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Convenience? I think Not!

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I’ve only been working in this store for about 6 months, and just now I’ve decided to start writing down all the freaky stuff around here.

My phone is currently at three bars, 4G, and 72% battery.

It’s currently 5:23

I’ve been locked in this small supply closet for about an hour or two. I honestly have no idea, I had no idea what time it was when I was hit with what I’m going to assume was a bat and dragged away. I just woke up a few minutes ago with an aching head and a bruised cheek.

Next to me, is my friend who is still unconscious. He has a pretty nasty head wound that’s stopped bleeding and a swollen eye. Eijiro Kirishima, one of my coworkers.

I don’t think I’ve ever regretted opening a locked door more than right now. Because as of right now, I can’t open the door and I think I hear screaming and yelling in the store.

Oof, I think the shelf holding all the old cooking oils has been knocked over.

I just heard an explosion and now the room has gotten cold, Shouto and Kacchan are probably dealing with the problem as of right now. Whatever it’s supposed to be.

My name is Izuku Midoriya, 14 years old; and currently working in a shitty dead end Walmart knock off nobody can remember the name of.

Heck, no one can even remember the name of our town! Literally, like nobody can’t. We don’t really show up on any map (for some reason), and the townsign was stolen years ago. A lot of people just have the tendency of calling this town “Dead End” And leave it at that.

Said town is nestled in a wide expanse of beautiful green forests, and almost completely surrounded by mountains save for the main road that goes through said mountains. There’s only one gas station, two barber shops, an arts and craft store, a city hall, and an old run down school.

Now quick context, yes usually a 14 year old like me should be in school with his friends and small amount of kids in the town. We were in school for like three weeks until there was a small accident, well small is being very generous, in the basement near the boilers.

Let’s just say that a curious, Quirkless kid with a tendency for interesting theories and a good friend with Half Cold and Half Hot he does not have a crush on, decide to test out a theory in the school basement plus an angry, over reacting, explosive friend catches them in a fit of rage.

Fun things happen.

Also who knew that the school had a clan of raccoons living in it?

So, with nothing but free time on our hands, and the fear of facing consequences we all applied for a job at the same place and decided to never speak of the incident again.

Surprising to all of us, we were accepted on the spot, the owner of the store didn’t even want an interview. He just asked our names, left the room for like 30 minutes, then came back in and threw the name tags at us.

Our boss, who we found out his name is Mitch Robbins, has been working in this place alone for years on end. The minute we put on our name tags and kind of settled in he just walked out the back door that faces the large forest and said “Don’t die!”

Okay, I know how bad that sounds. To those of you who might think it’s like a “don’t work too hard!” OR “Don’t get crushed by old machinery!” It’s a lie. That isn’t what he was talking about.

He’s talking about the weirdness of the store itself.

Like I said earlier I said it’s a knock off Walmart. It’s pretty big, about 40-50 aisles I think? I lose count, then again new aisles tend to appear overnight. And in this big store we’ve made a few rules, or discovered them is a better way of putting it.

We have the aisles of course, and then we have the ones we do not touch at all costs. Those ones will restock themselves, despite nobody ever going down there. Those aisles, almost are never lit up, that’s like a good third of the store.

Especially the gun aisle, dear god we are to never go down there.

Like any other Walmart (despite this one being a really, really weird and shitty knock off) we, of course, have an aisle specifically for weapons.

We, and by that I mean me because I get the short straw every time, have to feed something down there every once in a while. Now, we all learned this the hard way. First, with the destruction of the gate we didn’t even know existed, second, with the accidental exploration of the place, and third, one of us was almost killed after being chased down by the speed demon.

The only way to feed it is to actually go in there and dump a bunch of raw meat and candy bars in the aisle, like we (I) actually have to go down there and lure the thing out while the others go in and dump the food and make sure there aren’t any clay dolls.

Oh my god, I almost forgot about the clay dolls.

So every day we’ll find either old, misshapen clay dolls, old rotting wooden puppets, rusted copper dolls, or even moth-eaten little cloth dolls. They look really familiar yet I can’t seem to put my finger on where.

Oh well, I’ll remember when I have to. Not really something to worry about now.

So, what else to talk about, what else to talk about…


The layout of the store, not sure if I’ve already covered that. But at the moment I will take anything to distract me from the smell of gasoline ablaze at the moment. At least I think that’s what it is…

Or maybe Kacchan’s quirk, no it can’t be that. His nitroglycerin sweat or whatever it is is supposed to smell really sweet. Maybe Todoroki set something on fire? Maybe. Possibly.

Oh, I’m rambling again. Who knew it was possible to ramble on text?

I didn’t.

Anyway, enough of my scatterbrained-ness. Back on topic.

So like I might have said earlier there are at least 50 aisles. There are the basic aisles and stuff. Food, necessities, cleaning supplies, office supplies. Even a big area dedicated for old school movies where there are a few old TVs and DVD players where we’ve also set up a few lawn chairs and a very comfortable recliner we managed to snag from the dark side of the storen.

There’s a dark side of the store where weird stuff happens on the daily. We usually make a rule not to go down there unless absolutely necessary. Like cleaning out stuff, and chasing down a local that decided to go into the unlit part of the store.

Like a lot of big stores, we have two entrances. But the main one is in the front, where everybody comes in from. They’re usually greeted with an aisle full of what is probably stale bread. Unless it changes to flat sodas, it depends.

The other entrance, is one that nobody uses. Save for our boss, who walked out that way. Out that door was nothing but the large, dark, green expanse of the forest that surrounds most of the town.

There are things in there, things that none of us really understand or want to understand. There’s always this cold fog that rolls in every other month and stays for a week or two, adding to its general unsettlingness. My friends and I would go out there when we were small, it’s a wonder how we’re all alive considering the things that are in there.

We’ve found things in there that should have killed us on the spot, things we somehow didn’t notice when we were younger. Things we notice now, because we have better common sense, and an actual sense of self preservation.

I’ve only seen those things in the forest, they never come into town. Although sometimes I swear they stand at the edge of the forest.

There is a general rule not to walk too close to the forest, but people usually think that the rule is there for wild animals.

Ignorance is bliss I guess.



Two bars, LTE, and 52% battery life.

Well the fighting stopped, and it sounded like a lot of stuff was broken. And I thought I heard glass shatter, well that’s what woke me up initially. I had started to doze off after a bit, still thinking of things to write about.

The glass shattering didn’t wake just me up, Kirishima actually started to stir. He’s still woozy, he might have a mild concussion from the looks of it. He’s trying to stand up, but I try to keep him sitting down, he has no balance whatsoever.

There’s also a bit of chattering outside, I think it’s Todoroki and Kacchan.

And from the sounds of the talking (It’s escalated to screaming) it didn’t end in a nice and neat way. I just hear ‘burnt’ and ‘overboard’ and incoherent yelling.

Oh boy.

Oh well, looks like another mess we’re gonna have to clean up. I should probably let them know we’re in here…

I might post this on some sight, I dunno.

If I do, I might actually post more, maybe talk more about the stuff we’ve been through and are currently going through. Who knows.

Feel free to ask questions you guys.

(If I post)