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Modern Day
It was a beautiful day outside. The sun was shining, causing the birds to softly sing outside the window. Katsuki’s alarm rang loudly and shrill against the noisy quiet morning brings. He smacked the alarm clock hard enough that it went flying off of the small table that resided near the bed. He groaned loudly, briefly considering staying in his warm comfortable bed, but he knew he must get up. He messed up his spiky blond hair further and detangled himself from his blankets, forcing himself to sit up. Leaning against the wall he spent a moment staring across the room at the calendar is pinned up next to an old photo. He grinned when he saw the big red circle around the day’s date. It was an important day, a day that would change his future for the better or for worse. He wanted to take this day head-on, after all, It was the day of the U.A. Entrance exam.
“I’m going to absolutely destroy all of those extras!” The excited boy grinned as he shoved his fist hard into his hand. He got up and walked over to the calendar, taking a moment to stare at the old photo. It was a picture of him, years younger, his spikey blond hair shorter, he was smiling, wide and bright, making his red eyes look squintier than they were. He held up an All Might action figure up high with one hand while his other arm around his nervous friend. His friend had a mess of green hair, wild like a bush. Soft green eyes, like freshly grown moss. His friend was smiling too, about what they were smiling about Katsuki couldn’t remember. That day didn’t matter. What did matter was his promise, so he spoke softly to the photo. “For you Deku. I’ll make it.”
7 years earlier
He entered the elementary school classroom, once again looking around for the bushy haired nerd. He had spent the last few days wondering where the boy could be, at first he assumed the nerd was sick but after four days he was beginning to worry that something had happened. Had Deku moved schools? Had Deku gone to his dads or had he been attacked by a villian? He was especially worried about the villian theory. He knew his friend was quirkless, he couldn’t do anything against a villian. It’s why he had started calling his friend Deku, and putting him into his place. His friend couldn’t fight villains he would only get hurt.
He waited for his friend throughout class, busying himself with his other friends and classwork, but the boy didn’t show.
He waited for his friend throughout lunch, leaving the snack he usually shared for him, but the boy didn’t show up to eat.
He waited as the sun slowly faded and before he knew it was time for him to go home. His friend truly was a Deku, he thought, he won’t even show up for school anymore.
He went home, ignoring his mother when she tried prodding and prying her way into his personal life. He turned on the tv, settling on the news so he may watch different hero's fight the days villains. Usually Deku would analyze them and they would have a good conversation about how the fights could have been better the next day. He still watched them despite the fact his friend wasn’t around to tell him how the hero's could use their quirks better. The news anchor was still talking about extra stuff that didn’t matter to him, but he sat down to wait on the couch nonetheless. As he was waiting, a photo of his friend showed up to the right of the news anchor. He recognized the photo as his friends school photo. The news anchor was speaking, he went closer to the tv and listened closely.
“Izuku Midoriya went missing xx/xx/30xx. If you have any information please call this helpline.” He was frozen to his spot, his friend, his defenceless, quirkless friend, was missing. His mother, froze in the kitchen, overhearing the tv from the nearby room. She started to hear sniffles and that got her to move. She came over to turn the tv off, making a mental note to herself to call Inko after dinner.
“H-he’s gone” His voice was shakier than he meant for it to be “De-e-ku is…” His mother pulled him into a tight hug and assured him it would be okay. She assured him that they would find the boy. She assured him, with a tight feeling in her chest and tears starting to well in her eyes.
Modern Day
He stood in front of U.A’s large gates, staring up at the school taking a moment before entering for the exam. Right as he was about to enter, another person his age, with red hair held up in spikes, ran into his shoulder.
“Sorry man” The redhead apologized as he jogged towards the school.
“Oi! I’ll show you sorry, you fucking extra!” He let off an explosion as he followed the boy into the testing area. He quickly lost the redhead due to the sheer number of people in the room. He quickly gave up on his chase, despite his annoyance at the redhead. He took a deep breath, releasing those feelings, choosing instead to lazily scan the competition. Just looking around to see if anyone was as good as him. Just as he’s about to give up on the idea of real competition he thinks he sees a head of green, like a bush, like his friend. His breath hitches and he zeros in on that head of hair, cutting into the crowd to give chase. He will not give up like he did with the red head, he will find him, he will bring him home. While he’s shoving people out of his way, making a beeline to the green hair, he’s stopped by an extra with glasses who attempts to lecture him about bothering the other competitors.
“Get out of my way you useless extra!” He explodes at him, and while he held conversation he lost sight of the green hair. He wonders for a moment if it was ever there, or if slowly going insane. The extra doesn’t stop lecturing him until some other extra shows up to explain the exam. He listened enough to get the point of the exam, fight robots, get points. Easy enough for someone as strong as he was.
He fought with vigor and anger, destroying robot after robot. Point after Point. He didn’t have to think in this moment, he only had to fight. He only had to win. He only had to make it to number one.
Around him there were many others fighting their hardest for a spot in the prestigious school. A boy who was quick on his feet, a girl who seemed to spit acid, a boy who seemed to be shooting a shiny lazerbeam. Robot after Robot, point after point, until a large robot appeared out of nowhere. A robot worth no points, the Zero Pointer.
In its wake it trapped a girl with short brown hair was stuck under a piece of rubble, and if that wasn’t enough, it’s large feet were on their way to squash her. He saw her struggling in his peripherals, it broke his focus on the robots, on the points, on being number one. For moment all he could think was “Deku wouldn’t leave her there. Deku would risk the test to save her.” His feet were moving towards her before he even finished the thought. He let off an explosion large enough to shatter the rubble, freeing her from her fate.
As she tried to thank him he snarled at her while letting explosions release from his hands “Get moving Chipmunk Cheeks. You better not have cost me the test!” She didn’t get a single word out before he ran off to finish the test.
