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Parallel Lines

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Bakugou Katsuki woke up from a nightmare.

Beads of sweat pricked his forehead while fingers left burned holes on the sheets he held.

When he stood up to take a shower, he saw how his sweat outlined his nakedness in the bed sheets. Shrugging, he proceeded inside his bathroom and turned the shower knob to cold water.

Can’t go to work sporting a boner now, can we?

A few delicious strokes while his mind recalled the recent lay he had with a male Omega took away his morning wood. That omega should’ve been paid double for his techniques. The way his asshole clung to him was---Damn.

He could -- should -- visit that dude again soon.

Katsuki grabbed the towel off the rack and wiped himself before getting another hard-on.

He studied his reflection on the mirror while he brushed his teeth. Scars littered his shoulders, arms, and hands,but nothing drastic compared to other heroes. For one, he still had his limbs intact, unlike some of his batchmates who jumped face first to battles without fucking strategy. Second, he wasn’t stupid and knew of his quirk’s limitations.

A notebook’s not enough to list a million reasons why he should be a pro-hero. Heck, even the Symbol of Peace.

‘Kacchan… More, please?’


Remembering the nerd gave him headaches.

Shoving images from the nightmare away from his mind, Katsuki distracted himself by itemizing his schedule for today. There was a magazine interview before lunch, guesting in an afternoon game show - ah! - and a 6-hour night patrol shift.

Except whatever he did, the nerd’s voice echoed.

‘Kacchan? Does it feel good?’

Another ringing headache emerged. Fighting villains was much easier to deal with than this. At the very least, pounding them to the ground didn’t require him to exert as much effort.

Frustrated with how he started his day, Katsuki stepped out of the bathroom, put on the clothes available at the topmost drawer, grabbed his keys, and went out to his hero agency.


For ten years Katsuki ignored the recurring nightmare.

Whenever it resurfaces, Katsuki immediately followed a strict routine the moment he would wake up: File more hours of patrol - even unpaid- and prolong fighting villains. And by ‘prolonging’, Katsuki meant giving the villains a false sense of hope by letting them go and catching them on the run. A childish game of cat and mouse.

Anything to suppress Deku’s voice from eating up his conscience.

The blinded society rewarded his ‘hard work’ and ‘mind-blowing ability to chase escaped villains’ by granting him the title of number one hero at the age of 25; putting to shame Hawks’ unbelievable hero stats.


“Ground Zero,” the host called him. A bit giddy, judging from her voice. “I know you’ve been asked this particular question for quite a while already, but our readers want to know: Are the rumors true? That you’re finally interested in an Omega or a Beta?”

The question rang in his head. If it weren’t for the fucking nightmare popping up in his head, Katsuki would’ve just rephrased the answer he gave to prior interviews.

He cleared his throat - not out of necessity, but to compose himself.

His pro-hero status was irrelevant the moment Deku’s naked form flashed before his eyes. If left unattended, his dick will resurrect itself and the Omegas in the room might file complaints to god-knows-who.

Still, his own fucking brain found a way to replay pieces of this fucking nightmare --- of how he easily he read the nerd’s inner struggle the moment he entered his room. Of how both knew what each other wanted: To be touched, kissed, tasted. Yet they remained still, glued on the spot - afraid that a step forward would shatter the friendship (or what little of it) that they carefully built together.

Thousands of interconnected memories hanging on to a single decisive move.

He would be lying if he denied feeling the electricity crawl through his skin when the shitty idiot tilted his head, ready for a kiss.

Katsuki had to meet him halfway. Shock engulfed the nerd when their lips finally met. Lips trembled against one another and his fingers gently caressed the freckled cheeks.

They were young and stupid when that happened.

Katsuki had to even test the waters, to dip his toe in before succumbing to the animal instincts that pounded within his heart.

Deku thought otherwise.

He released his sweet tongue and traced Katsuki’s bottom lip. The simple gesture fueled the spark of want bubbling in Katsuki’s gut. He dragged their bodies to bed, sharing the heat, the lust, the lo---

Katsuki bit his own tongue. Could he dare to say it?

Deku’s parted mouth tore off the question the question from his mind. The nerd unconsciously let saliva drip as Katsuki put on a show of how aroused he was. Taking off the black boxers that shielded his erection slowly, slowly, teasingly slow. Katsuki began to remove the rest of his clothing when a pair of wet lips kissed his hands.

“No, Kacchan,” the nerd murmured. Hot tongue invaded his personal space and traced the pecks on his chest. Calloused fingers replaced the hold of his fingers in his boxers. “Let me make you feel good.”

Ground Zero?”

No.” he replied flatly. Thankfully, the interviewer had the fucking decency to not point out how long he had been spacing out.

“Look here, Miss.” A mouthful of saliva slid down his throat. “For the last time, I don’t give a damn if the law says, or nature, the universe, the Prime Minister, God - or whoever - wanted me to get an Omega just because. I aim to be the greatest hero - even bigger than All Might - and committing to an Omega is only going to distract me from being one.”

He took a sip from the glass of water in front of him.

“Unless,” Katsuki paused, biting his bottom lip. Fixing his eyes on the interviewer who seemed to lose her ability to speak, Katsuki cleared his throat and continued.

