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Truth or Dare

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A week, surely two people could handle a week together. It wasn’t like they were still enemies. Lance paired with Keith, living with one another for a full 7 days, and if they worked together, an easy A. Of course Lance happened to be paired with Keith, they didn’t have any friends in the class, and seemed to always be last on Mrs. Hollie’s list. It was going to be a long week.

“So Keith, where should we stay this week?” Lance asked, combing his hair back with his fingers as they walked out of the class.

“Your place.” Keith answered firmly. At the least, Lance thought, Keith knew what he wanted.

“Alright then. Do you mind walking home? My sister, Veronica, took my car out for the day.” Lance’s voice seemed shaky and uncertain, his thoughts racing on the week to come. How would his siblings react to Lance bringing home a boy for the week?

Keith nodded as an answer, not very much a helpful one, but still an answer at the least.

The walk home felt long and quiet, their conversation not moving much more than a talk on their tasks for the week. Lance’s uncertainty seemed to spill out of him as they walked, Keith easily picking up on the screaming feeling. How was Keith supposed to explain why he wasn’t going to go back there for more than clothes the whole week? There would at least be the ease of going back for some clothes. The only break he would expect would be that and when he was forced to go back by his caretakers. Keith knew that no matter what, he was on strict ropes at his house, with his interesting past.

“I’m just going to run home and grab some clothes.” Keith mumbled.

Lance smiled softly, “Go ahead! You need clothes, Keith.” he laughed gently.

Keith made a quick trail away from Lance and back to his place to grab a few day’s worth of clothes, quickly joining back up. He wasn’t sure what to tell Lance, but he was on a time constraint. Whatever the solution may be, he braced himself for a failing grade, much to his own discomfort.

While the walk was slow and quiet, Lance’s mind played with many ideas. One of the ideas being, their sleeping arrangements. Keith had yet to meet Lance’s family too, and it happened to be one of the days when his eldest sister and her kids and husband would pop by for a family dinner visit. Lance quietly stood in front of his house, the white arches seemingly looked less inviting as he thought up a way to brace Keith for the things to come.

“So, Keith, I have a few siblings… I think Keshia might be having a sleepover with her friend tonight, though. Luis is still out camping with Tio Juan, but he’ll be back tomorrow. And of course Veronica is out with the car tonight, likely going to her boyfriend’s house and won’t be back for a while…” Lance said, his hand automatically combing through the top of his hair, awaiting Keith’s response. One night without all the kids, maybe it’s be a good transition, maybe.

“Wow, you have a lot of siblings, huh?” Keith gave a cock of his head and looked at Lance.

“Yeah, I guess...” shrugging he realized he never really thought of that. It wasn’t like he had 10 siblings and they all had to share this 5 bedroom house with a nicely done basement.

Keith smiled, “Must be nice.”

Lance nodded and swung the pale door open, a large entryway greeting the boys. Keith stepped inside, Lance following swiftly after. The grand staircase loomed to their left, a huge dining table and a kitchen to their right. They could see the people moving around in the kitchen, a small tanned boy who resembled closely to Lance, bounding up to them, a huge smile on his young, round face.

“Hey, Mateo!” Lance smiled, giving the young boy a bright smile. “Mateo meet Keith!” he beamed again.

Keith waved his hand. “Hey.” his voice was still and cool.

“Hi, Keith!” said Mateo, matching his brother’s excitement and brightness. “Lance, will Keith stay for dinner? Mama said that you had to bring a wife home!” Lance leaned back and gave a hearty laugh.

“Keith is here to help me with a project, he will be my wife for a week!” Lance looked over at Keith, noticing the paled face had a pinker tint to it, though to be fair, the house was fairly warm. The other male was wearing long black pants and a heavy red jacket, not to mention a nice red flannel hidden underneath. Keith’s layers were like the layers to a nesting doll.It wasn't even winter yet and the boy had probably 3 different articles on just his torso alone.

