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My Heroic Lover

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Okay, so, if you were going perfectly honest with yourself, you had no idea how this happened. What's this, you ask? You were playing strip poker... With the Red Riot, aka Kirishima Eijirou. Also, also known as your crush.

One minute, you and most of the former class A-1 had been having a relatively PG-13 party at Kirishima's house. A little bit of beer, and, for the braver souls, gin. And the next minute, Mezou was calling it a night.

Following his example, the more responsible heroes started bailing. Tokoyami, followed by Momo, Asui, and lastly Todoroki and Izuku. That left the Bakusquad (minus Bakugou, because such get-togethers were pointless to him), Uraraka, Iida, and you.

"H-heeey, (Y/N)!~ M-me and-d Kaminari are leeeaving!" Mina squeals, Kaminari giggling and clinging to her shoulders. They were the ones who brought the gin.

Sero sighs shaking his head in amusement, before flashing you and Kirishima an apologetic smile. You smile back, sympathetic. Sero was always stuck as their babysitter, or temporary parent. "Well, that's my cue! I can't let those two drive around drunk, right?" He springs to his feet, just in time to keep Mina from collapsing on top of Denki, who looks dead on his feet. "Bye guys, I'll call you if we don't crash!

You laugh, waving Sero off in a gentle manner. Only a few moments later, Iida walks up to you, Uraraka clinging to him, half conscious. "(Y/N), Kirishima! I must leave, much to my own displeasure." He notices your eyes cut worriedly to Uraraka, and immediately jumps to sooth you. "Don't worry, she merely fell asleep on my shoulder! I will be taking Uraraka to her room, then I will head to my own. Goodnight." You nod, Kirishima echoing the speed demon.

Eijirou then leans over you, whispering something. You watch him in a soft haze, humming. He kicked heat like furnace, and it made you feel nice and relaxed. Kirishima had grown, both exceptionally handsome and incredibly tall over the years, and had gained only two more scars on his face. Kirishima tipped his head, non-spiked red hair falling into his eyes, curious. "(Y/N)?"

He grinned widely, looking like he was waiting for you to respond to whatever he had said. "Uhm..." You break out in a nervous sweat, shrinking in your seat. "W-what did you say? I couldn't..." You trail off in absolute nervousness, mumbling incoherently.

Kirishima laughs, sharpened teeth shining in the dim lights of his dorm. You flush, partly out of arousal (the things he could do with those teeth) and partly out of utter embarrassment. "I said, "Wanna play poker?"

You blink, before a rather scandalous thought slips out of your mouth, unfiltered and with no thought on your part. "Only if we play strip." Kirishima's breath stutters a little, beautiful scarlet eyes wide.

You're face burns cherry, damn near bright enough to rival Eijirou's hair. Oh my lord, you just made the worst mistake of your life. This was it, you were gonna die. Yup, may the lord smite you now and throw your ashes in a volcano labeled, VOLCANO OF UNIMAGINABLE SHAME AND EMBARRASSMENT".

As you fell into an inward spiral of despair and shame, Kirishima was staring at you. His face and eyes unreadable, and burning with faint hint of something erotic. He scanned you for a few small moments, then hummed. "I.. I wouldn't be... Opposed to it."

You freeze, internal screams cut off. Kirishima pauses, a slow grin creeping onto his face. "Y'know, I think this could kinda fun."


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-Shinsou would be one of the first to say it: he hated the thought of losing, or using his quirk on you. They were terrifying ideas, and had his heart pounding.

-So he’s horrified when he snaps at you, demanding you to leave

-Words pour from his lips like liquid, and by the time Shinsou realizes his quirk was active, you’re halfway out the door.

-He freezes, too stunned to do anything as you walk out. The only thing he could do, or even think was, ‘What have I done?
-If you’re forgiving, he’ll cry, holding you tightly and sobbing into you’re hair or neck. Shinsou would hide and whisper apologies in a weak voice.

-"I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. Please don’t fear me. I’m so sorry. Please.”

-If you hold a grudge, he becomes numb. His shoulders slump, his jaw goes slack and it’s all Shinsou can do not to wail.

-His close classmates glare when they see you again, and some (Tetsutetsu) actually yell at you for your reaction.

-Unsurprisingly, in both cases, Kendo is the one to do damage control and get you both to talk like adults.

-Everything is tense between you two for a few months, but it eventually smooths out.

-You probably won’t notice, but Shinsou stops using his quirk when he sees you watching.

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Previously: You freeze, internal screams cut off. Kirishima pauses, a slow grin creeping onto his face. “Y'know, I think this could kinda fun.”


You know, there was a lot of different ways this scenario could have played out. For example, Kirishima could have totally rejected your idea of strip poker, and you could have headed your separate ways. Or, he could have ridiculed you (unlikely, but HEY! You’re both slightly buzzed), or even gently talked you out of it with a simple, “How drunk are you? Haha.”

So, how the hell did you manage to find yourself sitting across from Kirishima, Mr. I’m-Hard-And-Manly, Eijirou, wearing only your bra and leggings? You felt flustered, using your non-dominate hand to hide your chest from Eijirou.

Kirishima grins, an illegal sort of grin, the sort that has your face burning maroon and your legs shifting. His lips lift, baring those perfect, shark-like teeth in a triumphant grimace.

“Clothes off, babe .”

And you stare blankly, mouth a gape. Once again, it was your clothes coming off, and had you pouting softly, blissfully unaware of Kirishima’s smug smirk. He had only removed his shoes and shirt, whereas you’d taken off your shirt, coat, heels, and you were about to remove your…

Kirishima cocks his head, then turns cherry red, rivalling the deep scarlet of his hair. “W-we can stop the, ah… Game here if y-!” He chokes on the rest of his sentence, watching you unclip your bra (a nice, comfortable thing, with rose coloured polka-dots) and toss it, in one, fluid motion.

His eyes flick away, and he coughs into his shoulder. You flash a hazy smile, cooing, “You still in?” Your arms come together as you lean forward, lightly pushing your breasts against one another as you purr, wondering where this uncharacteristic confidence came from. “Or are you gonna chicken out?”

Kirishima freezes, crimson eyes whipping around and locking onto yours. His back slowly straightens, and his fingers twitch, slowly setting his cards on the ground. “Hm.” Its soft, yet rough, nearly a growl.

A shiver creeps up your spine, the sound catching you off guard, and the look he’s giving you is making your false bravado crack. “Er, n-nevermind.” His eyes narrow, watching you gather up your clothes with an amused grin teasing at his lips.

Suddenly, he laughs. It’s low, and husky, sending you into another shiver fit. His keen eyes pick up on the soft shiver, and then he’s on his feet, the sudden height difference spooking you a bit.

“Are you leaving, hun?” Your fingers curl around the cup of your bra, and you nod dimly, peering up at him from beneath your eyelashes. Kirishima pouts, tilting his head with a soft noise (Internally, he’s screaming. Why did he decide to stand while you were kneeling? And the look you were giving him…).

“Aw, and I was just starting to see somethin’ lovely." His lips pulled up into another smarmy grin, even as you gape, totally and utterly blown away.

“W-what?” And just like that, his facade falls. His eyes flick away, and he blushes a soft sakura, doubt appearing in his smoldering vermilion eyes.

“Erm,” Kirishima peeks down at you from beneath his thick lashes, grin twisting into something softer. “I crossed a, ah, a line… Didn’t I?” You notice his hands hardening and softening, a clear nervous habit.

You don’t respond, merely tugging your shirt over your head, then casting him a coy glance. “Y'know… I could use some company on my way back home?” He freezes, staring at you with wide, amazed scarlet orbs. To drive the point home, you stand and shimmy up to him, setting yourself against his body, and gently lace your fingers in his lovely hair. “What do ya’ say,” Your lips brush the curve of his ear as you coo. “Red Riot?”

Kirishima’s breath hitches, and he shivers, hands twitching spastically. His eyes once more taking on a predatory gleam, even as you peel away to start dressing yourself. Your eyes peek over at him, shuddering at the way his tongue runs over teeth.

“Who said you needed to leave?” You freeze, heart stuttering with every soft puff of air over your senstive, overheated flesh.

He towers over your shoulders, waiting. And you can’t play this game with him anymore, your neck rolls to the side, and Kirishima doesn’t hesitate, attaching his lips to the offered flesh. As you both stumble onto the couch and he starts sucking and biting, your mind giggles, ’His teeth were amazing.’

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"They'll love you, I promise." Tetsu huffed, rolling gun-metal gray spheres. You jump, embarrassed at being caught staring in terror at the door infront of you. Shying away from him, you rub you neck, then sigh dejectedly.

You had met Tetsutetsu's father, who had the same quirk and personality as Tetsutetsu, and his mother, soft voiced woman who ate rocks like candy, but you had yet to meet his twin younger sisters.

He notices your frustrations with an amused chuckle, tugging on your hand gently. "Hey, look at me," You take a soft, shuddering breath, then peer up at him, nerves making your teeth feel buzzy. Tetsu's eyes soften, and pushes his forehead against yours tenderly, "You'll do fine," He presses a gentle kiss to your knuckles, smirking. "I promise."

"EEWWW!!" You both jump, then whip around to face the doorway. With a wrinkled nose, and disgusted sneer, was a little girl with short, spiky iron hair. Like, literal iron quills in her scalp. Another girl, looking nearly identical, was behind her, giggling. Unlike her sibling, her hair was long, but judging by her sharpened teeth, she probably had a quirk similar to Tetsutetsu's, or their father.

"Tõhi! Tekko! What did I tell you two!?" Tetsutetsu squawks, flushing a brilliant red from head to toe. Both girls completely ignore him, staring you down with twin, intense sliver eyed stares. Then Metal Head, hums and tips her head.

"I'm Tõhi! And this is my sister Tekko... And we don't like you." It feels like ice was poured down your back, as you sputter and shrink on the spot. Tetsutetsu snarls, baring his teeth at the two like a rabid dog, shooing them back inside then sighing.

"I'm sorry (Y/N). I even told them you were really nice and stuff... " Tetsu goes quiet, then groans. A large hand runs down his face, then begins rubbing the soft fluff around his eyes the wrong way. A small smile touches your lips, and reach for his left eye to gently smooth the cream coloured fluff down.

"Ah, am I interrupting a cute moment?" Once again, you're both spooked, though this time you recognise the sweet, sotto voice.

"Oh, hello Mrs. Rokku and, uh, Mr. Tafuna!" Both Tetsutetsu's laugh, and your boyfriend snorts. His parents had everyone call them by their first name since, not only were their last names were long, it was also Tetsu's first name.

"(Y/N), my future daughter-in-law!" You and Tetsu blush, sputtering out disagreements, abd complaints, although Tafuna pays you guys no mind as he dramatically ushers you two into the house. "You need not be so formal!"

You laugh softly, then shudder. You could feel eyes staring at you, and judging from the prickle on your spine, you had a feeling it was a certain pair of silvery twins. As the Tetsutetsu's swept you away to Tetsu's bedroom, you had a sinking feeling that dinner was gonna be awkward.


Well, you were right about one thing, it was awkward. You had been seated between the spiky sister, and Mrs. Rokku, who seemed oblivious to your nerves. Tetsutetsu, on the other had yet to stop watching you, love and warmth in his gun-metal.

Dinner seemed to drag on, and when it was over, you tried to help clean. Instantly Rokku had pushed you into the living room with Tetsu and the twins, grabbed her husband by his wrists, and chirped, "Me and your father will do the dishes, then head to bed! Don't stay up too late!" She winked at you and Tetsutetsu, then vanished around the corner with Mr. Tafuna behind her.

Tekko hummed thoughtfully, then pulled on Tetsutetsu's hand. When he went to pull you along, Tõhi grabbed your hands and pried them apart. You winced, yielding reluctantly. For a 10 year old, the kid was strong.

"Okay, that is IT." You all jumped at Tetsu's irritated outburst, though the twins immediately glared at you. "Tõhi, Tekko, I'm gonna say it once, and only once," He snaps his fingers to make sure he has their attention, and once he had it, kneeled.

"(Y/N) has been my girlfriend for 5 years," He flushed, then glanced up at you. "I love her, so much, and she has been a great addition to my li- no, my universe." Tetsu's eyes darken, the sharp, silvery hues cold as frozen steel. "And you two will not disrespect her, especially not today."

Tekko tipped her head, then raised a brow. "What does that mean?" You narrowed your eyes. Something was up, you could tell. Tõhi had this odd smirk, and even Tekko was grinning a little. Even Tetsutetsu seemed off, you noted as sweat was beginning to appear on his forehead an brow.

Tetsutetsu sighed, then reached for your hand. "(Y/N) is the one person... Who could take my life... And I-I'd die smiling." He faced you, head low, and hand quivering in yours. "I-I know I can be a... Handful, sometimes. But you've stuck by me, even when I swallowed a packet of Ghost Pepper powder and nearly died... I... I ju-just w-wanted to know." Tetsutetsu took a deep breath, then reached into his pocket as he dropped down onto a single knee. "(Y/N)... W-will you d-do me the honors o-of... Becoming my wife?"

Tears filled your eyes and you sobbed a little, stumbling a little on shaky legs. You didn't hear the soft scuffling in the kitchen, or both of his sisters chanting softly, "Yes, Yes, Yes!" His eyes stayed on yours, filled with nervousness and anxiety. You nodded, wheezing a soft, "Yes..." That steadily grew in volume till you were fully sobbing out, "YES! YES, GOD YES!" Tetsutetsu let out a dry, happy sob, and swept you into a bone crushing hug.

Cheers erupted from the kitchen, yet Tetsutetsu was holding you so tight, you couldn't turn around to see who ever it was. Then you could faintly recognize what sounded like Kirishima, (Tetsutetsu had introduced you two, and you had felt like you were in stuck in the Twilight Zone.) Neito, and Shinsou. There were a few voices you didn't recognise, but you laughed nonetheless. "Did you really invite your old classmates?" Tetsu simply laughs, and holds you tighter.

"Maybe." He whispers, and you laugh, and hold him tighter. He finally pulls away, only to slip the ring on your finger, and glance up at you slyly. "Looks like we have another Tetsutetsu running around."