“Unless, there’s an Omega who can refuse an Alpha villain’s Order, then I’ll mate. But there are none, so it’d be better for them to give up.”

The interviewer nodded. Shitty motherfucker pretending to understand what he meant.

“For our last question,” she said. “D-do you have any advice for our readers aspiring to become heroes regardless of how they would be presented?”

Clicking his tongue, Katsuki’s mind recalled a similar question, posed by none other than Eraserhead.

It was the morning the shitty nerd’s Scent filled their classroom and hell broke. Fucking Shitty Glasses, Dunce Face, and Shitty Arms forgot that Midoriya Izuku was their classmate, their friend, someone who fought, bled, and sacrificed himself to keep them from harm.

He wasn’t just an Omega.

“How can you submit to your Alpha instincts when you’re all planning to be heroes?”

A single sentence slapped their Alpha egos.

If that shitty day taught him anything, it was that no matter how hard you wanted something, if it’s not meant for you in the first place, then it’s better to---

“Give up.” Katsuki replied, devoid of any emotion.

“E-excuse me?”

“Give up on being a pro-hero.” He repeated. “Kill the desire. Burn it to smithereens. Do it the moment the idea crosses your mind. Believe me, nothing good will come out of it if you keep thinking about it. If you’re still adamant in doing ‘heroic’ stuff, join the police or volunteer in your community but ---”

“That’s enough!” His manager’s voice boomed as she stormed in the interview room, sweeping the production team out of her way. She seized the recorder on the table before the host did and pressed the stop button.

“You’re not including that in the final write-up, do you understand me?” She bared her teeth at the interviewer. “I’ll fill-in the omega-related questions in Ground Zero’s stead. I’ll also proofread and approve the final manuscript before the actual printing. Am I clear?”

“W-wait a minute! What you’re saying would remove the magazine’s credibi---”

“Am I clear?” Katsuki remained unaffected when his manager emitted menacing Alpha pheromones from her small body. Can’t say the same for the Omega interviewer.

“Y-y-yes.” the Omega interviewer squeaked.


Hours after, in his manager’s words: ‘a disastrous interview’, Katsuki suited up for his night patrol.

Apparently, the moment he rose to the ranks also meant that the option of speaking his mind to the press was thrown out of the window.

Best Jeanist reminded him time and again, that in order to gain the ‘Symbol of Peace’ title, he must clean up his public image. That meant no more cursing, no more senseless competition between hero colleagues, and no more ‘Omega-hate’.

Just pure PR stuff, rainbows and sunshine.

No wonder the fucking Half-and-Half bastard beat him to getting the title.

Fucker smiled his way to the top and played along with rescuing-then-dating random Omegas. The one-night-stands with strangers didn’t tarnish his reputation as long as the receiving end was satisfied and ‘cured’ from the trauma. His PR team did a great job at painting him a public image of a prince in shining armor.

Fuck that.

Katsuki doesn’t care. Who needs the ‘Symbol of Peace’ title when your performance ranking’s only at number five?

“So peaceful tonight,” Red Riot whispered beside him. “I wonder why?”

“Because I’m the number one hero, that’s why!” Katsuki rebutted, still affected with the earlier thought of Shoto’s ranking.

Regardless of not being granted the Symbol of Peace title, the Hero Association still entrusted Ground Zero a bigger patrol zone compared to their other batchmates so as long as he adhered to certain conditions.

Top of the list was that he’ll be paired with someone who can control him. While society remained grateful for his services, the Damage Control Department and insurance owners couldn’t keep up with the explosions from his palms. Of course Red Riot was the number one candidate.

The two worked great together. Quirk-wise, they were compatible. Multiple defense-attack combos consisted of Ground Zero using Red Riot’s Unbreakable Form as shield while he attacked the villain with his Howitzer or Stun Grenade. The public was also under the impression that the two have been seeing each other for quite some time now. Sneaky photographs circled online of them hanging out, in and out of each other’s apartments during the wee hours in the morning. Chargebolt acted as substitute whenever Kirishima had to assist other pro-heroes.

So here he was, stuck with Shitty Hair for five goddamn years and counting.

As if on cue, Shitty Hair scratched his head and loudly exhaled. Clearly bored tonight.

Same, Katsuki silently replied.

They were nearing the end of their first round of patrol when Katsuki spotted the new displayed window artwork in the daycare center. He then made a random bet with himself: an All Might figurine for himself if Kirishima brought up the display in the daycare center; if he doesn’t, he’ll have to spend a weekend at his parents’ house.

Kirishima abruptly cleared his throat. “So, the boys and I were wondering---”

Katsuki smirked at the small victory waged against himself. Despite this, he still had the heart to reject whatever nonsense Shitty Hair had to say.


“I wasn’t even finished!” Red Riot protested, hands waving in the air. “Seriously, what’s with you, man? You’re acting like we’re still in U.A.”

The accusation struck a cord Katsuki wasn’t aware of. “What does that even mean, ha?”

Before Red Riot had the chance to elaborate, resounding boom melded with the shattering of glass windows and concrete cracking. Smoke filled the night sky. Luckily the center’s located at the end of the street and passersby hardly roamed this street at midnight.

