them come to terms with their circumstances. 

He always knew how to make a person think even if they didn't want to.

"Hey, Inko-chan?"

She hummed in response lifting her head and then promptly freezing at the sight in front of her.

Hisashi was looking at her with those soft pools of chocolate that were his eyes and his lips were pulled into a gentle, but bright smile as his voice washed over her like a deep and familiar lullaby that she could not help but listen to over and over again and then he said, "You're a wonderful mother, Inko-chan."

Inko was taken back in time to when she was just a naive, but love struck sixteen year old girl. Just letting her feelings be known to a third year that even Mitsuki told her to give it up. That people like him couldn't stay in one place for long. And everyone was right, but that never stopped that beautiful smile from only showing for her and only her. 

And when he shot her that smile while also returning her feelings when no one else —  not even her — thought he would, it all went spiraling down for her and her common sense.


Inko jumped in her seat, accidentally tightening her arms around Naoki and she profusely apologized as the girl just gave her a barely there smile. 

"I'm sorry, Naochan." She gave her daughter an apologetic smile and the little girl just laid back into her chest before surprising her with, "You were thinking about Papa again, weren't you?"

"Haaa?!!" Inko spluttered as she brought her arms up to block her face, "how could you tell?!"

"You always look extra happy whenever you think about Papa. And you're all red too."

Inko smiled behind her arms and then lowered them as she saw the teasing tilt of her daughter's lips; she turned Naoki around in her lap and then rubbed her nose against hers in a Eskimo Kiss causing her little girl to giggle softly at the action and she would have kept continuing to lift her baby's spirits if her little girl hadn't frozen at the sound of the husky voice behind her.

"Midoriya-san? Dr. Tanaka will see you now."

Well, Inko stood with the frozen child in her arms and took a deep breath before marching through the doors.


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The doctors name was Tanaka Chieko and she put Inko at ease with a simple smile.

Dr. Tanaka was a child psychologist well known for her emotional quirk. When Inko told Naoki about who they were going to see, the little girl went on a mutterfest all about the woman's quirk and common things about her. 

Things like her age, race, birthday, strength, weaknesses, and anything else people could get there hands on about the woman.

Healing quirks were rare, super rare, and those with them were beheld a bit more than others and the child psychologist was no exception. Even though her healing was more on the emotional and mental level, it was still healing. Though the only people didn't like was that she chose to work with children instead of heroes and when asked why she did not even consider working with them she responded with an answer that surprised others:

"I am helping to protect something more important than heroes, I am helping to protect our children, our new heroes, our future."

After her answer, Dr. Tanaka was left alone for the most part though there was the minority that still felt she was an idiot for choosing the career path she did and thought it necessary to spew their opinion of her over several media sources when they had a chance or whenever she came up in a conversation.

Hisashi had known the woman since they had both went to Shiketsu High School together and were close friends even after graduating. 

Apparently when she realized that she would be seeing Hisashi's child, Dr. Tanaka made sure that there was time made in her schedule for them and Inko couldn't be more thankful. 

It seemed that Hisashi always looked out for her and Naoki...

"Midoriya-san?" Inko jumped as she realized that she had been staring at the woman and could already feel the blush forming on her face as she tried to sputter out a response, but the woman just giggled to herself and set down her clipboard and sat on a rolling chair across from the love seat that she and Naoki sat on or more like her little girl sat on her lap.

"I-I-I-I'm sorry! I was just thinking and you were there as I zoned out!" She blushed even more as the woman smiled at her.

"It's fine," Dr. Tanaka leaned on her thighs and looked down to Naoki as the little girl hides her face into Inko's bosom, "What seems to be the problem here?"

"Well," She looked down at the mess of green locks and placed her hand gently in the curls, "I got a report from teachers telling me that Naoki is quiet in class and even when called upon, she won't even answer questions or respond to others around her."

Tanaka hummed to herself and then looked down to the child stuck to the front of her shirt.

"Hello Naoki-chan, my name is Dr. Chieko and I am here to help you." The green haired girl didn't even so much as twitch as she kept her face hidden from the world.

Inko tried to offer some silent encouragement to her daughter, but the girl wouldn't even lift her head for Inko. 

"I'm sorry, she's not-"

The woman simply shook her head and simply continued to nudge the child gently with simple conversation starters and while she did so, Inko took an actual look at her.

Tanaka Chieko was a tall and slim young woman with ivory pale skin with long blonde hair that reached her waist in waterfall like waves and warm chocolate brown eyes that seemed to hold nothing, but patience for the stubborn child she was dealing with. She was a beautiful young woman and one that seemed to love the job that she'd chosen to do.