You snort a laugh, then mumble, "We're either taking my name, or putting a hyphen." Tetsutetsu smiles and nods sagely, sharpened teeth gleaming under the lights in the living room.


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Bakugou's grip tightens, and you can feel his palm heating up. Red eyes fill your sight, and you lurch back, hissing. "Tch, thought so, you fucking ex-!" 


His hair hides the expression on his face from you, and despite the fear clutching your lungs in a choke-hold, you feel smug you lower your hand back to your side. 

"Tch," Is your only warning, before long, callused fingers are on the back of your skull. You shriek slightly, scratching at the hand that's suddenly pulling at your hair, tugging your head back, forcing you to bare the softness of your throat.

"You got guts... For a fucking extra." A whine slips from you, and you can't tell if its fear, or arousal. Bakugou's lips press to your clavicle, then move up the length of your throat. He nips, mouths and sucks, leaving your flesh with a wet 'pop!' and humming when he spied dark purple and red marks surfacing.

"What happen to that nasty fucking attitude, hmm?" You snarled, trying to reach up with the hand he hasn't got in a death grip, only to have Bakugou rest his full weight against you, smirking as his chest prevented you from moving further.

Bakugou sneered viciously, "Well, isnt that too fucking bad." Before mashing his chapped lips to yours.


Tears blur your vision, and you stare up at Shinsou, hate, spite, and rage coagulating in your chest and throat. "Why are you so mad at me?" He murmers, voice smooth, sonorous, yet monotone.

Your lips purse, and tears -angry, hateful wet drops- form, even as your lips curl and you hiss, "You know why, you fuck-!" You slump, staring at him through wide, blank eyes. Shinsou stares. And stares. Before sighing, then pressing his forehead to yours.

"... Is this because of Kendo?" Against your will, you nod, still staring blankly. "... If I release you from this, will you give me time to explain?" Your fingers twitched, then you nodded, getting a soft sigh of relief from him.

"Listen, she was just being friendly," Shinsou cringes a little under your intense eyes, soft lavender eyes flitting to your face, then his hands. "I just..." You raised an eyebrow, (e/c) coloured eyes becoming stormy.

Until Shinsou lunges forward, pulls you against him, and plants a soft peck on you lips. You gape up at him, and watch as he squirms, turning a soft rosy pink and shuffling his feet. "I-I was as-sking her how-w I should ask to do th-that..."

Shinsou begins shivering at your continued silence, finally beginning to whisper that he was sorry for using his quirk on you, that you could breakup with right then if you wished, that he would never talk to Kendo, only to squeak when you gripped his cheeks.

"G-give me another k-kiss, and I'll forgive you." Shinsou froze, then, as an uncharacteristically wicked grin touched his lips, pounced.


Kirishima seems flustered, floundering for several momemts and ever so slightly tightens his hold. "U-uhm? What?!" You huff, yanking your wrist, and hissing when the hardened edges of his skin chafe against yours.

His cherry red eyes go wide, and he lets go with a worried noise deep in his chest. That's his mistake, as you immediately slap him, and spit, "You fucking disgusting PIG!"

Once more, Kirishima flounders, pressing a hand to his cheek. "What did I do?" He yelps, ducking his head and hissing. It hurt you more than it hurt him, but still! Ow!

You snarl, rearing back. "Stop faking you, disgusting, godda-!"

"Uh, what the hell is happening here?" Both of you freeze, turning to look at... (Y/N)?!? Eijirou gawks, pointing a finger from you, to you 2.0. You 2.0 seems confused, then rolls her eyes. "Goddamn it. Noubu, that's enough."

You roll your eyes, then begin to shudder and twitch. Soon, a man with long dark brown hair and ice blue eyes appears, flashes Eijirou finger guns and jogs off.

"Now let's hope you didn't kiss him, haha." You joke, only to yelp as Kiri begins dry heaving. "Oh".

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      (Y\N)'s vision blurred, and filled with coloured specks. Another explosion, and then the sound of people screaming. Rocks rained down around her, several landing on her stomach. She lurched forward into a hunched position, vomiting over her shoes and wheezing. "(Y\N)! (Y\N) IS THAT YOU?!"

      (Y\N) swung upward as she wiped the stomach acid off her lips, squinting through the dust and smog that obstructed her vision. Kaminari's round, lightly tanned face apppeared through it all, smattered in crimson ash. Sero's pale mug appeared over Kaminari's shoulder, then scrunched up into a grimace and wrinkled nose. "You feelin' okay, bud?"

      (Y\N) brushed him off, rasping at Denki, "Where's Kiri?" Both the blond electric user and ravenette Spider-Man wannabe shrugged, causing her shoulders to slump in defeat. She was good friends with the redhead, and even had a slight crush on him. It worried her to know that he was MIA, but he'd be fine... He had to be.

     "Alright... Let's try and regroup with the others." (Y\N) grunted as she forced herself to stand straight up. She scanned herself really quick, cursing when she noted her pen was gone.

      "Did you get a bead on the villian?" Kaminari asked, reaching over to help (Y\N) out of the rubble. She answered with a negative, causing Sero to groan in disappointment. (Y\N) rolled her eyes at the overdramatic ravenette, as Kaminari chuckled. If that wasn't proof that the two knuckleheads were fine, than nothing was.

     "Have you guys found anyone other than me?" Before either of them could answer, they heard Bakugou's savage roar. All three of them froze, then heard what he was screaming.

     "GET OFF OF HIM!" Kaminari's face drained of colour, and Sero's obsidian eyes widened. Without a word, they took off, causing (Y\N) to cry out. A thunderous explosion rocked the ground beneath her, followed by a pained outcry from Bakugou. That finally encouraged her to start running after the two.

     When she burst around the corner, she swore her heart had stopped. Kirishima was limp, like a ragdoll against a nearby wall. Bakugou was a nursing a broken arm near him, while Kaminari and Sero fended off the villian. When Kaminari's orange eyes met her own (e\c) ones, he tipped his head towards Kirishima and Bakugou. 'Help them first.'

     With a silent, jerky nod, (Y\N) raced for the two, though a quick snarl from Bakugou kept her from getting too close to him. With the grace and weight of a butterfly, she gently shook Kirishima and watched him hiss in pain at the sudden movement. Good, that meant he was alive. Before (Y\N) could help Bakugou, or at least attempt to, a body suddenly hit the ground behind her.

     She whipped around, gawking at the sight of Sero and his broken arm, then screaming when Denki came skidding to a stop not too far behind Sero. Both were out cold, and (Y\N) realized with a horrified noise that she was the only one left to fight.

    Bakugou was at his absolute limit, Kirishima seemed only barely conscious, Denki had gone stupid, and Sero couldn't use his tape due to the broken limb. Her lips pursed, then parted as an idea hit her. (Y\N) may not have her pen, but she had something. 

    She stood facing the approaching villian, and reached into her pocket, whipping out a sleek boxcutter. All she needed was something to write on and with. With a grim smirk, and quick farewell to her friends, (Y\N) dug the cutter into her forearm and began to etch into her own skin.

      When Kirishima came to, the first thing he was aware of, was the scent of a hospital. The second was the smell of caramel, and sweat. It confused him, but a quick glimpse around the room had memories rushing back to him.

      "Bakugou!" Said blond jerked in his seat, straightening up in alarm, then anger. Before the explosive boy could go into a full on rant, Kirishima hurriedly asked, "What hapoened to the villian? Is everyone okay? What about (Y\N)? What happ-" He cut himself off, startled by the sudden haunted look in Bakugou's crimson gaze .

     "E.R...bled..." Kirishima scrunched his nose, unsure of what the usually loud boy had said. Before he could ask Bakugou to repeat himself, the ashy haired boy dropping his head, and snarling in a louder, slightly more stressed tone. 

       "She's in the E.R. (Y\N) damn near bled out because we weren't able to get that guy sooner..." Bakugou clenched his fists and hissed quietly. "Doctors said there's a 65% chance she doesn't make it."

      And Kirishima's heart hurt, his vibrant vermillion eyes misted over, and he cried, pretending not to notice as Bakugou did the same.

           (Y\N) groaned softly, eyes peeling open very slowly. "W-what?" She managed to sit up, hissing at the pain in her forearms. Oh... (Y\N) stared blankly at the bandages winding up and down the length of her arms. She remembered, digging into her arms and writing the word "shield". She had watched the villian shatter through it, had created word after word, and nearly cried when a familiar length of cloth restrained the villian.

      (Y\N) did realize how lucky she was, how lucky it was that the pros had showed up when they did. That Recovery Girl had been with them... That she hadn't died.

       (Y\N) pulled herself out of her musings when she heard a soft snore. Turning just slightly, she was stunned to see Kirishima, with bandages wrapped around his head and a few around his torso, sleeping quietly in the chair next to her. His hair wasn't spiked and she could just barely see the black roots of his hair.

      Her eyes softened, remembering why she had done it. She did it for those four goofballs. (Y\N) did it for Uraraka and Iida. She did it for Shouji, Tokoyami, Kouda, and Aoyoma. She did it for the entirety of 1-A, and most of all... She did it for him. The very redhead that stole her heart.

      Kirishima shifted, as if he had heard her thoughts, waking with a soft noise. His eyes slid open, and stared hazily at her. Kirishima seemed about ready to slip back into dreamland, until it registered that you were awake.

      His eyes went wide, and he nearly launched himself at her. Tears flew from crimson eyes, and streaked down his tanned cheeks. They dripped from his chin in shining drops, and Kirishima sobbed unabashedly.

       (Y\N) flinched, eyes going wide in surprise and awe. You hadn't expected Kirishima to start bawling, much less lunge forward and nuzzle his face into your shoulder.

       No words were spoken, for there was no need to. When he pulled her into a fervent kiss, she had no choice but to respond in kind.

Chapter Text

    (Y/N) hummed, nuzzling further into the massive cocoon of warmth he was wound up in. He twisted and squirmed, curling up and humming contentedly.

     "You're awfully squirmy, hun." His stomach fills with warmth at the sound of the taller boy's voice. For being 16, Shouji had a low voice, and the vibrations crawled up (Y/N)'s back soothingly.

      Shouji was an absolute (unit) sweetheart, he decided firmly as he rolled over to gaze up at him. (Y/N) don't know how long he had been asleep, but here Shouji was, holding onto his small ass body like both boy's lives depended on it.

     One of Shouji's six hands slid up to rest on (Y/N)'s shoulder blade, while the rest stretched out to encase his tiny frame... Well, tiny when compared to Shouji's gigantic, 6" stature.

    Shouji's eyes wrinkled in amusement at the soft squeak (Y/N) let out, and his mouth lifted in a smile, instantly catching (Y/N)'s attention. It had taken Shouji 7 months to feel comfortable enough to show his mouth to him, and even longer for him to allow mouth-to-mouth kisses.

      The reason behind Shouji's hesitancy was the fact that his mouth stretched from jaw-joint to jaw-joint in a horrifying mockery of a reptiles maw. And, as (Y/N) had assured the albino a thousand, million times... he loved him for it.

     From the sharpened fangs that gave Shouji a rogue-ish look, to the smug smirk he'd flash at (Y/N) when he said/did something that made their classmates laugh.

     (Y/N) sighed softly, burrowing further into the firm planes of Shouji's chest. "Still tired?" There was nothing condescending in his tone, and when (Y/N) peeked up to stare into Shouji's pink eyes, he found soft, sleepiness.

    "Yeah," he yawned mid-way through his sentence, ending with a soft mumble. "Let's just be lazy today, okay?" He swore that the minute he'd dozed back off there had been a soft, click! Followed by giggles.

    Needless to say, both of the boys were embarrassed when Mina showed them the pictures the girls of 1-A took.

Chapter Text

     Huh. (Y/N) must have pleased some higher being and/or deity, otherwise, he wouldn't have found himself underneath Kirishima like this. Legs splayed out, hands latched onto larger, warmer ones, and a draconic dick buried deep inside of his ass. Grass clung to (Y/N)'s stomach/chest, sticking uncomfortably, but he endured it. Something told him that, if he asked to go elsewhere, Kirishima would fly there, all while balls deep inside of him.

     (Y/N) shuddered when the dragoniod pulled out, and wailed as he snapped his hips forward, dragging the tip of his dick back and forth across more senstive areas. A breathy laugh sounded just above his shoulder, and (Y/N) twisted upwards a bit to get a quick peek at the dragonoid's handsome face. Kirishima's hair was a mess, falling in thick, bloody waves over his powerful shoulders, and hanging around his flushed face.

       If anyone was nosey(and brave... Or stupid) enough to ask (Y/N) how sex was with a dragon shifter, he'd tell them it's like watching someone pour gasoline over a simmering fire pit. It starts slow and warm, then, all at once, it was intensely hot and raging. It snagged onto a person with claws of smelted iron and refused to let go, regardless of how one would squirm, beg or plead.

      (Y/N) remembered, even as Kiri bites down onto the back of his neck, how this all started. It was innocent. So pridefully innocent. Kirishima had teased (Y/N), saying he could track him down if the dragon had come down with a cold and had been blindfold. So naturally, (Y/N) challenged him. 

      What Kirishima had neglected to mention, was the fact that his species were built for tracking, just as much as they were built to deal and take heavy damage. During mating season, the female would go into hiding and cover her tracks. Whatever male managed to find her, and chase her down, got to mate with her.

   When he had caught (Y/N), (Y/N) was good-natured, and not too salty. Then Kirishima had started tugging, and ripping his clothes off. It had spooked him into shoving the dragon shifter off and away, yet when (Y/N) had gotten a really good look at him, a shudder ran through his body.

    His eyes hadn't been vibrant. They were dull, and a deep burgundy. Not the brilliant vermillion (Y/N) had gotten used to. (Y/N) noticed his draconic features were more pronounced, the most noticable changes being his legs and tail. Kirishima's legs were curved, like a dragons, and his feet had changed. Now his weight was supported by his toes, the heel rising several inches from the ground. His tail had become longer, trailing behind himself by several feet.