The daycare center.

The two pro-heroes rushed to the scene, expecting the villain to be alone inside the room.

Katsuki instinctively racked his brain on information about the place.

As far as he knew, the horned-chipmunk owner couldn't afford hero services to help look after the children’s security. An arrangement had been made between the owner, the police, and the district council - and Best Jeanist mediated the whole affair.

That retired fucking asshole just dumped the fucking responsibility onto Katsuki. His favorite (and overworked) protégé .

As per his recommendation, Katsuki was to check-up on the kids from time-to-time. The task would do his public image a great deal of positivity. Mass media highlights pro-heroes who’re good with kids. It wasn’t as bad as Katsuki thought it would be, especially now that how the brats became comfortable with him and displayed their own quirks.

Operating hours were from six in the morning until the last child leaves and, as for finances, the business was holding up.

So why would someone bomb this place?

A cold sweat trailed down Katsuki’s forehead when a shrill cry for help escaped the smoke.

“Help me! Please!”

A boy. He sounded around ten years old.

“Why would a kid be in here at this hour?” Katsuki asked, eyebrows furrowing. It was a fucking Friday. Parents should be at home by now, unless ---

Murderous intent covered his veins when he thought about how that that kid’s parent might be compromised by the villain, or worse, just screwing around the neighborhood.

“Who cares, man?” Red Riot protested. “We need to help him! The villain---”

“The villain’s quirk might be messing with us.” That’s another possibility Katsuki wasn’t not willing to let go.

Then again, Katsuki’s analysis eluded his partner’s ears and Kirishima sprinted towards the wreckage. Dismissing protocol was just one of the things that this idiot would be reprimanded of later.

Muttering a curse under his breath, Katsuki followed.

“Better be scolded and suspended for a week with Shitty-Hair than give the villain enough time to take the kid hostage.” He reasoned.

“Hey! We’re here to save you!” Red Riot yelled. His voice wanted to assure whoever who called for help that heroes were already in the vicinity.

The liar.

Kirishima might have fooled the kid but Katsuki knew that the fucker masked his worry for their safety in that cheerful tone. Years of being partners, at work and in bed, taught him that the fucker was an insecure and paranoid Beta.

“What the fuck is this smoke?” Katsuki complained. Wandering inside the building with their vision compromised was the worst way to fight an unknown villain, especially at night.

“Oi, keep screaming so we know where you are!” He commanded. Kirishima nudged him from yelling at rescue operations.

But instead of hearing the cry for help, an older man’s shriek bewildered the two. “No way! That voice--- I-it’s Ground Zero!”

Katsuki smirked at how just terrified the villain sounded. Bet that shitty bastard can’t make any villain run with their tails in between. Some Symbol of Peace.

“Don’t come any closer!” The villain pleaded in between heavy pants.

Chuckling, Katsuki instantly estimated the distance between the villain and the kid.

‘About 5 feet.’ he signed to Kirishima. ‘The geezer bastard’s nearer to us than than brat.

The two separated; Kirishima carefully sneaked towards the crying boy while Katsuki went to capture the small-fry villain.

There were no protests and fists exchanged. Within a few minutes, the ordeal was over and the four of them found themselves in the lobby of the nearest police station. Red Riot recounted what transpired during their patrol while the geezer claimed that he wasn’t a villain. In fact, he was the first one on the scene when the explosion happened.

“You gotta believe me! It’s the kid’s quirk!” he pleaded, sobbing.

With no stomach for drama, Ground Zero turned from the scene and left Red Riot to smoothen out the details.

He spotted the boy they just rescued and secured a seat across the kid. The green curls and freckled cheeks flashed unwarranted images. A voice at the back of his brain called him.


Deku also had bandages wrapped his fingers and arms, right?

Fucking hell.

Flinching back to reality, Katsuki uncharacteristically offered to escort the boy to his house.

“Are you sure?” Kirishima asked, not even bothering to conceal the confusion in his voice. “I can join you guys in a few minutes. Just let me finish the paperwork and we’ll be on our way.”

“No need.” Katsuki said.

Pursing his lips, Kirishima yielded with the request, only after making him promise to shoot him a text for their rendezvous point.

They still had a few hours left before their shift ended.


Katsuki reminded himself that there was no point in transferring his annoyance to Kirishima. That guy helped him cope with most of his issues and pacifying his nerves during heated competitions back in U.A.

Plus, that guy’s really good in bed. He can withstand how rough Katsuki wanted the sex to be without getting bruises. Katsuki need not to worry on heats, mood swings, and unforeseen pregnancy.

As they exited the police station, Katsuki believed that this a shitty day will pass and the stupid, fucking dream will be off his mind in a couple of hours.


“So, this is it?” Sarcasm laced Katsuki’s tone.

Pressing the doorbell twice, Katsuki calmed himself. Maintaining the number one spot didn't involve babysitting a stranger at ungodly hours. He should be out there, fighting villains and protecting his patrol zone. Plus, the kid’s yes or no answers (practically silence for Katsuki) and disinterest in hero stuff also proved how shitty the whole situation was. If this kid were any normal civilian, he’d already be over the moon the moment Katsuki initiated small talk during the walk home.

