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Fem!Reader X Various!

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I sat on a steel beam, inside a building, high, near the roof, waiting for my target to come in.


'Finally!' I thought, stiffening, preparing myself as the man walked into the room.


'Marion Dainara. Crimes: theft, rape, murder, torture, experimenting on young children, plus others I can't even remember.' I scrunched my face up in disgust. How could a man take pleasure in hurting children. He has to die.


"That will be all, men." He waved off his guards, as they left the room. He took a seat on his throne, overlooking the part of the city which he governed. I slowly walked across the beams, in a crouched position (AN: Like Assassins Creed), as I slid out my short sword, Geradin. Grasping the hilt firmly with both hands, I jumped down, raising the blade above me, before brining it down.


The sound of Marion's head rolling across the floor was a relief to me, his noble clothes seeping with blood, as I watched his head with a plain look on my face.


'Serves you right, you sadistic fuck!' I thought, putting Geradin back into its' sheath. I was about to leave the area, before something caught my eye. A necklace. Marion had it on, and it was perfectly intact. It was beautiful. Golden, with a closed, circular pendant in the front, round diamonds circling it, with a triangular ruby in the center. I slipped it off the top of his neck, after all, there was nothing to stop it. It was stained with blood, but I could rinse it off.


'This would be a nice gift.' I thought. However, I was also deciding on whether to keep it. I shook my head, I'd think about that later. I stuffed the necklace into my pocket, before sprinting up the wall, back through the beams, and onto the roof.


"THE LORD'S BEEN ASSASSINATED!" I heard someone scream, as the sound of a shit-ton of soldiers filled my ears. I ran back to the rendezvous spot where Leone and I were supposed to meet up, going through alleys, and any dark crevice I could find. I was sure to which spots occasionally, and any dark crevice I could find, the soldiers would surely be looking in.


I was nearly out of the city, when suddenly I was on the ground. I didn't know what was going on, but I felt a warmth from my stomach. I looked down. A spear had pierced me. It didn't hit my spinal cord, thank God, but I could see about ten soldiers surrounding me, some with torches to illuminate the area. I looked up to them, my vision becoming blurry.


"Think she's the one?" I heard a solider ask. "Most definitely, look at her, she has to be a part of Night Raid." I heard another respond. I smiled softly, tears streaming down my face. My first mission, when Akame couldn't stop worrying for days about my health, Mine's teasing, Lubbock and his flirtatious attempts, Bulat and our hand-to-hand training, Leone's hyperactivity, Tatsumi and... well, nothing, yet. Sheele's clumsiness. All these thoughts clouded my mind, as my vision began to go dark, but not before I saw a soldier approaching me, hands above his head, ready to end my life. I closed my eyes, waiting for everything to end, before I heard a shout.


"What the hell?!" I heard someone shout. I opened my eyes, straining to stay awake, as one by one, the soldiers all went down, before a flash of yellow came up to me; Leone.


"(Y/N)!" I heard her familiar voice, laced with horror. I felt her shake me, but it was a numbness, like my nerves couldn't work. I saw her run away, before coming back a few seconds, later.


"This is going to hurt!" She said, looking around. I groaned, before my eyes widened, a gasp escaping me, as I slightly jolted. Leone had pushed the spear through me, before picking me up, wrapping something around my body, then tightening it.


"L-L-...Leo-ne." I muttered, as she put her hands over my mouth.


"Shh, shh. Don't speak." She said, picking me up bridal style, running off. I shakily brought my arms to my chest, groaning as I did so, as my muscles couldn't work properly, either. Nuzzling to Leone's chest, I closed my eyes, before everything went dark.



Taking in a shaky breath, I opened my eyes. My vision was blurry, and I could barely keep my eyes open, as I looked around.


'Where am I?' I thought. I started to blink rapidly, trying to clear my eyes, as they eventually did. Looking around again, I realized I was back at the Night Raid Headquarters... home. I tried to move my arms, but they felt very numb. I could move them, but they almost flopped around, and raising them was too much effort. I was in the infirmary room, in my normal clothes, still. Flipping over on my side, I slowly put a knee below my chest, pushing up, and forwards, on the headrest of the bed. I shifted my elbows to my lap, raising them slightly so they folded onto on my legs. It was very shaky, like an earthquake, as I forced my muscles to do something they probably weren't supposed to do.