Months later
A thick envelope sat on the table, lying in wait for the blonde haired boy to get back from his daily run to the beach. Nearby the boy’s mother was making breakfast for the family.She eyed the envelope wearily, silently hoping that her son made it in. She didn’t want to deal with the fall-out if he didn’t. She heard the door open and slam close.
“Katsuki, right on time.” She smiled at him as he walked into the kitchen.
“Of course im on time, you damn old hag!” His eyes trailed from her to the envelope on the table. He picked it up and let out a sigh. “About damn time!”
He ripped it open, and a single item dropped out. It was small and round, about the size of his hand. It immediately lit up, a creature about the size of a human child, not quite a bear, not quite a mouse showed up upon the screen.
“Hello there! I am Nedzu, the Principal of U.A. Congratulations you have made it into the hero course at U.A! There were two ways we scored you on the exam. The first was how many robots you took out during the exam. The second was based upon how many people you rescued!” He was ecstatic, he had made it in. He was one step closer to their dream. He looked at the rankings.

1: Katsuki Bakugo: Villain Points:65 Hero Points:12
2:Eijiro Kirishima: Villain Points:39 Hero Points:35
3:Ochaco Uraraka: Villain Points:38 Hero Points:35
4:Ibara Shiozaki: Villain Points:36 Hero Points:32
5:Itsuka Kendo: Villain Points:25 Hero Points:40
6:Tenya Iida: Villain Points:52 Hero Points:9
7:Hanata Sero: Villain Points:20 Hero Points:40
8:Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu:Villain Points:49 Hero Points:10
9:Fumikage Tokoyami: Villain Points:47 Hero Points:10
10:Yosetsu Awase: Villain Points:50 Hero Points:6

He grinned wide thinking proudly to himself. He won! He was number one! He destroyed all of the extras! Not even one extra even came close to him.
“I made it, you old hag!” He looked over at her “I made it to the top! Just like I promised.”
“I knew you’d make it, kiddo.” She walked over and gave him a proud hug. “Now eat your breakfast.”


10 years earlier
He discovered his quirk on the playground. He had worked up quite a sweat while playing tag with his friends. It took barely any time but he had finally got close enough to grab one of them when a small explosion came out of his hand. Immediately all of the 4 year olds stopped playing and excitedly went over to Katsuki.
“Woah!” One kid said.
“Your quirk is so cool” Another one praised.
“That’s amazing!” A kid exclaimed.
It was obvious he had the best possible quirk. He was powerful, strong, he was above them all. His best friend,Izuku Midoriya, came up to him. He stared intensely at him with his green eyes, his cheeks dusted with freckles, his hair an untamable mess.
“It would be an amazing quirk for a hero!” Izuku exclaimed.
Katuski grinned back at his friend. “Yea! I’ll be a top hero!”
“You’ll beat All Might!” His friend laughed “Take the top spot!”
“Yea! I will. You’ll be right there with me when you get your quirk!” His friend smiled at him.
“You promise?” His friend held out his pinkie to him.
“I promise!” After all there would be no point in being powerful and strong if his friend wasn’t with him. They crossed pinkies, making a promise that would last a lifetime.
Modern day
He got to U.A earlier than the other students, as expected of the top student in his grade. He quickly found the 1-A classroom, entering through the humongous red doors, and took a seat by the window. He quickly found himself bored, so he relaxed by putting his feet on the desk. He sat there in a daze, staring out the window for a while the minutes passed. He was interrupted from his daze, not by a teacher but by some extra who wouldn't mind his own business. He looked up at whichever extra was talking to him and was surprised to see the four-eyes from the Entrance Exam. He had no idea what the prick wanted, he didn’t care.
“Oi You! Shut the fuck up four-eyes!” He let off a couple of explosions hoping it would get the guy to back off. The four-eyed fucker did not leave, he continued to rant about the rules and how he was supposedly breaking them. He argued with the four-eyed extra for a few more minutes until the next person came into the classroom.
The girl he rescued from the zero pointer was the one to enter. Round cheeks. She walked over to where the four-eyed extra was and said something to the extra, somehow managing to get the prick to back off. After the four-eyed prick left she turned to him.
“I um… I’m Uraraka Ochako. I, well, I never a chance thank you for saving me during the entrance exam.”She bowed politely at him “I know it was a risk on your end but i'm glad you decided to help me.” She lifted herself from her bow, smiling, brightly at him.
“You don’t have to thank me Chipmunk cheeks. Just become the best hero you can.” He scowled back at her, in an effort to get her bright smile away from him.
“I will.” She nodded vigorously “I didn’t catch your name?”
“Katsuki Bakugo, I’m going to be number one. You better not forget it Chipmunk Cheeks!.” He scowled further at her, as if he could chase her away with it.
“It’s nice to meet you Bakugo.” When he didn’t respond she realized he didn’t want to converse and she left to go to her own seat.
Soon the bell went off, and what looked like a yellow caterpillar slinked into the room. It spoke, weirding out everyone in the room.
“Everyone get to your seats.” They stared at it for a second, before realizing what this caterpillar must be, and then immediately found their seats. The caterpillar frowned. “That took you all 8 seconds to settle down.” Right as the yellow sack was about to say something else someone ran into the room.
“Sorry I’m late, Eraserhead! Mr.Yagi distracted me.” Katsuki’s mind stopped working as he recognized the new person in the room. The boy was taller than he remembered, but he had the same bush of green hair, the same eyes like soft moss, the same freckles adorning his face. The only thing he didn’t recognize about the boy was the many ugly scars adorning his face and arms.