On second thought, the kid’s absence of communication must have been an after-effect of what happened in the daycare. Yeah, that was more rational, Katsuki pondered. Or the kid might’ve been actually mute, and the voice shouting for help earlier was all just in his head.

“No one’s going to answer,” the boy whispered out of the blue.

“Oh, so you can talk?” Katsuki raised his eyebrow. The kid glared at him for few seconds. Katsuki's closed his eyes, reminding himself that hitting civilians, especially kids, was serious grounds for his license to get revoked.

He rang the doorbell for the fifth time and rushed footsteps echoed.

“Just a minute!”

Relief instantly washed over the boy’s face as if he didn’t just get his ass in front of Death’s door a few hours ago.

“Papa!” He exclaimed. “Papa, you’re home!”

The way the brat failed to contain his excitement,jumping up and down too, reminded him of how Deku acted when his folks invited him to help Katsuki pick a pet when they were kids. Not that Katsuki needed any assistance in choosing, of course. His parents just went ahead and did what they wanted without consulting him.

On cue, the knob turned, revealing a distraught man with black curly hair and freckles.

“Oh hi, darling!” He squatted, greeting the boy in a heart-warming embrace. “I missed you! Where have you been?”

“I was in daycare, waiting for you to pick me up!”

“What?!” He gripped the kid’s shoulders. “I was told this morning that your Grandma will pick you up. She hasn’t answered my calls so I thought you guys were in the train. I tried calling your phone too but --- Oh my goodness! What happened to your hands?”

“U-uh…” the boy looked up and his eyes pleaded help for Katsuki to elaborate what happened but the pro-hero remained silent.



In a split second, the anger sizzling in his veins, ready to be unleashed to the brat’s parents, evaporated.

The articles, documentaries, books testifying how courageous Ground Zero can fuck themselves. Shit, even the praises and thanks he received every after battle can join in on the orgy.

Because for once, Katsuki wanted to run away.

To seek shelter far away from lush green eyes that bore witness to how he took advantage of an Omega’s heat ten years ago.

“Izuku.” Every syllable of the name poisoned him.

“Kacchan?” Yet the sound of his name in the nerd’s voice consoled every lonely night he had to endure.

“Papa,” the kid called Izuku. “You know Ground Zero?”

“Yes,” Deku replied, averting their eyes from meeting. “Mr. Bakugou’s house used to be in the same neighborhood as your Grandma’s. We went to middle school together.”

Yes, middle school. The asshole Katsuki that acted high and mighty, pummeling people into submission. But it wasn’t that that aggravated every muscle in Katsuki’s being.

It was how Deku short changed himself, again. An unconscious defense mechanism against god knows what.

“Hey, you fucking nerd,” Katsuki interrupted, blood boiling from how nonchalant Izuku was with meeting him. “You went to goddamn U.A. too, you know?” he corrected. “What, you forgot that too, you fucker?”

Deku bit his lips and avoided Katsuki’s piercing eyes.

“That’s so cool, Papa!” The kid praised. Deku refrained from looking at Katsuki when the boy started bombarding him a with fuckton of questions.

“Hey, Papa, what happened when you were at U.A.?”

“Who were you classmates with? Were you classmates with Ground Zero?”

“I heard Uravity’s really cute! Was she, Papa?”

A pause.

Curious eyes asked “Hey, did you ever get to meet All Might when you were in U.A.?”

Katsuki didn’t miss how Deku’s body flinched at the question. Fuck, the nerd really kept this brat in the dark.

“Papa!” the kid cried, shaking Deku’s frame. “Spill the details ---”

“Yes, yes, I will later.” Deku promised, his voice cracking at the last syllable. “Just go inside please, and take a bath. You’re kinda smelly. I’ll just be out here so I can have a talk with Mr. Pro-Hero.”

Both shared a fucking smile, sealing an agreement Katsuki knew Deku would break.

Heck, his damn posture screamed that he wanted to join the kid inside - to get away from Katsuki as soon as he can.

But there he stayed, on his knees, waiting for Katsuki to break the silence.

A few seconds ticked by and not one dared to utter a word. An incoherent noise would be fine - no, better even, than hearing the gush of morning breeze and the crackle of dawn.

It was awkward to be alone with him like this. Sure, he imagined different scenarios of how he would meet Deku again, most of which usually ended up with them fucking themselves into oblivion. The nerd would unconsciously seduce Katsuki with his Omega pheromones and Katsuki wouldn’t go against the call of mating.

However, none of the dreams involved saving Deku’s kid.

He heard nothing from his mother, their friend, even the fucking extras, mentioning Deku’s marriage or even pregnancy He just knew that somewhere in the corner of this world, Deku existed.

Katsuki made a mental note to fucking call his mother as soon as he arrived home. Fucking failure to mention Deku in her phone calls might have been an early sign of his mother losing her shit already. Either that or her friendship with Aunt Inko was over - and Katsuki wasn’t (again) notified.

Second factor was highly unlikely. Deku’s mom was the sister his mother wanted. The first option seemed more realistic, considering her age.

“You’re spoiling him, shitty nerd.”

Katsuki kicked himself when he realized that the first sentence he said was an insult.