Mateo laughed and dragged the boys hastily into the kitchen, where Keith was greeted by the rest of the family members home. Lance’s mom smiled at Keith as she slaved over a pot, cooking something that smelled spicy and hearty. Then, a curvy and stout woman, presumably another sister, came up to greet Lance quickly walking away. She was a few inches shorter than Lance, likely one of the shorter people of their family, as Lance stood tallest out of his family. His father was assumably tall, though Keith had not much of any idea since he sat at the head of the table the whole time he had spent so far.

“Who's this boy, Lance?” his mother asked, rubbing a new dish clean.

“He’s Keith, Mama. Can he stay the night?” his head tilted, a smile on his lips.

“Yes honey, I'm glad it's a boy this time!” She smiled at Keith sweetly, her eyes sparkling under a giant wavy mass of beautiful chocolate hair.

“For the whole week?” Lance rubbed the back of his head nervously, knowing it was such an odd request. Keith’s gaze shifted to Lance's mother and to Lance once more, awaiting the answer nervously.

“Of course bebé!” She smiled warmly, her face just so happy.

“Ahh, thank you Mrs. McClain.” Keith said hesitantly.

“Sweetie, just call me Mama!” there was a hint of an accent in the name. It wasn’t toned flat, but seemed instead vibrant and full.

“Then, thank you…” Keith hesitated for a moment before continuing, “Mama McClain.”

She laughed and smiled, she then placed the plate in her hands down and held her arms out, waiting for a hug. Lance gently took Keith's hand, a sudden wave of heat and a warm feeling rushing through Keith as he was pulled towards Lance's mother. The two boys were squeezed tightly together, the flustered Keith pulling slightly from the hug at first chance.

“Thank you, Mama, it's for a project anyways.” her glow fell slightly, but her loving smile remained.

“That's good, now go sit at the table and have your friend meet the family!” She urged, pushing Lance to the table.

Keith was easily pulled after as their hands had yet to untangle during the hug, and the touch remained.

“Okay Keith, meet my Papa!” Lance then gestured to the man Keith earlier identified as his father, then pulled another young girl, slightly smaller than Lance. “This is Keisha, my twin sister.” Keith's hand was let go and Lance smiled widely.

“I'm the one who’s eight minutes older,” She smirked, her large, colorful waves bouncing about her head. “Don’t let him fool you.” She stood defiantly, pointing her finger at Lance and stomping her foot down to make a quiet clack. Keith gave a small laugh as Lance started chuckling. She pushed him lightly, her little jean skirt moving up and her fuzzy sweater falling over the low waist.

“I’m still taller than you, so ha.” Lance's blue eyes sparkled in the light as her sister refused the fact she was still a few inches off from the height of her brother. Their smiles were surely similar, although they each had a certain friendly glow to each.

“Don’t mind them,” the oldest presumed sister said to Keith from beside Keisha. “I’m Mariana, Lance’s older sister. Mateo and Leslie are my kids, and Marco,” the large man sitting beside her waved, “Is my husband.” she smiled, and Lance turned his head just in time to see the shaky smile that Keith gave in return.

It was uncertain how Lance felt, having held Keith's hand for so long. There was something new in the touch, nothing like anyone else he had been with before. It was new, but it was true. It wasn't like Keith could be treated like a one night fling. Lance had to see Keith for the next week and treat him as a husband. The only question was, why were they the only same-sex couple?


The dinner had gone quietly, Keith was able to taste a bit of Lance's everyday life. It was odd how he almost envied the community that was this family, and how their love for one another poured out. Lance had introduced most of his family to Keith, though lines still seemed blurred as a few were absent. Dinner had wrapped up with Lance dragging Keith down a large flight of stairs into his room so they could discuss the project.

“So… what should we do first as a married couple?” Keith's voice was soft and still as his gaze wandered through the room.

