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For Brooke

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Dates always have to be planned weeks, sometimes months in advance. They scour their schedules for just enough free time and plan a cute meal and maybe a movie. Sometimes it's just finding a secluded park and spending their few unclaimed hours sitting together on a bench or spinning each other on a merry-go-round. It's not perfect, but they've learned to make do with what they have.

Which is why Jungkook has no idea what to do when Seokjin flings open his door one morning, "Schedules got canceled. The managers got some kind of flu spreader to the teachers and they'd really like it not to spread to us. Free day!" Seokjin closes the door and leaves to - Jungkook doesn't know what Seokjin does on his free days besides sleep and terrorize Yoongi and Namjoon. Though it can't really be counted as terrorizing if they literally ask for his attention, can it?

Not his business though. No, his business is still half-asleep and very adamant about keeping him close, heartbeat thudding away under his ear. Jimin probably heard and understood what Jin said, which to Jungkook means they should get up and make some kind of plan. They have the whole day to spend together! But Jimin just cinches the arms around Jungkook's waist a little tighter.

"We have the entire day, Kookie," he murmurs into Jungkook's hair, "let me hold for a little while longer." And Jungkook has never been good at denying Jimin anything, so he gets comfortable and lets himself be cuddled like a particularly favored stuffed animal. Because making Jimin happy is very high up on his list of things that also make him happy, and because Jungkook has learned the value of being held like someone precious.

Jimin finally lets him go and pushes them both to sit up when Taehyung bursts into the room with an ever more energetic Hoseok right behind him. Jimin holds out a hand, "We're awake! We're awake! Go wake up someone else like Yoongi or Namjoon or maybe a sleeping bear."

Taehyung does an oddly perfect impersonation of that weird fox from the American TV show about the little girl with a sentient backpack and map. "Aw, man. Let's go see if Jin woke up Namjoon already. I think he was going to go get Yoongi when I passed him in the kitchen."

"Wouldn't he wake Namjoon up first," Jungkook asks and leans against Jimin's side. "He's like eons easier to wake up and a lot less likely to threaten you."

Hoseok shrugs, "Yeah, but Joon is also the youngest out of their little triangle thing and Jin likes to baby him." Fair point, and very true. "But we don't care about babying him and want to wake someone up. Therefore, we're going to go terrorize Namjoon and then hide in the bathroom until Yoongi and Seokjin stop threatening us."

"Terrorize! Terrorize! Terrorize!" Jimin and Jungkook share a look of fear as Hoseok and Taehyung chant quietly to themselves and start creeping down the hallway to where Namjoon is sleeping. "Oh, the TV is free right now. I'd grab it before Yoongi or Seokjin does. Terrorize! Terrorize! Terrorize!"

"Does it ever feel like we're the only normal ones, Jiminie?"

Jimin pats him on the head and kisses the tip of his nose. Jungkook preens at the attention and lets himself rest the rest of his weight against his boyfriend. "None of us are normal. It's why BigHit put us all together. No one else would survive a week in this dorm." Jungkook nods. He's pretty sure no one would survive a day in this dorm. Maybe Yugyeom, because Jungkook has heard him describe Jackson and Bambam as 'true beings of chaos created to one day bring about the inevitable heat death of the universe'.

Yeah, Jungkook would give him a day, maybe two.

"Take the blankets and go steal the remote," Jimin says as he shoos him out of bed, yawning until his jaw cracks. "I'll make something for breakfast. Just pick out a movie that's not awful and then protect the remote with your life. With. Your. Life. Do you understand, Kookie?"

"Make a blanket fort and put on Overboard and eat the remote if I have to?"

Jimin breaks out into a smile that crinkles the corners of his eyes, "Exactly. This is why I love you, Kookie, you're just so damn smart." Jungkook's heart does that weird thing where it forgets exactly how to function and instead sends too much blood to his face and makes him look an idiot. Jimin just coos and pinches at his cheek, which doesn't help the heat in his face at all.

So Jungkook pulls his face out of Jimin's hands and grabs all their blankets, scurrying to the living room to give himself time to calm down. Jimin laughs at him because Jimin is mean and enjoys making Jungkook suffer.

Jimin comes out of the kitchen, bowls of cereal in hand, just as Jungkook's hitting play on the DVD player. The blanket fort is still a work in progress, just a blanket draped over the two end tables Jungkook dragged together, but Jimin doesn't seem to mind. Which is good, because Jimin's opinion is the only one that matters to him. Jimin just sits down next to him underneath their single blanket canopy and hands him a bowl of cereal.

"We're out of Fruit Loops and you said that the Krave stuff makes the roof of your mouth raw so I just grabbed you Coco Puffs." Jungkook kisses him on the cheek in thanks. And also maybe because Jimin remembered him talking about the cereals that make his mouth raw if he eats them too much. He should be used to Jimin being thoughtful like this after all these years together, but it still makes butterflies take wing in his stomach.