Talking shit to Deku was pure habit - a bad one, but still habit. There was never malice entwined in it. Annoyance, maybe, but never hate.

Fuck, he can never hate Deku.

Berating him was Katsuki’s genuine way of starting a fucking conversation. The Deku he knew would rise up to the challenge and prove him wrong. He would say “Kacchan, that’s mean! I’m not spoil---”

But it never came. There was no banter, no rebuttal, no follow-through from Deku. Whoever stood in front of him was not Deku.

This person in front of him was too cold, too aloof.

Katsuki considered the possibility that a lame-ass quirk influenced Deku that sucked out the usual sassy attitude Deku had back in U.A. and made him pretend that the two of them never met, never shared even a small a speck of history.

“What happened, Ground Zero?”

Fuck, he even had the balls to return the question instead of abiding by the script in Katsuki’s head: Inviting him inside, spreading his ass cheeks, and allowing him to fuck his asshole until tomorrow.

“Th-the fucking daycare exploded while I was out on patrol.” Katsuki repeated the words Kirishima used a few hours ago inside the police station. “I caught the villain while Kiri-Red Riot- saved that kid.”

“Thank you for the hard work, Ground Zero.” Deku nodded his head while he stood up. The nerd brushed non-existing dust on his knees. “You may go now. I’ll see to it that my son’s taken care of.”

The dreams he had involved Deku referring to him as either ‘Kacchan’ or ‘Katsuki’, depending on how rough the sex was. In some dreams it was a mixture of both. ‘Kacchan’ whenever Deku would demand that the thrusts to go faster;‘Katsuki’ was reserved to trigger climax synchronization, and he would cum all over Deku.

But he was never Ground Zero to Deku.

Never Ground Zero.

So why the hostility?

“You’re fucking kidding me.” Katsuki snapped. “You have a son--- and I didn’t know? And that’s how you take care of him? Leaving him at a fucking daycare center at night?”


Katsuki felt a nerve pop.

“You’re a piece of shit, Deku! In case you forgot, a fucking daycare operates in the morning, when the fucking sun’s up! And you’re shit when you call that thing ‘taking care’!

“I mean, didn’t you learn anything from your own mother?” He took Deku by the shoulders and shook him violently. Berating Deku’s parenting habits never crossed his mind but here he was, acting like that kid was theirs.

“I can’t believe that you allowed your son to be alone at night! I swear, All Might must’ve lost his marbles when---”

Katsuki held his breath when fierce green eyes shot daggers against his own. Deku’s brows knit themselves in the middle, crossing his arms over his chest.

Fucking hell, nerd.

A smile rose on his lips. The resolve that Katsuki sought inside Deku was ignited and he was -surprisingly- relieved.

There’s my Izuku.

“Papa, I’m done!” The kid’s announcement resonated across the quiet hallway. He ran towards them excitedly, each step resounding against the wooden floorboards of the household. Katsuki hid his smirk when the memory of Deku tripping on his own foot when they were four entered his brain.

“I scrubbed my hair and removed the lenses on my own! Oh yeah, we have to buy another bottle of ---”

The small chuckle from his lips immediately turned sour as his eyes laid on how the kid looked like after taking shower.

Green curls turned into spikey ash blond.

Deep green eyes into red.

Asking for Deku to fucking explain what he saw flooded his mind. Yet the questions never made it out of his lips for the next thing Katsuki saw was the ground.

Fucking Deku smashed him and rushed to the kid standing in front of the door. He desperately clung his arms around the brat’s small body...

To obscure Katsuki’s sight.

To prevent Katsuki from further studying the brat’s appearance.

To make Katsuki ignorant of the reality that had happened years ago.

“Please, Kacchan!” the nerd clutched the kid and sobbed. “Please just leave.”

Distraught omega pheromones merged with daybreak fog. The smell of lush greens, of Deku’s natural musk, urged Katsuki to take back his work and cuddle the nerd immediately.

Except that Katsuki submerged himself in Deku’s tears. The nerd’s breathing staggered as he desperately tried to collect himself and protect the kid from him. Scarred hands muffled the silent screams.

The smaller Deku looked, the stronger guilt ate Katsuki’s conscience. Waves of buried and neglected memories attacked him. Drowning beyond help, beyond salvation. There was no way that he couldn’t comprehend what was currently happening.

Red eyes.

Ash blond hair.

It was like he was seeing his own reflection in the mirror.

Only this time, smaller in height, freckle-filled cheeks, and a toothy smile.

In defeat, Katsuki heeded Deku’s request and turned towards the door.


Katsuki had to endure the knowledge that at one point of his life, he made someone else’s worse - and, out of all the millions of people he interacted at one point in his mortal life, it had been Deku’s.

Everything about Katsuki revolved around him.

His number one hero ranking - the added power to his quirk.

His dreams.

His nightmares.

His heart.

His phone vibrated in his pocket. 10 unread messages. 15 missed calls. Kirishima’s concern can fuck itself.

Katsuki went straight home. Sweat and grime sullied the sheets as he collapsed on the bed, exhausted beyond recognition.

‘He’s your son.’ Darkness whispered. The knowledge loomed over him, sucking his life away. Every breath that he took from this point onward stabbed his consciousness.

