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Searching For A Place To Belong

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This is a SM/WW fic. Will be based on Cavill's Superman and Gadot's Wonder Woman. Will be using ideas from DCEU and, more than likely, following its timeline. This will be an AU! I might be changing some things from the DCEU, but I'm not sure yet. We'll have to wait and see.

Please, leave a review and tell me what you think about the story, whether positive or negative, I  really  appreciate it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Justice League or any of the characters associated with DC Comics.


Jor-El stared at Lara as she gave birth to their son. If they were discovered to have conceived a natural-born child, they would be sent to the Phantom Zone for their unbridled heresy. The two of them had been well aware of the risks for what they had done, but considering that their race was doomed, Jor-El knew it didn't matter. All that did matter was that his sons were safe.

He looked over to where the green-skinned baby was being taken care of by Kelex. That was another crime that would send them to the Phantom Zone. Harboring an enemy, even if an innocent child, was utterly unforgivable.

The baby, J'onn had been in the House of El citadel for a little over 2 months. As soon as Jor-El had discovered that Krypton's core was collapsing, he knew that he would send J'onn with his unborn child to a world where they could blend in. Jor-El knew that J'onn would be fine because of his incredible shape-shifting abilities. The first time that he had presented the child to Lara, J'onn's dark green skin became lighter and within seconds, it had seemed as if Lara was holding a regular Kryptonian child. Jor-El was utterly fascinated and had spent the rest of that day studying the child. He knew that he couldn't take any more time because he needed to build a ship that could house both his son and J'onn.

As he built the ship, Jor-El knew that the only ones leaving in the craft would be the babies. He didn't have enough time to build a larger craft with all the technology and knowledge necessary to serve the heir to Krypton. Even if he did have enough time, Jor-El and Lara could not join the boys. They were still a part of why Krypton became the monstrosity it did. The two babies weren't; they were innocent.

Krypton wasn't.

Kryptonians were world conquers. They were so feared throughout the universe that even the likes of Darkseid were hesitant to cross them. They were very few races in all of the cosmos who could actually equal a Kryptonian in power and when those races were discovered, they were eradicated and their technology was pilfered to further Krypton's arsenal.

Many thousands of years ago, the space exploration program had been disbanded and all intergalactic travel was banned. The only times for an exception were when a planet was discovered to house a race that could equal a Kryptonian in power. The last eradication took place almost 900 years ago and there seemed to be no more races that held power comparable to Krypton.

"Master." Kelex floated over to him, "The High Council is requesting your presence."

Jor-El looked up from the hologram. "Tell the Elders I will be there shortly."

He gazed upon the monstrous creature in the hologram. It had bony protrusions all over and from what he had read, could grow to be larger than a World Engine. He quickly  waved away the hologram and sighed. He would need to have countermeasures in place to make sure that something like that creature never existed again.

He told Kelex to let Lara know where he was going. He quickly stepped out to the balcony and looked briefly at Krypton's red star. Jor-El quickly looked around and whistled.

H'Raka appeared before him within seconds and Jor-El climbed onto the 4-winged animal. He could have used the teleportation cell, but he has always found flying peaceful.

After a few minutes of flight, H'Raka landed and Jor-El hopped off. He quickly made his way to the High Council chambers.

The guards saw him arrive and put one fist to their chests and tapped twice.

Jor-El did that same. He had always found the greeting a little strange considering Kryptonians, as a species, don't even have hearts like most races, but it was a tradition.

The doors opened and he walked into the chamber. He saw that his oldest friend, Zod was the only other person in the room save the Elders.

"Jor-El." Zod nodded to him.

"Zod." He replied back with a small smile on his face.

"General Zod and Thinker Jor-El, we have summoned you both here today because, for the first time in 900 years, an Eradication will commence." High Elder, Ro-Zar stated.

Jor-El's eyes widened. An Eradication hadn't taken place for over a generation. He looked to his side to see Zod's reaction. His eyes were wide but not with surprise.


Jor-El decided to mark that emotion to the honor they had just received. He didn't want to think about the alternatives.