    And when the tent at the front of his pants twitched? (Y/N) ran like the hounds themselves were chasing them. Kirishima roared, wings flaring wide, and when (Y/N) glanced back, he was grinning. His eyes were wild in excitement, with every last tooth in his mouth on display.

     With that pleasantry out of the way, the crimson dragon launched himself after (Y/N). (Y/N) ran and ran, panting, tripping and scrambling through creeks and streams. He could hear him, the tree branches snapping and groaning under the weight of Kirishima's unrelenting persuit.

      A sudden squelch, and a zing of pleasure racing up his spine threw him out of LaLa Land, and right back into the present. (Y/N) had nearly forgotten that he was currently having his gut re-arranged by a very horny dragon. Kirishima snarled at (Y/N)'s startled outcry. One he tried to hide by shoving his face into the the ground below him.  "Nng, wh-why are you so," Kirishima hissed mid-sentence, rolling his hips in a slight circle. "Quiet."

      (Y/N) groaned, head falling foreward. The action exposed his neck, with his partner took advantage of. Teeth, sharp enough to rip flesh from bone, pressed gently into (Y/N)'s neck. Kirishima snarled savagely, and, somewhere in his mind, realized that some innocent passersby would mistake the current scene for rape, or some poor dude being mauled by a dragon.

      Yet, when (Y/N) cried out so sweetly, and presented himself so enticingly, who was Kirishima to deny? (Y/N) was stuttering something, yet all Kirishima zoomed in on was the softly uttered, "cumming!" The dragon instantly sped up. Like hell he was gonna leave his mate unsatisfied! (Y/N) screeched when the speed increased, and one of Kirishima's arms wrapped around his hips. It nearly knocked the wind out of the poor human when Kirishima put pressure down on his lower belly.

      "C-cum. I know you want to. I mean," Kirishima, snarling, slid a hand downwards, snarling morphing into purring when his fingers brushed (Y/N)'s aching cock. "Your dick is practically weeping for me." The crimson creature watched his mate hunch even farther forward, the tips of his ears turning red.

     "K-Kiri! You c-aahn't s-s-ah!" Kirishima grinned, then hissed. He was close, and his little mate seemed determined not to cum. So he did the most natural thing he could think of. (Y/N) yowled when Kirishima pulled out with a wet, suction noise. He was abruptly flipped over, and left to gawk up at Kirishima. The dragon looked wrecked. He was panting, red-faced, and looking about 10 seconds away from fucking (Y/N) into oblivion.

     "Hold on." That was all the warning Kirishima gave before burying his dick back inside of his little mate. The warning made sense when the vermilion dragon started thrusting quickly, borderline violently, into him. (Y/N) shook and thrashed, hiccuping weakly. 'I don't think he realizes I already came...twice.' Kirshima growled, curling his fingers(minding the claws) around (Y/N)'s dick.

    A few strokes. That was all it took to shatter the dam. (Y/N) wailed in rapture, while Kirishima snarled in pleasure. The crimson dragon buried his cock deep into (Y/N)'s ass, and roared. Literally. His mate whined, shuddering when he felt soft spines dig into the soft flesh of his ass. Cum poured into (Y/N), drooling out of his sore entrance when Kirishima finally pulled out.

     Oddly, the red dragon shifter stayed on top of him, watching him breathe and pant. "Kami, your so handsome." (Y/N) blinked blearily, the smiled. "I mean it. You look so good with my cum pouring out of your ass," and to prove that point, Kirishima leaned back to get a good look. "... I wonder how much more I can fit in you?" (Y/N) choked, gaping at him.

   Kirishima smiled sweetly, picking (Y/N) up, and purring. "Guess we're gonna find out, huh?"


Word Count: 1,144

God, my face was red as hell. Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Please like/vote and follow me plz, because I am an attention hoe.

Chapter Text

    Some... Human, had been hitting on (Y/N). A human had started feeling her up. Another human had touched what was rightfully mine. I was tense, and I wanted to kill him, I wanted to sink my teeth into him and drain every last drop of blood out of him...

    But (Y/N) was watching, so I restrained myself to a soft snarl and curled lip. My fangs peeked out, and it was enough to send that pitiful man running (the vampiric side of me wanted to chase him). (Y/N) gave a full-body shudder, then latched onto my side, nuzzling my ribs a little.

    Even as we left the little secluded corner that...human, had cornered (Y/N) in, my teeth gnashed, my shoulders and tail flexed, and my eyes narrowed. Oh yes, when we got home, (Y/N) wasn't gonna be able to leave. Hell, it would be a miracle if she could even feel her legs once I was done, much less get up.

    She had noticed I was quiet, (a part of me purred. My little human knew me so well.), and asked questions. I simply brushed (Y/N) off, humming that we'll talk about it later.

    The entire time we had our dinner, (the waiter looked at me odd when I asked for their steak as rare as possible), we started to head home. My thoughts raced, and body shivered in excitement. Yes, this will be so much fun!

     '(Y/N), down on her knees, struggling to take my cock down her throat. (Y/N), on her back, blindfolded, naked, and writhing. (Y/N),(Y/N),(Y/N)' A hand suddenly appeared in my line of sight, startling me. I noted, vaguely, a faint warmth in my neck and groin. "Oji?"

     "Hmm," I hummed, coiling my tail, that was around her waist, slightly tighter. "Yes, dove?" I smiled at the soft hitch in her breath, followed by the sound of her heart speeding up. (Y/N) loved that nickname, no matter what she said otherwise.

    "Uh, ahem..." Aww, she's flustered. How cute...that beautiful red blush would look more appropriate whe- "Ojiro!" I flinched again, forcing myself to focus via blinking rapidly.

     (Y/N) pouts, motion animatedly as she unlocks the door. "That's what I mean!" A shove, and the door flies open, followed by her. "Ever since that guy was being creepy, you haven't bee-!" She shrieked when I lunged, pinning her between myself and the door.

    "...Oji?" (Y/N)'s voice is so soft, just like her tits, her eyes are wide, just like when she has her lips wrapped around my cock, and her pulse is racing, almost like she just finished cumming.

    "You're a real treat," She gasps, and pushes gently at his shoulder, whining. "You know that I love you, right?" I sound too breathy for my liking. Too needy, but when I look up from the side of her neck, she's bright red, and whimpering. My fangs ache, and I moan.

    "You're too cute and delicious." My fangs attach themselves to her bright red cheek, making small punctures. Then, I suck. (Y/N) whimpers, grinding lightly against my thigh, and grabs my sleeve.

   "W-what's gotten- aaahn- i-into you?" She asks between moans, and I snarl, suddenly remembering, as I drift down her neck. That's right, him. (Y/N) wails when I dig my fangs, up to the gums, in her neck.

    I can't say what happened next, but the last thing I remember was (Y/N) wailing in rapture, and curling into me. I remember collapsing a top her soft, warm, entirely human body, and snarling, "You, are mine" into her ear.

    She got questions and concerns about the marks littering her neck. They didn't look like hickeys, but they weren't bleeding. And all (Y/N) said?

      "My sister's dog got really excited..."

Chapter Text

 Prompt: Massage

        "Looks like someone has the tampon up the wrong hole." Monoma snarked, smirking as several pairs of annoyed eyes turned towards him. Kirishima sighed internally, sharpened teeth gnashing. Of course Neito picked the one day that the red-headed 3rd year wasn't feeling very tolerant of snark, or shit talk. His day had been awful, and downright distressing, and all he wanted was some lunch, and cuddles from his BF, (Y/N).

Kirishima had let his team down during training (he hadn't even noticed Kuroiro, and gotten knocked out thanks to his negligence), was forced to break up a one-sided argument between Bakugou and Todoroki (speaks for it's self), and had just been told the pro-hero he was going to have a 1-on-1 talk with about his quirk, had canceled (really!?).

And now? Now he was pissed off, and ready to throw hands. With his mind made up, Kirishima rolled his shoulders and prepped himself to roast the actual hell out of the blond annoyance. When he spun on his heel to face Monoma, the blond reeled back in surprise, then smirked. "What? Finally decided that your class is less impressive than 3-B?"

Keeping vermilion level with crystal blue, Kirishima slowly spoke. "No. I could just hear that big ass ego wandering my way, and got worried I'd be crushed under it's weight." He then, carefully, searched the Copycat with lazy irritation. "But now? I realized it was just the sheer amount of idiocy you possess..." The blond gawked, turning red and having to be restrained by Tetsutetsu, who was just as floored by Kirishima's savagery as everyone else.

Kirishima was always so sweet and warm. So when he spun back around, and walked away with a cold, blank look in his crimson stare, no one opposed him. In fact, most of them cleared the fuck out of his way as soon as possible. Once his back was turned on the lunchroom, a certain boyfriend steeled his nerves.

It was time.


(Y/N) paced in Kirishima's room, counting each step it took to get from one end to the other. Sitting innocently on the bed were the causes of his stress; a simple sheer black babydoll get up with vermillion accents, crimson garters, and some raspberry/cherry scented massage oils.

His fingers curled, then relaxed. He could do this. All he need to do was put this on, throw on a his robe, and light Kiri's favorite scented candles... 'god this is sososostupid!' (Y/N) couldn't help but feel foolish, even as he slipped on the seductive lingerie.

The dark maroon boyshorts attached to the dark babydoll hugged everything too snugly, and felt like they were going to cut off all circulation to his balls. Yet, when (Y/N) caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he froze in surprised amazement. The babydoll made the soft flesh of his belly stand out, and the garters fit perfectly to his plush thighs. 'Okay, maybe I look a little sexy.' He was so busy admiring how the outfit looked, he never even heard Kirishima yelling a good bye to the Bakusquad™.




(Y/N)'s heart jumped into his throat when he heard the front door begin to open. (Y/N) made a mad dash for their shared bedroom as quietly as possible. As (Y/N) ran, he nearly forgot to swipe his robe from the table. (Y/N) tossed the silky cloth on, hopped up onto the bed, and gently tucked his legs beneath himself, waiting.


Kirishima sighed in relief, then smiled widely. Scattered around the room, were little apple cinnamon scented candles, casting a gentle glow around the room. He hummed low in his chest, calling out into the darkness of their shared dorm. "(Y/N)!? Where are ya', babe?"

(Y/N) shivered, curled his fingers in his robe and called back, "I'm in the bedroom... I got a surprise for you!" Kirishima grinned, carefully taking off his shoes and gently padded through the house, enjoying the scent.

"Hey, babe, I was hoping we could just la-," And just like that, he faltered a little. (Y/N) grinned shyly, tugging the robe a bit tighter. Kirishima blanked out for a few moments, before he managed to stutter, "A-and...w-what's the get up f-for?"

(Y/N) inhaled, silently pumped himself up, and quietly showed off the massage oils. "Y-you were really, uhm, stressed today..." He curled up a little, turning red as a beet. (Y/N) refused to meet Kirishima's eyes, not wanting to see his weirded out/disgusted face. "So... I, uh... Ithoughtaboutgivingyouamassage?"

Kirishima grinned widely. "I'd love that. Honestly." He watched in amusement as his boyfriend perked up, internally cooing at the innocence of the action. If (Y/N) had ears and a tail, they'd perked up and wagging.

"O-okay..." (Y/N) scrambled off the bed, making sure the red head couldn't get a peek at what he was wearing. "Please take off your shirt and lay belly down on the bed." He faintly heard Kirishima mumble something about switching roles, yet a quick peek over his shoulder revealed the red head removing his shirt. (Y/N) swallowed as a crisp, sharp tattoo was revealed. The red head had gotten it over a month ago, the tattoo stretching over the back of his shoulder, and accentuating the strength held there.

"Hey, perv." (Y/N) squeaked, jumping and turning bright red. Kirishima grinned, and motioned to his eyes, "My eyes are up here." (Y/N) blushed, then whined at him. Kirshima chuckled, trying to ignore the way his dick twitched just slightly at the whine.

"Okay t-then. Uhm..." (Y/N) scuffed his feet, then motioned helplessly towards the bed. "Lay down please."


(Y/N) sighed, listening intently to each of Kirishima's small grunts and hisses. His eyes never strayed, even when his cock hardened almost painfully. (Y/N) watched Kirishima's tanned muscles tense, and ripple like aggravated snakes beneath his kneading fingers.

"Fuuuuck. When did you get so good, babe?" Kirishima groaned, arching upwards in an attempt to get more contact. The red-head paused for a split second, then purred. "That's the spot babe. Riight," Kirishima twisted, yanking on one edge of (Y/N)'s robe and yanking him underneath himself. "There~".

(Y/N) squawked indignantly, ready to complain about the rough treatment until he noticed the gobsmacked look on Kirishima's face. Abruptly remembering his current state of dress, (Y/N) froze. "S-surprise, babe." (Y/N) looked anywhere but at his boyfriend, pleading to the heavens that he liked the outfit. "I, uh, I thought, since you had a really shitty day, that... Well.." (Y/N) squirmed, blushing and gently picking at the small fraying edges of the robe.

       "...babe? We have the next 3 days off, right?" (Y/N)'s brows furrowed, confusion painting his face.

       "Yeah? We should if All Might-Sensei and Nezu-Sensei haven't changed their minds?" Kirishima's grin became downright feral, and he purred softly.

       "Good." (Y/N) shivered when his fingers danced up his sides, a grin making the usually sweet red head, look like a demon sent from hell itself. "Because you aren't going anywhere until I'm satisfied I've fucked you enough."

Chapter Text

        Shouji sighed contentedly, large form stretched out in a manner akin to a cat. His eyes searched the room, long, pointed ears twitching in an attempt to locate his little human. Soft shuffling caused him to smile: (Y/N) was making breakfast.

        Shouji pulled himself out of the plush bed, purring at the pleasurable sting originating from the scratches on his back. One of his limbs formed an eye, attempting to see the scratch marks himself. "Shou-chan!" His ears perked up, and the massive demon found himself rushing to obey the beckoning call.

        It was odd, the relationship these two had. Shouji, a demon. Six powerful arms, clawed wings, and a 7 foot stature. (Y/N), a human. Two arms, plain (e/c) eyes, and rather plump for a human. It's so odd, simply because Shouji had intended to kill them. He really had meant to kill them.