Dr. Tanaka backed up once she realized that she wasn't going to get so much as a twitch from the girl and instead raised her head towards Inko.

"Did the teachers let you know how long this has been going on?" The blonde asked her and Inko told her how it had been since the new school year started and the blonde woman was back to humming to herself before speaking once more, "And you were never aware of this kind of behavioral shift in her? No type of signs?"

Inko tensed as thought of the small moments of supposed 'shyness' that her little Naochan expressed towards the Bakugou family or other people other than her and Hisashi and let the doctor know.

Dr. Tanaka didn't say anything for a while before nodding her head as if checking off a mental list in her mind and giving Inko her full attention.

"Have you ever thought that she may have developed a case of Selective Mutism?"

Inko tilted her head at the new term, "Selective Mutism?"

Dr. Tanaka nodded her head and kept her eyes trained on Naoki, " Selective Mutism is an anxiety disorder. A child could be very chatty or commanding at home where the environment, in their mind, is safe while when put in a place like a school or a park they will be pushed in a shell and will stay silent no matter who talks to them. To them, they are not safe and therefore they do not talk.

Most parents like you also describe it as shyness and its never brought to attention until it becomes obvious that their child has a social impairment."

"Oh Naochan," Inko could feel the tears welling up in her eyes as she pulled her still silent daughter closer to her and buried her face in Naoki's hair, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry... Mama is so sorry.."

The blonde woman allowed the mother and daughter duo their moment as she swiveled around her chair and made sure she was not facing them as Inko had her moment of weakness.

Inko would make sure to thank her later.

After a few minutes, Inko made sure to pull herself together and wiped her face with the tissues that Dr. Tanaka had sitting on the coffee table sitting in front of the love seat. Her silence must have alerted the blonde that she was done because she turned and looked to them with eyes full of understanding and empathy, but not pity. Never pity. Inko could see why Dr. Tanaka and her Hisashi were still close friends.

The blonde gave her a kind smile, "Lets go over some treatments for Naoki, okay?"

Inko gave her a watery one in return and nods. They had a lot of work to do.

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Selective Mutism.




That was all Naoki could get from the conversation between her mother and the kind doctor; though she didn't try to engage in the conversation.

There had been a time where she would have been scolded for her behavior, but ever since her mother had found out that she was quirkless the woman had been more quiet and reserved though there was never a doubt in her mind that her mother loved her. 

Naoki never blamed her mother for the way things ended up. If she had to be honest, she blamed herself.

It was her fault that Mama cried to herself at night.

It was her fault that Papa was never around to comfort Mama.

It was her fault that Kacchan and the other students bullied her.

It was all her fault.

Naoki should have been suffocating with how deep she was burying her face into her mother's chest. She hadn't even noticed how hard she was gripping her Mama until she felt the familiar weight of the green-haired woman's gentle hand ran through her curls to calm her and Naoki commanded her body to respond in kind; relaxing herself and seeking comfort from her Mama. 

Dr. Tanaka once again tried to speak to her a few times in between conversations with her Mama and include her, but just hearing the other woman's voice sent her into 'fight-or-flight' mode and it took her feeling the warmth of her Mama to keep her calm though her heart still hadn't went down to a regular pace.

Naoki did not even want to imagine the state she would be in if she were here by herself at the moment; just the thought of that happening almost sent her into another panic, but again her mother shushed her and kept combing through her messy locks and massaging her scalp. She loved her Mama.

"With how concerning her selective mutism is," she heard the doctor speak, “we will be going for behavioral treatment, with a team of specialists and child doctors who are used to dealing with children like Naoki. We may even have to put her on prescriptions if we come across another mental influence for her mutism; something like anxiety —  though it is starting to look that way —  or even depression cause illnesses like that can also keep a child from healing from their selective mutism or at least make the journey a lot more difficult for Naoki than we would like for."

Now, while she may have been only a child, Naoki was anything but dumb; her grades showed that much even if her participation grade was lacking in more ways than one. She had known that her silence at school was not normal or ideal behavior for that certain environment. She knew because the students, teachers, and.. and Kacchan wouldn't dare let her forget.

It was already horrible enough that she was quirkless, but now she was just bringing her mother down with another problem; another issue regarding her. Naoki could not help the self-loathing that was starting to flood her mind from the inside out and a small whine left her mouth before she could trap it in her throat; the silence that followed after was deafening and she started pulling more and more on her Mama's clothing.

She wanted to leave. She wanted to leave right now. This place was too big; it was too open. 

It wasn't safe. This place was not safe

Home. Naoki wants to go home!

Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. Home. HOME!

Her throat was closing up even tighter and she could only gasps for air as she felt like everything was becoming too much. The sudden wetness in her eyes was blinding her and Naoki did not like that. 

"aoki! ...Naoki! ....doriya-san, tak!"

She wrenched her hands from the fabric that was gripping in favor of bringing them over her ears and trying to force herself into the smallest ball possible. It was only a pair of thin arms keeping her from doing so and that made her panic even more as the arms tried to hold onto her with her squirming to get away.

Naoki was not screaming; she didn't have enough air to do that, but it didn't stop the light whimpers and squeals of distress coming from herself. 

Everything was squeezing and pushing; it was too hot and it was too cold and everything was going dark.

Breathing was too hard and Naoki just wanted to go home!

Mama.. where was Mama..? Where did her Mama go?

She was supposed to be here! Why couldn't Naoki see her anymore?!

Th darkness weighed on her very soul until she just decided to let go; the last thing she heard being the faint call of her mother calling for her.

Where.. had she... gone..?

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She awoke to sight of her Mama's teary, wide green eyes and the All Might ceiling poster smiling down from above her with the blinding grin of his. Always a grin, never a smile.

Naoki made sure to keep her own eyes on her mother after that thought.

The woman looked to be trying her best to hold it all together, but even she could see the woman falling apart at the seams and it just broke her little heart to know that she was the cause of her Mama's distress.

"H-h-hey there, Naochan.." Her Mama tried for a smile though it came out more watery than welcoming, "Mama is so happy.. happy to see you awake.." Naoki watched as the woman brought a shaking hand up to caress her freckled cheek, "You gave Mama quite the scare... you know that?"

Naoki brought her arms up with demands of a hug obvious in her demeanor and her Mama didn't hesitate to bring herself down to her level and wrap her arms around the back of her head and holding her as close as possible.

"I love you, Mama." Naoki whispered into her mother's cheek, "And I am sorry for worrying you.. I really am.."

She could feel and hear her Mama's wet laughter in her air as the woman just shook her head and kept a firm hold on her, "You have nothing to be sorry about, Naochan. Mama and Papa are going to fix this, don't you worry." She felt her Mama's finger grip her locks in her firm grasps as if to physically reassure her daughter of her determination.

After a bit more hugs and kisses, Her Mama decided to give her some time to rest up while the other female in the house went to go set up more appointments with people who were going to help her get better. 

This was where the real challenge began.

Naoki could have gotten whiplash from the speed of how things changed after that day.

Dr. Tanaka became a constant, but helpful fixture in her life as well along with the other trained specialists placed with the job of diagnosing if there were other conditions involved with causing her SM or Selective Mutism.

There was also the problem with her school life and the fact that the problem stemmed from there.

It was easy enough — not really — diagnosing her, but the part that would hurt the most would be actually getting the help she needed from the school department. Naoki was ready to pull her weight in helping herself talk again, at the very least she was doing for her Mama. But Naoki could bet her life that the school could do without her and her issues.

She knew that some of her teachers talked about her behind her back — one of the pros of being silent; no one noticed her often — and most of them found it practically a sin that she was allowed to even go to a school full of those that did have quirks.

While there were a few that felt bad for her situation, they never tried to defend her or stop the bullying when they saw it happening.

Just came to show that not all men are equal.

A harsh lesson to learn.

Of course though things were different. In order to help treat her, things would need to change for her at school and that meant her mother would have to talk to her teacher and the principal about changing the school for her and Naoki didn’t even want to come with the older greenette to talk with the balding man, but she knew that it was a long time coming for her mother to see what her school life was like. 

When Naoki and her mother walked onto school grounds, the few individuals around were a few kids from her class being walked in by their guardians and she could see a few of them whispering as they stared her down. 

She let her head dangle as the lump in her throat returned with a vengeance and she started to stumble as her feet started to weigh like bricks.

Naoki was trying to hide in her Mama’s skirt as the woman attempted to calm her, but it felt like the whispers of those around them were rising in volume until it felt like a siren was ringing in her ears and she could feel her mother picking her up and walking somewhere. 

She heard a door being opening along with a lock being turned and Naoki felt her mother sit down before lifting her head.

They were in a toilet stall. How nice.

”Naochan, what’s wrong? Mama can’t help you if she doesn’t know what’s wrong.” 

She could feel Mama’s fingers caressing her temples and relaxed before trying to communicate, “It won’t work..”


Naoki lifted her head and wiped at her face, tears and snot clinging to her fingers, “It won’t work Mama.” She shook her head and dropped her head in hopelessness, “The teachers won’t do anything... they never do anything.”