Even the warmth of his own room turned his fingers cold. His body shivered underneath the comforter.

Nothing mattered at this point.

‘Kacchan’s so amazing!’ A star-eyed younger Deku cheered. Darkness vanished from his sight. Katsuki raised his hands to grasp the ghost of their childhood.

‘Don’t say that you’ll lose!’ High-school Deku said.

‘Tomorrow,’ Katsuki replied to the two. ‘Tomorrow, I’ll punch the truth from you, Deku.’

With a strategy to win in mind, Katsuki’s body surrendered to the fatigue. His bed’s comforting fluffiness returned and his bedroom alleviated the stress from his limbs.

That night, his dream took him back ten years ago. Everything started that day - one random morning when Deku’s scent wafted in the classroom. His smell changed from being fucking annoying to being fucking delicious.

Katsuki inhaled. It smelled like the freshness of the prohibited forest - of how he felt courageous and adventurous of their mini excursion during their childhood. Smelling him, just smelling him a few feet away, invigorated his senses.

But how Deku looked at him spoke otherwise.

His eyes grew frightened. His body visibly flinched. His mind failed to grasp at how and why turmoil erupted between his classmates.

Fucking Half-and-Half bastard released his ice towards the ground while Dunce Face electrocuted Shitty-Hair and Many Arms for lunging towards Deku because they tried reaching him first.

Aizawa appeared out of nowhere, yelling at the top of his lungs and gripping Shitty Glasses by the arm as he outran everyone and succeeded in capturing Deku. He almost made it through a few steps of the classroom with his leg being restrained by Half-and-Half’s ice.

No one would deny that for a brief moment, they forgot that Midoriya Izuku, Deku, a fellow aspiring hero, was their friend - let alone their classmate.

“How could you submit to your Alpha instincts when you’re all planning to be heroes?”

A single question that silenced the whole room, and Katsuki saw that Deku finally understood the predicament he was in.

His hero career was over.

With no rival to compete with that day. Katsuki went home to his parents’ house to humor them.

Stupid him. Of course his parents ignored his sudden arrival and focused on how worried they were that Deku presented that day. His parents loved Deku. The mushy love that Katsuki didn’t want, they transferred to Deku.

So when Mitsuki begged Katsuki to join them in their visit to the Midoriya’s the next morning, Katsuki had no choice but to go.

Ironically, it was Deku who trespassed their fence, that same night.

Katsuki, although annoyed that the nerd disturbed his sleep, he allowed Deku inside his room in his parent’s house simply because he knew Deku’s muttering would wake his mother up. He didn’t want to deal with the old hag’s attitude in the wee hours of the morning.

“Get in.” He instructed while leading Deku to his bed. He got out a futon from the cabinet and a blanket. Katsuki tossed one of his pillows to Deku.

“Shut up and let me sleep.” he said, lifting the comforter of his bed.

The yawn that escaped Katsuki’s lips drowned in Deku’s mouth.

“The fuck are you doing?” He remembered asking after shoving Deku away from him. They both wiped the spittle with their arms.

“Kacchan, I---”

“Why did you kiss me?” He hissed.

Deku held his breath when he heard the question, no, an almost Order from Katsuki.

“I’m sorry, Kacchan.” Deku covered himself from Katsuki fists - be it because of his new nature as an Alpha or because of their past, no one knew. “I-I-I haven’t told All Might about my plan, but I want to hear your thoughts first.”

While darkness eased the tension in the room, protecting both their hearts from exposing too much, the cool airconditioning heightened the gravity of Deku’s message. For fifteen minutes, no one spoke a word.

Katsuki’s sleepiness evaded his sense completely so he walked towards the bedside lamp. He’ll read a few pages from the book that Midnight required them to finish by next week. Hopefully that would lull him to sleep.

“Kacchan, please,” Deku’s said desperately. “Don’t switch it on.”


“J-Just please, sit and listen to me.”

“What the f--- First you come into my room and now you have the balls to fucking order me around?!”

“N-No! That’s not wh-what I--”


Deku locked his lips on Katsuki’s before gently pushing the blond to the bed.

‘Ah, fuck it.’ Katsuki resigned and went with whatever the nerd came in for.

Sex, probably. So on to removing every fabric that clung to his body. He slowly pulled off his shirt and Omega pheromones told him how Deku struggled to control himself from implaling his ass in his cock.

Heat engulfed their bodies.

With no prior sexual experience to rely on, Katsuki summoned the knowledge he acquired while jacking off to porn. Thing is, Deku was male and what he watched involved a woman and a man.

He knew that time that he wasn’t gay and ---

The uncertainty disappeared the moment he heard Deku whimper on top of him.

“Like what you see?” Katsuki tone rasped as their boxers exposed their respective erected members. Deku was a bit smaller than Katsuki but the crown lewdly enticed Katsuki to have a taste.

“Kacchan,” his voice sounded so delicious to Katsuki’s ears. “So big.”

“Of course, nerd.” he replied confidently.

“Will it fit me?” Deku murmured.

Katsuki beamed, amused at how, in a single sentence, Deku expressed his worry for his own asshole being violated, and his admittance that, yes, Katsuki had an unforgiving sex drive.