        His plan had come to a complete standstill though when (Y/N) had simply given him a blank, detached look. When he'd asked them mockingly if they were scared, all they could do was sigh, and look away.

        "Why should I be scared of my final judgement?" And all villainous intentions vanished. Shouji couldn't help but be intrigued. Final judgment? So, he took them with him when he left that village.

        He was distant with them, at first. Then his curiosity took hold. All questions about the "Final Judgment", were met with accepting sighs, or blank looks.

        One day, he'd been frustrated. His body throbbed, and none of his consorts were cutting it. In a fit of panicked desperation, the servants dolled up his human prisoner, and tossed them to his ravenous whims. He'd descended on them with sharp teeth, and gentle lips.

        The entire time they were being fucked, they whimpered the same phrase, "I don't deserve this." And it became clear. They hadn't been fighting back because they believed they didn't deserve to be free, no, before he'd taken them, he had made his intention of killing them clear. They hadn't fought back, because the had wanted to die.

        And since then, the demon made damn sure that all of his human's needs were tended to. Presently though, food.

        The soft sizzle of bacon greeted his nose when he stepped into the small kitchen area, nearly drowning out his little one's quiet humming. He watched them cook, finding it amusing that they still thought they needed to "earn their keep", though he'd made it plenty clear that he had enough power and resources, that, if they wanted, they could laze about their room all night and day.

        "SHOU-CH-! Ah!" They squealed when they turned away from the stove, watching him through large, startled eyes. "Sorry Shouji! I, uhm, I didn't hear you come in." He smiled behind his mask, pointed ears zeroing in on their rapid heartbeat.

        He slowly sauntered up to (Y/N), casually turning the stovetop off. "Shouji! The bacon isn't d-" They broke off with a soft gasp, shivering when a limb turned into a mouth that began to nip along their neck.

        His main maw dropped down besides their head, gently mouthing at the tips of their ears. "What makes you think last night's fun was over?"

Chapter Text

      (Y/N)'s thighs quivered around my face, seconds away from completely giving out. I pull back panting, watching her grasp desperately at the headboard. A small lick over her clit has her crying out, and when I bury my face fully into her beautiful pussy? She collapses.

       I catch her; one hand on a thigh, and the other one getting a nice handful of ass. (Y/N) had been so apprehensive about this, so worried about my own safety. Yet when my eyes search for her face, she's moaning.

       I find myself moaning as well when she begins to gently ride my tongue, rocking back and forth. Minutes, hours, days perhaps? I don't care. All I know is that my babygirl so close to cumming, that she's mere seconds away from being in utter bliss.

       I can't find it in myself to pull away, even though I know she's coming. (Y/N) spasms even harder, trying to get off of my face. My lips wrap around her clit, and the flat side of my teeth push up against it. She goes limp, finally deciding to just ride it out, whimpering "good, fuck so good Sero, good boy, I love you, such a good boy" under her breath.

       One last suck, and I finally pop off of her, smiling widely. "D-Don't look so smug, you walking tape dispenser." She huffs. I just snort, grinning wider.

       "I would say I'm sorry, but we both know that I'd be lying." (Y/N) laughs, moving to get on her knees at the side of the bed. "Uh, ahaha, uhm..." Her eyebrows raise expectantly, pulling an awkward, embarrassed cough from my chest. "I already...uh...Yeah."

       Her eyes flick down, and she snickers. "Glad you enjoyed yourself?" She jokes, blinking in surprise when I nod enthusiastically.

       I pull her against me, murmuring into her ear, "I wouldn't mind a repeat performance." She snorts, then shoves a pillow in my face.

       "Go to sleep, loser."


Chapter Text

🎭Always gotta be ready to defend yourself from random tickle attacks

🎭Or kiss attacks, whichever he thinks you'll need more in that moment.

🎭Be prepared to help him pick out whatever random shit the Squad™ decided to put in his elbow slots

🎭Also be prepared to be the adult in any situation involving the Squad™. Someone's gotta keep those dumbasses alive somehow

🎭Sero's the kinda guy to attempt to pick you up, and buckle because he was standing weird, or he wasn't holding you right.

🎭If you ever hit a rocky point to your relationships, don't be too put off when/if he acts a little goofy, or jokes about it

🎭Sero will be really chill, and laid-back about a lot of things in your relationship, so you might need to be the one to initiate everything; the first kiss, your first time, or maybe even proposing first.

🎭Sero isn't exactly possessive, simply because he trusts you to realize what this relationship means; for himself, and you.

🎭Sero won't flip his shit, nor will he yell if you do cheat. He'll simply tell you that your stuff will be packed, and set by the door when you get home.

🎭If you two are married and you cheat, that's when he gets pissed. Still not to Bakugou levels, but enough were he will get in your face.

🎭After his yelling fit, Sero will kick you out. No ifs, ands or buts.

🎭After divorcing you, people will notice the hero, "Cellophane" is not as cheerful. His famous, "Don't worry about it!" will seem dull, and lifeless.

Chapter Text

       Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Shinsou groaned internally, watching you gently lap at your wrist. The incubus had no idea what told him it was a good idea to have the two of you hangout at his place. Alone. In his room... Fuck.

       You didn't know that he was an incubus, although you did know he was a demon. Somehow, Shinsou had managed, for almost 3 years, to keep you, his girlfriend, from finding out about his true nature... Though he doubted he could keep up appearances if you continued for much longer.

       His vibrant eyes - no doubt glowing slightly - couldn't pick where they wished to settle; flickering pointlessly from the subtle stretch of your's pretty little lips, to your tongue, to the drops of white cream that dribbled down your wrist.

       The orange cream bar in his own hand had been finished long before your's had. Yet Shinsou couldn't help but wish he had something, anything, to distract him from the way you sucked on your own fingers. You glanced up at him from the corner of your eye, grinning sheepishly. "Sorry, Toshi. I don't want to waste any of it."

       Shinsou groaned internally when you leaned over to plant a cold, sugary kiss on his hand. He was struggling not to look into your eyes, which would completely undo all of his attempts at ignoring your unintentionally lascivious behavior. Well, lascivious to his stupid Incubus brain.

       Shinsou was forcibly snapped out of Dirty Land by the loud, slick sucking noise you suddenly started to make.

       When his eyes locked back on you, Hitoshi swore that his non-existent soul left him. You were frantically sucking on your dream bar to keep it from dripping onto the sheets, tongue occasionally making itself known. He watched you with wide, lustful eyes, following the way your tongue carefully curled around the bottom of the bar. The white cream stood out sharply against the soft orange-pink of your tongue, and Shinsou was moving before he could think.

       You squeaked, "Shinsou!", as the dream bar was swiped from your hands, and set in one of the discarded, stir fry bowls that were sitting on his nightstand. In the same movement, Shinsou caught your wrists, laying on top of you. "Are you trying to turn me on, or are you just THAT naïve?" You flinched at his tone, shivering when he pressed a little harder against your wrists. Shinsou hardly ever let his demonic features show, in fear of scaring you, yet... You looked upwards, and gasped.

       The main difference that you noticed immediately, was the horns, long and curvy, like twin serpents. His hair was somewhat longer and more unruly, and hung loosely around his shoulder-blades. You flinched, nearly jumping into the atmosphere when something wrapped around your ankles, completely immobilizing you.

       You blinked up at him, blushing violently. Then his question registered. "No! I-I mean yes and no! Or, uhm... I wasn't trying to... To be malicious."

       "Oh? Please, do explain why-" He bit his own tongue, glaring off to the side. You were getting him into his other mindset, and he didn't want you exposed to that version of himself. That version was the "Incubus Mind", and it was something that would overwhelm you in moments.

       "Hitoshi? Toshi, are you okay?" Shinsou sighed, then leaned down to press a firm kiss to your lips. You squeaked, the kiss being much rougher, and more tongue filled than usual. Shinsou purred approvingly, tail releasing your left leg in favour of sliding up your right one.

       "Stop, wait wait wait." He pulled back, reaching up to run his fingers over the base of his horns. "We, I... I need to tell you something."

       "Wh-what's wrong? Did I-mmph!" He cut that thought off with a quick kiss.

       "No, baby, no. Not at all." You blushed violently at the nickname, looking away in embarrassment when he leaned back over you. "Hey... Look at me, please." You shivered, whining a little as he gently nips at your exposed throat. "Baby girl~" You forced yourself to look up, blushing.

       Shinsou smiled, searching your eyes longingly. Despite the fact that you were wearing loose, soft clothes and no makeup, you were breathtaking. His eyes moved from your soft, full lips up to your eyelashes, then trailed down to take in the slope of your throat. 'God I'm grateful I'm not a vampire.'

       "Do you know what kind of demon I am?" Shinsou watched you blink in a confused manner.

"N-no? Why does it matter?" Shinsou snorted, then proceeded to lose his shit, burying his face in your neck and laughing. "Hey! Seriously, why does i- aaahn!" You squeal, his teeth- no, fangs- pressing into your neck. Shinsou sucks, breaking away with breathless chuckles. When he lifts his head, the wrinkles and bags around his eyes look deeper in bemusement.

       "Why does it matter? Oh it matters, a lot. I can make something like this," He lets go of one of your wrists to catch a nipple between his fingers, pinching softly. "Feel like this. Look me in the eye." Shinsou coaxed you into looking into his tired eyes. You watched, mesmerized as they began to pulse a mystifying purple colour, only faintly feeling him shift. And then he pinched your chest again.

       Your legs locked up, your eyes rolled back, and your head hit his mattress with an audible thud. He watched you spasm, his tail now flicking back and forth excitedly. You gasped, and pawed at his shirt in surprise.

       Shinsou chuckled a little, realeasing you nipple as he did so. In agitated retaliation, you shoved a hand down his sweatpants, and grabbed. "A-Ah, fuck." Embarrassed, but determined to make him as flustered as you were, you slowly curled your hand into a fist, and pumped. Shinsou moaned brokenly, stuck between pushing your hand off so he could tell you what he was, or thrusting into your hand.

       You gently started to nudged him into a sitting position, causing Shinsou to hesitate, biting his lip. You bit and sucked on his collarbones, using your other hand to rub at the base of his horn. "Fuck it." He sat back, gently prying your wandering hands off, planting a soft kiss on each palm. Shinsou reclined against the headboard, motioning for you to climb into his lap.

       Shinsou carefully pulled your hand up towards his face. You watched him warily, gasping softly as he started licking your palm. He kept licking, slicking it up with as much saliva as possible. Shinsou's eyes illuminated a bright, dazzling purple, before moving to meet yours. Shinsou allowed his tongue to become serpentine, the forked end sliding between each knuckle, and up to the tip of each finger.

       All while doing this, he slowly slid his sweats and boxers off. Once Shinsou was satisfied that your hand was damp enough, he guided it back down to his throbbing erection. Oh... He was long, a little over 6 and half inches, and thick. It stood tall against your palm, bobbing and leaking when you whined.

       "Go on, you were so eager earlier. I'll make sure that I use it... Very well, later~" Shinsou watched you gawk at him, a small smirk blooming on his face. "Well? I'm-nggh!!" His hips snapped up into the unexpected tightness, thrusting sharply into your hand. The move nearly bucked you off, and startled you into letting go. Well, you tried to let go.

       Shinsou's hand once again found yours, laying over the back of your knuckles, and squeezing. You watched him moan, drinking in the way his mouth fell open and exposed his fangs. Shinsou moaned louder, stuck between watching you stroke him, or looking into your bright, curious eyes. "W-wow... you sound really... Hot."

       He grinned, swiping his forked tongue across his lips without thought. As Shinsou watched you stare at his manhood in intense curiosity, a question popped to the fore-front of his mind. "Are yo-you a virgin?" Shinsou managed to force out, deciding not to comment on your little remark. You flinched and blushed bright red, looking anywhere but him. "I need- oh fuck- I need you to t-tell me the truth."

       The sudden sharpness of his voice mixed with your own inexperience, led to you squeezing his dick slightly harder than you'd wanted to. Shinsou snarled, his claws tore into the mattress, and his eyes rolled back. You yelped, automatically trying to pull your hand away. His hand tightened around yours again, and he bared his fangs aggressively at the empty air over your shoulder.

       He began to mumble in some foreign language, grinding slowly against your palm. Your eyes widened when his legs began to change shape and colour. They now looked vaguely like a... Dogs? Crossed with a reptile... and sporting a deep amethyst hue. Your eyes flicked down, his feet now sporting, 4 inch long, obsidian talons. "S-Shinsou!?" He hummed half-assedly, slowly humping up into your hand, his eyes drifting down to look at your combined grip on his cock.

       You shivered at the feeling of your hand gliding over him... Wait, did his dick change too? You stopped, garnering a sharp hiss, though he didn't seem upset at you, per say. You managed to pry your hand out of his, and snuck a quick peek.

       His dick was now an obsidian purple, with a soft, dusky purple head and dull pink ridges lining the sides of it. It was only an inch or so longer than before, but -thanks to the ridges- much thicker. Oh, oh the ridges were glowing. The same could be said for the head, and you shivered, imagining seeing the glow through your skin.

       Shinsou seemed to realize what you were looking at, and sighed. "See? That's why I'm asking..." You jumped a little when his tail slid up your back, pulling you so that you were sitting firmly on one of his thighs. "I could really hurt you. Plus..." His fingers curled underneath your chin, forcefully bringing attention to the change in his eyes.

       The sclera were completely black, leaving only his irises coloured. His irises, god, they were so pretty. Startlingly purple, like lilacs under a light, or neon signs in the streets. Amusingly, they kept their tired bags. He smiled, fangs exposed. Shinsou gently nudged his nose against yours, cooing, "Virgins are the most fun to fuck."

       That brought a vibrant blush to your cheeks, though your anxious virgin mind zeroed in on the small problem with his words. "So is that all this is? A quick fuck?" Shinsou faltered for a few beats, then realized how insensitive and... Crude, the statement sounded.

       "W-what? No!" He barked, appalled and slightly disgusted at the very notion. Shinsou's tail beat against the bed, and his elven ears pinned back against the sides of his head. You snorted, rolling your now -slightly teary- eyes in contempt.