It's nice, being listened to and heard.

They watch the movie in relative silence. Apparently Taehyung and Hoseok decided to take a detour to the kitchen themselves before unleashing hell upon Namjoon because they're arguing about pancakes versus waffles. They keep arguing until Jimin whisper-yells at them to shut up and eat cereal because they used all the syrup last week anyway. "Idiots," he whispers, "they don't even check what food we have before they decide what to eat."

Jungkook shrugs. He does that all the time because he forgets that there are seven human vacuums in this dorm and the food that he left twenty minutes ago is probably not still going to be waiting there for him. It's not his fault they will godless heathens that will eat anything not labeled and locked up tight.

Taehyung and Hoseok creep by maybe half an hour later, when Goldie Hawn is yelling at a school teacher for not noticing that her sons were covered in poison oak. It reminds him a little of what Seokjin is going to be like when he sees Hoseok and Taehyung enacting absolute chaos on Namjoon. Jungkook curls further into Jimin's side and decides it's not his problem.

A few minutes later Taehyung and Hoseok are yelling for Namjoon to wake up and Namjoon yelling at them to leave him alone. He calls for Seokjin once and the man bursts out of Yoongi's room with fire in his eyes. "If you two don't leave Namjoon alone I swear to all that is holy in this world I will - are you watching Overboard ? I'll come watch it with you in a minute. And I like the blanket fort, very cute."

"Uh... thanks?" Jungkook stares at Seokjin in an odd mix of terrified confusion. Doesn't matter how long he knows him, the way he can stop mid-rant to point out something else will never stop terrifying Jungkook to his core.

"Where was I? Oh, yes, Taehyung and Hoseok! If I come in there and see you terrorizing Namjoon I will personally handcuff you both to separate telephone poles and leave you there!"

"Jinnie, make 'em go away! I'm trying to sleep!"

"We were just messing with him - Hobi, to the bathroom! Now!"

A door slams shut and muffles Taehyung's wild laughter. Not even Yugyeom could survive a day in this dorm. It's like having all the Infinity Stones together. If the Infinity Stones were mostly benevolent and didn't have the power to destroy the entire universe. Well, maybe not the last part. There is definitely enough power to destroy the universe here, they just haven't tapped into it yet.

Yoongi comes shuffling out his room, comforter wrapped around his shoulders. Jimin wishes him a good morning and gets a grunt in return. He disappears to where Namjoon is probably trying to get Seokjin to lie down and cuddle with him. "Well, we won't be seeing any of them for a few hours," Jungkook says.

Jimin nods, "Good, I want to finish this movie with you in peace. A free day doesn't feel too free if I can't get a single moment with you all to myself."

"You have me to yourself all the time. That's kinda what being boyfriends is about." Jimin just rolls his eyes. Probably another one of those things that Jungkook just doesn't understand. Like why people feel the need to kill others that never did anything to them. Or why white people love cheese so goddamn much.

They do get to finish their movie in peace. Jungkook tears up at the end like always and Jimin coos at him for it like always. After all the times they've watched this movie together, he'd expect that it would stop pulling on his heart strings so goddamn much. But no, it still makes him cry a few happy-sad tears each and every time.

Seokjin comes out while they're eating lunch. Jungkook's bowl is balanced in his lap and Jimin's bowl is balanced on Jungkook's head because Jungkook refuses to leave his spot happily settled against Jimin's chest. He has worked hard to earn that spot and no stupid bowl is going to take it away.

"That is," Seokjin stops, "I can't tell if it's exceedingly cute or exceedingly gross."

Jimin laughs, shaking Jungkook and nearly spilling some of the soup precariously balanced on top of his head. Which would really suck because that soup is hot as fuck and Jungkook is a big fan of not having burns all over his head and neck. "Both. It's gross because it's cute. Kind of like Kookie."


"He's right, Kookie, you're very cute and sometimes it makes me want to hit you." How did this turn into a Be Mean To Jungkook Festival? It's not uncommon or unusual for Jungkook's inexplicable cuteness to be turned against him, but he can usually see it coming. And it's usually not from Jimin - that's a lie, it's almost always from Jimin.

"It's better than wanting to vore you," Taehyung yells from where he's still in the bathroom. He and Hoseok had taken their laptops in with them and Jungkook's not sure when they're going to come out. Or if they ever will. They have each other, their laptops, and one of Seokjin's hidden stashes of chocolate that are not nearly as well hidden as he thinks they are. "Ow! Jin, Hoseok is bullying me for talking about vore again!"