The walls stood a steel blue-grey, a white framed bed sitting under a low set photo of a window looking out. The “window” had blue curtains draped over, slightly off from the more purple hued bedspread. The whole room had the cool touch, a mix of greys, whites, and blues filling the scene with hints of purple here and there. It was easily decorated, though the bed was barely made, but there all the less. The floor had different piles of things, the overall room was messy and seemed disorganized. As Keith’s eyes wandered around the room, he realized this was the basement made into a makeshift room for the teenage boy. In the far back corner, closer to where they entered stood two tan doors. Both doors were swung open, behind one was a clean and neat white and blue bathroom. The bathroom had a small fake plant in one corner and a blue square rose rug on the white concrete floor. Behind the other door was what looked to be a study room, though the view was obstructed by a couch.

“Groceries.” Lance said mundanely, sitting on his bed and lying back into the sheets.

“Groceries?” Keith crossed his arms, at loss of what to do. He was still standing in the middle of the room, considering taking a seat in the low set blue cushioned fold up chair near the bed.

“Yeah. We have a list. And plus, my family needs basically everything on it for the week, so why not?” Lance turned to Keith, smiling wide.

Keith nodded in understanding. “That sounds just fine, let's head out.”

Lance stood up and held a hand out to Keith. He took Lance’s hand and popped up, falling accidentally into his warm chest. Lance was holding back a mad blush when Keith fell into his chest, his heart pounding heavily. The fear of Keith hearing helped him none as he was so close. Lance took a deep breath in the scent of Keith wafting up and into his nose. Keith smelled like a nice day in a forest, serene and simple.

Keith all but buried his blushing face into Lance’s chest, trying to hide the heat that had risen in his face from his fall. As his face was shoved into Lance’s chest, he caught the scent of lemons and oranges, mixed with a little peppermint. Lance certainly had a unique mix of scents. To be honest, how whole room shared the citrus-peppermint vibe. How long is too long to be clutching desperately on a straight man? Whatever the answer, Keith assumed it was well-past and tried rolling back smoothly onto his feet. As Keith balanced himself again, Lance quickly took Keith's hand again, making sure to lead the safe path around. The two boys headed upstairs to be greeted by Mateo and Leslie, grinning like little devils with a plan.

“Hi, Tio Keith!” the two kids yelled in synch before running off, leaving a confused Keith standing by Lance who seemed not-too-happy about what they had said.

Lance couldn't quite wrap his mind around what the two little kids said, his face a hot red and heart swelling inside. He was a mess, but he couldn't be, not now. Yet he still was. When he brought his gaze around, he saw his Mama in the corner giving him a small smirk as though she knew something he didn't. Keith, on the other hand, had a look of pure confusion and anger about his face. Whatever was said seemed to sign a death sentence for the two kids. That is, if they had said any kind of insult at Keith. As if it were something normal, Lance instinctively squeezed Keith’s hand, the boy quickly climbing down from his angered state. There was no time to question what he was doing, but somehow, Lance had calmed down the hot-headed boy. The thought ran on in his mind, and he let it.

Keith, no matter what was that weird-but-really-calming hand squeeze, wondered what Mateo and Leslie had called him. It was enough to make Lance turn red, but he hadn’t the slightest inclination as to what it could have been. Keith's mind ran a mile a minute as he contemplated his next action, though a small wave of comfort slipped quickly through his body, like water flowing through a fire. The heat melting away. Starting at one hand and flowing quickly through, his mind and body winding back and a newfound clarity guiding his thoughts. It was like a spell had been cast on him, but nonetheless there was no magic. It was only just a boy on his right who was still holding his hand. Stress was still pulling at Keith, slight discomfort and awkwardness playing a large role in him as the reality of his situation sunk in. He was at Lance’s house, with Lance’s family, and he–Keith–had to stay there for the whole week, minus the single day he planned to run back home to explain his absence before running off for the rest of the week.

