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My Heroic Lover

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        "Is your name winter?" (Y/N)'s eyebrows rose, amusement and curiosity dancing in their eyes. Kaminari winked as he completed his little pick-up line. "Cause you'll be cumming soon."

        "...PFFT!!" They both broke into cackles. Kaminari nearly fell off his chair, whilst (Y/N) howled on the couch. After a few attempts, they both managed to pull themselves together, albeit with a few giggles.

       "Okay, okay... Another one." Kaminari snorted at the determined glint in (Y/N)'s eyes. After having been mocked by Bakugou for not understanding a rather raunchy flirt someone from class 2-C had aimed at them, they were dead set on hearing as many lines of the "raunchy" type as possible.

        "Okay... Hmm." Kaminari searched the room, thinking intensely. (Y/N) giggled, watching little sparks flash between his long, calloused digits. Abruptly -nearly giving them a heart attack in the process- he snapped his fingers like he'd just won the lottery. "Let me insert my plug into your socket and we can generate some electricity."

        (Y/N) paused, Kaminari grinned, and they both lost it. (Y/N) was nearly shrieking with laughter, while Kaminari was wheezing. After managing to gather some semblance of sanity,(Y/N) exclaimed, "No way in hell, do guys actually use those lines."

        Kaminari snorted, "Of course not! They're shitty one-liners." At that (Y/N)'s laughter died on their tongue. Kaminari blinked at them, a little worried at the sudden shift. "(Y/N)? Babe? You okay?"

        "Kami... I asked you to flirt like a normal guy would!" He jumped at their sudden, indigant yell. "Come on! Man up and flirt!" Kaminari's cheeks lit up a firey red, and he looked anywhere but at them.

        He could feel their eyes practically burning holes into his back. "A-alright dude! Uhm..." He squirmed awkwardly, russet eyes locked on the nearby wall. "Okay, but you can't laugh, got it?"

        Instantly, (Y/N) perked up, nodding enthusiastically. Kaminari sighed. (Y/N) flinched, freezing like a doe caught in the sights of its predator when one of his hands brushed smoothly against the flesh of their thigh. He leaned forward, a small smirk playing at his lips as he carefully questioned them about their favorite candy.

        The sudden proximity and the steady trailing of his fingers back and forth across their thighs was turning their brain to mush. It caused (Y/N) to act incoherent, almost drunk. They watched Kaminari cock his head to the side, the unusual smoothness causing them to still flounder about uselessly. Denki smoothed his hand up your thigh, gripped the meat of it, and whispered, "I can tell you my favorite candy, if you want."

        (Y/N) nodded, eyes wide and locked onto his lips. They became particularly attentive at he slowly swiped his tongue across the plump bits of flesh, drawing the lower one between pearly whites. Kaminari chuckled, leaning down to whisper sensually. "I don't have a particular favorite, but I do find myself craving that sweet cum of yours."

        (Y/N)'s brain shut down, and all they could mumble was, "T-that's the fl-flirt." Kaminari seemed proud, but embarrassed. He waved on large hand in their face, only to be met with, "(Y/N)'s not home at the moment, please try again never." And he let out a boisterous laugh.

        "Did I break you, hun?" They blinked at him once, then mumbled. He leaned in, cupping a hand around his ear mockingly. (Y/N) mumbled again, shrinking back when he was right up in their space. Before things could escalate to (Y/N) going full on turtle mode, Kaminari's alarm rang. Both of them jumped, though the electricity user sprang to his feet and swung his bag over his shoulder.

       "Sorry (Y/N)! I gotta meet up with Bakugou and the others to study! See ya'!" And then he was out the door. They sat there, gawking after him until they remembered.


Written : 4/22/19