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Follow Your Ghost

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~ Awakening ~

A small buzzing sound resounded as he woke up, hazel coloured eyes looking around the dimly lit room. How long had he slept? Enough, arguably, considering he had woken up completely energised. If only he didn't have trouble standing up. Wherever he was, this room was barely the size of a small wardrobe.

Is it true that the past must be paid for? For as he went through the motion of waking up, wearing clothes that were hanging off the oddly small room. Were those glasses on his face? Why? Did he need them? He couldn't say, with that darkness and odd falling feeling. Where was he, really? He tried to remember anything he did last night.

It was then the young man finally felt the falling stop, letting out a louder thud than a mere man made of flesh. His memory was blank, he could not remember anything past waking up.

Mass theft, smuggling of a series of new prototypes with higher compatibility with newer technology filled with some information, all with an effluence never seen before for the public. There was something more than cash being pushed for these new bodies.

They had to quickly leave with the cargo of the 20 new prototypes of which unknown to them, one was active. Their vehicle was at the highest speed it could run on the highway without bringing attention. One armoured truck surrounded by four cars in a semi-safe route, to the harbour.

If they were to reach it, they would be free from any law and the deal, even if illegal, would have gone smoothly.

Yet they had been found. They knew they had, one of the team was a hacker and had picked up something, an encrypted communication. There was no doubt, they had been found. Unbeknownst to the people in the truck, their connection in Japan had been found out by Sector 9 that very morning and dispatched with terrifying effectiveness, now they were onto them.

"Remember…" The leader in the truck spoke through a encrypted channel straight into the head of the operation's head. "If everything goes south, destroy the cargo. It will be a big loss, yet our client deemed it acceptable."

Their strategy was already set, time for Sector 9 to make their move.

Section 9 had been given the information of the truck only an hour ago and they had moved with such speed that most organisations would still be deciphering the communication still. Motoko had left the two girls and the guy she had been having her night off with and headed back to the office. With the team all ready to go, she was inside her Tachikoma racing along the street, they were cloaked and hidden from view so no one could see them.

Two choppers flew overhead, Saito was sat in one with his sniper rifle ready, another set beside him. One anti-armour and the other a standard Anti-personal rifle. The other chopper had Boma ready with a rocket launcher and an anti-bipedal weapon filled with a goo like substance that when in contact with a target, hardened into concrete.

"Move." Motoko ordered her team when the point came, the route had started to change for the vehicles ahead of them. It had been set up with traffic barriers and the like, causing them to go onto the cleared section of the motorway.

That was when Motoko attacked. She infiltrated the mind of one of the truck drivers and simply crashed the vehicle into the one on its side. The Tachikoma's fired their main cannons at the vehicles left while Motoko and Batou raced their Tachikoma after the truck.

The Newly active cyborg in his small cell could not help but gasp as the truck was being crashed onto the side. However, while there was a clear drifting, to the point that the bulletproof truck would hit and make one of the cars protecting it crash off the road.

The hostiles opened up and began to fire. The weapons were nothing too advanced but they had some anti tank and heavy rifles. However, it seemed that the major interest was not to defend themselves, but rather to get the hell out of there.

As such an inferno would begin and the sounds of weapon fire outside. Out of panic, he began banging on the walls. Would someone hear him?

He didn't know, he hoped to get out of there and soon. He didn't remember anything but he had still an instinct of survival.

The Tachikoma's raced ahead of the main truck and turned around so their front was facing it. The driver would vaguely see some blurred shapes moving and most likely know there was cloaked people ahead of them. The man raised a SMG and fired out the window, the Tachikoma's swung side to side as they dodged the shots.

"Go Major, I've got this." The Tachikoma she was inside of spoke and the Major opened up the back and clambered over the frame of the Tachikoma and launched herself from one moving vehicle to the other. The engine frame of the truck croaked as she landed on its bonnet.

Punching the driver in the face, she clambered in just as Batou landed on the truck too.

"You drive, I go round back and secure the packages." She ordered and he nodded without a word, pushing the man into the side seat and taking over the truck. Climbing into the back, she saw the large container like structures and checked each one. Finally arriving at the one with an active sign inside. She put her hand to it, just as she noticed the blinking lights on the corner of each.

"We have explosives." She knelt down and let Ishikawa and Boma connect to her eyes. They instructed her on how to quickly disable it; her fingers quickly piecing at each wire until it was not glowing anymore.

"There is one on each one, I have to act quick or..." She suddenly swore as they all began to blink quicker. "Batou, their going to blow, Get the vehicle on a straight and then lock the system!" She instructed and began to try and pull the wire out of another one, but was stopped by Boma.

"Don't Major, it will blow the moment you do." She swore and turned, unplugging the one that was active from its wiring and caging and then kicked out the back of the truck. She half-surfed half-held on to the large container as it scraped along the motorway. Batou jumped out the back and skidded along. Moments later, the truck blew up and took half the motorway with it.

Getting up slowly, she signalled the secondary team to come and clean up the mess and see if recovery of anything could be done.

Looking down at her prize, she nodded to herself. "Lets get this back to HQ and crack it open".