“Come on, Keith. Let's get groceries…” a still slightly rosy Lance spoke, his voice signaling to his slight confusion at what had just happened.

Whatever it was, it did happen, and there was no way of ignoring it. Something about Keith seemed to settle just right to Lance. Defiant, definitely defiant.


The two boys had already begun the journey to the store to pick groceries up. Lance quickly patted all his pockets, making an extra emphasis around his ass.

“The fuck, Lance?” Keith's face warped to a look of confusion, led by not having a single clue what Lance was doing at this point.

“List, where's the grocery list?” Lance's face dropped when he gave up on his pockets, now patting his entire body down looking for this strip of paper and pen that he could be sworn had been attached to his body when he left the house.

“Don't tell me you forgot it,” Lance gave a look of despair as he nodded to the pale emo. “I swear if you make us go back... we are almost at the store!”

“And we have to go back for it, unless you were smarter and did something?” Keith grumbled a bit and swung his phone out of his jacket, a small clink made from it as it exited.

“I took a picture because I had a feeling you might just do something idiotic like forgetting it.” Keith unlocked the old phone, clicking about until he reached the picture and showed Lance.

Lance squinted at Keith's screen, attempting to see the picture through the cracked glass that was coated in a layer of something that blurred the image. Lance quickly tapped a few things on Keith's phone, sending the image to himself. He flipped the lid closed, his own phone buzzing from deep in his pocket. Lance pulled it out, a fairly decent image of their list flashing across his clean screen. A heavy contrast was visible between the two phones, especially the fact Keith had a flip phone while Lance sported an iPhone 6+, still a hand-me-down from his second oldest sister, but fairly unused.

“Why is your phone so filthy, dude?” Lance asked as he wiped his finger on his shirt, the residue from the phone, visible. It was a dramatic reaction to touching the dirty phone, but Lance was a generally dramatic person.

“It’s like a… fifth generation hand-me-down or something.” Keith responded, unfazed, as he put his phone back in his pocket. Lance gave him another very curious look, but didn’t comment on it. Then, the silence began and the conversation died again.

Lance struggled, the silence daunting over him. The conversation felt like a beautiful soft lemon cookie from Mama dangling in front of his face by a stick. That was just it: something could pull them into anything and nothing seemed to happen. Silence wasn't a good thing for Lance, neither something was terribly wrong or nobody was home, though more often than not it was the worse of the two. Pure hot impulse flooded into him, moving to his mouth before he could comprehend his actions.

“Truth or dare?” Lance looked to the ground as he shoveled back a deep heat trying to burn in his cheeks from embarrassment.

“What? Where'd that come from?” Keith spoke quickly, not giving Lance any time to give an answer before speaking again. “Fine, truth.”

Lance was shocked for a moment, but it was yet another thing to let Keith not see. He just tried to give Keith the feeling that he had planned it out before speaking. “Alright, do you do any drugs?”

Keith let out a small snort at Lance’s question. “Why doesn't that surprise me? Everyone has to ask. If I have to be honest, which I assume I have to be, I do pretty much anything that’s passed my way.” Keith smiled and laughed again, which made Lance's heart skip a beat. A leaf had fallen on his shoulder in that exact moment–a minor coincidence really–that Keith would laugh right as a leaf were to fall on his shoulder. All managing to be followed with the skip of a beat from his heart. Out of the options, Lance deemed it ought to be the leaf and not the sweet golden chime laugh of Keith that still rang beautifully in his mind.

“Oh, cool!” The conversation stall had begun to end. Now it was Keith’s turn to ask. Maybe this could be fun after all.

“Truth or dare Lance.” Keith's voice spoke in a flat tone, a hesitant wave of something floating behind. Lance wasn't sure what it could be but he could only wonder.

“Dare.” Lance answered, feeling like if he did something, anything to move his mind to another subject, he'd be fine.