"This race hails from the planet, Ma'aleca'andra. The planet is made mostly of ice and they call themselves Manhunters. They have abilities that include complete control of their physiology, so they can shape-shift and become intangible. They are a threat to our people, our glorious civilization." Ro-Zar gazed at them intently, "The gravity on Ma'aleca'andra is much weaker than it is on Krypton. You will be far stronger on their planet then you would ever be here."

Lor-Em took over, "The planet is located only a few galaxies away from us. We have chosen you two to command the Eradication. "

Jor-El spoke up, "Why us? I'm sure there are more qualified individuals to lead this great honor."

Lor-Em shook her head, "You were both created in the Genesis Chamber on the same day. You trained together and have one of the highest compatibility scores ever in our modern history. You are each 600 years old, old enough to lead the Eradication of this inferior race." Lor-Em explained.

Zod knelt before the Council, "It would be our deepest honor to accept the command of the Eradication of Ma'aleca'andra."

Jor-El followed suit and knelt beside his friend, "I too will accept this honor of Eradication."

Ro-Zar smiled, "Then you two will be off. Sometime in the next week, you will commence the Eradication. For now, gather everything you need. Nothing is off limits and Jor-El," Ro-Zar looked at him. "be sure to integrate their technology into our own." Jor-El nodded and brought his fist up to his chest and tapped twice.

Zod did the same and they were dismissed.

"Jor-El, this will be glorious. Both of us have heard, were raised on the glorious conquests of Eradication, but never have I dared imagine that a race would seek to challenge us after the last Eradication." Zod put his hand on his friend's shoulder, "Together, we will bring glory to Krypton, old friend."

Both men walked out on the balcony. Jor-El whistled for H'Raka and turned to Zod, "Just make sure that you plan to share the glory with me."

Zod laughed, "Of course, old friend."

Jor-El heard H'Raka below and smirked at Zod. He leaped off of the balcony and landed on H'Raka hundreds of feet below, swinging his legs across the back of his faithful animal companion. He looked up and saw Zod shaking his head, amusement carved into his features.

He flew back to his citadel. He couldn't wait to tell Lara of the honor they had just received.


Upon entering the citadel, Lara was gazing at the hologram that he himself was viewing earlier when he found her. He saw the bony protrusions and sighed, "Lara, that is not going to happen."

Lara turned to look at him, "But how do you know that, Jor?" She cradled her pregnant stomach.

He stared at his wife, "Because I will not that let monstrosity exist. I will have measures in place in case of the small chance that the creature does actually exist. We both knew the risks when we did this." He gestured to their unborn son.

Lara sighed, "I know. I'm just worried that's all." She looked at him, "Why were you requested before the Council?"

Jor-El beamed, "Zod and I were given the honor of commanding the next Eradication!" He said jubilantly.

Lara's eyes widened, "That's wonderful, Jor! When will you begin the operation?"

"Next week. I will have to meet with Zod and gather all the weapons and supplies we will need to eradicate this inferior race."

Lara nodded, "Where is the planet?"

"It is only a few galaxies away. We can use the Phantom Drive and be there instantly." Jor-El explained.

"Just be careful, alright? I will need your help presenting our son to the council once he is born." Lara stared at him.

He nodded, "Of course. Our son will be magnificent. The beginning of a new era for Krypton and he will be the greatest of them all."

Lara smiled. "Yes, he will be. Just promise me that something like that will not happen." She gestured to the hologram, to The Desecration Without Name.

Jor-El took her hands, "I promise."


Jor-El stood next to Zod as they overlooked the icy planet of Ma'aleca'andra. It was quite large, almost equal to Krypton's size. "Here we go." He whispered, eyes anxiously roaming the data.

Zod looked at him, "Yes. I will lead the siege on the planet while you stay here. Once we are finished with the Eradication, you will be teleported down to integrate their technology."

Jor-El nodded. They had already gone over the plan several times.

Zod put his hand on Jor-El's shoulder, "To the glory of Krypton!" He shouted and all the soldiers on the ship cried out the same. Jor-El shook his head at the sight.