Taking in a deep breath, I couldn't believe it. I was alive. Haha, thank you, Leone. I then remembered the necklace. I dug into my pocket, trying to find it, and was shocked when I found it was still in there! Pulling it out, I set it next to me.


'This would be a good gift... for Leone.' I thought. I'd always had a crush on the lion-woman, but the way she teased me sometimes, pissed me off so much, but I still love her.


I set the necklace to the side of the bed, on the floor, before returning to my position. Now my entire body was shaking. I was really forcing it to do something it shouldn't be doing.


Suddenly, the door opened, revealing a somber looking Akame, as she looked in with worried eyes. She looked at the spot where my head would be, if I was lying down, but they almost instantly traveled upwards, up to my eyes, as her own widened, a gasp escaping her. She bolted into the room, smashing into me as her arms wrapped around me tightly, her face buried into my neck, as she set her right knee on the bed to face me still, her left dangling off.


I lifted up my arms, to hug her back, nuzzling into her, as she began to softly cry.


"Akame?" Mine asked, peering into the room, before she herself rushed in to tackle me, as I hissed in pain. She recoiled slightly. "S-sorry." She stuttered, trying to keep from her own breakdown, but failing.


One by one, people began to file into the room, even Najenda shedding a tear in my wake. When Akame got off me, her eyes were red and puffy, as she closed them, trying to take deep breathes to calm herself down, but failing as well.


"You're lucky that spear hit where it did. The only major damage you received was blood loss, tons of blood loss." Najenda explained. "Is that why I can't move anything?" I asked, as she nodded. Akame left, presumably to get food, as Bulat ruffled up my hair.


"You had us all for a scare there! We didn't know if you were going to make it." Bulat admitted.


"She's strong, I knew she'd make it." Mine defended, trying to put on her tough act.


"Actually," Leone began. "both Mine and Lubbock barely ate from the time you came in to now." She finished, much to the chagrin of Mine and Lubbock, making the room erupt into laughter.


"We're going to let you rest a while, you deserve it." Najenda said, as she motioned for everyone to get out of the room. Everyone spared a glance, Leone being the last to leave in the line of people exiting. I looked to Leone, a smile on my face.


'I so have to give her the necklace.' I thought, lying back down to sleep.



A few weeks had passed, nearly a month, and I was getting better. I could walk, and do pretty much every I was able to, but Najenda was still reluctant on sending me out of missions.


I now stood outside Leone's room, as it was night, with the necklace in my hands. I shakily brought up my free arm (due to being nervous), and knocked. I heard shuffling, and the sound of footsteps heading to the door, before it swung open, revealing Leone in a tank top and panties... wait. 


My face flared red when I realized she had no pants on, as I struggled to maintain eye contact with her, due to us being around the same size. I held out the necklace, which was cleaned and washed out for her, as she carefully took it, examining it.


"Ohh~ (Y/N), you shouldn't have~." She said in a seducing tone leaning to me. "W-well, I know you're not the type to wear things like this, but it's the least I can do for you saving my life." I stuttered. God this woman loves to tease!


She moved aside, inviting me in, as I entered her room. Closing the door, she locked it, making me turn around in surprise. She set the necklace down on an end table near her bed, before sitting down on the edge, patting the spot next to it. I shakily walked over, sitting down next to her, as we locked eyes. I was nervous, but Leone had a mischievous smirk on her face.


"So there's a rumor going around that you're into me..." She smirked even wider when she saw how red my face got.


