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"Ayo Jimin, bring yo short ass here!" Jungkook called out to his hyung. Jimin comes running with rage in his eyes, but Jungkook couldn't see it because he thought they were closed.

"Open your eyes jimin." He says with a chuckle but jimin just punches him on the shoulder huffing "my eyes are open dumbass." Jungkook stared down at jimin in shock. "Your eyes are open? Wow, I didn't even know that."


Jimin just crosses his arms cracking his neck "look bitch, we all don't have that I can see in the future eyes." (Jimin really thought he was doing something) Jungkook starts laughing at him flicking him like a dried up booger.


"If y'all don't stop playing around, I'm going to beat both Y'all asses playing that Monsta x song, no mercy." They flinch as they know whose voice that is. ”I'm sorry oppa!" Jungkook drops to the ground and looks at the floor in shame. He thought jimin would have common sense and do it with him, but he knows Jimin, so he helps.

”Bitch get down" jungkook whispers but he doesn't hear no knees drop, so he looks up to see jimin no longer in the spot he was in moments ago, so he looks up at Jimmy Fallon in shock as he sees jimin kissing all up on him.


"Get off the floor Juan," Jimmy says to Jungkook. Jungkook slowly gets off the ground, staring at jimin with a heated frustrated gaze. Jimmy notices.

"Holup little fella don't be looking at my prince like that before I have Namjoons gang clap you in an instant, hoe." Jimin just laughs in rich as he kisses his oppa again walking to the bedroom. The end.