“Go sit down, Ku.” The caterpillar addressed the boy as Katsuki got up, slamming his hands harshly onto the desk. The entire class stared at the angry blonde in shock, wondering what his issue was. The boy, Ku froze on his way to his desk. He eyed the angry blond warily, trying to figure out why he had slammed his fists down on the table like that. He muttered to himself, wondering if he did something to piss this person off.
“DEKU WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!” The blond launched himself at the green haired boy, causing many of their classmates to stand up in shock. He didn’t even get close to the green haired boy before he was stopped by capture tape from their teacher. Katsuki struggled against the tape as much as he could. “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! YOU DISAPPEAR FOR SEVEN DAMN YEARS ONLY TO SHOW UP HERE! DEKU GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!”
Ku’s eyes widened at the struggling blond, he spoke quietly to him, but there was no recognition in his voice.
“You...You knew me before the facility didn’t you? I-I-I’m sorry, but I don’t have any memories from before.” Ku kept his eyes on the other boy. Katsuki stilled, unsure of what to say, he expected many different things, but he didn’t think that he had forgotten him. Silence croaked by as the boys stared at each other, not knowing what to make of the other.
“Are you done?” The teachers calm voice caught the eyes of the entire class. Katsuki nodded.”There will be repercussions for your actions. Two detentions, One for disrupting the class, the other for attacking another student.” Katsuki looked like he wanted to argue. “Normally you would be expelled, I suggest you accept the deal.” Katsuki somehow seemed defiant when he nodded one more time.
The tired teacher sighed as the capture tape receded from Katsuki. “Both of you, sit down. I expect you both to stay after class.” Katsuki sulked back to his seat by the window, and he tried not to show his surprise when the green haired boy followed him, taking the empty seat behind him. Of course the green haired boy would, it was the only open seat afterall. “Now you have 10 minutes to get dressed and meet me at the training grounds.”

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Chapter 2 Quirk apprehensive arc
Ku walked with deliberate strides, staying a few steps ahead the rest of the class. He thought hard about the small conversation he had with the angry blond, muttering as he walked. He played the moment where the boy yelled “DEKU” at him on repeat in his head. Hearing him say that name had felt right, it had felt true, he momentarily wondered if that was his name. His thoughts took a different turn as he wondered what kind of person would name their child something as insensitive as Deku. He tried to imagine a mother calling him that, but it just felt wrong. He sighed as he silently wished that seeing the angry boy would magically fix his blocked memories. He looked back at the blond, who lagged behind the rest of the class, and was surprised by the intense stare the boy had at him. His red eyes stared a hole in him, and he looked like he was trying to figure the nervous boy out. Ku looked away and walked faster, he could feel his heartbeat in chest, sharp and fiercely fast. That moment their eyes didn’t surprise him because of the intense stare, it surprised him because made him feel like he should know this person. Throughout the years he had chosen not to focus on the time before the facility. He had seen others go down that rabbit hole, but the truth was that there was no point. He had no memories of the past, he had no connection to the past, no way to learn who he was but now he did. For the first time in a long time he wondered if he could be more than a number, if just maybe he could have a name, a past.

He made it to the locker rooms a mere minute before everyone else.He found his locker quickly, and with it the U.A gym uniform. He grabbed his uniform, all too aware that he needed to put it on, but his nervousness about his scars got the better of him as more and more people poured into the room. It didn’t help that this day was not going the way he thought it would. He was late, there was the incident with the angry blond. These thoughts made his breath came out shaky. His mind was clouded, he could only think about what he needed to do. He needed to change clothes, he needed to ignore the scars around these strangers. He needed to calm down. He found himself focusing on that last one. Calm down. He closed his eyes, breathing in. He counted slowly to ten.
One)Shapeshifter, Two)Regeneration, Three)Decay, Four)Animate, Five)Poison, Six)Water, Seven)Aura, Eight)Vines, Nine)Thief, Ten)Rewind.
Breathing out. He counted to three. He opened his eyes feeling much calmer and started to change, he heard a gasp when he took off his shirt and turned towards it. Ku’s panicked nervousness skyrocketed, as he noticed that most of his classmates were staring at him.
“Thats a lot of scars.” He heard a red-head whisper from nearby.
“Are you okay?” A different boy, with glasses asked him. Ku turned towards him.
“I-I’m f-fine. These a-are old.” His nervousness made him look away from the boy with glasses. He found himself meeting eyes with the angry blond, who in turn responded by slamming his locker. “P-please ignore them.” The boy with the glasses looked at him with uncertainty, but many of the others accepted his response and went back to getting ready.
“If you’re sure.” He made some chopping motions with his hands “but if you’re ever hurt please don’t hesitate to tell your classmates.”
Ku let out a nervous smile and put on his shirt. “A-ah! T-Thank you, I’ll be sure to let you know.”
“Your name is Deku, right?” Ku looked at the other boy, who had started to get ready, it felt wrong when he said the name.
“I-I don’t think so?” Ku frowned, he both sounded and looked uncertain. The boy with glasses could have sworn that Ku truly didn’t know.
“But the other boy, Bakugo, called you it right?”
“Bakugo? The blond? He did, I suppose. I prefer to go by Ku.” Ku finished getting dressed. “What’s your num-um your name?” He fumbled with his words, reminding himself silently that this isn’t the facility.
“Iilda Tenya. It’s nice to meet you, Ku.”
“It’s nice to meet you too.” Ku smiled knowingly “Good luck at the training grounds, Iilda!” Iilda watched the boy with confusion, as the green haired boy left the changing room.
The hero Eraserhead waited at the training grounds for his students to join him. While he waited he took out his phone and texted the necessary information about the Bakugo situation to Principal Nedzu. He trusted the principal to gather information essential to the case. As well as contact and gather the people required to the school while he taught his students. While he knew it was going to be a pain to deal with he still hoped that things went well, for both Ku and Bakugo’s sake. He especially hoped that the two of them wouldn’t be too distracted by their situation. He looked at the time and saw that it had been 10 minutes, he turned his attention to his students who had eagerly assembled around him. He cleared his throat before addressing them.
