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Explosive End Game

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Kirishima Eijirou flopped back against the cushions of his couch, sighing loudly as he scrolled lazily through the app on his phone for the umpteenth time. It hadn't updated in days, but he couldn't pry himself away from the profiles he found there. Each refresh his heart would beat harshly against his chest at the possibility of a new face peering back at him. No matter how many times there wasn't a new face. It wasn't an ordinary "dating site," though... it was a government run one to help keep the omega population safe. For an alpha to get on the site they even had to go through a background check... but the redhead couldn't blame them... some alphas were nightmares, still thinking that omegas were useless aside from sex.

So most omegas didn't bother with unofficial sites anymore, choosing to set up a safe profile with some pretty strict guidelines-- although some omegas were more apt to break those rules themselves, Kirishima had been the confused recipient of some risque photos before he'd put on his profile he wasn't interested in just "heat helping". The idea grossed him out... an omega and an alpha using each other just for the pleasure of it-- the site didn't actually 'allow' it anyway, they just couldn't keep their eyes on every omega who signed up. 

Most of the more daring ones were females, but then again most omegas were female-- a male omega was a little more uncommon, making up maybe a tenth of the omegan population. Maybe. But Kirishima wasn't really interested in girls, they were so soft he was scared he'd hurt them somehow... and he'd always been more interested in masculine things.

He paused, hovering over a profile of a rather cute looking blonde with what looked like a lightning bolt marking in his hair-- but the big red symbol by his name made his brain stop. If he was afraid of hurting a female, he was petrified  of hurting a sheltered omega. It's not that they were any less in his eyes-- if anything they were amazing for going through the traumatic events they did and still soldiering on... but the idea of making those traumas worse by accident. He would never forgive himself. 

Kirishima wasn't completely ignorant to what most shelter-omegas needed, his friend and old classmate had gone through the process just over a year ago. He remembered the first time he met Midoriya Izuku, hiding behind Todoroki like he was a lifeline while the bi-coloured hair male glared at Kirishima for the sudden intrusion. He'd only stopped by to ask Todoroki if he was okay since he hadn't spoken at all in the group chat, but he'd been greeted by a terrified little omega who looked like he thought the hardening hero was going to strike him.

God, it broke his heart.

But with Todoroki's guidance Midoriya had made a lot of progress over the last year, laughing and smiling in that adorable little way he does. They both helped each other overcome so much, but Todoroki had warned him a few months ago that it had also been the hardest adjustment of his life, and more work than being a hero ever would be for the first little while. That had been back when Kirishima had first started looking around for an omega, deciding if he was going to take a mate he was going to go all out rather than take a beta (not that anything was wrong with that)... and the warning had stuck, as he was terrified of shelter-omegas.

"What kind of alpha are you-- just click the stupid link you loser..." It was a common conversation with himself lately. Taking a breath he clicked the link, smiling a bit at how chill Kaminari Denki seemed in his photo, though as he started reading his profile he felt his stomach churn. Such a cute little omega had basically been sold from alpha to alpha? Why? Why would someone do that to him? "Shit..." It was stories like those, though, that made him second guess himself whenever he worked up the courage to click on one of the profiles. If he could, or if he thought he was capable, he'd help every omega he possibly could. But he only wanted a single mate, and even so he wasn't sure he had the capacity to handle the baggage that a shelter-omega would come with.

There was a ding as a notification came down from the top of his screen, the group chat he'd been in since high school coming to life as the others got off their shifts.

Mina: How goes the hunt, any luck?

Kirishima: No, there's a cute blonde but man I just don't think I can handle the special needs a shelter-boy would need.

Midoriya: It's not for everyone... but please don't count shelters out...

Oh. Right. He'd forgotten Todoroki added Midoriya recently, trying to get his omega to socialize more. He could only pray the green haired boy wasn't insulted.

Kirishima: Sorry, Midoriya... didn't mean anything by it. I'm more the problem...

Midoriya: No, it's okay! I think you'd do well, honestly... you were great with me when we first met

Kirishima: I made you cry

Mina: That's true

Midoriya: an ant could have made me cry if it was an alpha, that wasn't your fault. just like it wouldn't be your fault if you upset another omega by accident.

Kirishima groaned, why did that little guy have to be so damn smart?

Mina: That's also true

Todoroki: You were very good with Midoriya, otherwise I would have never let you back into the apartment or asked you to stay over that time

Sero: Dude, you worry too much

Sero: Out of anyone in this chat, you're probably the most capable... is it that hard to find a mate?

Kirishima: It feels that way. But I'm going to keep trying... I'll go look at the profiles I skipped...

He was thankful he'd already gotten everything ready for work the next day, because as he settled back against the cushions more comfortably, he knew he was in it for the long haul, just like the night before. He skimmed back over Kaminari's profile-- he was cute, but not quite the right type. Pressing back and refreshing the page his heart nearly broke out of his chest-- new faces-- new profiles. All with red markings, though. 

Red Riot groaned in frustration, he was so nervous, as if just clicking on them would mean he'd chosen them. He scrolled through rather idly, there was roughly ten new profiles that had been uploaded... some using an alternate date... meaning they had been at the shelter longer than what their profile said. According to Midoriya that either meant they were sick, injured or too mentally shattered to be put up right away until they settled more... but that meant they were treated for all of those things first.

He scrolled back up slower, taking in their pictures more carefully, reading their names subconsciously. About four down from the top he hesitated, eyes glued to the small, square picture-- he had never once seen an omega scowl like that before for a photo on this site, most shelter-omega's looked tired, terrified or like they were going to be sick, but this one seemed like he was ready to attack the camera man at a moment's notice. It made the redhead chuckle, and he clicked the profile without really thinking about it, looking at the picture a bit closer. 

His eyes were a crimson red, much like Kirishima's...but unlike his own the ashen blonde's were raging mad... said hair was stuck up in all directions like a bomb had gone off... it was honestly a manly kind of cute. "Bakugou Katsuki... twenty-three...." So they were the same age, that was good.

"Frequent transfers due to violent temper," he let out a small laugh. "Not like he's hiding that... I wonder how many transfers he's had..." He looked at the 'true' date, noting he'd been at this one for only about a week. "History redacted at request of the omega in question... that's a bit sketchy, buddy... but if he's hiding it maybe he's ashamed of it..." He couldn't help but wonder what it was... who'd hurt him. The idea made him mad for reasons he couldn't quite tell, though he attributed it to his natural protective instincts.

Begrudgingly he closed the app, tearing his eyes away with a groan. As cute as he was, just the idea of somehow making it worse for him was too frightening... but damn, he couldn't get that angry face out of his head as he started his nightly routine before bed.