“You know that’s not the question you should be asking.” Rough hands tugged Deku’s hair. “I’ll stretch you to fit me.”

And Katsuki fulfilled his word.

Stealing the control from Deku’s fingers, Katsuki established his dominance and switched their positions. His hands roamed upward, flushing the nerd’s chiseled skin with every touch.

He steadied his arms on the bed and lowered himself. When their arousal kissed, Katsuki’s sanity flew out the window. His Alpha urges barged in and started rubbing his hips against Izuku’s throbbing member.

Deku moaned underneath him. Fuck, he found the friction delicious too.

Katsuki joined their cocks together. While his palms worked on pumping their length, his thumb caressed the tip and coated their length with their pre-cum.

“Kacchan, please.” Izuku’s lust echoed. More pre-cum leaked from the tip of Deku’s cock. Fresh mowed grass, the smell of the forest, Deku’s scent filled Katsuki's room.

It didn’t help in calming the instincts Katsuki restrained.

Flipping Deku to lie on his chest, Katsuki hovered over Deku’s figure. He kept their dicks together, still pumping. His tongue outlined the nerd’s back, starting on the nape all the way to the crack of his asshole.

When hot breath tickled Deku’s lewd opening, the nerd moaned his name.

“Katsuki, please.” he begged. “I can’t take it anymore.”

“Quiet.” he said. Cursing at how lewd Deku sounded, he inserted his fingers inside the nerd’s mouth, hoping to silence him. Deku being stupid that he was, played with his digits instead - licking, nibbling, and fucking his mouth with Katsuki’s other hand.

“Fuck,” he growled as he thrusted his fingers in Deku’s mouth and stroked their dicks harder.

“Ahh--- Kacchan---” Deku squirted, his cum staining Katsuki’s pillow.

Katsuki felt proud that the nerd climaxed shouting his name. Still, they weren’t done.

Removing his hand from their stiff dicks, Katsuki slipped two fingers in Deku’s asshole while his other fingers dove inside the nerd’s mouth.

Deku cried from the pleasure and Katsuki’s veins were ecstatic.

The fingers on the asshole thrusted, in and out of the nerd. After a few more thrusts, Katsuki slipped another finger inside. Deku’s hot breath burned the fingers that fucked his mouth.

“Kacchan--- So good---” he cooed.

With three fingers in, Katsuki lifted Deku’s ass to meet his mouth. His tongue drank the juices that leaked on the backside of Deku’s thighs to the crack of his ass. Katsuki then nipped the flesh near Deku’s balls.

He withdrew his fingers from fucking Deku - the nerd whining at the empty feeling.

“No--- Kacchan--- Aahh---”

Deku’s complains became hushed moans and grunts as Katsuki held on to his hips and buried his cock inside. The sheer force and length weakened Deku’s knees and took away his ability to think.

Mmph--- Aaahh--- Ka--- Kaccha--- Katsuki---”

Deku responded and met Katsuki’s desire. His asshole tightened with sweet nothings that Katsuki’s lips purred. And every pant, every breath, every thrust, every incoherent syllable from Deku’s lips, Katsuki committed everything to his long term memory.

They lost their virginities together. They shared their first sex together.

Deku’s first heat, together.

“Come inside me, Katsuki.” Deku said. Their tongues danced in the slick-slap of their heated bodies. And behind the lust-filled eyes, Katsuki found the taunt that Deku posed.

He smirked. As if Katsuki was to refuse such a mouth-watering suggestion.

Katsuki answered the nerd’s challenge and went beyond.

Consequences be damned.

He felt his dick grow bigger and Deku’s breath hitched, reaching to yank Deku’s curls. In response, Deku arched his back and looked over his shoulders. The silent exchange of their gazes affirmed Katsuki that Deku wanted this too.

It only took a few violent thrusts before the two arrived at their peak. Deku’s toes curled and his limbs shuddered from the pleasure. Katsuki grunted and knotted Deku to him.

The idiot grinned, aligning his asshole to secure Katsuki’s dick inside.

In return, Katsuki snapped a mental image of Deku’s post-orgasm face and safeguarded it alongside the memories the two of them shared.

He shifted his arms and guided Deku’s mouth into a sloppy kiss.

He tasted sweet and sticky.

He tasted home.

The solemnity increased when Deku laid on his bedside, naked and content. He beamed and thanked Katsuki for helping him overcome the fucking heat.

Fucker was so happy that he forgot to cover himself with the blanket and shivered when their bodies separated. Katsuki swore but still draped a new blanket over their bodies.

When he settled on the other side of the bed, Deku cupped his face and left a fluttering kiss on his nose. “Kacchan,” he said softly. “C-can you do something for me?”

Demanding fuck.


“Promise?” he pouted his swollen lips.

“Yeah. Whatever.” Lust bubbled inside Katsuki’s bloodstream.

“Open your mouth.”

He obeyed and the nerd slipped his fingers inside.

“Swallow, please.”

He did regardless the weird something inside.

“That’s it?”