Zod had always been quite dramatic.


"How does it look from above, Jor-El?" Zod's voice echoed throughout the main corridor of the ship.

Jor looked at the planet below. The siege was going well. "It is going as planned. How are things below?"

"Well, these beings are quite adaptable. I've almost been killed several times because of their shape-shifting ability." Zod's voice was amused, "They also have telepathic and telekinetic abilities; we had to remember our training and let our breathers actually use one of its features besides the usual. That was quite a surprise. We'll have to report that interesting piece of information to the Council."

Jor was surprised. The High Council was almost never wrong.

"The Eradication is almost over. You might as well come down and begin your part, old friend."

Jor's eyes sparkled, "Understood. Glory for Krypton." He said.

"Glory for Krypton." Zod's voice was heard before Jor-El cut off communication.

He was already wearing his armor, so he grabbed the equipment he needed and entered the teleportation pad. He pulled a breather on and felt the oxygen of Krypton rush into his body.

He was ready.


Jor-El stared at the carnage around him in complete shock. It was ubiquitous chaos. Manhunters were slain everywhere, their green skin becoming more of gray color. Jor felt sick, which was ridiculous because Kryptonians cannot feel ill. It was impossible!

But he had a job to do. He quickly started the process and ignored the happenings that occurred. He was pleasantly surprised at the speed of the integration. When he was researching past integrations, former Thinkers had described the process as time-consuming. But this time, it only took a couple of hours. He was also shocked at how strong he was on this planet. The High Council's description didn't do the feeling justice.

Once his task was completed, he packed away all the equipment and was prepared to alert the ship to teleport him back when he felt something in his mind.

Someone was in his mind trying to tell him something. When in training, all Kryptonians undergo telepathic resistance exercises. Every breather also was able to repel telepathic invasions but, somehow, the presence had been able to breach Jor's mind. In the Academy, he had faced much more difficult mind intrusions and was about to lash out at the presence when he had realized something.

The presence felt terrified and scared. It was seeking help.

Jor-El knew that this presence was a Manhunter.

He knew he should find the presence and kill it, but for some reason, he couldn't. He didn't know why that was. It might have been his curious nature as a Thinker or even some shred of morality. He would probably never know.

He followed the beacon that the Manhunter was sending out and, eventually, found himself standing before a dead Kryptonian body.

He frowned at the sight. Where was the Manhunter?

He saw the body beneath the armor flicker and that's when the realization hit Jor-El.


The Manhunter was quite smart, he would admit. Jor crouched near the body and called out, "I know who you are. Please, reveal your true form."

The body was still for a few moments until dark green seeped across the skin. Jor watched in fascination as the Manhunter revealed itself. It had orange eyes and it seemed to go invisible for a moment to the normal eye, but since Kryptonians were far more evolved than most, Jor-El could see the outline of the body. The Manhunter became intangible and passed through the armor.

It was a female and she was holding a baby. The baby was completely fine, but the elder one was bleeding very badly. Blood was gushing out of a wound to the chest that looked like it came from a plasma rifle. Jor-El was honestly amazed that the creature was still alive.

He felt the presence worm it's way into his mind and Jor did not fight. Instead, he was willing to listen to the inferior being.

'Please, save him.' The creature's soft voice echoed in his mind.

Jor-El's eyes darted towards the baby and he felt conflicted. He should kill both of them. He could easily crush both of them with his new-found strength.

He stared at them determinedly. He was going to kill them. The Manhunter just stared back, eyes beginning to glaze over. The baby stared back at him innocently.

Jor paused as he thought of his own son and how innocent he would be when born. He would not be tied down genetically to behave in a certain way. He would be free to choose who he wanted to be.

He would be glorious.

Would Jor be able to take that chance away from an innocent child? A child, that would be as innocent as the future Head of the House of El?

Jor closed his eyes. His mind had told him that he was making an irreversible mistake, but deep down, Jor-El knew that he was making the correct decision.

He sat down in front of the Manhunter, "What is it you need me to do?"