“Today you will be competing in 8 physical tests to gauge your potential. They are all similar to the physicals you took in middle school, but with one difference. This time you can use your quirk.”
“OH! That sounds like so much fun!” The girl with pink skin jumped up and down in excitement. Mina Ashido if he remembered correctly, he decided he should take her down a notch.
“You have 3 years to become heros at U.A, you idiots, do you think it will be all fun and games?” He looked at his students, how they looked at him with worry and fear. “How about this? Whoever comes in last place will be expelled immediately.” He could feel the tensions rise in his students, that nervous energy could be their strength or it could be their weakness.
“Tch, this will be a piece of cake.” Bakugo let off a small explosion to help contain his excitement.
The hero raised his eyebrow at him. “If you’re so confident Bakugo then why don’t you go first?” He threw him a ball for the ball toss, the boy caught it with ease. “What was your score in middle school?”
“67 meters.” Bakugo stepped up to the plate.
“Try it with your quirk.” Bakugo wound himself up and then let off a giant explosion.
“DIE!” The ball went flying. Eraserhead stared at the numbers and they rose higher and higher. He turned it to the class, it read 705.2 Meters.
“Not bad.” Eraserhead threw another ball towards the class “Next” As each classmate went, Ku watched on the sidelines, making note of each of their quirks and their names.
One girl with brown hair and soft cheeks could make things float, another ate sugar to power up. Soon everyone but Ku had gone, the ball was thrown to him.
“May I use that?”
“Of course, I said you could use your quirks.” Eraserhead nodded, he was curious as towards how this was going to go.
“Thank you!” Ku bowed softly, everyones eyes were on him as he walked away from the base and towards the girl with the brown hair. Bakugo had an angry look on his face when Ku stopped in front of her.
“What bull shit is that fuck going on about?” He cocked his head towards Eraserhead “You were quirkless.” Ku sucked in a breath at this new information, but proceeded to ignore Bakugo.
“Hi, I’m Ku. Your name is Uraraka, right?” She nodded at him with a confused look on her face. “It’s nice to meet you.”
“Um, if you don’t mind me asking, shouldn’t you be throwing the ball?”
“I will in a minute. I just don’t have a quirk thats good for the ball toss.” He shot a smile at her in an attempt to calm her confusion. “My quirk allows me to borrow other peoples quirks,” He stuck his hand out awkwardly at her. Bakugo recognized the look on Ku’s face and realized he forgot something important. “It’s called-”
“Thief” Ku looked over at Bakugo, a shocked expression was splashed across both of their faces.
“T-that’s right” Ku’s voice was meek and shaky, he shakily put his hand down. “You...Your name is Bakugo right?” Bakugo nodded, Ku took in a small breath in a lost attempt to calm himself. “W-what is your first name?”
“Katsuki” Bakugo’s face lit up, he found himself hopeful that Deku knew who he was, that the dumbass had remembered him. Then he saw Ku’s face scrunch up and his hope shriveled.
7 years earlier
He was frustrated, he was angry, he didn’t know what to do with the pent up anger.
He heard the footsteps following him into the forest near the park. He thought they were someone different, he attacked with all of his aggression. He threw a punch, he saw the green nerd in front of him. He couldn’t stop. The useless nerd was going to get hurt. Deku held up his arms and caught the punch by accident. He felt the strangest sensation coming from his friend. They stared at each other in shock. His anger flared back up.
“You idiot nerd! Don’t Fucking sneak up on people like that!” He took back his arm and went to make an explosion, as that always helped him calm down. Nothing happened. Deku was staring at him with shock and fear. He tried again. Nothing. “THE FUCK DID YOU DO?” Deku jumped back and squacked at him. An explosion materialized from the nerds hands.
“Wh-what? H-how did I?” The nerd started to mutter to himself in a frantic panic.
“GIVE ME BACK MY QUIRK!” Deku saw his anger and ran. “YOU FUCKING THIEF!”
“C-calm down K-kachhan!” Katsuki managed to tackle Deku to the ground and they wrestled there for a minute until another explosion came from Deku’s hand. Deku stilled under him.
“I-I don’t even know how I took it!” Tears were welling in his eyes again. “L-let me up and I- I’ll try to give it back.” Katsuki chose to believe him, letting him but off the ground. The nerd stuck his hand out and had a look of nervous determination on his face.
“You better give it back.” He grabbed his hand and after a few minutes he felt that strange sensation again. It settled deep into his chest and he knew that it was back. Deku let go of his hand.
“I-I think I did it!” He wiped his eyes, so that tears were no longer welling in them. Katsuki attempted to use his quirk and a small explosion went off, the two of them smiled in relief.
“You did do it!” He laughed as he set off another explosion. “Thanks.”
“Hey Kacchan, this is a quirk right?”
“Yea probably.” He pursed his lips “You got it so late you really are a Deku.”
“Does that mean I can be a hero?” Katsuki went silent, on one hand he is still basically quirkless, on the other he has a quirk but the quirk doesn’t seem very heroic.
“Fuck no, youre still nothing more than a Deku.”
“But… Our Promise…”
“I can’t have a Goddamn thief following behind me. Your quirk is no better than a villain’s.” He saw Deku take in his words, his eyes watered and spilled over, his lip quivered. He wished he could take it back. “De-” His friend ran off, whisked into the unknown, never to be seen by Katsuki again.
Modern Day
“Sometime today Ku.” Eraserhead scowled at Bakugo for making this take longer than necessary. He should have known they wouldn’t listen to his silent plea’s to not be distracted. The three teens jumped in surprise.
