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Everyone Has A Secret Side

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Tony was fairly surprised when his younger half sister and her husband, Annabeth Chase-Jackson and Percy Jackson, asked Tony to babysit their daughter for a couple of weeks. After all, he was the last person anyone would think of when they sought potential babysitters.  So, the fact that he was sitting in the Avengers Tower with a baby in his arms as said baby’s parents were lecturing him on the proper way to care for their 15 month old darling was still registering. 


“Sir,” a voice came through the loudspeaker,”A Mr. and Mrs. Jackson are requesting your presence in your personal room. Mrs. Jackson also said that if you asked for confirmation then to tell you that ‘Mr. D still hasn’t changed.’ Would you like me to send them up?” J.A.R.V.I.S asked. Tony was still chuckling at Annabeth’s line and told J.A.R.V.I.S that he would meet them on his floor.


Percy and Annabeth had come out of the elevator with their baby girl and a small duffel bag. After a bunch of hugs and even a fist-bump between Tony and Percy, Tony finally asked why they were here. “I mean it’s not like I don’t love you. Cause I do, but you just look like there is some trouble about to go down.” 

Percy sighed as Annabeth gently rocked the baby, “There was a new prophecy at Camp.” Tony paled, considerably. 

“And it involves you two?”

“Yeah,” the one word answer was almost too much for Tony to take. Even though he was the grandson of Hephaestus and son of Athena, he hadn’t actually gone on many quests, but he had heard all about them, and had seen the aftermath of too many. 

“Do you need any help? Or am I a part of this quest?” He asked.

Then Annabeth spoke up, “Actually, we need you to take care of Zoe while we are gone.” She said softly, looking at the blonde-haired baby, who was happily cooing and grabbing at her mother’s hair. “We don’t know whom else to leave her with. The Romans and Leo are out in California, Magnus is in Boston, Will and Nico are on their honeymoon, and Sally, Paul, and Estelle are all on a cruise in the Atlantic.”

Tony froze, “You trust me with your baby?” He whispered as Annabeth gently handed her over to him.

Percy smiled, “Yeah man, not to mention you’re family.”

Tony raised an eyebrow, “Technically so was Kronos.”

Percy shuddered, “Eh, he doesn’t count.” Tony snorted. 

That was how Tony ended up waving through a video feed to Percy and Annabeth with their daughter, Zoe Jackson, in his care. “Come on,” he whispered, picking up a chubby baby arm and waving it to the screen, “Say bye-bye to Mommy and Daddy.” The couple got into a taxi, and waved in the tower’s general direction. Tony mentally prayed to all the gods that they would come back safe. Then they were off. 

After Tony had asked J.A.R.V.I.S to prepare some materials for a crib, he set reminders for Zoe’s feeding, naps, and any other instructions for her. Eventually, he headed downstairs to the common room. Even though it was nearly 11 A.M. the other Avengers were all sitting around the kitchen island and eating breakfast. It was almost comical the way they all froze and stared at Tony and the baby in his arms. 

At that very moment, Pepper walked in dressed in an office suit and most likely on the phone with her new assistant, based on the way she was angrily walking with her heels clicking on the floor. She snapped at something to the person on the other end, ended the call, and turned to face Tony. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the baby grabbing Tony’s shirt in her chubby hands. “Oh,” she breathed, “Is that Zoe?” 

“Yup.” Tony answered, popping the p. 

“Are they here?” Pepper asked as she held out her arms and Tony gave her the young child to hold. Pepper smiled down at her and immediately began to rock Zoe in her arms. Zoe squealed and grabbed her long, fiery hair.

“No,” Tony sighed, “ She spoke again.” He put emphasis on the she

Pepper bit her lip. “Oh. They’ll be fine. This isn’t the first time they’ve done something like this.”

“I know.”

“Tony,” Steve spoke for the first time since they had entered, “Do you want to introduce us?”

“Oh sure. Guys this is Zoe. She’s my-,” He paused at this part, unsure as to how to say that Zoe’s mom was his half-sister because their mother was an immortal goddess. Eventually, he decided on, “Close friends’ daughter.”

“You have friends?” Sam asked sarcastically, as he stood up to put his plate in the sink. He turned on the water to rinse his hands. Zoe began gurgling, let go of Pepper’s hair, and stretched her arms in the direction of the faucet. All of a sudden, the water began to float and make shapes in the air. 

“What the fu-!” Sam yelped as he jumped back from the sink. 

Tony’s eyes grew wide as he watched the scene in front of him, “Shit. Shit. Shit.” He cursed softly. The rest of the Avengers had gotten up from their chairs. Natasha was assessing the situation before them. “Sam,” Tony called out in his best authoritarian voice, “You need to get over there and turn off the water.”

Sam looked at Tony like he was crazy. “Man, the water is working some creepy voodoo shit. I ain’t going near there.” 

“The water is harmless. I promise. As soon as you turn off the water it will be fine.”

Steve had a pensive look as he raised an eyebrow and glanced at Tony, Pepper, and Zoe. Zoe was happily babbling and waving her hands around. Pepper was trying to get Zoe to stop moving. “Sam, listen to him,” His voice was clear and firm. Natasha glanced at him trying to gauge what he was thinking. 

Sam cautiously crept forward, turned off the faucet and the water just collapsed to the ground, soaking Sam. Zoe almost immediately started to wail, but she dropped her hands. 

“Oh, baby,” Pepper whispered to her. She started rocking her. 

Natasha opened her mouth to say something, but, before she could, Thor spoke up, “That is the Jacksons’ child, no?” 

Tony sighed, “I’m guessing they’re famous on Asgard, too?”

Thor looked really excited, “Indeed. I have always wanted to meet them. They have gone on many quests, and are extremely brave!”

Thor probably would have taken an hour to explain all the reasons they were amazing, but this time Natasha interrupted him, “Who are the Jacksons?”

Steve added, “Not to mention, why are they so famous on Asgard?”