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My Heroic Lover

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-Shinsou would be one of the first to say it: he hated the thought of losing, or using his quirk on you. They were terrifying ideas, and had his heart pounding.

-So he’s horrified when he snaps at you, demanding you to leave

-Words pour from his lips like liquid, and by the time Shinsou realizes his quirk was active, you’re halfway out the door.

-He freezes, too stunned to do anything as you walk out. The only thing he could do, or even think was, ‘What have I done?
-If you’re forgiving, he’ll cry, holding you tightly and sobbing into you’re hair or neck. Shinsou would hide and whisper apologies in a weak voice.

-"I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. Please don’t fear me. I’m so sorry. Please.”

-If you hold a grudge, he becomes numb. His shoulders slump, his jaw goes slack and it’s all Shinsou can do not to wail.

-His close classmates glare when they see you again, and some (Tetsutetsu) actually yell at you for your reaction.

-Unsurprisingly, in both cases, Kendo is the one to do damage control and get you both to talk like adults.

-Everything is tense between you two for a few months, but it eventually smooths out.

-You probably won’t notice, but Shinsou stops using his quirk when he sees you watching.