The presence was still in his mind and the stifling relief that was felt from her was invigorating. 'Keep him safe.'

Jor looked towards the baby, "Are you it's mother?" He asked curiously. The Eradication had undoubtedly created many orphans. He was almost certain that the two Manhunters in front of him were the last of their race.

'Yes,' The voice was weary, shaky; death was coming for her. 'his name is J'onn.' Her eyes closed briefly and then she had suddenly stared at him with an intensity that rivaled Rao's great star. 'Promise me, that you will care for him and keep him safe. Promise me! Please!'

Jor-El was stunned. This mother was asking him, a Kryptonian whom had helped, been crucial in eradicating her race. She was asking him to take care of her infant son and, most likely, the last child to ever be born from the icy planet, Ma'aleca'andra.

Jor focused his attention on the infant J'onn. The child was looking around curiously at the world around him in awe. Jor knew what it was that he had to do.

He looked at the female Manhunter. "I promise." He swore.

The Manhunter's energy seemed to suddenly leave her and she slumped to the ground. Jor-El quickly picked up the baby and stared at the now orphan. He had no idea how he was going to keep the child safe.

'Thank you.' The presence entered his mind one last time and then, suddenly, dispersed.

She was dead.

Jor-El held J'onn close to his chest and looked around. They were all alone. That was one less problem to worry about. He felt J'onn begin to fuss and squirm. "No, J'onn." He said softly. The child looked up at him. "Don't look. It's okay. You are okay. I promise that nothing will happen to you." Jor-El stared into the infant's orange eyes and the child seemed to at least somehow understand what he had said.

J'onn tucked his face into Jor's armor and, seemingly, fell asleep.

The Head of the House of El stayed, staring at the dead body of J'onn's mother for a few more seconds and contemplated what it was he should do. He couldn't call the teleportation pad down as the would immediately realize that he was a traitor to Krypton. So, that meant walking for a little bit to buy some more time.

He passed countless bodies and truly hoped that J'onn would never remember this horror. Kryptonians, as a species, remembered everything in their life. From the moment they exited the Genesis Chamber until they finally died, their mind recalled every moment. He, truly, hoped that Manhunters were not like Kryptonians in that category.

Upon passing a large, icy ravine, he realized that he only had a few more minutes until he would be in the sight of Zod's soldiers. J'onn would have to be hidden. He stopped and closed his eyes. He was a Thinker, genetically designed to be one of the smartest beings in the universe. He should be able to figure out a simple solution for this simple problem.

After another second, Jor-El smiled. He knew exactly what he had to do.


J'onn was thankfully still asleep when Jor-El had finally arrived in his quarters. Once he had had a plan, it was relatively simple to keep J'onn hidden and act like nothing was out of the ordinary. Zod had given him a few strange looks, but Jor swiftly began to spiel useless information about all the technology that he had discovered. The technology was nothing compared to that of Krypton, but it was quite intriguing if he was being honest.

Zod was completely lost and finally told Jor-El to head to his quarters and begin the final stage of integration, just as Jor knew he would.

He had realized that J'onn's mother must have somehow been able to get her son to be intangible for a certain amount of time. When she was in the dead Kryptonian's armor, it only had room for one person. Jor had stared down at the sleeping child and after several seconds, nestled J'onn into his armor, watching in fascination as the child became intangible and passed right through his armor. It had felt quite strange to have J'onn inside his armor and body, but he was relieved that it wasn't painful.

He quickly began the final part of the integration and thought about how he could keep J'onn safe. From what he had seen thus far, Manhunters could shape-shift into anyone or anything. J'onn could easily shift into a Kryptonian-looking child, and Jor-El could probably pass him off as his own son, but he had no idea how long J'onn could stay in a form.

It was the best solution out of the thousands he had thought of.

Jor finished the integration and felt disgusted. Eradications were said to be the greatest thing a Kryptonian could ever achieve in their long lifetime.

What an amazing lie that was.

What he had helped to commit wasn't glory. It was evil. How many other defenseless children had been on Ma'aleca'andra like J'onn?