"I heard it from Akame and Tatsumi, says she sees you fuming whenever I tease her, or anyone else, for that matter." She continued, before draping an arm around my shoulder. "Y'know," She started. "I might have a thing for you, too." She admitted, making me turn to her in shock. "W-what?!" I nearly shouted. "All I need now is your confirmation. Are the rumors true?" She asked in such a way, it was as if she knew the answer. I slowly nodded, as Leone smirked even more, a small pink coming into her cheeks. I felt a pit in my stomach, as I subconsciously slid my arm around her waist. We both leaned in closer, until our lips collided. We both let out a content sigh, as we slowly melted into the kiss, our eyes closing.


Leone used her free right hand to cup my face, my own left doing the same, as we fell onto her bed. She turned us over so she was on top, pushing into the kiss, as I ran my fingers through her hair.


After a few seconds, we both broke away, our faces beet-red. It seems that while Leone was a master of teasing, she couldn't handle the actions. I chuckled, as she looked at me confused. "It seems that you're great at teasing, great at kissing, but man do you go red when it's time for the fun." I said, making Leone go even more red. She got off, before picking me up, pulling down her sheets, and laying me in them, before getting in herself, and pulling the on top of us, as she crawled on top of me, her legs to the sides of mine.


"Trust me, I think I'll do fine." She said, before kissing me again, this time, pushing her tongue to my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I moaned, letting her in, slipping my own into her mouth. Leone slid her arms underneath my back, upwards, holding my neck, as I wrapped my own around her back. We stayed like that for about thirty seconds, before pulling away again. Both of us were feeling extremely hot, but it seemed Leone would be the first to act upon it, as she took off her tank top, revealing her bra.


"Hmm, now that's no fair! Look at you... then look at me!" She fake pouted. I actually did have to look over the two of us. I was till clothed, while Leone was near-naked. I nodded, unbuttoning my shirt, throwing it off to the side of the room, before Leone unzipped my pants, sliding them off, and throwing them across the room, as well.


"Hmm, someone's excited." She said, looking in-between my legs, as a wet spot began to form. "I could say the same about you." I retorted, staring at a wet spot that began to form in Leone's panties, too.


Leone leaned forward again, our lips locking, as her tongue resumed its' original position, mine doing the same. She then laid down on me, before she pulled her lips off mine, the two of us panting. She lunged at my neck, her lips surrounding the flesh, as she began to suck on it, making me moan. I could feel Leone's lips curl into a smirk, before she brought herself up, admiring the mark she left.


"Perfect, now everyone knows you're mine." She whispered to herself, but I heard it. I wrapped my arms around Leone's back, bringing her down, as I attached myself to her neck, sucking, making Leone gasp, shivering at the sudden action, as I myself ending up smirking at bringing down the teaser herself. I then let go, looking at the teeth marks left on her pale skin. Leone slightly brought herself up, to where our noses were touching, as she stared intently at me.


"You're going to pay for that." She said. I reached behind her back, my fingers on her bra clasp, looking at her for permission, as she nodded, a devious smirk on her face. I pushed in my fingers, hearing the click, as the cloth fell off, revealing her massive bare breasts. Tossing them across the room, I couldn't stop staring at them.


"Take all the time you need." She said, as I nodded. She reached behind me, as I arched my back, before I heard the click of my own bra being unclasped, once again, being thrown across the room. We both sat there in about ten seconds of silence, admiring each other's bare breasts. I brought my hands up, cupping both of Leone's, as she gasped. I rubbed my hands around them a bit, before dragging my thumbs across her nipples, making her moan slightly. She laid down to the left side of me, near the wall, making me turn over to the let as well, as her hands went to my breasts, my hands returning to hers. She lightly dragged her fingers across my nipples, making me squeal a bit, causing Leone to smile.


We stayed that way, groping each other for about two minutes, before I made the first move. I put my head to her left breast, as I began to fondle the right one, making Leone moan again. After a few seconds, I got off, her breast and nipple soaked in saliva. Leone threw a leg over me, turning back onto my back, as she moved her head down, her right hand at my side, her left hand on my right breast, as her mouth encompassed my right, making me gasp.


I massaged the back of Leone's head, making her groan, before she moved her lips from around my breast, to directly around my nipple.


"Ahh!" I moaned, as a wave of pleasure went through me, making Leone chuckle. How did I not think of that?!