       "Yeah, sure. I forgot you demons are sex fiends. Lemme guess," You tossed your hands up, narrowly avoiding getting cut on his horns. "Virgins taste the best? Or may-mmf!" Shinsou pulled you close, kissing you for all he was worth. You sobbed into the kiss, pushing harshly at his shoulders.

       After what felt like an eternity, he finally relinquished his hold of your mouth. You stared at him, dazed and with very little energy to cry. "Listen, I was trying to tell you earlier; I'm an Incubus." When your eyes became even wetter, he rushed to explain himself.

       "Look, I really don't need to have sex with you to get any energy." You blinked, a little bit of confusion in your eyes. "Trust me, it's a common misconception that Incubi and Succubi only feed off of sex. We don't. Actually, we can feed off of 3 different types of emotional energy: sexual, romantic, and platonic.

       "In fact, if I wanted to, I could live off of this relationship, even if we decided to go celibate, or return to being friend's." Shinsou, minding his horns, pressed his forehead against yours. "Babe, you are the only human I have ever attempted to have sex with. If you don't want to, I can continue to feed off of the romantic love you have for me."

       You blinked, then looked down. His cock had softened just a tad, though its various ridges still glowed. "W...what if I say yes?" Shinsou cocked an eyebrow at your apprehensive nature. You wanted what he was offering, there was just that little something still holding you back. You looked up at his face, juat as he leaned down to give you a quick Eskimo Kiss.

       "Then I'd fuck you." You flinched back, paralyzed by his nonchalant, straightforward attitude. "I'd have you sit on my face, and ride my tongue to your end..." He guided you to your knees, your breasts at his lips. "I'd bury my face in that tight little cunt of yours, and use my tail to fuck you." His fingers guided you shirt off, followed closely by your bra.

       "Sweet Satan, you wouldn't be able to escape it either." Your head fell back as Shinsou's tail pushed into your pants, pressing lightly against your clit, flicking to and fro. His fingers pinched at a breast, while the other hand kept you steady. "You'd be writhing in my bed, unable to escape the sweet sensations... Look at me." You whined brokenly, but obeyed. You locked locked eyes for only a few seconds, quietly admiring, before Shinsou nudged at the waist of your pants, questioning.

       Hitoshi chuckled darkly at the startled jump of your hips. "Can I, babygirl?" His tongue slid slowly over a breast, lips closing around a nipple. You moaned weakly, though he could still taste apprehension in your aura.

       "What's wrong, kitten? Something is still keeping you from making a decision." You flinched guiltily, yet he noticed your blush deepen at the new nickname. "It's okay kitten, just talk to me."

       "I..." Shinsou forced himself to stop, watching you intensely. "It's just... If I really don't wanna go through with this, won't you just..." Now he was all ears, sitting that smallest bit taller. You bit your lip, then sighed dejectedly. "Won't you just, run off and find an actual food sour-" Shinsou felt himself snarl, struggling not to dig his claws into your thighs.

       "Did you completely gloss over what I said? (Y/N), baby I love you, but you can be so fucking," He yanked on your hips, thrusting up sharply into the apex of your thighs. "Dumb. I told you, kitten, regardless of whether we fuck, or not, I can still survive off of your love." You whined, attempting to hide your face in your hands.

       "I-I know, Toshi, but still..." He snorted, digging his teeth into your neck. You allowed your head to tip, yet the sensations weren't enough to clog your thinking. You bit your lip again -he noticed it was habit of yours when you were thinking. Your thighs shook with the strain of holding your weight. "O-okay."

       Hitoshi hummed questioningly, still suckling on your neck. "Please, fuck me." And his mouth stopped moving. He pulled away, startled, with an attentive gaze locked on you. You whined, attempting to grind against Shinsou, but he stopped you with his hands on your hips. "Please Hitoshi, fuck me." Shinsou groaned, helpless to keep himself from rolling you both over.

       "Fuuuck kitten, why'd you have to invoke my true name like that?" You attempted to question him, whining again when he began to grind against you. Instead of giving a straight answer, Shinsou began to tug your pants away, slyly tucking the panties away in his own dresser. That pulled a startled laugh from your lips, one he returned with a crooked grin. He lifted your hips, purring lowly when his long fingers found your folds. You flinched a little, unused to anyone but yourself doing this.

       Shinsou watched your face as he carefully slipped a single digit in. "Dear Lucifer, you're so damn wet." Another one, this one hand your face pinching up just a tad. They both slowly rubbed against that spot, leaving you gasping quietly. His eyes were glued to you, watching you whine, gasp, and thrash, unsure what to do with the strange sensations.

       "Relax, kitty, relax. Toshi's here, and he's gonna take good care of you, okay." He cooed, tail curling in delight at the glazed look he got in response. Once he felt that you were comfortable enough, he pressed a thumb to your clit, and leaned down to whisper, "Hey kitten, am I okay to wring an orgasm out of you?" He nearly laughed in pure delight at the rapid nod he got in response. Shinsou leaned down, cooing for you to look into his eyes.

       The instant you're eyes met, he curled his fingers up into that spot, and flicked his thumb. Your legs, both wrapped loosely around his waist, locked up, and you began to squirm. Shinsou slowly rolled his wrist, drinking in your expressions. He got a special -almost sadistic even- delight in watching you sob from delicious pleasure. "Good girl, you're such a good kitten."

       Only once you began to push his hand away did he back off, watching you shiver and blush in the aftermath. You managed to get a few good gulps of air, struggling to get your arms up and around his neck. Shinsou laughed, pulling his fingers up to his face to clean off with his tongue.

       You moaned at the sight, trying to pull him closer via your legs. He hissed, carefully grinding himself against your exposed crotch. It only took him humping against you twice for you to realize that he was trying to get off like that. "W-wait, didn't you say y-you were g-gonna... F-f-fuck me?"

       The purple headed demon froze, still hunched over you. "Wait, you... You still... Still want this?" You nodded, begging him with your eyes and opening your legs wider. "Fuuck, kitten. You're gonna kill me before I can properly do anything." You giggled nervously, nudging him. When Shinsou cocked his head, you tugged firmly on the sleeve of his T-shirt.

       "Sorry, but I'm not partial to Grumpy Cat watching me get it on with somebody." Shinsou nearly doubled over, in near hysterics at the break in atmosphere.

       "Oh my- Okay. I'll take it off now that I have that horrifying visual in mind." You almost said something snarky back, until his shirt slipped over his head. Somehow, he got it over his horns, no clue how though. Do to the fact that Shinsou wasn't fully an assault type demon, he didn't naturally have abs. What he did have though was a lithe, body, with just enough muscle to pull, and push you were ever he pleased.

       You were so busy staring, you didn't notice him smirk. Though you couldn't miss the irritatingly smug, "Like what you see, kit?" You flashed him a look, to which Shinsou simply grinned.

       "Keep that up, and you won't be seeing anything nice." Shinsou snorted at your pathetic attempt to threaten him. Your brow furrowed, and to make that point unmistakably clear, you shut your legs. "Told you." You huffed, waiting for a reaction. Well, you got one, just not the one you were expecting.

       With a soft chuckle, he began to lay next to you, cuddling. He really meant what he'd said, you realized. If you didn't want it at any point, he'd stop. Shinsou looked up, jokes dying on his tongue at the way you teared up, hurriedly asking if he'd done something wrong. You were so emotional, all you could do was grab onto him and cling for dear life.

       It only took that little bit of contact for Shinsou to feel it. The raw amount of appreciation, love, and lust that filled your very soul. Just like it drove you to tears, it had him to be nearly as watery eyed. "Sh-Shinsou?" He whimpered in response, resting his weight back on top of your body.

       "Sh-Shinsou baby, please." And who was he to deny you? Shinsou lifted your hips, slowly lining himself up with your twitching entrance. "Slow. I'll go slow, I promise." You sighed waveringly as the flared, dimly glowing head pushed up against your entrance, slowly spearing you open.

       Shinsou had no idea what the fuck he should grab onto, because holy fuck. His claws itched to dig into something, and his tail beat violently against the bed, completely overwhelmed. The only things keeping him from pushing his entire length into you, were the soft, distressed whines you kept making. The biggest downside to fucking a virgin, was the pain initial penetration caused.

       He cooed and chirped, overwhelmed to the point of being beyond the ability to make actual words, trying to get you to look into his eyes. "N-no! I -aah- I want to feel e-ev- aahhn," you whimpered, awkwardly guiding in another two inches. Shinsou hissed, leaning down to pepper light kisses up and down your neck.

       His distress was very much prominent, tail whipping behind him in a worried frenzy. You managed another three inches before you had to breathe, slowly rocking up and down on what you could of his thick length. Shinsou's hand slid down, thumb rubbing firmly against your clit, attempting to distract you, -and himself- from the burn of the stretch.

        He purred soothingly, choking on his moan when he sank all the way in, the final ridge sliding home with an audible pop. Now Shinsou's biggest struggle was to stay still. He was watching your face intently, waiting for whimpers or hissing. You sucked in as much air as possible, slowly exhaling every few seconds.

       Shinsou rumbled in his chest, smiling when you looked up at him. Even though Hitoshi couldn't speak, you could almost feel the genuine admiration and adoration behind his eyes. He cocked his head when your eyes met, activating his eyes for a split second; a small question. You shook your head, wrapping your arms around his neck and using him as leverage to lean up and whisper, "I said I wanted to experience everything. Are gonna give it all to me?"

       Shinsou froze, giving a quick, sharp thrust, testing to see if you were actually ready for that. When you whimpered, biting your lip, he chuckled darkly. His signature, toothy grin tugged at his lips, and he adjusted your positions.

       "S-shin- o-ooh." Once again, the lavenderette found himself chuckling. Shinsou had arranged you, so that you know sat comfortably on him and his cock, instead of in the usual position you thought he would go for. "T-Toshi? W-what are - aah - you doiNG!" You screamed when he began to slowly grind his hips in steady, circular motions. Due to the way you were sitting on him, and gravity, he was pushing his pelvis right up against your clit.

       He growled, watching your face go slack, then pinch up when he'd brush that spot deep inside, only to go slack once more when he bumped your clit. He grabbed your hips in a near vice like grip, and thrusted. It took him a mere second to have you screaming, and another few moments for you to cum; your second one in the span of 15 minutes.

       Shinsou hissed at the way you tightened, your body spasming violently, though you continued to babble, "Hitoshi, baby, keep going! Keepgoingkeepgoingkeep- fuck!" Good Lord. Either you'd managed to figure out that invoking a demon's true name would forced them to obey any command given, or you were just incredibly lucky. Either way, Hitoshi couldn't stop, even if the house ignited around them.

       He laid the two of you back down, still on top. His hands grabbed your thighs, and pulled them up to his shoulders, grinning at the shrill squeal you let out. Once your ankles sat firmly against the curves of his shoulders, Shinsou leaned forward, sliding an arm underneath each of your shoulders, gripping the opposite shoulder.

       "H-Hey there." You cooed, the strange new position bringing you within mere centimetres of each others face. Shinsou purred in response, pressing soft, butterfly kisses to your cheeks. You sighed, relaxing. You were unknowing of the fact that you were merely settling in for one the wildest nights of your life.

       Shinsou watched you relax, knowing damn well he's have you as tightly strung as a guitar no time at all. The command you issued came back to the forefront of his mind, and his body set itself to work. Shinsou pulled out with a wet slurp, your body jerking in his grasp.

       He didn't allow your body to adjust to that feeling of emptiness, thrusting back in just as fast. Every thrust caused your breasts to bounce, your hands grabbed at Shinsou's powerful shoulders, raking your nails down his back at every inward thrust. You wailed and cried out; he snarled, and hissed, the sounds cresendoing into a steady stream.

       It took all of Shinsou's willpower to make words, to force himself to hiss in actual English, "E-eyes! Eyes, now." You forced your eyes up, meeting his. Shinsou's eyerbrows were furrowed, the deep-set wrinkles adding a somewhat more... Feral edge to his words. To your surprise, he didn't activate his ablility. Instead, he began to change his position on top of you.

       Shinsou's hands finally released your shoulders. The new stance he took up was one hand under your mid-back. His other arm was bearing most of his weight on his forearm next to your shoulder. The new position had your hips angled perfectly for his own pelvis to grind against your clit.

       When your eyes began to fall shut, Shinsou let out a loud, breathy, raspy hiss. A shrill whine was ripped from your lips when he stopped moving. Shinsou growled, the sound slowly evolving into a rippling, throaty snarl. You groaned, peeking at him from under your eyelashes. The gesture earned you a few thrusts, though they stopped the instant you closed your eyes.

       Shinsou hissed again, freezing. After a few moments of trying to fuck yourself onto his dick, it clicked. He wanted eye contact, and he wouldn't give you what you wanted, until he got what he wanted. You looked up at Shinsou shyly, biting your lip as he jumped right back into his brutal thrusting.

       Shinsou purred when you, obediently, didn't close your eyes. Another soft gurgle/growl, and his hand wiggled between the two of you. His thrusts became shorter, with sharper inward thrusts, and just before his fingers pinched your clit, he locked eyes with you.

       It was a wrap for both of you, your eyes rolled back, and you screeched like a wildcat; his teeth bared, and he snarled like a mountain lion. Shinsou didn't stop thrusting, only slowing his movement to rough, steady grinding, if only to get his seed as deep as possible. A breathless whine -who it was from, unknown to you both- reverberated through the room. Soft moans were pulled from you with little twitch of his hips.

       Shinsou felt his spine twitch when you danced your fingers over the marks you left, a soft purr pulled from deep in his chest. Once he felt himself becoming too sensitive, Shinsou knew it was time to pull out. Slowly, as not to overwhelm or overstimulate himself, Shinsou pulled out. You whined, subconsciously clenching. The moved pulled a, deep, wounded groan from the lavenderette. "D-Don't..." You whimpered, both of you sighing in relief when he finally pulled all the way out with a wet pop.