“Yep,” Deku sobbed. He concealed his face from Katsuki and his side of the bed drenched in tears. “Kacchan, you’ve just inherited All Might’s quirk. It’s called One for All and it’s an amalgamation of ---”

“WHAT?!” Blood rushed to Katsuki’s brain, giving him a pulsing headache. The magic that inside the room disintegrated as soon as Deku confessed his little act.

“His quirk’s useless with me, Kacchan.” It pained him to hear Deku refer to himself as useless. He could just imagine the agony Deku suffered when he decided on entrusting All Might’s quirk to him.

Still, “What the fuck are you saying?”

“Kacchan,” his eyes peeked from under the covers. “An Omega hero can’t withstand an Alpha’s Order. If a villain Alpha decided to use an Order and I use All Might’s quirk to hurt someone, I can’t ---”

Ten years ago, Katsuki circled his arms around Deku’s body, sniffing the nerd’s Scent. He Marked him too, deep enough to calm his anxiety. Gentle kisses also peppered Deku’s freckles, be it the ones on his cheeks, his shoulders, his forehead.

And now, Katsuki laid in bed, in tears and with no one but himself.

He stretched his arms to embrace the nearest pillow - imagining the cotton-filled sheets as if they were Deku’s soft, disheveled hair. He never thought that at the age of twenty-five and at the prime of his hero career, the only way to comfort his loneliness was to cry himself to sleep.

‘Dammit, I’m sorry.’ Katsuki said to the tear-stained pillow.

For forgetting that they swore to not speak of All Might in front of each other.

For abandoning him when he presented and being shitty since they were four years old.

For robbing Deku’s dream of becoming the greatest hero.

For everything that Deku deserved and Katsuki failed to provide.


He woke up feeling sluggish. Shrugging, he proceeded inside his bathroom.

He turned the shower knob to cold water.

It only took a few minutes before Katsuki grabbed the towel off the rack and wiped himself dry. He stepped out of the bathroom, put on the clothes available at the topmost of his drawer, grabbed his keys, and went out of his apartment.

“Hey!” Kirishima greeted. He stood outside Katsuki’s gate like some fucking girlfriend. “What’s with the face? Bad dream?”

Katsuki flicked Kirishima’s forehead.

“Nah,” he replied. Katuski turned to his right, instead of left, rerouting his trip to the agency. Kirishima asked questions in the background to which Katsuki ignored.


“We’re here.” Katsuki announced, stopping his tracks in front of a public housing. Kirishima suggested that if Katsuki was looking for someone in the building, they should just head to the administration office.

“Oi, Katsuki!” Kirishima gripped the blond’s shoulder. He activated his quirk on his hand to prevent Katsuki from climbing the staircase. “You’re acting weird. What’s wrong?”

“Deku lives in the second floor.” Katsuki replied. “I’m going to beat his ass from not telling me.” He shoved Kirishima’s hardened grasp and proceeded.

Kirishima joined him upstairs, blabbering about how he missed Deku for about ten years since he left U.A.

“Do you think he’s married?”

“Man, I wonder what the kid’s quirk will be. Hope he doesn’t inherit Midoriya’s quirk or he’ll be confined to the bed before he becomes a hero!”

They landed the second floor hallway and Katsuki’s mind was too busy to come up with a winning strategy - the one that can grant him an instant win the moment Deku opens the door - than counter Kirishima’s imaginary scenarios.

“Hey Katsuki,” Kirishima bursted out laughing. They reached Deku’s apartment and Katuski rang the doorbell thrice. “Can you imagine Midoriya naming his kid ‘All Might’? It’s possible, right? And the kid’s clothes will be All Might inspired!”

No one answered on his fourth doorbell. He kicked the door, louder than the knocks that followed. A string of hope held on to the scene that the nerd’s head will pop-out of the door a few minutes from now.

Heck, Katsuki would already claim victory the second he hear Deku’s footsteps approaching the door,

But silence echoed from the other side of the door.

“Are you sure that he lives here?” Kirishima asked. Of course, Katsuki had considered that. But no, he was one-hundred-percent sure that Deku lives here. He kept their meeting on loop last night. Studied the whole shenanigan from different angles.

‘I’ll kill the nerd if he won’t answer my questions.’ Katsuki thought. His resolve to win was already set in stone the moment he laid out a perfect plan to make Deku his.

So Katsuki replied to Shitty Hair’s stupid question with a menacing glare.

Kirishima’s body shook of nervousness. “O-of course, you’re sure! What was I thinking? This is Midoriya we’re talking about and you know all about him--”

“Are you boys looking for dear Izuku?” a small voice called from their right. Deku’s neighbor peeked from an ajar door, her wrinkled face wore concern.

When Kirishima gave the basic greetings and nodded they were looking for Deku, the old woman stepped out of her apartment. The door’s lock clicked behind her.

“The fu-- what do you want?” Katsuki asked. His palms ready to unlock Deku’s door with an explosion.

Fucking old lady sighed.

“Dear Izuku left last night. You missed him. Quite a hurry, I reckon.” she explained sadly. “Do you need anything from them?”

Kirishima spared a look towards Katsuki direction.

To which Katsuki didn’t return.

He just stood there, unable to process what the fucking old lady just said.

Bakugou Katsuki, once again, lost to Midoriya Izuku.