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My Heroic Lover

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        Ojirou's tail tightened, the soft, blonde fluff on the end rubbing just underneath your nose. It pulled a soft sneeze from you, which in turn pulled deep, bass filled laugh from deep within his chest.

        Warm sunlight filtered in through the bars, and for a moment, you could almost believe that he was still your little Ojirou. You shuffled just a tad.

        His arms tightened, and you forced a smile, fingers curling against the chains that kept you pinned to the bed. The sun continued to blaze in your eyes, keeping you blind to the red stained corner of the room.

        Messy white hair, long black hair, short brown hair, vibrant red strands... They littered the corner...

        Yeah... You thought, faintly hearing a "Detroit SMASH!", Maybe you could pretend a little while longer...

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Written : 3/13/19