“A-ah! Right the Ball Toss. Uraraka, May I borrow your quirk? I promise to give it back right away.” He gave her the puppy eyes. She wanted to ask questions about it but realized there wasn’t enough time. She looked him in the eyes for any ill wills or deceit but found none.
“Okay, you can borrow it!” She smiled back at him. “I trust you.” He held out his hand again and this time she grabbed it. She felt a strange sensation, as though a piece of herself was being sliced off and removed. She was deeply uncomfortable but didn’t want to admit how wrong it felt.
“Oh, your quirk feels as bubbly as you look! It’s activated with the fingertips right?”
“Yup, tap the item with all five fingers to make it float, and then bring your fingers together once you're done.” As strange and uncomfortable as she felt she knew the feeling would go away soon. She didn’t want to be the one to ostracize him over his quirk. It would be best to act like herself. She heard him mumbling to himself about how versatile her quirk is as he did a small test on the ball. The class watched as the ball floated a few feet in the air and then dropped down. She found it odd to see someone else using her quirk.
“Okay, I think I got it” He mused as he finally stepped up to the plate. He made sure to touched the ball with all five fingers. Together the class watched the ball rise higher and higher until it was out of sight. The higher it got the more tired Ku felt, unlike Uraraka he wasn’t used to the strain the quirk put on his body. Around 600m he felt too tired to keep the quirk going. He touched his hands together and the ball started to drop. He moved outside of the ring just as the ball hit the ground, leaving a small crater in the ground. Eraserhead scowled as the rest of the class stared at the hole in the ground. Ku ignored all of it and went over to Uraraka. “Thank you for letting me borrow your quirk.” He held out his hand once again.
“No problem!” She took his hand and felt relief as the strange uncomfortable feeling was replaced with a bubbly warmth “If you want I can give you some pointers in the future.”
“That’d be great.”
“I really hope you don’t intend on doing this for all of the exams.” Eraserhead’s patience had worn thin.
“Sorry Eraserhead.”
Modern Day
The exams were exhausting. Many of the students were using their quirks for such exams for the first time and did not pace themselves properly. Out of all the students, the most exhausted of them was Mineta Minrou. The boy had quickly overused his quirk and had acted disrespectful towards his classmates. He found himself in last place. Eraserhead noted stress of the tests became his downfall, a hero can’t let stress get to them for such a simple task. The grape didn’t belong in his class.
“You’re expelled.” He watched his students faces of shock, relief, and guilt. Happy it wasn’t them but still upset over the idea of being expelled on the first day, as if it took more than a day to determine if one had potential. He dismissed his students to go change as his eyes flicked over to the screen showing the scores. He wasn’t surprised by the ones with the most potential, he could tell based off of their files roughly where they would score. He had hoped that someone would surprise him.
Todoroki Shouto made it to number one, not surprising considering who his father was. He had noted that he refused to use half of his quirk, he would have to figure something out to unlock his true potential. He would save more people if he used both of his sides. Bakugo ranked second, he was angry that anyone could possibly be better than him. He had a powerful quirk and he was versatile with it, if he could work on the boy’s attitude problem he just might become a decent hero. Then there was Ku, he just barely made it to third place, almost tying with Yaoyorzo Momo. He relied too heavily on his stockpiled quirks that he wasn’t as versatile as he could have been with them. His nervousness would be his downfall, he hoped that Bakugo’s brashness did not make the boy worse.
As if on cue the two of them were walking towards him. He quickly checked his phone, seeing a reply from nedzu to come down to the office. He put the phone away and led them to the main office. He could feel their nervousness radiating off of them, he wished he could calm them, but he knew his words wouldn’t help them. For Ku it was a loud nervousness, he seemed to be softly muttering to himself about the task ahead. For Bakugo it was a silent nervousness, he seemed to flicker between watching Ku and watching Eraserhead. They both wanted answers from eachother but at the same time they weren’t sure if they wanted to know. Sooner than they wanted they found themselves in front of the door to the main office.
“Are you both ready?”
“I’ve been waiting seven fucking years for this.” Bakugo dared Ku to disagree with him. Ku just nodded quietly. It was time for answers.

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Modern day
Inko looked around her classroom, despite having setting it up the week before she was still nervous. After all it was her first year as an actual teacher, so she gave the room another sweep.
Posters in their proper place? Check.
Name-tags ready on the desks? Check.
Cork Board decorated for the month? Check.
Lesson plan in place on her desk? Check.
She took a sip of her coffee that was probably more cream than coffee. Check. She was ready as she could be. The first of the children would be coming soon, she hoped that they liked her as their teacher for the year.
She heard a knock on the door.
“Come in, the door’s always open!” She put on her best smile as the principal of the school entered her classroom.
“Ms.Midoriya, you look ready for this year.”
“I-I would hope so. I studied hard for this.”
“I know you did. I’m proud to have you a part of my team.” He smiled cheerfully at her “I came down here to let you know there is a call for you. It’s from the principal of U.A. Nedzu.” Inko gave him a confused look, unsure why a place like U.A would be calling her. “I bet he’s heard all about you and is trying to steal you from me.” They both chuckled.
“As if, I haven’t even started teaching yet.” She dismissed him with a wave of her hand. “Thank you for telling me.” She moved to the phone on the desk, as the principal took his leave. She dialed the busy line, and waited a moment before speaking.
“This is Ms.Midoriya speaking, how can I help you?”
“Hello Ms.Midoriya, I’m the Principal of U.A, you can call me Nedzu.”
“It’s nice to meet you Nedzu. I’m afraid I don’t have much time to chat, would you mind telling me what this is about?” She watched the door to her room, patiently.
