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My Heroic Lover

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        Vermillion eyes watched (Y/N) jump away from Todoroki's ice, tracking each movement. His sharpened teeth ran over his bottom lip, nearly severing it clean off when Bakugou's fist clipped his jaw. Kirishima stumbled, flinching again when Bakugou let out a victorious bellow. Hardening his skin, Kirishima focused back in on his sparring match with the explosive blond.

        "Oi! Shitty Hair," Kirishima clenched his jaw. "FOCUS ON THE FUCKING FIGHT!!" A gauntlet was in front of his face. Kirishima cursed, ducking, and rolling to the side. Bakugou tracked him easily, a savage grin firmly on his face. Once again, Kirishima, as he was standing to face Bakugou, found his gaze locked on (Y/N).

        When he noticed his opponent was distracted, Bakugou snarled, twisting around in an attempt to see what had Kirishima so fucking entranced. His crimson eyes narrowed, than a sharp eyebrow rose in annoyed exasperation.

        "Fucking really, Shitty Hair? That's why you've been so goddamned distracted?" Bakugou spat, watching Kirishima shrink and turn red. Bakugou turned back around, quietly judging the elemental.

        Anyone who paid attention, or even just watched Class-B for long enough would know who the foreign exchange student was.

        His name was (Y/N) Genas, and he was the American exchange student. (Y/N) had come to U.A a little over 3 months ago. Even though his quirk was powerful, the many drawbacks, and specifics had him being forced to join Class-B. Although upset at first, (Y/N) quickly proved to have a highly protective, even slightly paternal personality. Once he realized that the only functioning human being in Class-B was Kendo, he quickly adopted the entire class as his siblings. His quirk, "Genasi", allowed him control over elements.

        Well, specifically, it allowed him "mastery" over one element, and mediocrity over the other three. It ran in his family for generations, and (Y/N) had decided his mastered element would be water.

        Bakugou snorted, turning fully to watch (Y/N) redirect an ice attack that was aimed for his partner, Kuroiro, and launch it back with nearly twice the speed. "And why are you two not practicing?" Aizawa's voice cut through the air, sharp as steel and twice as threatening.

        Flinching, Bakugou sneered at the pro, turning back to Kirishima... Who was frozen in embarrassment, and stared at the ground. A few other students peeked over, flinching under Katsuki's scathing glare. "We were just fucking finished, actually." Bakugou barked, snorting when the Erasure Hero raised an eyebrow.

        Kirishima shot him a grateful look, than bolted for the changing rooms... Completely missing Aizawa calling an end to the rest of the sparring matches.

        Kirishima was nearly hyperventilating when he essentially ran into the boy's locker room, tears pricking at his eyes. His razor-like teeth gnashed, fists clenching, and an embarrassed sob wrench itself from his lips. Dropping to his knees against the lockers, Kirishima could feel an attack clawing it's way to the surface.

        Large, cool hands clasped his, a vaguely familiar voice whispering softly. The red-head grunted, flinching when he was pulled against a firm chest. Kirishima whimpered, struggling until he heard a soft, "Breathe, Ei, breathe." Kirishima grunted, forcing himself to breathe in time with the voice.


        Kirishima slowly came to, sighing contentedly at the somewhat smaller frame he was holding. His eyes fluttered open, hazily noticing that he was laying on one of the cots in Recovery Girls ward. "You feelin' better, Eijirou?" If anyone had been watching them, they would have been amazed at the sheer speed of which he threw himself away from (Y/N). He blinked, laughing at Kirishima's violent blush.

        "Wh-what?" (Y/N) chuckled at his bewildered expression, quietly explaining that Kirishima had been in the middle of a serious panic attack inside the locker-room. If Kaminari -who was always the first to get down there- hadn't alerted Aizawa-sensei, Kirishima would have been forced to endure the full thing alone.

        Kirishima feels a self depreciating grin begin to slide over his lips, crimson eyes flicking down to stare at the floor. "Uh, thanks for, uhm, helping me..." Sighing, the crimson haired male glared at the ground. (Y/N) raised an eyebrow, opening his mouth to wave off the apology, only to flinch at the redheads next few words. "I'm sorry that you wasted your time, and energy comforting me."

        Kirishima, so lost in his own thoughts, and attempts to flee, didn't notice the way the water in the cup nearby began to boil, nor the abrupt spike in temperature. What he did notice, however, was (Y/N)'s deadly hiss of, "Shut. Up."

        Crimson eyes flashed up, clashing with extremely irate (e/c) eyes. "You really think that lowly of yourself?" Kirishima shuddered, hairs raising in alarm. The question was hissed quietly, through his teeth, and riddled with danger. Wide eyed, Kirishima stammered, and blubbered an affirmative, no acutely aware of the changes mentioned previously. "Oh, and what do you think landed you in 1-A? Sheer dumb luck?" (Y/N) soldiered on, beginning to stalk forward. "Or, perhaps, an error on Aizawa-sensei's part?"

        Kirishima opened his mouth about to disagree, when (Y/N) reached up, snatched his shirt collar, and snapped, "No, you got in because you proved you were tough enough, fast enough, and smart enough." (E/C) eyes burned into his soul, conviction and determination blazing within. "And I know me saying this isn't gonna magically fix your self-esteem, but I can damn well try." Honestly, Kirishima's mind had clocked out somewhere around the time (Y/N) grabbed his shirt's collar. His eyes searched (Y/N)'s face, his body leaning forward subconsciously. 


        Kirishima yelped, lurching backwards, and dragging a certain elemental down with him. They landed in a tangled pile, Kaminari and Mina's cackling following their groans of pain. (Y/N) cursed, glaring at the two jokesters, unaware of Kirishima's soft stare.

        Maybe (Y/N) was right.


Ack!! Shitty ending, I know. But uhm, yeah. Remember y'all: Comments motivate me to write more.