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My Heroic Lover

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Bakugou's grip tightens, and you can feel his palm heating up. Red eyes fill your sight, and you lurch back, hissing. "Tch, thought so, you fucking ex-!" 


His hair hides the expression on his face from you, and despite the fear clutching your lungs in a choke-hold, you feel smug you lower your hand back to your side. 

"Tch," Is your only warning, before long, callused fingers are on the back of your skull. You shriek slightly, scratching at the hand that's suddenly pulling at your hair, tugging your head back, forcing you to bare the softness of your throat.

"You got guts... For a fucking extra." A whine slips from you, and you can't tell if its fear, or arousal. Bakugou's lips press to your clavicle, then move up the length of your throat. He nips, mouths and sucks, leaving your flesh with a wet 'pop!' and humming when he spied dark purple and red marks surfacing.

"What happen to that nasty fucking attitude, hmm?" You snarled, trying to reach up with the hand he hasn't got in a death grip, only to have Bakugou rest his full weight against you, smirking as his chest prevented you from moving further.

Bakugou sneered viciously, "Well, isnt that too fucking bad." Before mashing his chapped lips to yours.


Tears blur your vision, and you stare up at Shinsou, hate, spite, and rage coagulating in your chest and throat. "Why are you so mad at me?" He murmers, voice smooth, sonorous, yet monotone.

Your lips purse, and tears -angry, hateful wet drops- form, even as your lips curl and you hiss, "You know why, you fuck-!" You slump, staring at him through wide, blank eyes. Shinsou stares. And stares. Before sighing, then pressing his forehead to yours.

"... Is this because of Kendo?" Against your will, you nod, still staring blankly. "... If I release you from this, will you give me time to explain?" Your fingers twitched, then you nodded, getting a soft sigh of relief from him.

"Listen, she was just being friendly," Shinsou cringes a little under your intense eyes, soft lavender eyes flitting to your face, then his hands. "I just..." You raised an eyebrow, (e/c) coloured eyes becoming stormy.

Until Shinsou lunges forward, pulls you against him, and plants a soft peck on you lips. You gape up at him, and watch as he squirms, turning a soft rosy pink and shuffling his feet. "I-I was as-sking her how-w I should ask to do th-that..."

Shinsou begins shivering at your continued silence, finally beginning to whisper that he was sorry for using his quirk on you, that you could breakup with right then if you wished, that he would never talk to Kendo, only to squeak when you gripped his cheeks.

"G-give me another k-kiss, and I'll forgive you." Shinsou froze, then, as an uncharacteristically wicked grin touched his lips, pounced.


Kirishima seems flustered, floundering for several momemts and ever so slightly tightens his hold. "U-uhm? What?!" You huff, yanking your wrist, and hissing when the hardened edges of his skin chafe against yours.

His cherry red eyes go wide, and he lets go with a worried noise deep in his chest. That's his mistake, as you immediately slap him, and spit, "You fucking disgusting PIG!"

Once more, Kirishima flounders, pressing a hand to his cheek. "What did I do?" He yelps, ducking his head and hissing. It hurt you more than it hurt him, but still! Ow!

You snarl, rearing back. "Stop faking you, disgusting, godda-!"

"Uh, what the hell is happening here?" Both of you freeze, turning to look at... (Y/N)?!? Eijirou gawks, pointing a finger from you, to you 2.0. You 2.0 seems confused, then rolls her eyes. "Goddamn it. Noubu, that's enough."

You roll your eyes, then begin to shudder and twitch. Soon, a man with long dark brown hair and ice blue eyes appears, flashes Eijirou finger guns and jogs off.

"Now let's hope you didn't kiss him, haha." You joke, only to yelp as Kiri begins dry heaving. "Oh".