“We have reason to believe we have your son here. I was hoping you could come to our school at your earliest convenience to confirm this.” She nearly dropped the phone, she felt her eyes water and her throat close up. It was quiet on the line for a minute.
“Y-you f-found him? You found my Izuku?” She could hear hesitation in Nedzu’s voice.
“We believe so, but it’s possible that we are wrong. It’s why we need you.” She didn’t even have to think about it, she could feel it in her soul that he was there. She would see her child again after all of this time.
“I-I’ll be there.” She dropped the phone and ran off to find her principal. After explaining the situation he agreed to teach her class. She was lucky it was the first day and that the children wouldn’t be doing anything complicated.


30 minutes or so later
The gates to U.A towered over her, she couldn’t help but think of how excessive the renown hero school was. A skinny hunched figure greeted her at the gate. She looked at his sunken blue eyes, his yellow hair and remember a tidbit of information her husband once told her. The man sucked in a breath when he saw her.
“Are you the one taking me to Nedzu?” She inquired softly.
“I-um-I am.” He looked at her with sympathetic eyes “I’m sorry. You just look so much like Ku.” He opened the large gate and began leading her through the school.
“Who is Ku?”
“That’s just the name he goes by, but he’s the one you’re here about.” He stopped walking and bowed down to her. “I’m sorry we failed to locate you sooner.” She tried not to let her emotions get the best of her as she looked at the man.
“Please get up. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to figure out a seven year case. If you really want to make it up to me then help me see him again.” He stood up and led her silently to the principal's office. She wasn’t sure what to make of his silence, she watched him go to the back of the room as she stared at the other two people(?) in the room.
She wasn’t sure if she could call one of them a person, as there was a little white bear sitting in a behind the large desk. He was talking to broad man with black hair, while reading a file that he put down when he saw her.
“Ms.Midoriya, thank you for joining us. This is Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi” He gestured to the black haired man in a suit. Naomasa stuck out his hand in greeting, “and you’ve already met Yagi Toshinori.”
“We’ve met before” She accepted his hand “You were the lead Detective on my son’s case.” He smiled back at her.
“I wasn’t sure if you would remember me. Things were a mess back then. Why don’t you sit?” She silently agreed as accepted his offer and sat in one of the chairs.
“May I ask where my son is?” She turned her attention to the bear “You said he was here.”
“He’s currently in class, his teacher thought it best we get our facts straight. He’ll be joining us later.”
“We have a couple things we need to confirm before you meet him anyways.” The detective looked like he didn’t want to be here, interviewing a grief stricken mother. She felt her mouth go dry, she had a feeling she knew where this was going.
“What do you need from me?” She tried to sound more curious but it came out more rushed than she meant. The detective looked at the bear, they looked as though they were having a silent conversation. They seemed to agree on something and then he turned back to her.
“Well there are a few things, we’d like to check your DNA against Ku’s, if that’s okay?” She nodded “We were wondering if you have had any contact with your husband?” She sighed.
“It’s a little hard to contact the dead.” She felt the tension get thicker than syrup.”Izuku inherited his quirk, didn’t he?” She had been expecting the bear or the detective to answer her, but it wasn’t.
“He did. I didn’t think you knew about All for One.”
“I didn’t back when we were in love, back when we were a family.” Toshinori scowled at the idea of his nemesis having a family.
“When did you find out?”
“Around 2 years ago.” They all made the connection immediately.
“You were the one who made the call that took down All for One.” The detective helpfully supplied. She nodded, looking down at the floor. “Can you tell us what happened?”
2 years before
Inko trusted Mitsuki’s advice more than she trusted herself. After all she’s the one who suggested to work in a daycare, causing her to realize she wanted to be a teacher. So when Mitsuki suggested to finally hold a funeral for her child she took into consideration. It went from consideration to planning and before she knew it, she had decided that she needed to close that chapter of her life.
It’s why she was wearing all black, staring at an empty coffin, listening to people, who couldn’t have known her son say nice things about him. After all he was taken too young. Despite the fake pleasantries she found herself crying when Katsuki Bakugou said his piece.
“I was a piece of shit to him. It’s why I can’t let it end here. The coffin is empty because he’s not gone yet. Auntie Inko, I will find him.” It was to the point, it was exactly the kind of thing she expected from him. Time passed faster than she expected, the service was done and she didn’t feel any closer to closure than she did before the service. She doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to move on.
“That was a beautiful service.” She turned to the voice. There was a dark skinned man with light purple eyes and dark wispy fog for hair standing near her in a nice grey suit.
“Kurogiri. It’s been awhile.” She hadn’t seen the man since Hisashi went to America 5 years before.
“It has. It’s a little late but I’m sorry for your loss.” His eyes seemed to display his frustration, despite the fact the rest of his face betrayed nothing.
“It might be late but I still appreciate the fact that you’re here. Is Hisashi here as well?” He shook his head slowly.
“He wanted to be. He gave me this to give to you.” He handed her a note with an address, a date and a time written down on it.
“What’s this Kurogiri?”
“He didn’t tell me anything. I just know that if you want to see him, then that’s your chance.” She didn’t know what to make of the note, but she knew Kurogiri. He wouldn’t lie to her.
“Thank you.”
She didn’t tell Mitsuki about the note. She knew what her friend would say.
‘He abandoned you.’
‘The bastard doesn’t deserve a thing from you.’
‘You shouldn’t go’
She didn’t tell her friend because she didn’t want her to convince her not to go. She wanted to see him again. She wanted an explanation that wasn’t completely fabricated to why he cut her off completely. Why he hurt her when he knew she had already lost enough.
Which is why she found herself following the address to an abandoned warehouse on the edge of town. The moment she realized this was the address she decided she was done with the cryptic nonsense.
