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This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

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They’re supposed to be celebrating. And they are, or at least Sam is. She seems to be having a perfectly great time if the unceasing grin on her face is anything to go off of.

It’s just that Lena isn’t feeling quite as enthusiastic. She’s trying. She really is. She agreed to bring the alcohol when Sam said she had good news. But some small part of Lena is resistant to the contagious excitement.

I’m just not drunk enough for this,” she thinks. With that in mind, she leans across her friend to pour herself another glass of wine, but Sam snatches the bottle away before Lena can grab it, giggling at the pout she gets in response.

“Oh stop it, Lena,” she teases.”You’re a guest in my house-- let me get it for you.”

The CEO gives her a suspicious look, but as Sam slowly makes a show of wiggling the fingers on her left hand as she reaches for the empty glass, the look turns amused.

“Why yes Sam, I’d love to get a closer look at your beautiful, new engagement ring,” Lena says with an affectionate eye roll. There’s pure joy practically rolling off her friend in waves, and she finally allows some of it to rub off on her as she takes Sam’s hand to admire the new addition.

It really is a beautiful ring. No doubt about that. But of course Lena approves-- she did help pick it out after all.

She doesn’t think she’ll ever forget the way Alex Danvers showed up to her office in a panic last week. It wasn’t like the agent to wear her distress so clearly on her face. It immediately put Lena on high alert. What if something happened at the DEO? What if she was back? She hated that she felt both worried and hopeful.

But she pushed the thought away when Alex stepped forward, wringing her hands.

“I’m going to propose to Sam,” she’d blurted out.

Lena barely had any time to process that because Alex quickly followed up with a much softer, “And I want to do it right this time.”

It was the sincerity in Alex’s voice that had Lena asking Jess to cancel the rest of her meetings for the day. And then the two unlikely friends went looking for the perfect ring.

Now as she sees it on Sam’s finger accompanied by the proud smile on Sam’s face, she knows she and Alex made a good choice.

“You totally helped, didn’t you?” Sam looks at her knowingly.

“A lady never tells,” Lena says with a sly smile.

Sam just wraps her arms around one of Lena’s and leans her head on her friend’s shoulder. “Thank you,” she says with a happy sigh. “I’m glad Alex can go to you for stuff like that. I mean I know she misses Kara and…”

The words are out before Sam can stop them, but she winces when she feels Lena stiffen beside her. An uncomfortable silence settles in the room.

It doesn’t last long though. Lena is determined not to let the mere mention of a name ruin the mood. They’re celebrating Sam’s engagement. They’re celebrating with a bottle of ludicrously expensive wine, and she’s never been more grateful to see an empty glass in front of her.

She promptly slides both glasses over to fill them and hands Sam’s over before holding up her own in a toast. “Well then,” she begins, a wry smile on her face. “Here’s to deciding you want to have sex with the same person for the rest of your life.”

Sam laughs good-naturedly and they both drink.

Lena stays another hour, eventually insisting that she has to be up early the next morning for a meeting. The two friends embrace at the door, the CEO offering one more “Congratulations” to her newly engaged companion.

“I’m really happy for you, Sam.”

And Sam knows that Lena means it, even if she catches the slightest trepidation in her words. It’s not like she’s oblivious to the fact that this wedding is going to create a complicated situation for her friend, but she’s sure that Lena will always support her. So she barrels ahead.

“Wait. I almost forgot-- I have to ask you an important question.”

Lena raises a questioning eyebrow in an attempt to hide her nervousness. She thinks she might know what’s coming, and she wishes she felt something simpler than this odd mix of dread and elation.

“Will you be my maid of honor?” Sam asks in a serious tone.

Lena only hesitates a moment before answering confidently, “Of course. I would be honored.” As if she’d say anything different-- Lena prides herself on being a fiercely loyal friend. In most situations.

On the drive back to her penthouse, Lena peers out the window at the passing lights and finally lets herself begin to process the whole night.

Sam and Alex are engaged. And it isn’t that Lena isn’t happy for them. She’d meant what she said-- she really is. Especially for Sam, who more than deserves this after everything she’s been through in the last year. And Alex-- Alex has become a dear friend to her. She’d gotten to watch the two of them fall in love in a relatively short period of time, though it wasn’t hard for anyone with eyes to tell that something was going on between them from day one.