A few more seconds passed before Leone's mouth released its' grip on me. She crawled backwards, down to my panties. At this point, we were both panting, and our faces were on fire. She looked up at me, nodding her head slightly, as I returned the gesture. She slowly slid off my panties, taking them off my legs, before tossing them to the edge of the bed. She then kicked slid hers down, before kicking them off.


Leone moved herself atop me, her hands grasping at my shoulders, before she moved her head down, locking our lips again. I lifted my elbows up to grab what of her arms I could, before I left an intense pleasure between by legs, making us both moan loudly. It started slow, but Leone began to go faster, and faster. We both began to sigh in pleasure, the occasional moan coming through.


She slid her arms underneath my shoulders before grabbing them, interlocking our legs, making access to our vaginas easier. Our moans got louder, and louder, and then, with one final thrust, we both came, our legs becoming soaked, the sheets and blanket, too.


Leone pulled away, a trail of saliva between the two of us, as she looked at me with clouded eyes. We both were panting, trying to catch our breaths, as Leone fell to my left, again. She wrapped her arms around me, bringing me down to her massive chest, as she laid of chin atop my head. Wrapping my arms around her too, I closed my eyes into sleep.



Slowly opening my eyes, I realized I was in a spread-eagle position on the bed, the blankets to my feet. I felt someone sleeping on my neck, snoring. Looking down, I saw Leone's blonde hair, as the events of last night came into my mind, my face going redder than a tomato. Her arms around still wrapped around me, and my legs were wide open. Speaking of which, Leone's left was over mine.


Suddenly, frantic knocking was heard at the door, making Leone grumble, as she peeked her eyes out from my neck.


"Leone! (Y/N)'s not in her room!" The sound of Lubbock's panicked voice rang through our ears. Leone rolled over, as she sat up, brining me up with her, brining me closer to her.


"Of course not! She's in here with me!" Leone retorted. "Hi." I meekly said. A few seconds passed, before the shadow of Lubbock slowly moved away from the door, making Leone and I chuckle. She laid back down, bringing me with her again, as she pecked me on the lips.


"Go back to sleep, darling, they'll survive a while without us." She said, making me blush at, 'darling.'


"Actually, I heard Akame say that she was going to make bacon bowls with chicken for breakfast today-" I couldn't properly finish my sentence as Leone shot bolt upright, looking at me with wide us. We both sprang out of bed, as we both put on our normal attire. I was about to exit the door, before Leone stopped me.


"Missing something?" She asked with a raised eyebrow, a smirk on her face. I looked at her in confusion, before Leone put her hands to her black underwear, pulling it down slightly. My face flushed red, as I realized I was wearing Leone's panties in my haste to get dressed! She shook her head. "Don't worry, it's fine." She said, grabbing my hand, before leading us out into the hallway, where everyone else was. She looked at my neck, before smirking again. "Good, still there." She said. Oh.. the mark! I looked to Leone's neck, seeing that mine was still there, as I smiled in satisfaction.


"Could you two have been any louder?!" Mine yelled, her face red, as was mine, as I realized that from the quietness of the HQ, now matter how silent we tried to be, at least one person would hear us.


"I don't know what you're complaining about! I slept like a child!" Lubbock said, earning a hit in the shoulder from Leone.


"P-please be considerate, others are trying to sleep, too." Sheele added.


"Gotcha!" Leone said, snapping her fingers to Sheele, as she went back to her book. She sat me down next to her, as we waited for Akame's food.


"Oh, and as if that wasn't enough you two had to do that?!" Mine said, using both hands to point at our necks, our marks. "(Y/N)'s an animal at heart too, you know, has to mark what's hers!" Leone retorted. I couldn't even blush at that, I guess in that short amount of time, Leone rubbed off on me. In viciousness and in bed.


Akame sat our food down, as we all ate. I saw her steal a glance at our necks, before blushing, as well.


Whenever Leone and I were paired on a mission, we always shared a small kiss before splitting up, and another after regrouping, before going back to HQ hand-in-hand.


Last night was a good night.