She still entered the building with hesitation, but was surprised to find a nice table with wines set out and someone she didn’t recognise sitting at the table.
He looked like a cooked potato, he had no hair, and a large respirator mask type thing on his face.He was dressed rather nicely despite the large machine resting on his neck, his clothing choices reminded her of the type of outfits Hisashi would wear to their dates. He turned towards her, even though it seemed he didn’t have eyes.
“Inko.” She sucked in a breath, she recognised his voice. “Please don’t be afraid of me.”
“Hisashi i-it’s really you. You really were injured.” He raised an eyebrow at that, but didn’t comment. She approached carefully the table, unsure what to make of him. “D-Does it hurt?”
“It’s tolerable.” It did not look tolerable to her. “Don’t fret about my injuries, I’ve been living with them for awhile now. How have you been Inko?”
“Its been 5 years Hisashi, I didn’t come here for small talk.”
“I know. You’ve put some of the pieces together by now. You came here for answers.”
“I tried to find the doctor and the hospital you claimed to go to, they don’t exist. I was hoping to surprise you.The company you claimed to work for doesn’t exist either. You’re a villain aren’t you?”
“I never meant to lie to you, I only to wanted to change society for the better. It’s only the ones who lose who are branded that way.” His voice was soft, he sounded apologetic.
“What else did you lie about?” The words came out harsh and louder than she meant to. They reverberated in the empty space, taunting her.
“I never lied about loving you and Izuku. I never lied about wanting to settling down.” He sounded desperate. She felt tears prick her eyes, but she steeled herself. She was not giving an inch to the man she once loved.
“I didn’t ask about that. I came here for the truth, if you aren’t willing to tell me I can leave.”
“Inko. Please.” She got up from the table.He frowned deeply. “Fine. If I’m honest it’s the real reason why I invited you here.” He let the truth spill from his mouth like water gushing down a waterfall.
He told her about his quirk, on how he can take and give quirks. About how he had hoped Izuku would take after her so he wouldn’t have to worry about him being recognized as a villains son.
He told her about his past, his sickly brother who he tried to protect, but ultimately failed. About how he gave him One for All, how One for All was turned against him.
He told her of his part in the emergence of the hero society, how he both loved and hated the way quirks are seen today.
He told her who he was.
How he was All for One, the most powerful villain to ever exist.
Most importantly he told her how they met. How he fell in love. How he stopped being a villain for her. How he thought he could leave it all behind for a family. How Izuku’s disappearance crushed all his hopes. How he tried everything in his power to find his son, even though he knew he had to abandon that life.
He told her about his fight with All Might. How he had slowly been rebuilding his empire. How he needed a break from it all. How he had been planning on coming home but he had been recognized. How he almost killed All Might, and how All Might almost killed him.
Lastly he told her what he had been doing since that day.
He told her the truth about his injuries. How the injuries caused payment issues, causing him to cut his last tie to her. How they weren’t getting better. How they were slowly, painfully killing him. How he knew he deserved the pain and suffering.
How the injuries made it harder to keep track of what is going on in his organization. He talked for a long time, she merely listened. Soon enough he had nothing left to tell her about who he really was.
“I know it doesn’t really matter, after everything I have done but I truly loved you.” She couldn’t see him smile under the respirator but she could feel him smile sadly. “I’m glad you’ve moved on. That you’re pursuing a better life now. You’re going to make a great teacher one day.”
She found herself crying. In that moment they both realized this would be the last time they saw each other.
“I-I wish that I didn’t l-love you.” He wiped away her tears, his hand caressed her face lightly. He wanted to pull her close. “I-I’m sorry, but I c-can’t forgive y-you.”
“I wouldn’t ask you to. I’ve done too much for that.” He chuckled morbidly. “You should head home, it’s getting late.” She got up from her seat, tears still spilling from her eyes.
“Goodbye Hisashi.” He watched her leave. When she left the building she took out her phone, and made a single call.
Despite knowing about the call she made, he made no effort to leave. He accepted her choice, her judgement.
That night a raid was made on the abandoned warehouse, the villain made no moves against the raid. Those in the raid were not expecting a surrender, considering who they were after. They used a new piece of tech, bullets claimed to suppress quirks, against him.
The bullets suppressed All for One, and while quirkless, defenseless, a single bullet pierced his heart.

Chapter Text

Modern Day
She finished the story while still staring at her feet. She really didn’t want to tell these strangers the truth about that day when she hadn’t even told Mitsuki, but she did anyways. The detective was the first to speak, confirming to the others that the story was indeed true. The next to speak was Toshinori.
“I wasn’t on the best of terms with One for All, but,” She looked up at him, seeing a little frustration plastered on his face. “I’m sorry, for your loss. You didn’t deserve that.”
“No, I didn’t, but it was still a choice I had to make.” As if on cue, a buzzing noise came from Nedzu’s desk.
“Apologies for the noise, I was waiting for a reply.” The principal spoke quietly as if their conversation wasn’t completely interrupted by his phone. He held the phone between his paws, looking at reply from Aizawa. “It seems they're on their way. Ms.Midoriya, I have one more question for you, and I apologize in advance if it seems rude.”
“I don’t think that question is necessary.” Toshinori spoke up “after everything she has told us. I trust her.”
“While I agree with you, it is better to be through.” The principal calmly brought his paws together as Inko bit her lips in nervousness.
“What is the question?”
“Ms.Midoriya, did you sell your child to anyone?” Her eyes went wide, her mouth hung open in shock.
“H-how dare you say that? Izuku was my everything, I loved him so much, I would never!” She was louder than she meant to be, the bear did not seem to take offence at her tone.
“She” The detective cleared his throat “She told the truth.”