After they were able to figure out how to separate Reign and Sam permanently, Alex was there to pick up the pieces. It made sense for her to help with the recovery process, but on a more personal note, it was clear that Sam and Ruby were both rather fond of the DEO agent. The rest, as they say, is history.

So Lena was happy for them. The universe had brought together two people she cared about immensely. And the fact that someone felt close enough to her to ask her to be their maid of honor-- that seems like a miracle in and of itself. Lena doesn’t have the greatest track record with friendship. But she's grateful for the opportunity to prove herself, even if it puts a wrench in her plans. She was kind of hoping she could watch this wedding from the sidelines, but she knows in her gut that now she'll be tangled up in the whole damn thing. All tangled up in the planning, the arrangements, the players...

And that’s the catch. The one problem with these upcoming nuptials. She will have to see her again. The former CatCo reporter, her ex-best friend, liar extraordinaire: Kara Danvers. Because Kara is family of soon-to-be family, and despite being off-planet for the last six months (something that’s been extremely convenient for Lena’s avoiding purposes), National City’s golden girl will surely return for this wedding.

Lena only hopes it isn’t anytime soon.


It’s a little after three in the morning when Alex wakes to a crash coming from the kitchen. She grabs for the gun on the bedside table and slides out of bed without a sound. With careful footsteps she approaches the kitchen, hearing another clang and a muttered, “Shoot.”

At that Alex relaxes. The sound is all too familiar. She flips on the light in the kitchen to find her sister trying to the put the handle back on the refrigerator door. The blonde glances up with a sheepish smile. “Surprise?”

“What did you do to my fridge?” Alex asks as she tries to suppress a smile.

“Well... I was hungry? And I guess my body needs to adjust to being back on Earth?”

Now Alex can’t help but laugh and shake her head in amusement. She sets the gun down and makes a beeline for her sister. “Welcome back, you!”

Kara grins and wraps Alex in a bear hug. “Congratulations!” she exclaims, bouncing up and down excitedly and pressing a kiss to her sister’s head.

“Thank you,” Alex sighs happily. “I can’t believe you’re here! I mean I know I sent that message over the transmitter, but I didn’t expect you to show up until the actual wedding.”

Kara pulls back with a scoff. “Are you kidding? And miss all the wedding prep? Besides,” she returns to the fridge, opening it with a flourish, “six months has been way too long. I’ve missed you.”

“Agreed. You’ve been away far too long,” Alex considers, watching her sister's eyes light up as she spots a half-eaten blueberry pie. “But I get the feeling you may have missed the food more than you missed me.”

Kara’s just taken a huge bite of pie when Alex says this, and she shakes her head vehemently. She makes some unintelligible noise before swallowing and clearing her throat.

“That’s totally not true.” Alex raises an eyebrow at her and Kara reaches out to grab her sister’s hand before she amends, “Okay I have really missed earth food. Especially earth desserts. But I’ve mostly missed you! And Sam and Ruby, of course.”

Alex can’t help but smile at that as Kara continues, “And J’onn, and James, and Winn, and…” Alex watches as her sister’s shoulder deflate, and she knows who’s missing from that list.

“And Lena?” Alex asks softly.

The blonde fidgets nervously with the hem of her sweater.


“She’s fine. Maybe you guys can finally talk,” Alex says, trying to sound hopeful. There’s a beat before she moves to hug her sister again. “I’m glad you’re here, Kara.”

“Me too,” Kara says with a sigh.

They both seem content to stand there in the kitchen together until Alex feels herself starting to doze off.

“So… Can I go back to sleep? I really am glad you’re here, but it’s like three in the morning.”

Kara laughs and gives Alex a gentle shove toward her room. “Go on then.”

“Stay,” Alex insists.

The two sisters slide on socked feet to bed, both falling in a giggling heap.

“You’re getting married,” Kara whispers conspiratorially.

Alex smiles, staring up at the ceiling. “I know. It’s amazing,” says says reverently. In this moment, everything is perfect. She’s marrying the woman she loves, and her sister is going to be here to keep her calm through it all.

“You’re going to be my maid of honor, right?” she asks as she rolls to face Kara. She holds up a finger before her sister can respond. “Wait. We decided Sam gets maid of honor, so I guess will you be my… best man? Best woman?”

Kara beams, delighted to see her sister so eager.