       You both sat still, staring at each other. The afterglow had your muscles loose and limp. You watched him sigh, noting his demon-ish features weren't vanishing. One of your hands trailed up, running through his shaggy locks, and massaging the base of his horns. He purred, hugging you more tightly against himself. Finally, silence was broken by your shy, fucked out voice. "H-Hey there, tiger." You breathed, giggling at the soft smile that appeared Shinsou's kiss-bruised lips.

       "Hey there, kitten." He purred. Shinsou's tail wiggled between your back and the bed, sliding up your spine, and curling against your lower back. When he heard you giggle, he already knew what you were gonna ask. "No, it's not trying to grope your butt." The guilty, slightly surprised side-eye was hilariously telling.

       "W-well, what is it doing?" You huffed, a little embarrassed at being caught.

       "Let it grab your hand and find out." Shinsou hummed, raising a brow challengingly. You pouted, unflinchingly offering your palm to him. His tail wriggled out from under you, sliding up to curl around your wrist, the spade shaped end rubbing against your palm.

       The feelings that were suddenly pouring into your mind had you on the verge of sobbing. Love, warmth, arousal, and sheer happiness flooded your veins. It was overwhelming to the point that all you could do was stare at his tail and smile, tears tracking down your face.

       "See?" Shinsou's voice yanked you from your thoughts. When you managed to meet his mesmerizing gaze, he smiled warmly. "I love you, so much. Any other guy, or demon, would have simply cum, and left. " he pressed his forehead to yours, eyes lighting up. Though you expected arousal to flood your veins, you were pleasantly surprised at the love that ran through you instead. Shinsou smirked, knowing what you were thinking.

       "This thing I do with my eyes? It only amplifies feelings a person already has. I can't control anyone." At your raised eyebrows, Shinsou jumped to correct himself. "I mean! Not through eye contact! Only through verbal questions. And only with people who deserve it." You chuckled, raising eyebrow.

       "Ah, so that one asshat in Costco is in that, "deserves it", category, huh?"

        "Hey! He shoulder checked you! He deserved it!"

        "He really deserved doing the Chicken Dance, whilst in only his underwear and a pink, frilled tutu?"

        "Shut it, and sleep."

        "... I love you, Toshi."

        "I love you too, kitten."



Chapter Text

        Time had no meaning, not here, not when Kaminari was kissing you so passionately, not when you could feel him trying to grind against you.

        The heat built up, creating a feeling not unlike a desert, or even a sauna. Neither of you had the heart to release the other, hands tangled in silky, orange strands, or on soft, rounded hips. He groaned, and you sighed.

        It was slow, much slower, and more... Spiritual? Almost... Cathartic, in a sense. Maybe it was because he'd nearly died, perhaps it was because of your fragile emotional state as a result of nearly witnessing his death. Regardless, you could both feel the amount of energy, both electric and not, the feelings that went into each touch, and each kiss.

        Kaminari panted as he pulled away, gently rolling you so that your back pressed firmly against his chest. You could almost feel his heartbeat, the dull thud soothing to your ears. A reassurance that the electric man was still living. That Chargebolt had survived, and come back as Denki. Kaminari tucked one of your legs over his own, and went back to the lazy motions he's gotten comfortable with.

        Once more, they were both blissfully unaware of time, only the slow in and out drag of each other. "A-aah!" The soft sound, the origin of which is unknown, was the perfect catalyst to Kaminari's arm curling around you, and locking.

        He arched, you bowed. He groaned like he was in pain, whereas you sighed in content. He went completely tense, while you went slack.

        "... I love you baby."

        "I love you too, Denny's."

        ".........I take back everytime I ever thought you were good, pure, or nice."

Chapter Text

        Ojirou's tail tightened, the soft, blonde fluff on the end rubbing just underneath your nose. It pulled a soft sneeze from you, which in turn pulled deep, bass filled laugh from deep within his chest.

        Warm sunlight filtered in through the bars, and for a moment, you could almost believe that he was still your little Ojirou. You shuffled just a tad.

        His arms tightened, and you forced a smile, fingers curling against the chains that kept you pinned to the bed. The sun continued to blaze in your eyes, keeping you blind to the red stained corner of the room.

        Messy white hair, long black hair, short brown hair, vibrant red strands... They littered the corner...

        Yeah... You thought, faintly hearing a "Detroit SMASH!", Maybe you could pretend a little while longer...

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Written : 3/13/19

Chapter Text

        Honestly, compared to most of Kirishima's old contracts, the one he had with you was the best one, hands down. He got to go wherever he pleased, he could sleep as long as he wanted, and since you were such an independent person, he didn't really have to do chores. Sometimes, the others -other demons at least- would ask why in Satan's name does he stick around?

        Honestly? The passionate creature had no clue. Yeah, it was a good place to relax, but there were plenty of spots like that in the Under. The other demons wondered if it was the sex that kept him there, to which Kirishima's response always was, "What sex?" His master was rather chaste, and valued her chastity highly. Kirishima sighed, slipping out of his thoughful musing with a slightly bemused head shake.

        His attention was nabbed by the soft, muted thumping of feet on the hallways hardwood flooring. At first he paid it no mind, until he remembered his master's little habit. His shoulders tensed, and he narrowed his eyes. Carefully, he crept around a corner, peering out into the hallway.

        It wasn't you, because you always wore those ridiculously tall platforms when Kirishima was in your house. Actually, you wore them all the time. As if to confirm his suspicions that it was not you, he heard a faint tap, click sound following each foot step. Kirishima growled, the red head going perfectly still, allowing his talons and fangs to drop.

         After listening to the footsteps for a few moments, he realized they were making themselves comfortable in the living room. Pressing his back to the wall, Kirishima stalked down the hallway, almost unable to hear anything beyond his own short breaths.

        Kirishima paused at the corner that lead to the living room, debating whether or not to sneak a peek. A soft grunt of exertion, followed by the slow creak of their body beginning ti stand back up made up his mind. The red demon sucked in a deep breath, then grinned. 'Bingo'. Kirishima launched himself around the corner, slamming into a small, plush body. Pressing one hand against their throat to choke off any screams, he sat up and... "(Y/N)?"

        You gasped and wheezed, beating your hands against his wrist. Kirishima balked for a few moments, then yelped. His hand wrenched away from your throat like the Devil himself had stabbed it. You coughed, then sputtered, "Mi- cough, cough- Mind tellin' me wh-ack- what the hell that was f-for?"

       Kirishima, however, seemed almost catatonic. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, and he adjusted himself atop your waist. "D... Were... Did you, uh," he stuttered, and blushed, almost incapable of coherent speech. "...why are you so... Small?"

        You bristled, "WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?!" You lips peeled back to bare your teeth, and your hands curled. He would have laughed at the weak attempt of a snarl you let out, had he not seen the hellfire that shone in your eyes. Kirishima's eyes widened, his hands flailing about in panic.

        "NO! What I mean is, well..." He grunted as he stood, giving you a hand. His eyes lifted into an accusatory squint. "You were always a little taller than me." One large hand came up, resting on top of your noggin'. "Now you barely reach my chin, haha!"

        You stare blankly, asking in as dull a voice as possible, "Did you forget the platforms make me look tall, or..?" Kirishima huffed as though offended, flicking a single pointed ear.

        "Maybe... Maybe not, Master." Kirishima chuckled, scratching lazily at his cheek. You growled softly at the use of "Master", as you had never been a fan of being considered higher than others. He grinned, the sudden amusement causing you to narrow you eyes suspiciously. "Besides, your shorter stature makes you look..." His eyes slid across your frame, taking in curves, clothes, and wooly sock clad feet. "Really, really attractive."


        "Oi, Shitty Hair! What the hell happened to your neck?" Kirishima perked up, the other demons laughing, whispering and "Ooohh!"-ing at him.

        "Oh!! Master hit me on accident with one of her crutches while ranting!" He chirped sunnily, causing the laughter and jeers to fall silent. The group booed at him, then went back to lazily wrestiling and fighting one another. Kirishima was in the middle of talking to Bakugou, when he hissed, stretching out his bat-like wings when he felt his summoning mark send out little, slightly painful pulses. "I'll catch up with y'all later, Master's calling!"

        As he ran towards the portal out, Kirishima heard Shouji -an albino demon that no one picked with due to his size- comment, "You guys realize he has scratch marks on his back, and hickeys down at his navel, right?", followed by the Squads accusatory outcrys.

       Just before teleporting out of the Under, Kirishima called back to his friends. "The other bruises are hickeys from when me and Master fucked!" And then he was gone.

Written : 4/28/19

Chapter Text

        "Is your name winter?" (Y/N)'s eyebrows rose, amusement and curiosity dancing in their eyes. Kaminari winked as he completed his little pick-up line. "Cause you'll be cumming soon."

        "...PFFT!!" They both broke into cackles. Kaminari nearly fell off his chair, whilst (Y/N) howled on the couch. After a few attempts, they both managed to pull themselves together, albeit with a few giggles.

       "Okay, okay... Another one." Kaminari snorted at the determined glint in (Y/N)'s eyes. After having been mocked by Bakugou for not understanding a rather raunchy flirt someone from class 2-C had aimed at them, they were dead set on hearing as many lines of the "raunchy" type as possible.

        "Okay... Hmm." Kaminari searched the room, thinking intensely. (Y/N) giggled, watching little sparks flash between his long, calloused digits. Abruptly -nearly giving them a heart attack in the process- he snapped his fingers like he'd just won the lottery. "Let me insert my plug into your socket and we can generate some electricity."

        (Y/N) paused, Kaminari grinned, and they both lost it. (Y/N) was nearly shrieking with laughter, while Kaminari was wheezing. After managing to gather some semblance of sanity,(Y/N) exclaimed, "No way in hell, do guys actually use those lines."

        Kaminari snorted, "Of course not! They're shitty one-liners." At that (Y/N)'s laughter died on their tongue. Kaminari blinked at them, a little worried at the sudden shift. "(Y/N)? Babe? You okay?"

        "Kami... I asked you to flirt like a normal guy would!" He jumped at their sudden, indigant yell. "Come on! Man up and flirt!" Kaminari's cheeks lit up a firey red, and he looked anywhere but at them.

        He could feel their eyes practically burning holes into his back. "A-alright dude! Uhm..." He squirmed awkwardly, russet eyes locked on the nearby wall. "Okay, but you can't laugh, got it?"

        Instantly, (Y/N) perked up, nodding enthusiastically. Kaminari sighed. (Y/N) flinched, freezing like a doe caught in the sights of its predator when one of his hands brushed smoothly against the flesh of their thigh. He leaned forward, a small smirk playing at his lips as he carefully questioned them about their favorite candy.

        The sudden proximity and the steady trailing of his fingers back and forth across their thighs was turning their brain to mush. It caused (Y/N) to act incoherent, almost drunk. They watched Kaminari cock his head to the side, the unusual smoothness causing them to still flounder about uselessly. Denki smoothed his hand up your thigh, gripped the meat of it, and whispered, "I can tell you my favorite candy, if you want."

        (Y/N) nodded, eyes wide and locked onto his lips. They became particularly attentive at he slowly swiped his tongue across the plump bits of flesh, drawing the lower one between pearly whites. Kaminari chuckled, leaning down to whisper sensually. "I don't have a particular favorite, but I do find myself craving that sweet cum of yours."

        (Y/N)'s brain shut down, and all they could mumble was, "T-that's the fl-flirt." Kaminari seemed proud, but embarrassed. He waved on large hand in their face, only to be met with, "(Y/N)'s not home at the moment, please try again never." And he let out a boisterous laugh.

        "Did I break you, hun?" They blinked at him once, then mumbled. He leaned in, cupping a hand around his ear mockingly. (Y/N) mumbled again, shrinking back when he was right up in their space. Before things could escalate to (Y/N) going full on turtle mode, Kaminari's alarm rang. Both of them jumped, though the electricity user sprang to his feet and swung his bag over his shoulder.

       "Sorry (Y/N)! I gotta meet up with Bakugou and the others to study! See ya'!" And then he was out the door. They sat there, gawking after him until they remembered.


Written : 4/22/19

Chapter Text

        You hummed softly, gently scratching behind Iida's ears, giggling when the the pointed tips twitched and wiggled. The large bluenette hummed, then rolled over in your lap, tipping his head so you'd scratch underneath his chin.

        "You're like a giant cat, you know that right?" A highly bemused huff was your answer, accompanied by Iida's piercing blue eyes peering up to gkare playfully at you. Your lips twitched, and you snickered at him.

        For being a 6 foot giant, Iida was rather tame. Curling into himself when poked (though he would lecture said poker for a few days), stretching out to become a vampire body pillow (only for you), even offering his coat to close friends (with a gentle chastising), or even strangers.

       Iida was sweeter than Candyland when he was in a good mood, and even his bad moods were relatively tame... Honestly, you, and the entirety of 1-A was choosing to ignore the time Iida nearly fought Bakugou, a highly skilled poltergeist, when the blond said something a little too out of line.

        The sound of Iida's soft voice forced your mind back into the present. "And how's that, Moon?" A snort left you at the nickname. Sure, Iida had his moments of being completely and utterly, panty dropping smooth, but nicknames were not his strong suit. He only called you Moon, because it had been during a full moon when he first fed from you. Funnily enough, you were the only one to be called by ant nickname. (Unknown to you, Shinsou, a fellow vampire, subtly smirked at Iida whenever he called you Moon in the Lavenderette's presence.)

        "Well, for one, you're currently stretched across my lap and purring." Your hand was quickly put up to stop Iida from compla- correcting you. "And don't give me that, "I'm humming, not purring" bullshit. - "Language!" -It's too throaty to be just hums." Iida made a small face at you, inch and a half long fangs exposed even further. That was an "argument" you two had often.

    "Two," you shuffled a little bit, then pulled a red laser pointer out of your pocket, so you could shine it on the wall nearby. Iida froze when he spotted it out of the corner of his eyes, then twisted in your lap to stare it down. "You're attracted to laser pointers." You giggled as you watched the giant tense, looking for all the world like a cat stalking its prey, then clicked the pointer off.