“Hm…” Keith thought for a moment, brushing his bangs out of the way and crouching to the ground to grab a leaf. It was, in fact, the very leaf that had fallen on Lance's shoulder. When had they stopped walking? His mind raced with the question, though that wasn't important now. There was another matter at hand. “Eat this leaf.”

Lance let out his own laugh. The sound was sweet and melodic, like the plucking of harp strings deep inside of Keith's heart. It was just the perfect ring to add a rush of something to pair with such a cool breeze.

Lance took the leaf from Keith's hand and inspected it. It was shiny green and looked fairly clean for a leaf to Lance. He nodded, hoping it wouldn't taste that bad or surprise him with some bug. Just a whole natural leaf. A large, large leaf, to stuff in his mouth. He gave Keith a ‘help me’ glance and rolled it up. His fingers worked from muscle memory, despite not being as wide and much longer than it had to be. Why did he agree to this again? It was too late now. He slowly slid the rolled leaf into his mouth, folding the bottom half to get it all in and make sure it met whatever requirements Keith so wished for.

It was the way it slid in between those tanned lips. The way the shiny side was glowing and placed on the outside of the roll. How Lance's fingers rolled so delicately and without any effort. Oh and when it went in, something really did a number on Keith's brain. Maybe there was something that Lance slipped into his food at lunch but holy fuck, it did something. Lance looked like he didn't do much in the way of placing things deep in his mouth, but he tried. It was all ruined when the leaf came out of his mouth a shiny, slightly wet blob, saliva coating it and being spat everywhere else too.

“Fuck you, Keith. My mouth tastes like leaf!” Lance let out a soft laugh and spoke again. “Truth or dare?” The look on Lance's face said so much to Keith. It was high and defiant, something like what a little kid would do when trying to prove their way.

“Dare, but, come on. Leaf can't be that bad of a taste.” Keith laughed, biting back a small insult from his still-snarky comment.

“Then taste it yourself!” Lance gave a small chuckle. “And let's say, we get one veto a day to use on dares.”

“How could I taste it myself? I'm not putting another leaf into my mouth.” Keith's smile, mixed with some softening inside of Lance. Lance could've sworn there was something on that leaf.

“Kiss me then. Taste my saliva.” Lance's comment hung thickly, regret soon building in his body as he realized his words.

Another stall, more silence. Keith's face reddened deeply, images playing of kissing Lance ringing loud and clear in his mind. Keith fought a smile, cursing himself for even thinking such an idea, even if it was Lance who suggested it. Keith kept walking on, his eyes cast to his dulled red converse. There was no way Lance could see him blush, especially at something like that. A part of him begged to scream yes right back, and yet there was the blazing part of not wanting to at all. He didn't want to cross a certain line, and that was toeing the line at that moment.

After what felt like ages, even if it was just a few seconds, Lance broke the quiet. “I dare you to…” he paused and pondered his next move carefully before finishing, “ to give the next car the middle finger.”

“I'd do that anyways?” Keith let the feeling that filled his heart drop, now a sense of teasing and lightness in his tone.

Keith lifted his gaze to the street, his feet landing gently one after another. A shiny black car that was blaring loud rap music came up with a group of boys shouting from within. Perfect.

The car crept to the light, forced to come to a halt and giving a perfect opportunity to complete the dare. “Fuck you!” Keith's voice rang out, both his middle fingers up, hands positioned to make it noticeable.

“Fuck you too, bruh!” someone yelled from the car, and a large outburst of laughter roared from inside. Keith smiled again, knowing that the whole situation went over fairly well as the car drove back off.

“Wow, nice!” Lance smiled, his heart beating heavily. It had to be because of those people in the car.They were driving too fast.

“Alright, truth or dare?” Keith slowed his steps to let Lance catch up. Lance's legs were long, at least compared to Keith's. Sure Keith was kinda short, but not absurdly. Still, the long strides Lance took naturally brought him up quickly, the two walking side by side yet again.