He had no idea because they were all slaughtered. A strange feeling had bubbled in his chest and he found that it was hard to breathe all of sudden. It was a feeling he'd never felt before. After a second, he realized what the feeling was. He had only read about it in the ancient texts but never put much thought into the emotion.


Jor-El was instrumental in eradicating an innocent race all for the "Glory for Krypton".

Is this what his race had become?

J'onn suddenly began to scream. Jor's eyes widened. He had never been more grateful that every room in all Kryptonian ships was completely soundproof.

He strode over and picked J'onn up. He cradled him to his chest, but the screams continued. He assumed that the infant was hungry, but he wasn't certain. He had no knowledge of Manhunter physiology. Did they require any substance to survive? When he arrived back to the citadel, he would have Kelex scan J'onn so Jor would have a better idea of what to expect.

Jor-El felt the ship come out of the phantom drive and felt his body return to its 'normal' state. His eyes widened. That's it! Krypton's gravity was far stronger than Ma'aleca'andra.

He looked at J'onn and the screams were intensifying by the second. Jor saw objects in the room begin to shake just slightly.

J'onn would not be able to stand the pressure bearing down on him for much longer. Jor-El had to think of something fast. He took in everything in the room at once. The integration equipment caught his eye. With one arm, he held J'onn and with the other, started sorting the equipment hoping to find something that would help the child.

His hand brushed a small object. It was circular and glowed yellow. Jor smiled in victory. He snatched the moliom and attached it swiftly to J'onn's chest. Immediately, a yellow force field surrounded the tiny Manhunter.

J'onn immediately calmed and Jor-El looked him over. His face was hard to decipher with the green skin, but Jor noticed that cracks had formed all over his body. Jor-El sighed. A second later and J'onn would have been completely crushed. Based on what he had seen from his mother, J'onn had a small healing factor. His mother should have died long before Jor found her, but her healing factor had allowed her to live a little longer to find help for her son.

It would take a few days for the cracks to heal and Jor wondered if J'onn's mother was watching. He had almost killed her son, but he had saved him too.

Considering his own healing factor, Jor-El reckoned that if he had sustained an injury similar to J'onn's cracks, that his body would be at peak efficiency in minutes.

Jor-El needed to know how much time he had until the ship docked. It couldn't be too much. "Windows clear." He said aloud.

The entire wall in front of him became crystal clear and Jor-El realized he had only a minute until they landed.

He quickly put all the integration equipment back and looked to J'onn. He was dead to the world. Jor sighed in relief. With J'onn asleep, his next task would be far more simple.

He gently pressed J'onn into his chest and watched as the infant became intangible and passed into his body. Now, came the hardest part of his ordeal.

Convincing Lara.


Jor came out of his mind when Lara gave one final cry of pain. Through wondered eyes, Jor watched as his son entered the world of the living and, quickly, Jor-El held his son in his arms for the first time. He gazed upon him in awe; this was his own flesh and blood. He already knew the boy's name.


Once making sure that Lara was alright, he brought Kal over to J'onn and the two stared at each other. J'onn suddenly smiled and reached toward Kal.

Jor stepped closer and watched as J'onn touched Kal on the face. J'onn laughed in delight and ran his green hands all over his new brother's small face.

He yearned to be stuck in this moment forever, but he had to initiate the plan for the Codex. It was the key to the survival of Krypton! It was the countermeasure!

Lara's healing factor was sufficient and she walked over to him, "Go. I'll get everything ready." She stared at him solemnly.

Jor-El nodded and leaned forward until their foreheads were pressed gently together. "It will be okay. The plan will work." He whispered.

"I know." Lara smiled, "Now, go and convince the Council to give you control of the Codex."

Jor handed Kal over to his wife and watched as mother and son gazed upon each other for the first time.

He stood for a few more seconds and then strode to the balcony. He whistled and H'Raka appeared below.

Now, came the hardest part. It was time for Krypton to live again.