Toshinori looked like he was going to complain to the bear when they all heard four loud ‘raps’ at the door. It silenced them all, although it did not stop Inko from shooting daggers at the bear with her eyes.
“You can come in.” A scraggly man in black opened the door, behind him Ku and Bakugou were trying to peak in.
“I’m going to leave these two here.” The scraggly man yawned before turning to the kids. “Behave.” They nodded, the man seemed to accept that and walked away. Without the man in the way Inko was finally able to get a good look at Ku.
She saw his mop of green curls, his mossy green eyes, and then she saw the numerous jagged scars.
And she forgot why she was angry at the stupid bear.
And she was hurt that she couldn’t prevent those scars from existing.
And her eyes were leaking like a coursing river.
“I-Iz-Izuku.” He froze at the sight of her crying, while Bakugou went over to her, patting her on the back. “I-I’m s-sorry. I-I c-couldn’t protect y-you.”
“He’s okay auntie. He’s coming home. I found him.” Bakugou whispered in an attempt to calm her. “Breathe.” She tried to take his advice, but instead found herself getting up. She went over to Ku, reaching out towards him. Ku was panicking internally, but did not dare move away from the crying woman. He didn’t want to make her cry more.He had a feeling he knew who she was supposed to be, even if his memories were failing him. When she cupped Ku’s face in her hands, Ku went even more rigid, straightening himself, and seemingly lock himself in place. She couldn’t see how his eyes seemed to empty as she held him due to her tears blurring her vision. She doesn’t see Toshinori get off of the wall. She reaches in for a hug from her stoic son, when she is stopped. A surprisingly strong hand was wrapped around her wrist, while pushing her back gently.
“That’s enough.” He made himself a wall between the two of them, as she was stunned speechless “Can’t you see he’s uncomfortable?”
“Y-Yagi, It’s okay.” Ku found himself back in reality, he could feel Bakugou staring harshly at him. “Please let her go. S-she didn’t mean anything by it.” Toshinori let go, but still stood between them. The shock of what happened stopped Inko’s tears, but she didn’t know what to say to them. They could all feel the tension in the air.
“Hey, Fuckers I came here for answers! Lets sit our asses down and talk this bullshit out.” Bakugou sat down in a chair with flourish as if to make a point.
“Language Bakugou! ” Inko was snapped out of her stupor and sat down next to him, a silent thanks in her eyes.
“I wholeheartedly agree!” The bear thing spoke while drinking some tea. “Why don’t we start with the elephant in the room. Ku, this woman is Inko Midoriya.”
“She looks like me.” He had been silently comparing their features. “I-is she my mother?”
Her heart broke all over again, as she wished they had time to warn her that he has amnesia.
“Oh Izuku.” She wanted to get up and hold him, but she quickly realized that was a bad idea. “Y-yes. I thought--I thought I lost y-you, but y-you’re okay.” Her voice quivered.She smiled at him, softly, motherly.
“Y-yea, I’m okay.” He watched her gingerly “u-um what was my name?”
“Izuku.Your name is Izuku Midoriya.” As he listened to the name he mulled it over in his head. Izuku. It felt right coming out of her mouth, like Deku did with Bakugou. “Izuku, where did you go? Who t-took y-you from me?”
Despite knowing what this meeting was going to be about, the green haired boy still felt panicked by her question. He looked up at Toshinori, who in turn nodded.
“Perhaps it’s better if I explain. Have you ever heard of the Icarus Support Company?”
She shook her head as the blonde near her began to speak up.
“Yea-They were on the news around, 8 or 9 months ago for” Bakugou paled as he realized what Icarus did. “For human experimentation.”
Toshinori nodded. “But before they were caught they were known for their drugs, mainly the ones that imitated known quirks.” Bakugou mulled over this information.
“Like the imitation for Midnight’s sleeping powder?”
“Yes. Those of us in the hero community trusted that they were up to regulation. It wasn’t until around 2 years ago that an investigation was initiated. It took a lot of time for a proper investigation. We didn’t manage to rescue Ku and the others until 9 months ago.”
“T-there’s other people who were taken?” Inko looked concerned as she watched the two of them.
“Yes, about 40 children were rescued from that organization. We didn’t catch all of the ones responsible.” Horror spread across the faces of those in the room.
“Magenta escaped.” Ku’s voice was barely above a whisper, but Toshinori heard it.
“It will take some time but we will find them.” He said this more to Ku than to anyone else in the room.
“If you don’t, I will.” Bakugou shoved his fist into the other. “And I will tear them apart.”
Modern Day
When the meeting ended, it was determined that Ku would go live with Inko once she set up a room, until then he still staying with Toshinori.
“Meet me at the teachers lounge okay?” Ku nodded at Toshinori as they went different directions.While Ku walked he turned on his phone.
8-Ball: You still coming over?
8-Ball: Oh Nevermind heard from my sister. You got in some kind of fight? Txt me when you’re out.
-Nine-lives entered the chatroom-
Nine-Lives: 8! You wouldn’t believe my day.
8-Ball: What happened?
Nine-Lives: I got a name.
8-Ball: We’re going for ice cream tomorrow!
Nine-Lives: You’re just using me as an excuse for ice cream!
8-Ball: I am not! We need to Celebrate! So what is it?
Nine-Lives: Izuku Midoriya.
While Ku waited by the teachers lounge Toshinori went after Ms.Midoriya and Bakugou.
“Wait, please!” The two of them stopped to wait for him.
“Did you need something Toshinori?”
“I was wondering, would you like to come over for dinner on Saturday? It would give you a chance to see where Ku has been living.”
“Yes! I mean, I would love to.” Inko blushed slightly, embarrassed by her excitement.
“I’ll come too.”
“I’ll see you then.” He smiled at them before running off in the direction of the teachers lounge.