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Scouts honour ((Discontinued))

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Chapter 1 Owo


“Can’t believe my baby is leaving the nest.” Your mother had tears in her eyes as you hugged her goodbye.

You giggled, “come on mom, you knew this had been coming for awhile now.” You stepped away from the hug. “Besides I start my new job on Monday, I can’t stay another day.” She nods with tears in her eyes and all but pushes you away from her.

“Go! Go! I don’t want you to miss your moving truck.” She grabs your hand and holds it tightly. “You’ll come visit right?” You give her a nod and kiss her cheek goodbye. Then you begin the long drive to California where your new life and job is going to begin.

You look around your new small apartment, boxes line the walls. You’ve only tried to unpack like four of them before flopping on the uncomfortable bed that came with the apartment. “Okay so new home, new job. I can do this.” You’re already feeling homesick but after a quick nap and more boxes unpacked it’s beginning to feel like home. As you unpack the last box marked ‘kitchen’ your phone rings. “Hello?”

“Oh hey, (y/n). It’s Brent.” Oh yeah your new boss technically.

“Hey, Brent!” You try to sound chipper but after unpacking it probably sounds less than happy.

“Sorry to disturb you after you’ve probably been unpacking all day.” He laughs and you make an affirming noise, “I just wanted to let you know I won’t be in the office tomorrow so just ask for Arin and he’ll know you’re the new PR girl.”

“That’s great, thanks Brent!” He gave you the address to the company building and said his goodbye.

After some quick take out for dinner you flop onto your very uncomfortable bed and make a quick note to self; get a new bed, then with that last thought you fall into a deep sleep.


“Nooooo” you bury your head into the pillow turning off the alarm you set for work. You lay in bed for an extra couple of minutes before getting ready for the day. “Looking very professional.” You wink at yourself in the mirror giving your white button up and black pants a nod of approval before you make your way out the door and begin your walk to your new job.

15 minutes later you make it. Hot chocolate in hand as you go up a flight of stairs onto the floor marked ‘Game Grumps.’ You knock gently hoping someone will answer and you don’t have to awkwardly let yourself in. “Oh hell yeah! Foods here!” You hear a voice from inside yelled and you could hear loud footsteps coming towards the door then the door slams open revealing a tall curly haired man. “You’re not food?”

You give him a confused look. “Sorry to disappoint?” He laughs at you and ushers you inside apologising. “I’m (y/n), I’m supposed to ask for Arin?” The man smiles and points to another man at a desk with long hair with a blonde streak through it. You thank the curly haired man and walk towards Arin. “Hello, Arin. I’m (y/n) the new PR girl.” You smile wide. He grins back at you.

“Welcome dude, can’t wait to have you on the team. Uhhh shit.” He laughs and scratches his head, “eh probably should introduce the rest of the people shouldn’t I?” You nod and he smiles getting up and walking over to come computers. “So here is where Barry and Kevin spend most of their time, editing videos and all that shit.” They look up from their computers and wave, they look tired. Arin then leads you into a kitchen area, “this is Suzy, my wife.” He walks over to her, and he gives her the dopest love-sick smile and she gives one right back.

“Hey! (y/n), right?” Suzy holds out a hand to shake. You shake her hand, her jewellery rattling as you do. You speak with Suzy a little and you can tell you’re going to be fast friends.

“Then there’s Ross over there,” at the mention of his name Ross looks up from his drawing pad gives you a thumbs up and returns to working, “and somewhere around here is Dan.” Arin looks around and finds the curly haired man sitting on a couch with headphones on. You and Arin walk over to him and he gives you both a big grin when you two walk over.

“Hey Arin, hello unnamed girl.” He sends you both a wink and Arin giggles.

“I’m (y/n), the new PR girl.” He takes your hand and shakes it gently.

“I’m Dan, lovely to meet you.” He is a very pretty man. Like very very handsome. You can feel a blush rising but you keep your face neutral. You nod shyly and Arin leads you back to where you’ll be working. He explains the new things he has planned for the show and what you’ll be doing to advertise them. Also to keep an eye on their Instagram and help them update it.

You smile, “can do, Arin.” He smiles too.

“Oh and hey, this isn’t really a normal job so don’t take it too seriously. If you’re hungry go eat, if you want a drink take one. Dress however you like, I’m normally in here in pyjamas.” You both laugh as he says goodbye and returns back to his work too.

“Hey (y/n), we just bought some Thai food if you wanna join us?” Suzy poked her head around your desk where you’ve been working for the past hour and a half.

“Oh that’d be amazing!” She leads you to a living area where the Thai food is all set up on a small coffee table and everyone is on the floor piling up their plates. You take a seat in between Suzy and Arin, making yourself comfortable on a cushion before grabbing some food.

“So (y/n) how are you liking it here?” Suzy smiles at you.

“It’s amazing! This company is really friendly and everyone is super nice.”

“So where are you from? Brent told me you moved to take this job.” You smile as you remember your home.

“I’m from Oregon, so not too far away but just far enough to make my mother worry.” You laugh along with everyone else.

“Close with your parents?” Ross asks, mouth full of food. You giggle when Suzy and Arin reprimand him for speaking with his mouth full.

“Uh yeah I’m super close with my mother and my dad will send me a birthday card and Christmas card every year.” You grin, trying not to make it awkward. “It’s okay though because I get amazing post cards from wherever he is in the world and he always incloses a souvenir from where he is.” Everyone seems to find that cool and now the topic of best souvenirs come up.

It’s later in the day and you’re officially completed your first day of work for Game Grumps. “Hey, sweet.” You hear Danny call you as you leave the building. “Want a lift home?”

You smile at him, “I dunno, taking lifts from a strange man at night sounds pretty suspicious to me.” You wink at him and you could swear he blushes but it’s too dark out to tell.

“I’ll treat you right,” he holds his hand over his heart. “Boy Scouts honour.” He winks at you and pulls his hair out of his face. “So lift?” He dangles his keys in front of your face. You laugh and nod as he directs you to his car.

“Jesus Dan, this car is so messy!” You laugh as you move the piles of CD’s from the passenger seat.

“Don’t judge me!” He giggles helping you move some stuff out of the way. As you’re moving the last pile of CD’s something shiny catches your eye and you grab it.

“A condom?” You laugh as he goes red and grabs it out of your hands.

“Stop judging me! A car can be a very romantic place and I don’t wanna be caught short when the need arises.” You give him a shoulder pat as you get in the car.

“Okay, not judging but no girl is going to have sex with you in here unless you clean it.” You both laugh as you drive to your apartment.