Smallville, Kansas 1985

Jonathan and Martha Kent made there way back to their home, driving down old dirt roads. They had just seen a fertility doctor and had been told the devastating news.

Martha was infertile.

The two had been married for 5 years and had been trying to have a child for over half that time. They were completely silent in the car.

Martha stared out the window, at the passing wheat fields. She felt broken. All her life the one thing that she had wanted to be was a mother to beautiful children. Adoption wasn't an option because no adoption agency would ever give a child to a couple of poor farmers.

Tear streaks were visible on her cheeks and her eyes were rimmed red. She looked at her husband out of the corner of her wet eyes. Jonathan had his eyes focused on the road, one hand on the wheel and the other resting on the windowsill. He would have been such a good father, but he would never be one because Martha was broken. She was a poor wife.

She couldn't look at her husband anymore without the thought of being a failure, so she looked back out the window.

She blinked. A meteor was blazing through the sky towards the field they were passing. "Jonathan, stop!" She cried out.

He slammed on the brakes and looked at her incredulously, "What is it?"

She pointed out the window, "Look!"

Jonathan looked to where she pointed, "Oh shit!" He cried and put the car in reverse, billows of dust rising from the dirt road.

Martha noticed that it wasn't a meteor. If she wasn't mistaken, it seemed to be a ship.

Her husband suddenly slammed the truck to a halt and with bated breath, they watched and heard the thing pass over their car, slamming into the field across from them, shaking the earth.

Jonathan and Martha gripped the armrests as the truck almost flipped over. Dust was swirling in the air and when husband and wife got out of the truck, they put parts of their shirts over their mouths to keep from inhaling the dirt.

"Was it just me or did that look like a ship?" Jonathan's voice was filled with disbelief.

Martha shook her head, "It was a ship." She whispered.

They began crossing over into the disturbed field when Martha put her hand on her husband's arm, "Do you think that anyone was killed?"

"I doubt it. No one would be harvesting wheat at this time of year, so I would say that the field was empty." Jonathan's confidence steeled Martha's nerves and they walked closer until they saw the beginnings of a crater. It was only about 10 feet deep, but still quite large.

Inside of it was a spaceship.

"Do you think this is a test gone wrong by the government?" She asked quietly.

Jonathan shook his head, "No. The way that thing looks is definitely not of this world. I could have all the time in the world - and so could the smartest people to ever live - and we would still not be able to make anything close to that thing."

"What do we do?" Martha was staring into the smoking crater. The ship didn't even have a scratch on it. She squinted towards it and noticed that a part of the metal seemingly turned invisible.

"I guess we should call the government." Her husband frowned. "They would definitely want to cover something like this up. This is like Watergate all over again." He muttered, rubbing his face in weariness.

Martha was no longer listening to him. She was listening to the sound that was echoing from within the ship.

It sounded like a baby.

She crouched down and lowered herself into the crater. She dimly heard her husband calling her name, but she paid it no mind. Martha quickly walked to where the opening was and peeked inside. Her jaw dropped.

There were two babies.

One looked completely human with pitch black hair, while the other had green skin and orange eyes.

She stood frozen at the sight before her. Jonathan slowly came next to her and upon viewing the two babies, swiftly pulled her away.

Martha came back to herself and fought away from his grip. "Did you see? There are babies in there! They need help!" She said urgently. After several seconds, she finally maneuvered herself out of her husband's grip and stumbled forward to the opening of the craft. "Hi, there." She whispered, staring at them in awe.

The two alien babies stared at her curiously. She slowly placed her index finger within reach and the human looking baby reached out and grasped it.


Martha's eyes widened in pain and her mouth opened in a soundless scream. The baby had just broken her finger! Jonathan, whom was standing right next to her and had witnessed the entire thing, tried to pull her away again.

He wasn't able to.

The human-looking child still held her index finger in his hand, staring up at them with the bluest eyes they had ever seen. They were in awe of the innocence within them, shining in their brilliant cerulean depths.

Martha growled out, "Honey, stop!"

Jonathan looked outraged, "No! Are you insane?"

"Just trust me!" She hissed, beginning to grow angry at her husband's wariness.

