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“Notebooks, pencil case, school survival kit check, backpack check, clothes check.”

I was checking all my stuff for tomorrow. High school last year, the Senior year, adults say that’s the most important year…but for me, it would be just another year of freedom before becoming an adult.

I was so excited to see my schools' friends again! After some weeks in Europe to visit some family members, I almost missed New-York. It was not the case last year. I spent 8 years in Europe for my parents work. As my mother is European, they found it would be great for their kids to discover Europe. I liked this life and going back to New York at the age of 16 with the divorce of my parents as a welcome back gift … It was very hard for me to start in this new school. After few weeks, I was used to it and my strange look was adopted.


For the adults, I was in a period of teenage rebellion and identity crisis. For my brother and sister, I was a source of conflict but also of craziness and fun. In the Donovan family, there are me, Luna, 17 years, a bit gothic-metalhead-geek. Matteo, 15 years, the athletic geek, Charlotte, 13 years, the future smartest girl in the family but still a good living girl and the parents Mike, 48 years, a real New-Yorker who works in an embassy and Anneke, 46 years, a Dutch journalist-interpreter. My mother came to New-York for her work and fell in love with my father…We went to Europe and then they found that they were just friends and not in love anymore, so they went back to New-York. This is the story of my life, I hope I’ll have a lot to live, this year will be awesome…

I checked one more time my stuff, my notifications on my phone and I went to bed.


6.00am, my alarm clock woke me up suddenly. I really wished to sleep more… It’s one of the things I hate about school …waking up early, I really hate that!


After going to the bathroom, trying to wake me up, I went to the kitchen for breakfast. Charlotte was reading a book, Matteo was watching a video on his smartphone while he was eating, and my mom was, in her room, getting ready for work. In short, a normal morning in my family.


My breakfast finished, I quickly went back to my room to do my make-up and tie my hair. I didn’t want to be late. I heard my phone ringing, a text from Talia, my high school best friend, “I’m on my way, don’t be late, see you at the club.” A quick look at the mirror, and I was ready. My hair was half up in a ponytail. This year, my hair was black with turquoise streaks. It took me some time to have these turquoise streaks, but I was happy with the result. My hair grew a lot, despite the multiple color changes, they were now hip length.


I did my usual makeup: a bit of concealer to hide the imperfections, some black liner on the tight line and on the waterline to highlight my green eyes and a bit of gloss. It was perfect for the first day at school; I didn’t want to frighten my teachers. I wore a black lace top, a black petticoat with some red lace, black leggings, and black boots.


I put my hoodie on and my backpack. Then, I grabbed my headphones, my phone, and my keys. I said: “Bye, see you tonight!” And I was on my way.


20 minutes later, I was in front of our club door. “We Are The others”, officially an Art’s club. Unofficially, with part of the informatic club, it was more a meeting point for all the metalheads, geeks and different people from the school. Our club is located in a separate part of the school. We could listen to music without disturbing the other, so it was cool. We named our club after a metal song we liked; the song is about the fact to be different and not to let others judging us for being different. Some of the members of our club went to Europe or had a European origin. We knew the story about the song and we convinced the rest of the founder to name our club with this title.


“Hi, Talia!”

“Hi Luna, we are waiting for you,” said my best friend.

“Hi everyone, I know it wasn’t planned but it’s a new year, the Head must be changed, and I would like that everyone thinks about that before we are asked for it.” Said Sam, the vice president

“And what about with the members of the informatic club who are with us?” asked Annie, our secretary

“We will see that with them, we will discuss that again tomorrow after school, see you here at 3 pm.” Answered Sam.


The bell rang, and we went all to our classes.


The evening, in my room, I thought about Sam’s word…a new year and a new head for the club…I was one of the founders and an active member… maybe…I was listing the pro and cons. I hoped this list could help me to choose if I want to propose me to be president or not. I had just some hours left to decide.


Manhattan Village Academy

43 west 22nd street

Friday, September 8th


“With a big majority, Luna Donovan is our new president! Roman will be our vice president, Annie is still our secretary, Lucas from the informatic club will be the link between our two clubs and Jenny will be our spokesperson.” Said Sam who left his vice president position to have more time for after-school activities.


Yes, I decided to run for president and I was elected.


“Thank you all! I hope I won’t disappoint you and I hope we’ll keep helping the students from this school and share our taste and cultures.”


After this short speech, the members left the room, I stayed with the other founders of W.A.T.O. and the informatic club’s members. We had to make our program in order to not lose our official status. With a mutual accord, we decided to not speak about the accord with the informatic club so we preserve our own freedom, but we’ll organize a meeting once a month to take stock.


At 4 PM, After the meeting, I had to go to another meeting, the student council. With Roman, I went to the room where all the other club's presidents were. This student council was more a secret militia, which helps to solve conflicts between students without asking any help of the adults. Each president was responsible for their members and in case of a problem, the student council could intervene. In general, problems were solved without consulting the headmistress or the teachers.


Luna’s mother

68 Bedford Street


I was tired after this day, but it was the end of the week.


I was about to go to the kitchen when my phone rang.


‘‘Evening dad!”

“Good evening, sweetie, I just came back from my business trip, so tell me about school, I want to know all about it.”

“It’s school; some classes are good and others nope, I don’t know why we have those classes. Besides that, I was elected as president of our club and I’ll have to assist to the student council.”

“It’s a big responsibility. I hope it will not affect your studies.”

“No! I left the extra dance lesson to have more time to study and with the ice skating lesson, it was too much. And! it will save money for you and mom.”

“If it’s about the money…”

“No, it’s not about that. I prefer the dance class we have at school and as I’m already at school, it’s easier.”

“Ok, I hope this year you’ll stay out of the problems, your brother is in his teenage rebellion phase. He is not easy to manage.”

“I hope so, I wish I’ll have an easy year. Matteo is in love, I think, that’s why he is acting strangely.”

“I know, I have to leave you, I promised your sister I’ll call her too. See you next week.”

“Ok, see you next week, love you.”

“Love you too, bye.”


My usual life…being between two houses and my parents’ business trip… but it was the only option that I had to go to college or to have the life that I wanted. Until now, we always managed with that and I hoped it would continue like this. (link to the song We Are The Others)

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