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Filthy Hands, Warm Heart

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Castiel, the son of an extremely wealthy small-town mayor, lived a life of luxury; not used to trouble. Well, that was until Dean moved into town. His father wouldn't stop talking about him. How Dean was such a fine young man, how Cas could take a few pointers from him. It was both annoying and frustrating. How could he say that? His own father! Jealousy wasn't something he felt often, he had everything; looks, money, he was smart too. Though at times he couldn't help but feel jealous of Dean. Over time the jealousy turned into hatred, every time his father mentioned Dean he would walk out of the room or tune his father out.

A few weeks ago, Castiel had been for a drive in his new 2011 Tesla. It was custom made for him. It was a beautiful dark shade of blue and it could easily go up to high speeds in just a matter of seconds. It was his fathers latest gift because he wanted him to go out more. 'Get out and explore Cas' His father would tell him. In reality, he knew he just wanted him to leave the house so he didn't have to deal with him. It made him angry to think that even his own father couldn't stand him at times. He Sighing, with exhaustion he debated the drive, wanting nothing more than to go home and sleep. Cas decided the next best thing was to go the most expensive bar he could find and get wasted with on daddy's dime.

The car pulled to a slow stop at a red light. Cas listened to the radio and singing along to some of the words. Suddenly, the car jerked forward... Some asshole had hit his brand new car! They were gonna pay for that.

Castiel was quick to react, but not quick enough. Before he could get out of his car a man. No, Dean Winchester. Yep, of course, it was. It was going to be Dean 'I'm so perfect' Winchester because fate hated him. The ass was outside yelling every curse word known to man. Castiel got out of the car to yell at him, but before he had the chance Dean shot him a dangerous glare and marched over.

"Son of a bitch! Look what you did to baby!" Dean yelled.

Cas couldn't believe he was being blamed when it was obvious that Dean was the one at fault. He huffed and shot a glare right back, challenging him.

"Me? You're the one who hit me you jackass! Maybe if you actually paid attention to the road then your trash car wouldn't even have touched my brand new Tesla." Cas fired back.

He knew he could've said worse, but didn't feel the need to waste his breath on someone so cheap. Cas was worth millions, Dean was nothing compared to him.

Dean looked down at Cas and clenched his fists, "You're gonna pay for this Novak!" He promised and stormed back to his car.

Castiel gave him a cold hard stare as he stepped into his car. He couldn't help but notice, when Dean drove away it appeared his car seem far more damaged than Cas'.

"Dammit! Now I have to go to the garage and get this fixed." He huffed and hit the steering wheel. He ended up regretting that as pain instantly shot through his hand. "Fuck!" he shouted as he desperately clutched onto his hand.

After a few long minutes of debating, he caved and called his father. He tried a couple of times, but as usual, his father was a busy man he got no response. Cas decided it would be best to go home and get some rest. It had been a long day, he did not feel like going to the mechanic, and it could wait till tomorrow. Starting the car he drove home, but of course, his luck had only gotten worse. He was almost out of charge and the closest thing near him was the mechanic.

He drove down to the mechanic, using the GPS. He felt disgusted just being there. The building seemed cheap itself, It looked like no one had been there in years, and when you even got close it reeked with the smell of oil and grease. To his surprise...and displeasure he saw a familiar car parked out front and with it a familiar face.

It was Dean the ass hat, again. Jesus, this guy was everywhere. Cas tried his best to compose himself as he parked the car. He stepped out of the car and looked at the filthy mechanic. He had on dirty overalls, covered in oil and grease. It made Cas feel sick just looking at it.

Dean turned to face Castiel, much calmer than their previous interaction.

"Well well well, look who showed up," he said walking over to table and grabbing a dirty rag to wipe his hands. "So what is it that happened to your car, what needs fixing?" he added with a raised eyebrow and a fleeting smile.

"Really Winchester? I suspect you know. I mean after all your the one who hit it in the first place." Cas spat back as he stood there his arms crossed and not amused.

"Tsk tsk tsk, not smart Novak... Considering I'm the one who is going to repair your car." Dean said, looking at Cas with an amused grin.

"I wouldn't even have to be here if you had watched where you were going with your trashy car." Cas sassed looking at Dean like he was something on the bottom of his expensive Italian loafers.

"Well, I'm sorry I can't be Mr perfect like some people. Not everyone can be a rich slut in a suit." Dean fired back and pushed Cas' shoulder lightly.

Cas was done. He refused to be spoken to in that way especially by trash. Using his strength he grabbed the dirty overalls and pinned Dean to the wall.

"How dare you! You... are just a filthy, dirty, uneducated mechanic. Do you even know who I am?! I could destroy you with the flick of my finger! You're not even worthy of sharing the same air as me. How dare you touch me with your filthy hands! Now I have to go home and take a shower for a month. You disgust me."

The next thing he knew, Cas was taken by two strong arms and slammed hard against an old car. Dean moved in unnervingly close, his gaze intimidating and filled with rage.

"Oh, Honey... you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into here. You're just a fucked up rich man's son who acts like a perfectionist but can't even get his life together. You're stuck up and a fucking closet case... Oh don't act so surprised, I can see right through you. Also, who are you calling filthy, huh? I'll show you filthy, I'll show you how dirty I can get. You can't stand me touching you huh?"

Dean was very close, Cas could feel his breath on the soft skin of his cheek. This close he was... incredibly hot. Cas found himself glancing at those lips and hating himself, what would they be like to kiss?

Dean seemed startled for a second as he realized Cas was staring.

"You want me..."

"What?" Cas yelled as he snapped out of his daydream, "You're insane!"

"I know that look, Novak. Gimme two weeks and you're mine. I like a challenge and Dean Winchester never loses. You'll be on my bed, naked, panting and moaning underneath me. And my 'filthy' hands will be all over you, corrupting you. You'll be begging me to touch you".Cas just huffed a humourless laugh as his entire body shook, mocking the filthy mechanic's audacity.

"Keep dreaming, Winchester."