     You muffled your giggles with a hand, watch confusion swim in Iida's now cerculean colored eyes. Then realization. Then... Malice? Uh oh. You tried to spring up from the bed, squealing when Iida wrapped both of his powerful arms around your plush waist. "Oh no, my little Moon. I think it's time for some payback, don't you think?"

    You shrieked as long, slim fingers wiggled against your ribs and belly, throwing you into fits of laughter. "Mercy, please!" His eyes flashed, shufting into a glowing cyan.

    "I don't know, Moon. We don't think that you've learned anything." You choked and gasped, peeking up to find that Iida's irises were now bright, neon blue, with his scelera now a abyssal black.

       "I-Iida! St-stop!" With a softly sadistic laugh, Iida squished lightly at one of your soft thighs, then let up. A few giggles still escaped from your lips, little aftershocks running up and down your spine.

        He relaxed down next to you, purring pleasantly. You wiggled, burying your face into his somewhat sweaty neck with a contented sigh.

   You loved this big, goofy, vampire cat.

Chapter Text

        Vermillion eyes watched (Y/N) jump away from Todoroki's ice, tracking each movement. His sharpened teeth ran over his bottom lip, nearly severing it clean off when Bakugou's fist clipped his jaw. Kirishima stumbled, flinching again when Bakugou let out a victorious bellow. Hardening his skin, Kirishima focused back in on his sparring match with the explosive blond.

        "Oi! Shitty Hair," Kirishima clenched his jaw. "FOCUS ON THE FUCKING FIGHT!!" A gauntlet was in front of his face. Kirishima cursed, ducking, and rolling to the side. Bakugou tracked him easily, a savage grin firmly on his face. Once again, Kirishima, as he was standing to face Bakugou, found his gaze locked on (Y/N).

        When he noticed his opponent was distracted, Bakugou snarled, twisting around in an attempt to see what had Kirishima so fucking entranced. His crimson eyes narrowed, than a sharp eyebrow rose in annoyed exasperation.

        "Fucking really, Shitty Hair? That's why you've been so goddamned distracted?" Bakugou spat, watching Kirishima shrink and turn red. Bakugou turned back around, quietly judging the elemental.

        Anyone who paid attention, or even just watched Class-B for long enough would know who the foreign exchange student was.

        His name was (Y/N) Genas, and he was the American exchange student. (Y/N) had come to U.A a little over 3 months ago. Even though his quirk was powerful, the many drawbacks, and specifics had him being forced to join Class-B. Although upset at first, (Y/N) quickly proved to have a highly protective, even slightly paternal personality. Once he realized that the only functioning human being in Class-B was Kendo, he quickly adopted the entire class as his siblings. His quirk, "Genasi", allowed him control over elements.

        Well, specifically, it allowed him "mastery" over one element, and mediocrity over the other three. It ran in his family for generations, and (Y/N) had decided his mastered element would be water.

        Bakugou snorted, turning fully to watch (Y/N) redirect an ice attack that was aimed for his partner, Kuroiro, and launch it back with nearly twice the speed. "And why are you two not practicing?" Aizawa's voice cut through the air, sharp as steel and twice as threatening.

        Flinching, Bakugou sneered at the pro, turning back to Kirishima... Who was frozen in embarrassment, and stared at the ground. A few other students peeked over, flinching under Katsuki's scathing glare. "We were just fucking finished, actually." Bakugou barked, snorting when the Erasure Hero raised an eyebrow.

        Kirishima shot him a grateful look, than bolted for the changing rooms... Completely missing Aizawa calling an end to the rest of the sparring matches.

        Kirishima was nearly hyperventilating when he essentially ran into the boy's locker room, tears pricking at his eyes. His razor-like teeth gnashed, fists clenching, and an embarrassed sob wrench itself from his lips. Dropping to his knees against the lockers, Kirishima could feel an attack clawing it's way to the surface.

        Large, cool hands clasped his, a vaguely familiar voice whispering softly. The red-head grunted, flinching when he was pulled against a firm chest. Kirishima whimpered, struggling until he heard a soft, "Breathe, Ei, breathe." Kirishima grunted, forcing himself to breathe in time with the voice.


        Kirishima slowly came to, sighing contentedly at the somewhat smaller frame he was holding. His eyes fluttered open, hazily noticing that he was laying on one of the cots in Recovery Girls ward. "You feelin' better, Eijirou?" If anyone had been watching them, they would have been amazed at the sheer speed of which he threw himself away from (Y/N). He blinked, laughing at Kirishima's violent blush.

        "Wh-what?" (Y/N) chuckled at his bewildered expression, quietly explaining that Kirishima had been in the middle of a serious panic attack inside the locker-room. If Kaminari -who was always the first to get down there- hadn't alerted Aizawa-sensei, Kirishima would have been forced to endure the full thing alone.

        Kirishima feels a self depreciating grin begin to slide over his lips, crimson eyes flicking down to stare at the floor. "Uh, thanks for, uhm, helping me..." Sighing, the crimson haired male glared at the ground. (Y/N) raised an eyebrow, opening his mouth to wave off the apology, only to flinch at the redheads next few words. "I'm sorry that you wasted your time, and energy comforting me."

        Kirishima, so lost in his own thoughts, and attempts to flee, didn't notice the way the water in the cup nearby began to boil, nor the abrupt spike in temperature. What he did notice, however, was (Y/N)'s deadly hiss of, "Shut. Up."

        Crimson eyes flashed up, clashing with extremely irate (e/c) eyes. "You really think that lowly of yourself?" Kirishima shuddered, hairs raising in alarm. The question was hissed quietly, through his teeth, and riddled with danger. Wide eyed, Kirishima stammered, and blubbered an affirmative, no acutely aware of the changes mentioned previously. "Oh, and what do you think landed you in 1-A? Sheer dumb luck?" (Y/N) soldiered on, beginning to stalk forward. "Or, perhaps, an error on Aizawa-sensei's part?"

        Kirishima opened his mouth about to disagree, when (Y/N) reached up, snatched his shirt collar, and snapped, "No, you got in because you proved you were tough enough, fast enough, and smart enough." (E/C) eyes burned into his soul, conviction and determination blazing within. "And I know me saying this isn't gonna magically fix your self-esteem, but I can damn well try." Honestly, Kirishima's mind had clocked out somewhere around the time (Y/N) grabbed his shirt's collar. His eyes searched (Y/N)'s face, his body leaning forward subconsciously. 


        Kirishima yelped, lurching backwards, and dragging a certain elemental down with him. They landed in a tangled pile, Kaminari and Mina's cackling following their groans of pain. (Y/N) cursed, glaring at the two jokesters, unaware of Kirishima's soft stare.

        Maybe (Y/N) was right.


Ack!! Shitty ending, I know. But uhm, yeah. Remember y'all: Comments motivate me to write more.

Chapter Text

You can hear them, you think. The voices of the heros below, begging you not to, begging for you to wait. They call out that you should stop, and think about what you're doing. That you should just wait, and a Pro would be up to help you down.

And then what? You glare bitterly. Once you're down, you'll be a nobody. You'll be a background character, forever a simple smear on a much wider canvas. Looking down at all of the Pros gathered, all you see are people who were born with the ability to be something amazing.

Deku, Todoroki, Ground Zero, Ingenium, Uravity, Froppy even the elderly hero Erasurehead. All people who had been born with amazing, hero worthy powers. So, you stand tall, and vaguely spot the red winged Hero, Hawks gliding on your left nearby. You flash him a grim sneer, then face the ground. You're ready.

"E-excuse me? Mrs. (L/N)?" You freeze. A quick glance cast over your shoulder shows you that you should be the only person on the roof right now. "I'm, uhm, I'm o-on the, uh, the pole." And your eyes snap forward. The voice isn't in front of you, so your eyes search left, then right. You spook a little when you see him.

Suneater. He's a hero that sticks to the shadows, and rarely likes the spotlight. His dark eyes watch you from beneath his hood, and you realize how he managed to get up here when you see the wings attached to his shoulders. Your eyes narrow in contempt, and you hover a foot over the side of the building. To your surprise, he doesn't throw his hands up in alarm, nor does he begin pleading with you.

Suneater leans back on his heels from where he's crouched, and quietly asks, "Wh-what has you so up-p-upset? O-or has the, uhm, the str-stress become too much?" You stare at him, a bit floored, and gawking as gently coaxes, "Pl-please? You can, uhm, you can talk to me." Any other hero would be yelling, and trying to get you to "calm down"... Yet, here Suneater is, asking you what's wrong. You don't even realize it, but your fists are curling and uncurling in... Sadness? Frustration? Agony? And before you know it, your spilling it all.

Your financial troubles, your sick sibling, your family members death, and everything in between. You're sobbing within moments, holding onto the railing with one hand, and hiding your face in the other. You faintly hear the flutter of near silent wings, so you reach out and make a small hook with your hand. You and your old friend, Tamaki used to do that whenever you wanted to hold one another's hands.

Suneater smoothly glides over, carefully pulling you against his chest, and shushing you. It's only when you're being put into an ambulance, and put under, do you realize that he could have pulled you from the rooftop with his tentacles at anytime. You spot the paramedics being ushered aside by LeMillion, before Suneater walks into your view.

The tall, dark haired hero leans down, softly whispering, "Please continue to live until I can get the courage to tell you." And he's gone, leaving you to stare after him.

*Uh oh. Polite vented a little in this one*

Chapter Text

❄As the "prized" child of Endeavor, Todoroki is more afraid of his father chasing you away, than he is of you breaking up with him.

❄Though you breaking up with him also scares him a good bit.

❄Once Todoroki becomes a pro, depending on whether or not you are also a hero will dictate his fear of losing you.

❄If you're a pro, or even a sidekick, Todoroki would feel less anxious, and more confident in your ability to defend yourself against villains, or petty criminals.

❄It doesn't stop him from hovering nearby during fights, or rescue missions...

❄He also tends to interrogate you when you get back from missions or rescues.

❄If you're a civillian, it doesn't matter if you have self-defense training, he wants you to send him a text every 3 hours.

❄He gets anxious when you forget to text him, though he'll never get angry at you for it.

❄At most you'll get little pouts and he'll refuse to warm you up, or cool you down during winter/summer.

❄Though, if you become uncomfortable with the behavior; T A L K. T O. H I M. Poor dude did not have the best role models, so you'll need to be the one to initiate heart to hearts.

❄He'll eventually get the hang of talking and communication... After you thoroughly explain.

💥Despite his arrogance, and loud behaviour, if you're Bakugou's S/O, it means you're one of few people he has a deep attachment to.

💥That also means, because of that attachment, Bakugou is completely and utterly terrified of losing you.

💥While he's confident that you'll stick around, Bakugou can help but flinch and tense up when he spots you joking around with other guys.

💥Bakugou, thanks to his attachment issues, is highly possessive. So, like, you may wanna talk with about working on that, as it can get in the way of other relationships with friends.

💥Bakugou is less likely to date a non-Hero, simply because he hates the thought of having an S/O that people consider weak..

💥If he does have a civilian S/O, it's likely that you're someone who can hold their own in a fight against someone at about Kirishima's skill level.

💥Bakugou will also push you into training with himself, or Kirishima.

💥Don't try to escape, there's no hiding from his hellish training schedule.

🙊Given the fact that he's been alone, and alienated most of his life, Shinsou is understandably emotionally distant.

🙊He isn't really "scared" of losing you, rather, he expects to lose you.

🙊Really, it's only if you two are really deep in the relationship that he reacts negatively to the thought of you abandoning him.

🙊Reassurance, and affection are a must in this relationship, most if the time.

🙊He doesn't react well to others flirting with you, although he does trust you not to respond, or lead them on.

🙈 Honestly, Aizawa is a grown ass man who had nearly given up on relationships as a whole.

🙈What he does fear, is you getting injured or killed because you decided to date him.

🙈Because Aizawa has been a Pro Hero longer than the others on this list, he kinda has the advantage of being able to effectively communicate with his (S/O).

🙈A relationship with him is guaranteed to be full of ups, downs, and crashes. So being able to effectively communicate is a must have.

Chapter Text

Hey guys! So I just published the first few chapters of my FNAF Ultimate Custom Night book. Uh, I'd really appreciate if y'all read that a little, a tell me what you think? Because, at the moment, my "My Hero Academia" machines need sometime to relax, and I thought this would be a fun, really relaxing way of doing so.

So please check out my book called "Why. Did. I. Agree!?:

When you had seen the application for a job where you'd kinda just... sit, and stare at disturbingly realistic animatronic animals all night, your first thought was, "Yes! Free Money." It wasn't hard to sign your name with a flourish on the fancy contract they gave you.

Now you really wish you'd read the fine print, because, thanks to that stupid contract, you were stuck in this stupid place with a rock star rabbit that won't stop singing about your demise, an oddly helpful fox, a bear that won't stop asking for change, and so, so much worse.

Chapter Text

        As you knock back your second glass of whiskey, you quietly ponder over what made that Rich, Half 'N Half Asshole do it. Maybe it was her height? Or even her healthy sized waist? After all, you were no Barbie doll, and, unlike... God, you were pathetic. You can't even think about her name. The bartender shifts, offering another drink, which you gladly take them up on. A body settles into the seat beside you, and you don't look. The cool air billowing on the figure tells you all you need to know about them.

        "... I am sorry, you know." And you sneer at your glass. He turns his head, watching you through the shield of his hair, that piercing brown eye watching you intensely. Your hand tightens around your glass - slim, tan hands twist in dual coloured strands, her head falls back, and his mouth latches onto her neck - and you wave the bartender over.

        They raise an eyebrow, tilting their head towards him. You watch the snakes that make up their hair twist - two bodies thrusting against ones another - around each other aggressively. Shaking your head reassuringly, you pull out your wallet. "How much is my tab?" And that bastard is pulling out his card, offering it to the snake headed person with a simple murmur that he'd pay it off. You bristle, and turn to that fucked up Candy Cane bitch, and the bartender grunts.

        "No thank you sir, I do believe I asked them." And you feel a small part of yourself smirk. The bastard probably wasn't used to not having people kneel - a head of pretty black tresses bobbing up and down between his legs - for him. In a moment of either pure stupidity, pettiness, or genuine attraction, you grab the Medusa look alike by his collar and plant a firm kiss on his plush lips. Medusa jumps, clearly flustered, and doesn't return your kiss, though his hands do grab your shoulders. Todoroki, on the other hand, snarls in outrage.