”Oh baby,” She could tell from her mothers tone that she didn’t believe her, “I’m sure the principal isn’t like that. It’ll be alright, okay?”

It wasn’t alright.

The principal, a small and balding older man, looked at her mother as if she had two heads.

”Well, I’m sorry to say this ma’am, but we just simply cannot change up the classes just to suit her needs.” The man shook his head as if to clear what her mother said from his ears, “We just cannot jeopardize the comfort of the other children. My apologies, Midoriya-san.” 

Naoki didn’t need to look up to see her mothers face scrunching in anger the longer the male kept talking before the woman raised her hand, silencing the man. 

The amount of times that Naoki could say that she was afraid of her mother could be counted on her fingers. And this moment would have to be another finger added because at the moment, her mother looked like she could kill her principal with the rage boiling under the surface though not many would know by looking at her serene looking face. 

It was all in her eyes. How they could turn from the color of the forest leaves to the color of acid, looking as if her entire gaze to could melt your skin with the anger leaking from it.

Her mother didn’t say a single word to the balding man as she stood to her feet, lifted Naoki into her arms, and walked out of the mans office without even a second glance to him or his spluttering.

Naoki started going to a different school right after that incident.

Chapter Text

Naoki felt sorry for her mother.

She couldn’t imagine how hard it must have been to deal with a child like her. Naoki knew that she wasn’t like other children.

She was quirkless and she couldn’t speak. 

Already two flaws that should have warded others off from her. But her mother couldn’t just leave her. 

It’s not like Naoki was a toy with malfunctions that her mother could just return for repairs or her money back. No, her mother had to deal with her broken child all on her own, malfunctions and all.  It was a heartbreaking situation for the woman. 

So, Naoki was gonna try and do better.

She would go to this new school — without Kacchan or the other bullies — and work with the teachers.

She would make friends.

She would speak.

Or, at least, it sounded like it could work. In her head.

But as soon as Naoki stood in front of the gates of her new school, she could feel herself turn to stone with a single glance from the principal standing in front of her.

The principal was tall and stout, his muscles seeming to struggle to fit in the black suit that he was wearing. His skin was a wet sand tan with white scars on his hands and some peeking out from under the collar of his undershirt. His hair was slicked back and the color of a blackberry with chocolate brown eyes that seemed to glow with mirth as he stared down at her and her mother. There was a woman beside him with the appearance of a snake — a mutation quirk — and while the reptilian appearance of her made Naoki break out in cold sweat, even she couldn’t deny the beauty of her. Her scales were a sleek lilac, smooth and pretty on the eyes with the look of a King Cobra; it just made her look that much more fierce than the average person. Naoki noticed that the woman looking down at her with strict, but warm golden slit eyes that made her feel a bit better. She was dressed in a black suit of her own that fit on her body like a second skin and broadcasted the muscle she was hiding herself. 

The bottom line is that they made her hair stand on end and Naoki didn’t leave from her spot behind her mother. 

Her mother smiled down at her, bringing her hand down to run it through her messy hair and then turned to the other adults standing across from them, “Ah, good afternoon Principal and Vice-Principal Okita.”

The males voice came out in a friendly but deep tone almost reminding Naoki of All Might’s while the Vice-Principal next to her husband(?) sent them a small fanged smile, “Good afternoon, Midoriya-san! It is our great pleasure to welcome you and your daughter to our school, right Mitsuki-chan?” 

Naoki watched as something akin to a blush highlighted her scaled cheeks. When the woman hissed at him, the man only chuckled loudly to himself. Winking at the woman before turning back to them and smiling down at both her and her mother, “Now I have been informed about Naoki-chan’s condition and we at this school will work hard to make her transfer here as comfortable as possible.” Naoki watched as Principal Okita dropped down to a kneel before her and flashed her a smile that rival the sun any day, “I can’t wait to see how you grow, Naoki-chan~!”

Naoki didn’t say a word, but the small smile on her face was enough for the adults around her who couldn’t stop the warm feeling enveloping then even if they wanted to.

”Well,” the reptilian Vice-Principal steppedbup, “how about we start the tour? Hm?”

She watched as her mother looked down at her and caught her eye. Naoki could the worry and fear in her mothers eyes, the woman was afraid that things would end up like her old school and that would get worse. She was scared of that too.

Naoki wanted to heal, but she knew that she wouldn’t get fat if she didn’t at least try and adapt to this new place and make an effort. She would try. It was all she could do. Naoki gave her a mother a subtle nod and the woman gave her a gentle smile as she motioned for them to lead the way.


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