“Truth.” Lance's step took a move to the side, an accidental bump with Keith. His skin felt warm where it had touched Keith. He was likely way to warm, and that was all.

Just then, a girl near their age wearing a floral yellow sundress with reddish pigtails like waterfalls flowed down her shoulders as she walked by. Lance couldn't resist moving towards her. “Hey, I'm Lance. Haven't seen you around before.” He threw in a cocky smile, making her blush like mad.

The deep red blush stood out against her pale freckled cheeks as she spoke. “I-I’m Kai. You might not have seen me, but I've seen you around school before!” She smiled, her hand reaching to play with a reddish-orange pigtail.

“Oh really? You should say hi to me next time,” Another smile, and a hand on the shoulder. “You're absolutely adorable, Kai.” He moved his thumb back towards his hand, yet another gesture that sent her over the edge, blushing even worse.

She threw a flustered ‘okay’ to Lance before cutely prancing away. Keith felt a bubbling feeling of jealousy and anger flow through him as she walked off. How could Lance do this right in front of him? Lance was a player, just another reason to not like him.

“How many girls have you been with?” Keith kept walking, eye contact now unavailable, if it ever was.

“Sexually?” Keith nodded prompting Lance to begin counting his fingers, murmuring countless names inaudibly. “I think… 17?” Lance's voice raised to a question as he said the number. Not a definitive answer, but at least an estimate.

“Wow, that's a lot of girls. You must be quite the womanizer.” Keith's heart fell slightly at the vast number, wondering if there were any more in the male side.

“Eh… well truth or dare, Keith?” Lance's voice sparked at the opportunity to change the subject.


“Tell me about your family.” Lance's statement was plain and simple, though Keith found it hard to come up with some excuse to not have to say.

“Veto. I'm not going to talk.” Lance gave a hearty chuckle at Keith.

“No refusing a truth, only dares, and one daily!” Fuck Lance. Fuck him to Mars and back.

“No, it’s not happening.” Keith stopped walking, stone still in what only could be called defiance.

“You have to answer, Keith! It’s the basic rules of truth or dare, dude.” Lance was still walking, not noticing that Keith had stopped yet.

“Don’t have one. There, happy?” Keith bit the inside of his lip, glaring down at the ground as the words left their lingering cut in the air.

“Oh… I'm, I’m sorry I asked.” Lance stopped too, regret filling his body as he brought his gaze back to Keith.

“Just, truth or dare?” Keith growled out as he walked a few steps to get where Lance was standing.

“Truth, again.” However, Lance took Keith’s movements as beginning to walk again, so he started up his own steps. Keith didn’t mind much, because it let him not have to face Lance.

“What is the weirdest thing that your family has done?” A lighter note easily accomplished. Hopefully.

“There was one time where Mama was making some baked goods for the school bake sale in 3rd grade. Mariana decided to try her hand at adding ingredients, though she didn't have her glasses yet and had mistaken vanilla for our homemade pico de gallo and dumped it in. The cookies would still have been terrible if it was the vanilla, but the pico added an extra,” he paused, looking for the right word, “flavor to the mix.” Lance laughed a contagious laugh, Keith joining in though mostly compelled by Lance's laughter.

“Did they sell much?”

“No, not really. Mama forced us to each eat one, afterwards they were thrown out. At least Mariana tried, right?” Another beautiful laugh from Lance, another feeling from Keith. “Well, truth or dare Keith, pick your poison.”

“And yet another truth shall be chosen.” Keith sighed with a small laugh, leaning towards Lance absentmindedly.

“Hm, what about you, how many partners have you had?” Keith blushed. “No refusing a truth, remember!” Lance daunted over Keith.

“Fine... “ He then mumbled something barely audible.

“One more time so I can hear!” Lance smiled.

“Four.” Keith barely muttered out.

“Wow, who?” Lance's head cocked to the side, curiosity flowing through his eyes.

“Won't tell. It's not a truth; I can still refuse.” Keith's arms crossed, Lance throwing the puppy dog eyes. “Truth or dare, loverboy?”