        Medusa hisses back at him, and carefully nudges you into your seat. His snakes are going haywire, but he delicately states that he'll call an Uber for you, also mumbling that he'll escort you home. "No, you won't." And you turn to give him a nasty sneer. His hetero-chromatic eyes don't leave the darker skinned man - must be from America, you mumble - who narrows piercing yellow eyes back at him. "I'll take her home. They don't even know you."

        The snake male raises a pierced eyebrow, and mockingly states, "And they don't look like they wanna leave with you." Todoroki's fists clench, and you can feel the bar's temperature beginning to fluctuate violently. "Fine, I won't escort them home," Medusa relents, then he bares the needle like fangs in his mouth. "But I can assure you, they aren't leaving with you. I'll have them call a friend." And Todoroki's jaw clenches. His eyes shift between you two, before he sighs and states he'll be outside.

        You watch him go, and then your drunken mind remembers. "Oh, and Todoroki?" He stops, and turns his head. You admire his profile for only a moment longer, the weight on your chest feeling heavier than ever, "We're through... Happy 2 Year Anniversary, Bitch." And it feels amazing. You watch his muscles all tense, and the bar breaks into a chorus of 'Oooh's and laughter. Medusa chuckles, watching Todoroki hightail it.

        "Hey, uh, bartender dude?" Those yellow eyes lock back onto you. "Look, I, I didn't mean... Y'know, the kiss..." You nails trace patterns into the bar top, before a larger, calloused hand clasps onto the top of it. You relax, smiling up at him.

        Yeah. That felt great.

Chapter Text

        You thrashed in the chair your upper body is bound to, and writhing, curses muffled by the gag shoved into your mouth. Your arms are tied behind the chair, and ropes wind around your abdomen, keeping your chest free. The villain has your legs handcuffed to the chair legs, allowing you about two-ish feet of movement before they go tight. The shuffle of feet to your right catch your attention, and your heart rate skyrockets. "Pleef!" You don't know what possesses you to cry out so fearfully, but it does prompt your captor to let out a husky bark of cruel laughter.

        The slow click-clack of his shoes - dress shoes by the sound of them- edging around your chair, makes you tense, and whimper fearfully. From the sound of the soft footfalls, this is a person - male, if the laugh was to be believed - who was confident in their cruelty and even more cocksure that he could restrain you. He walked in a leisurely manner, steps eventually falling completely silent when he began to walk back in front of you.

        You strain to hear anything beyond your own rapid heartbeat. It's eerily quiet, and you almost feel tempted to kick out in front to see if the villain was there. Large hands, warm and calloused on your bare... Why the hell did it feel like you're naked from the waist down? Your heart leaps into your throat as you realize two things: One. Yes, you are, infact, completely bare from the waist.

        Point two concerned you a bit more: Warm, moist breath was puffing over your most delicate area. You squeak, and your hips jump away from the sensation, only to be pinned firmly in place. You feel is fingers brush your thigh, the tips hardened into razor sharp points. The message is very clear: Move, and he'll flay your legs like fish.

        You whine as he carefully wraps his lips around you, sharp teeth barely grazing you as he suckles. The villain pulls away, and you don't have long to over think what he's about to do as one finger, slick with... Saliva? Or lube buries itself in you. Another joins it, and before you know it, his mouth is back on you again. He curls his fingers, and scissors you open, laughing when you whine, and pitch your hips forward. The vibrations have you tensing, clenching hard around his fingers, before you moan.

        The villain grunts, and slowly extracts himself from you. Once again, it's silent. You struggle to catch your breath, gasping and whining. When you finally manage to get yourself under control, a hand grabs you by the back of your skull, and knots in the hair there. You whine, gasping for air when the cloth gag is pulled free of your lips by is free hand. The hand on your skull tightens, and angles your face skyward, the other hand grabbing your jaw and pressing down on the jaw hinge. You squeal in pain, mouth obediently falling open.

        Keeping a firm grip on both your jaw and your hair, he pulls you forward, growling in satisfaction at your complete obedience. His hand your jaw tightens, a clear warning to keep your mouth open, then falls away. You hear him shuffling, and pulling on... His shirt? Or his pants. A part of you quivers at the thought of it being his pants. The large hand on your head tugs forward, and something brushes your lip. Instinctively, you nip, and the role-play is shattered.

        His hips jerk back, and you wince as you hear Kirishima fall over with a pained yip. You whine into empty air, flinching at the sound of his pained writhing.

        Internally, you sigh. You had warned the hardheaded villain you had a tendency to nip when you got spooked.

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Chapter Text

         Your legs ache as you run, the Pro Hero's words echoing in your head. 'What ever you do, don't respond to anything, he asks you.' You hadn't questioned it, and bolted. Then again, you muse whilst narrowly dodging a Nomu that came crashing through the building, you hadn't really been given time to respond before he - you think his name was Tailman? Somethin' like that. - had been forcefully engaged by another of these Frankenstein freaks.

        After several minutes of ducking, dodging, and weaving, you nearly burst into grateful tears when you spot a a hiding spot. It's an alleyway, small enough that the Nomu would have trouble slipping through to get you, and dark enough that it would be near impossible to see you. Giving the area a quick sweep so no villains will see you duck into there, you hightail it. You sigh in relief as you shimmy into the dark space, noting that it becomes a little wider about 7 feet beyond the entrance.

        Smiling brightly, you take a few more deep breaths, and sigh softly. You glance back at the entrance one last time, then plop your butt down onto a garbage can lid. You've been playing Angry Birds for a few minutes, when you hear slow, even footsteps. It's followed by the Number One Hero's voice, "Ex-excuse me? It's safe to come out now!" Eyes lighting up, you grin wider. Deku's here! Your hands rest on the garbage lid, and you're about to push yourself up when you hear him call out again, "If anyone's there, are you okay?" And you narrow your eyes, now suspicious. Deku is known for being rather reckless, and jumping into insanely dangerous situations to save civilians. He never asked more than once, and the footsteps, because now you're listening a little closer, are too soft. Too... Sneaky.

        You tense. From the sound of the voice and footsteps, he wasn't in the alleyway yet. This particular alley just so happened to be a dead end, so if he caught you, you may be fucking screwed. Okay (Y/N), you think. This guy's just looking for stragglers, so if you stay quiet, he should breeze right past. At least, that had been the original plan, if your phone didn't choose that exact moment to buzz... On the metal garbage lid. The sound echoes through the alley, and you can feel your soul leave your body. You hold your breath, and slide off the lid, crouching in the corner nearest to the entrance.

        The sound of clothes shifting in the alley has your heart pounding. You watch one long, slim leg clothed in black appear from the darkness, followed by the rest of his body. You curl up a bit more, wide-eyed in terror. He's tall, probably just a couple of inches shy of hitting the 6 foot mark, and his purple eyes slowly sweep the alley. His eyes, you note, are only a few shades darker than his hair,, which stands up in a rather gravity defying manner. A device sits snug around his neck, similar to the Voice Hero, Present Mic's speaker, and from the looks of his arms, he doesn't look like a combat villain. His eyes don't stray to your little corner, and he doesn't look all that invested in what he's doing.

        Mew. Your eyes flick over to a tortoiseshell tom-cat that hops off the nearby fire escape. The villain's eyes wrinkle at the corners and he kneels, offering his knuckles to the feline and clicking his tongue. The cat murrs curiously, then slinks over, rubbing its spine against his long, dexterous fingers. You purse your lips, brain perversely cooing about how long, and perfect his fingers would look buried in your "kitty". As though it sensed your thirsty ass, it's eyes turn to your hidey-hole, and it mews.

        You curl up, whimpering when those purple eyes flicker to you. They widen, clearly surprised by your appearance, then narrow mischievously, and he unfurls to his full height. He takes a single step towards you, and you don't hesitate to bolt towards the dead-end, hoping to somehow fake him out and get back to the mouth of the alley. A glance backwards shows you that the villain isn't giving chase, at least not at a sprint. He's watching you, slowly following you with all the confidence, and grace of a leopard stalking it's next meal. Or any late 1900s slasher villain.

        You face forward, slowing about 5 or so feet from the wall. "This is kinda silly, you know?" Whipping around, you glare at him. He's still too close to the entrance for you to try and dodge around him, so you settle for sneering at him. His head tilts, and his eyes crinkle again, indicating his cruel amusement. "Really. I mean it, wouldn't it be better to just submit?" Your brain goes to dirtier areas, and you clench your teeth, still focused on getting around him.

        The villain's eyes flash with something unrecognizable, and he speeds up ever so slightly slightly, and you take your chance. Channeling your inner Ingenium, you run at him, startling him enough that he simply stops moving. Once your just shy of being within his grabbing range, you dodge to his left. Naturally, he attempts to make a grab at you, still as little flustered from your abrupt charge. You duck under his arm, shoulder checking him as hard as possible. The villain grunts, and stumbles, barking at you in an odd tone. "Where are you going!?" And you laugh.

        "Apparently breaking your ankles assho-" And you're stopped dead in your tracks. Confused, you attempt to move your legs, or, at the very least, finish your taunt. Neither respond, the muscles feeling like they're made of frozen molasses, stiff, unmoving. Your body very stubbornly refuses to obey your brain, and you vaguely hear the lavender tinted villain beginning chuckle.

        "Wow, I had to try a little harder than usual to get a response, huh?" He purrs, now approaching you. His shoes tap near soundlessly against the concrete, and struggle to move once more. At most, your finger twitches, and the villains voice rumbles from in front of you, "I do have to admit, however, that watching you run from me was rather a... Amusing." Internally, you note the weird pause before he says "amusing".

        He's quiet for several moments, then murmurs something while giving you a once over. You don't hear fully what he says, or at least your body refuses to register it. He walks away from you, setting himself down on the lid you had vacated in panic. His violet eyes turn back to you, and he crooks a finger towards himself.

        Like you've been shocked, your body jolts, and you scramble to obey. His head tilts, eyes lifting in that oh-so familiar look of amusement. As you stumble, and trip up to him, he reaches up to undo his neck device. It slides down, and he delicately discards it off to the side. Once you're mere inches in front of him, he leans forward, rough, slightly chapped lips pulled up into a devastatingly handsome smirk.

        "I wanna give you a... Ultimatum, if sorts." He purrs, and you want to tilt your head. What kind of ultimatum is he offering? "You do me a little favour, and I pretend I never saw you." You want to tense as one of his hands slides down your side, the favour he's asking of you plenty clear. "Or... I simply take you back with me, and I get to keep you as my own, lovely little pet~"

        You stare at him, realizing you really had no choice. Either do whatever this little favour is, or live your life as a sex slave with no free will. He hums, then whispers, "Answer me, honey."

        The response is immediate. "I'll do your favour." He grins, tugging you closer by his hold on your hip. His other hand runs gently through your hair, tugging. Then he's pulling you onto his lap. You've mostly figured out his quirk, realizing that it seems to be some form of mind control. So any commands, whether they be verbally, or physically shown, you'd feel compelled to follow. You would shudder at the feeling if his erection under you, if your body allowed you to do so. He seems to notice your struggles, and laughs lowly.

        "Come on, my little pet. Show me how this truly makes you feel." And suddenly, you're whining. He grunts as you grind your hips down, rocking slowly on his lap. While he seems to be enjoying himself with the soft curves, and creases of your body, you're shocked at your own bodies reactions. How can you be enjoying this?!

        That train of thought is rudely cut off when his teeth dig into the side if your neck, drawing a soft hiss from you. "Unfortunately, love," He purrs as he pulls back. "As much as I would love to eat you out, my colleagues may come looking for me." He pushes you off, quietly commanding you to stay still while he frees himself from his pants.

        You shiver at the sound of his fly coming undone. He relaxes back onto the trash lid, the tent in his boxers damp at the tip. "Well? I'd love to see that lovely mouth wrapped around my cock.~" You slide to your knees, carefully easing his boxers down. His cock springs up, and you moan a little at the breathy sigh he lets out.

        You're able to pause for a moment, scanning his length. The first thing you notice is the neon violet piercings gracing the underside of it - you believe they're called frenulum ladders? - and they almost glow* compared to the rest of his dick. The only other thing you can discern from that brief glimpse is how thick it is, before you take the head into your warm mouth.

        Although you freeze, unsure as what you should do now, the villain moans. His head hits the wall with a thump. One of his hands lace in your silky strands, and his hips jump up. When you don't do anything more - this is your first time giving a man a blowjob - he growls. You whine, partially in pain, when he fists his fingers in your hair, and forces your head farther down.

        You gag a little when his tip taps your throat, pulling a choked off groan from his lips. "T-that's it, keep on doing that. Good pet, such a g- oh fuck." He trails off with a wavering moan, and you whimper back. You've gotten semi-used to this, and suddenly feel ambitious. Glancing up at him, you take a deep breath when his hips pull back, and nearly lunge forward. His head taps your throat, and you swallow.

        The violet villain snarls, nearly scalping you when his hands yank on your hair. "FUCK! Oh, you're such a good pet, oh fuc- ah, so good." You whine around him, inspiring another round of curses, before his hands suddenly become iron shackles. He presses down, forcing your nose to brush his pelvis. Then his entire body tenses.

        Thick, viscous liquid suddenly pours down your throat, and all you can do swallow. You peek up again, and watch him moan. He's biting his lip, and your heart stutters when you catch his blazing eyes. They promise a million flithy things, and you clench around nothing His hips pump weakly in an attempt to help him ride it out, eventually falling still. His rapidly softening cock slips from your mouth, and he manages to softly command you to tuck him away and zip up his pants.

        You're pulled to your feet, and a kiss is being pressed to your lips before you can react. He hums, and it's like a fog is being slowly peeled from your mind. As he pulls back, he whispers, "The name's Shinsou. Meet me here at 9:00 tomorrow, and I'll return the favor." And he's gone, leaving you with an incessant throb betwixt your legs, and whatever mind control BS he's done fading