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Our Life

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Kenzie and Lamar are in a relationship, have been for almost a year. 


Gin made a slight sarcastic joke to Lamar, saying he was gonna be a father. 


Lamar looked around him. "Ah'm WHAT? Nah, hell nah!" He huffed a little bit. "When did we even..” He breaths heavy. “Dayum..” Then, he passes out. 


Kenzie walked over, she gets near Lamar and sat down, next to him. She was smiling as she puts his head in her lap. "Lamar? You okay?" she asked him in a quiet, sweet voice. 


Lamar lets out a small noise and wakes up.

- “Huh? Babe, what's your friend talkin' about..?” 


“She’s my lover, Lamar.” Gin said to him, sarcastically, joking around. 


Kenzie saw Gin, standing near the doorway. 


"Oh Ah' ain't losin' mah girl for lesbians!" 


Kenzie smiled and kissed Lamar's lips, lovingly. 


Lamar hums.

- “Yeah, that's right.” he mumbles against her lips. 


Kenzie pulled back as she laughed a bit. "Shut up, you silly bear~" she said, also lovingly. 


Gin just rolled her eyes. 


Lamar tickles Kenzie.


"No! Bear! Don't!" Kenzie said as she is laughing now. 


Lamar growls playfully and buries his face against Kenzie's tummy. 


Kenzie was surprised again when Lamar did that. She blushed and was glad that babies can't kick until at least the sixth month.

Lamar nibbles Kenzie's tummy.


"Lamar, what are you doing?" Kenzie asked, confused and blushing slightly. 


Lamar looked up at her with a smile.

- “Your tummy is just so soft and cute.” he murmurs. 


Kenzie smiles back as she kept her slight blush. "You're adorable, Sugar Bear." she said back to Lamar. 


'He's probably gonna really like it when he finds out that I'm pregnant.' she thought to herself. 


Lamar placed a kiss on her tummy and then, he sat up. He also pulled Kenzie on his lap. 


Gin was looking at them. “I ship it.” 


Kenzie smiled again as she snuggled up against him. 


Lamar kissed Kenzie's head and wrapped his arms around her. 


Kenzie secretly texted Gin. 'Don't tell Lamar anything, I want to tell him.' she texts Gin when her phone was hid from Lamar. 


Berry walks in, from the open front door.

- “Oh, hello.” 


"Berry Senpai!" Kenzie said, happy and loud. She gets up and ran over to him. She hugs him with her arms wrapped around Berry, tightly. 


“Hey Berry.” Gin also said 


Berry tenses a bit by the sudden hug, then awkwardly hugging back with a smile.

- “Hi, Kenz. Gin.” 


Kenzie noticed that, pulling away with another smile. 


Berry smiles to both of them. 


Kenzie had put her phone away in her pocket. She walks back over to Lamar, sitting near him, hugging his side now. 


Lamar wraps his arm around Kenzie. 

Berry takes a seat, looking at the couple.

'Huh.. okay then.' he thinks to himself. 


Gin looked at her friend. “How about we dance, Kenzie?”


"Um, sure." Kenzie said, getting up.


They started slow dancing with no music, Kenzie taking the lead in the dance.

Those two guys, Lamar and Berry watched them. 


Gin whispers in Kenzie's ear. “Should we mess with them?”


"Sure, my beloved." Kenzie said with another smirk.


“I love you.”


"Je t'aime too, Gin." Kenzie also said to her.


'Jet melon what..' Lamar thought. 


'Uh oh.. I know where this is going..' Berry also thought. 

Lamar was watching them more intensively.


Kenzie pulled Gin closer. 


Lamar's jaw hung open. 


Berry just stared at the girls.


Kenzie puts her forehead on Gin's forehead, their lips inches apart. 


"Gin~" she said 


Lamar gulped at that and blushed. 




Kenzie smirked again and kissed Gin, on the lips. 


- “Shit..” Lamar said, staring at them.

Berry smirks at Lamar's face. 


Kenzie was smirking as she kisses her more, deepening the kiss as she grabs Gin's ass. 


Gin blushes even harder. 


Lamar was blushing madly. Berry whistles to that. 


They pull apart. 


Kenzie held in her laughter as she pulls away, fully from the kiss and starts kissing Gin's neck then, pulled back again. She walked away. She walks over to Lamar with a big smirk. 


Gin lays down on the other couch, near them. 


Kenzie was still standing in front of Lamar. 


Lamar looks at Kenzie in awe.

- “Baby~ Give me some sugar too..” 


Kenzie sat down, on Lamar's lap, legs on each side of him. She smirked at him.


Lamar smirks back.

Berry sits there like nothing is happening. 


Kenzie kissed him on the lips again then, pulls away. "Liked my little show, Bear~?" she asked, saying it into Lamar's ear. 


- “Mh-hm~ But Ah' prefer ya on mah own lap~” 


She laughed a bit then, started kissing his neck, grinding against him. 


Lamar grunts softly and smirked. 


Berry stares at the ceiling. 


Kenzie looked at Lamar, with another smirk. "Wanna take this upstairs~?" 


Lamar licked his lips and nodded.

- “Sure~”