“You really threw me off there! I had a whole terrible truth lined up for you. You just ruined it.” Keith bumped Lance's arm playfully.

After a few more moments of silence Lance spoke. “Just come up with something! If you can't I'll find something ridiculous on Tumblr.” He shrugged, a look of impatience on his face.

“Wait, you mean to tell me you, Lance McClain, have a Tumblr?”

“Yeah, well, it's not as bad as you might've heard…” Lance said, tossing his phone from one hand to another.

“I know. I have a Tumblr too.” With that, Lance was lost. It seemed pretty typical if Keith were to have one, sure. But with his crap phone and terrible screen, it had to be a lie. Could a flip phone even get Tumblr? Wasn’t Tumblr only an app?

“Tell me what it is!” Lance said loudly as he stopped his phone-toss and began to open it up. Halfway through pulling up Tumblr Keith spoke.

“I won't tell you that either! Now I dare you to swing from that tree.” Keith made his attempts at bringing the attention away, though Lance's mind played otherwise.

“Nope! I'd hang from a pole, but I won't swing from a tree,” Lance smiled. “Now truth or dare?” the smile had a sly edge to it, one that wasn't commonly found on Lance.

“Truth.” Fuck, Keith's mind barely registered his mistake, he can't refuse a truth. So here he was, screwed over by none other than himself, yet again.

“What's your Tumblr username?” Lance smiled.

“Whothefuckownsadagger. Just one word.” Keith let out a sigh, already given up.

Lance took a second to type it into his phone and smiled. “I will definitely remember that!”

“Alright, so truth or dare, tell me your user on tumblr?” Perfect, either way Lance had no way to back out.

“Fine, loverr-boi…” he trailed, the cheesiness of his own title reigning high on him.

“How the fuck is that even spelled?” Keith asked as he got out his very old, very dirty flip phone.

“With two ‘r’s, a dash in the middle, then boi with an ‘i.’” Lance offered the information willingly. It didn’t really matter anyway, considering that he was going to stalk Keith’s Tumblr the next time he got the chance. That would include following it, which would have outed himself anyway.

Keith let out an actual giggle at the name. “Alright then, loverboy.” He smiled and Lance nudged his side with a playful grin.

“Truth or dare?” Lance asked with a sigh, moving their conversation along.

“Give me… dare.” Keith smirked.

“Fuck a pole.” Lance joked, laughing softly at the thought.

“How Lance, how do you propose I fuck a pole? Should I climb up it and put it in my ass?” Lance laughed a bit, then began to think of how that would be possible.

“You could try that… maybe you just, maybe you should just wrap around the pole and hold yourself up.” Keith nodded.

“Easy enough.” he shrugged. They kept walking, a tall green pole stood in front of them. The base had some fancy decoration and the top had a yellow light with neat green metalwork.

“There is your chance, Keith!” Lance smiled, gently pushing Keith closer to the pole.

Keith smiled as Lance walked on to turn and watch Keith. Keith hopped up and wrapped his legs around the pole, using his arms to pull him up. He sat there with his legs crossed nicely, supporting most of his weight. There was a wild smirk on his face as he laid back a little, staying up. Lance's gaze barely lifted from Keith, who seemed to enjoy being on the pole. The only thing that pulled Lance away was a car that zoomed past with a small honk and a mumbled yell.

“Keith, wave at the next person to come by!” Lance suggested, smiling and laughing a little. Keith wiggled his little red converse-coated feet and smiled.

A car started to drive by and Keith waved, sticking out his tongue a bit with a smile. He was unbearably cute on that pole. He seemed so happy, it was mesmerizing to Lance just how happy Keith seemed.

Lance watched Keith slide back down, grin wide on his face. Lance laughed a little, his face heated and heart beating heavily through his chest. He did admit to himself, Keith was cute with a smile. The sad but true fact though, was they had reached their final destination. They were at the grocery store, finally.