She turned back to the tube and reached out her other hand slowly. This time, the green one took ahold of it. His grip was nowhere near as strong as the other one, but definitely stronger than what was possible for anyone but a physically-fit human adult.

The green one was staring at her and, before their eyes, he changed.

His green skin seemingly became white and his eyes green. All of a sudden, he looked like a human baby.

Both Martha and Jonathan looked at both of them in shock. The government would kill to have either of them to use or study. A plan had begun to form in Martha's mind.

She turned to look towards her husband but found it impossible because both boys had her fingers in a vice. She settled for speaking without looking at him, "This is perfect! Like a gift from God!" She breathed out, "We can't have kids and these two just fall into our lap. Human or not, these two are innocent. You know what the government would do if they got their hands on them." Martha knew if none of the previous things she mentioned would sway his mind, the last one would.

She was right, "Okay." Jonathan sighed, "Since, apparently, one can look like whoever he wants to and the other already looks just like us, we could probably pass them off as our own. People will ask questions, though." He pointed out tiredly, shuffling closer to view the babies.

Martha felt him place his hand on her shoulder and she smiled, continuing to look at the two babies, "Winter will arrive in two months. As a result, we won't see anyone for a few months then. Once the winter is over, we could say that I finally became pregnant and gave birth to them in the winter. We could pass them off as fraternal twins."

"But the green one looks older. The other one almost looks like a newborn."

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there, Jonathan." Martha already felt love beginning to bloom in her heart for these two alien babies.

"What will we name them." Jonathan's voice broke through her thoughts.

Martha pursed her lips. They, surely, already had names from wherever they came from, but-


Martha jumped and tried to turn to look at her husband. "Did you hear that?" She exclaimed.

He was staring at the pod wide-eyed and Martha looked to where her husband was staring.

The one who had changed into a human was staring at them intently and his eyes were glowing. 'J'onn.'

There it was again! It was coming from within her mind. He was communicating with them!

"Is your name J'onn?" She looked at the green-eyed child and he let go of her finger. Martha cradled her one finger to her chest and wished the other one would let go. Her finger was probably crushed beyond repair.

'J'onn' The voice whispered in her mind again. It was clearly coming from the green-eyed child.

"Hello, J'onn." She smiled kindly.

J'onn seemed to almost grin back. He twisted and tapped his hand on the other baby's arm.

The blue-eyed child's face snapped to J'onn's far faster than humanly possible. For a newborn-looking baby, it was unimaginable, inconceivable.

They, somehow, seemed to communicate and Martha assumed that J'onn was speaking in the other child's mind.

All of a sudden, her other index finger was released and Martha sighed loudly in relief. There was no feeling in the finger and it was completely crushed. Martha doubted that it would salvageable. They'd probably have to amputate it. It was a good thing that she was left-handed.

Jonathan swore loudly, "Martha, this is crazy! These two are clearly aliens and far more powerful than anyone on this planet even as babies! Can you imagine what they will be like when they are older?" Jonathan looked at her finger, "That might need to be amputated!"

"I'm aware, but it is a small price to pay for the chance to raise children." She smiled at the babies. "Come and look at them, Jonathan. You see aliens with powers far beyond our understanding, but I see something beautiful." She smiled lovingly towards her husband, "Just look at them." She said softly.

Jonathan shook his head but did as she asked. His face grew less stern the longer he stared at the babies and Martha knew that he was hooked. He may act tough but, underneath, her husband was a teddy bear.

"Alright." He looked at her, "Let's do it." He chuckled and walked away.

"Where are you going?" Martha yelled.

Her husband didn't even turn around when he answered, "To get the truck."

She laughed. She wouldn't have thought of that. She gazed at the two alien babies and smiled softly.

Now, they could finally have kids and be a true family.


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**After Kal-El was born, everything that happened in  Man of Steel  happened except that J'onn was inside the ship with Kal. So, Zod still killed Jor-El and was, subsequently, sent to the Phantom Zone with his loyalists and then, Krypton still exploded…

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