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Rumour Has It

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'That's when I called him a cheeky bastard!' Ron declared proudly, before slouching down in his seat. '...And he punched me in the face.'

Hermione shook her head and scowled, pressing an ice pack to Ron's blackened eye.

'Honestly! I can't let you go anywhere!' She chided, applying more pressure.

Ron winced as she did so, and Harry patted his arm with half-hearted sympathy.

There was never a dull moment at the Gryffindor breakfast table.

'In his defence, the other guy started it.' Harry offered meekly, thankful that Ron was keeping a wide distance between the two, for fear that Hermione would slap him. But then again, he wouldn't put it past her to reach across the gap. She had done it before.

'Exactly! And if you don't believe him, you can ask Dean! He was there too.' Ron pointed in what he estimated to be the boy's direction, as his view was obstructed by a fuming Hermione.

She turned her head slightly to find Dean staring ahead of him, pushing his now mushy cereal around his bowl. 'Dean?'

He didn't respond.

Ron peered at him and frowned. 'Dean!' He called, loud enough to earn a startled look. 'What are you...' He followed Dean's previous gaze all the way across the table until it reached...Seamus, who was laughing loudly at something his friend had said.

A wicked grin found its way to Ron's face. He was going to have fun with this one.

'You enjoying the view there, mate?' He asked, drawing the confused attention of Harry and Hermione.

Dean's cheeks darkened and he glared at Ron. 'Shut up, Weasly.'

Ron laughed and Hermione whacked his arm.

'Stop teasing.' She warned, pulling the ice pack from his face and setting it down on the table.

The swelling around his eye was less severe, but the bruising definitely wasn't. Despite it, there was still a mischievous glint in Ron's eye, one that seemed to run in the family.

I'm not teasing! I'm asking a perfectly normal question!' He insisted.

Dean pulled a face at him and stood from the table. This drew the attention of Seamus, who usually always waited for Dean to finish before leaving, and vice versa.

Dean stormed out of the great hall, and when he had gone Hermione glared at Ron.

'What?' He asked.

He recieved another whack in return, and beside him Harry stifled a laugh.