“How long was that walk, Lance?” Keith asked with a cock of his head.

Lance checked the clock on his phone and calculated for a moment. “Only 15ish minutes.” He guessed with a shrug. Time to buy groceries.


They entered the store, a cool rush of air smacking them harshly. Lance took a deep breath of the air as they stepped in. He had been there so many times, but it seemed to be some melting pot for a million different things, his attention drawn every which way but south. Keith had stepped cautiously; he hadn't ever gone to that Safeway and it showed. His anxieties got riled up, his first instinct acting up as he moved slightly behind Lance. Lance felt his back warm up as Keith pressed into him some, it was pleasant to be fully honest.

“What do we need, Keith?” Lance forced his attention Keith's way.

Keith pulled out his phone, fiddling with the broken keyboard as he struggled to look over the screen. Lance sighed, took out his own phone, opened it with his thumbprint, and handed it over. Keith's eyes widened at the quality of the picture on the screen and the very nice phone it was.

“Some kind of veggie mix, some fruits, we need breakfast supplies, and meals for the week.” Keith listed off.

“What about you read off what it is we need, and I find it?” Lance asked softly, his mind now trying to listen to the song in the store. Hallucinating by Elohim was playing, his hips bopping a little with the funky tune.

“Alright Lance, whatever you say. You are my husband for the week anyways.” Keith gave a small sigh in a chuckle.

The boys went back and forth in no particular pattern around the store, grabbing whatever they decided they needed in the area. Lance made them get stuff for some egg breakfast dish his Mama requested to make at some point in the week. All the groceries were gathered, bought, and thrown hastily into the cheap choice of thin plastic bags. They had tried to cut costs as much as they could, as every couple in the class was given a $300 budget for the week. It was some kind of budgeting exercise where every expense they made would have to dip further into the cash. Parents were in on the project too–parents were the reason each group had a budget–and the reason everyone had to go out on a date once in the week. Of course, make time for love as well as everything else, even if there wasn't any love.

When Keith and Lance stepped out of the store Keith pondered aloud. “I wonder just how many couples are going to have sex because of this project? Because didn't Mrs. Hollie pair students up based on their relationships and compatibility?” Lance jumped at the sudden conversation, though not mad they had something to talk about.

“Well, I mean, there's probably a ton of them. At least one couple will get pregnant and at one will get some disease, I bet. At the very least we don’t have to worry about that anyways.” Lance laughed a bit, the realization that he was a part of the only same-sex couple. The only one.

Keith gave a small laugh; it was the main thing to happen. A bunch of teenagers paired together? Of course they will have sex at some point in the week.There was nothing between him and his partner, so no worries, right? At least there was nothing anyone would admit. “Yeah, true. You aren’t going to have to talk to Mama McClain about something like that after this. You know what, we should make that a bet, and see how many people get diseases then.”

“I don't think people will really say it if it happens,” Lance laughed. “They will probably take a break from school for a bit and send their kid to an orphanage. Oh talking about orphanages-!” Lance swung one of the bags in his hand down his arm to point up, looking like an over exaggerated cartoon character.

Keith felt his mood shift at the mention of an orphanage, his mind pulling off into thought.

“There's a book I'm going to make you read, there's magic, moody teenagers, cussing, and an orphan kid!” Lance smiled.

“Is it, Harry Potter? I've never had much of an interest in that series.” He half-joked. He wasn't really able to read the books, as his only chance was the school library. He never could carry anything extra back with him anyway. Not to mention the younger kids would ruin the book if they found it unprotected.

“No, well, a bit like it. If Harry Potter were in modern times and a little older than us. Gayer too.” He smiled wide, like he knew something in it that would catch Keith's interest.

“I may as well read it when we get back.” Keith sighed with a smile. Maybe, just maybe Keith would be able to survive the week. A week with Lance McClain, what could go wrong now?