"Then stop talking about vore," Jungkook and Jimin scream in unison. Their little groupchat is literally filled with Taehyung making vore jokes. Jimin has considered holding an intervention for it but Taehyung said he'd hold a counter-intervention for all the pictures Jimin takes of Jungkook while he's sleeping. "I hate your best friend. He's your best friend too. Stop saying everything at the same time as me!"

Jimin pokes him in the cheek, "I say everything first, because I was born in Busan first, and so you were just copying me."

"That joke got old when you did." Jungkook yelps when Jimin slaps him in the thigh and calls him a brat. "That hurt. You shouldn't bully me." Jimin leans around to look Jungkook in the eye, an incredulous look on his face. Jungkook smiles, because he will willingly admit to being a brat, "I love you!"

Jimin sighs, "I love you too. Hold still and let me eat my soup. Giant pain in my ass." Jungkook laughs inwardly. Jimin's just as much a pain in Jungkook's ass as Jungkook's is in his, maybe even more. "Keep being a brat and I won't show you the surprise I set up for tonight."

Jungkook jerks and Jimin swears, grabbing the bowl before it can tip and scald them both. Whatever, a little burn ever hurt anyone. "A surprise? You got me a surprise?"

"Yes, you giant child. Be good today and maybe I'll show you," Jimin tries to seem intimidating but Jungkook doesn't even notice. Jungkook would have to go out and cheat on him or something for Jimin to not give him the surprise - he'd never, not in a million years. Cheating is fucking despicable. Still, Jungkook decides that maybe he can be a little less of a brat today. For the surprise, of course, and not because he loves Jimin with his entire being and likes being good for him.

The surprise doesn't come until sunset, after Jungkook attempts to wow Jimin with his skills at Overwatch and a lot of cuddling and a nap that they hadn't meant to take.

Jungkook finds himself blindfolded and being slowly led up several flights to stairs. Jimin stays at his side the entire time, just off to the side with a hand on his back to guide him and catch him if he slips. Maybe blindfolding him before the stairs wasn't Jimin's smartest move, but Jungkook's not going to say anything. He likes having Jimin close. And Jimin had been so excited about it that he wants to be the best surprisee to ever be surprised.

"Are we almost there?"

"Yeah, just one more floor. You still can't take off the blindfold until I say though." Jungkook nods. It's not like he'd be able to get the blindfold off without Jimin's help in the first place. He ties knots like he's in the navy because he has little nimble fingers and just a will of steel to make sure the knots won't budge.

"Almost there, Kookie, just let me get the door." Jimin's hand on his lower leaves and Jungkook doesn't feel quite as grounded as he'd like. He has no handrail to hold onto or anything. Jimin grunts and there's a loud metallic scrape. "Fuck, that was heavy. That stupid door is why we don't come up here in the first place." Jimin takes Jungkook's hand and pulls him forward.

They're outside somewhere. Wind is blowing and the air is colder than it was inside but it's peaceful. As peaceful as anywhere can be when he can't see and is totally reliant on Jimin to guide him around, but peaceful. "Can I take the blindfold off now," he asks.

"In just a second!" Jimin disappears again but Jungkook can hear him close by, rustling around and cursing at something not going his way. Then fingers are the back of his head, tugging the knot loose. "Take it off," Jimin whispers.

Jungkook has to blink to get used to the fading sunlight and when his vision finally adjust he feels his mouth fall open. It's cheesy. It's so cliche. But there's a picnic blanket laid out on the concrete of their roof, complete with candles and a cooler and pillows that Jungkook had noticed went missing from the couch earlier today.

"How? When?"

"While you were napping," Jimin guides him to sit down on the blanket and pops open the cooler, "I've been gathering the stuff together all day but I couldn't find enough time to run up here and get everything done until you fell asleep. Do you like it?"

Jungkook nods, a little awestruck. How did Jimin even find the time to plan this? Getting to the roof is easy, but everything else? Jungkook is ninety-nine percent sure they were out of banana milk this morning and yet Jimin is pulling out a carton. "It's - I'm definitely surprised. So good job there. But I love it. It's really... sweet."

"I just wanted to do something special for you. We don't ever really have much time for me to do anything really special, but I figured this was a good start." Jimin is sipping at wine when Jungkook looks over, staring at the sunset. He's beautiful like this, pinks and purple reflecting of his skin, but he's too far away. Jungkook scoots across the blanket to lean against his side, interlocking their fingers and taking comfort in having him close. "I love you a whole lot, Jungkook. You know that, right?"

He does. But it never hurts to hear Jimin say it out loud. "Yeah. And I love you too, more than anything."

"Good," Jimin laughs, "You're stuck with me. Taehyung says that you can see the stars a little better here."

Jungkook laughs to himself. Why would he ever look up at the sky when he has his own star right here?