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“I've never had sex before” jimin overhears namjoon say from the living room. he practically spills his hot tea all over himself, hissing when some spills over the rim of the cup. it hurts, but still namjoons word's distract him. he's never had sex. namjoon-hyung, an alpha, has never had sex. the thought almost seems surreal. he set his cup of tea down and grabs a few ice cubes out the freezer to put in a clean dish rag so he can ice his burn. when he does, he practically floats towards the living room to where namjoon and hoseok are talking. they're still talking about sex.

jimin can't seem to get that word out his head. it doesn't help that the thought has namjoon and sex in it either because jimin really likes sex and he really fucking likes namjoon and namjoon- he can't seem to breathe right; namjoon has never had sex. he's a virgin. he's probably never popped a knot outside of a rut and that, that makes jimin drool. makes his scent get a little sweeter, peaches and fluffy whipped cream, as he plops down close to namjoon until their thighs are brushing.

“hyung you're a virgin?” he breathes out, cutting them off mid-conversation. hoseok throws jimin an incredulous look but jimin ignores it in favor of staring namjoon in the eyes. he knows why hoseok is looking at him like that. omegas don't typically talk about sex so casually, nevertheless sex about an alpha vut jimin has always been different. in a world where you're looked down on, you have to make yourself be heard. be forceful with your actions and take what you want and what jimin fucking wants is namjoon. he wants to hear what he sounds like when he moans. ge wants to feel the muscles underneath his baby sify skim contract and spasm as jimin rides his dick and forces his slick into his mouth. jimin-

“um,” namjoon starts, cheeks round and pink, eyes sweeping downcast as he nods shyly. “yeah I've never had sex before.”

“why?” he ask immediately, scooting closer. jimin knows how he sounds. eager, curious, breathless. he sounds flustered and horny and his scent is tinged with the unmistakable smell of arousal. he doesn't care. maybe in the past when he agonized over his obsession for the soft alpha and didn't want him to know, but not anymore. jimin wants namjoon to know that his innocence turns him on. hoseok is glaring at him now. eyes narrowed and full of warning. “stop”they say. “you're crossing lines not meant to be crossed”. jimin knows hoseok will stop him. it's only a matter of time before the beta drags him out namjoons house and forces him to go home but until then, until he does, jimin is going to keep pushing and pushing.

“no one ugh, no one's ever been interested in me i guess. I've been told I'm either ugly or just not alpha material.” He shrugs it off like it's something he's used to and it makes jimin's blood boil. he wants namjoon with every fiber in his being and people have had the chance to have him yet they tell him that? namjoon is gorgeous with his pretty eyes and golden skin. he looks godly. and jimin likes that namjoon isn't the stereotypical alpha. he's soft and gentle, submissive compared to the ignorant, borderline abusive macho alphas that think they can force themselves upon jimin.

“namjoon-” hoseok starts but jimin cuts him off, setting his hand on namjoons through to soothingly stroke him. “you poor baby” he coos from beneath his lashes, making namjoon go squirmy when his hand settles into the intimate part of his thigh close to his groin. his scent spikes and jimin catches it before it disappears. eyes dilating and mouth pulling with saliva, jimin knows that namjoon smells like creme brulee and burning wood. “jimin” he says sounding lost. he doesn't sound necessarily frightened, but not comfortable either. he just sounds confused, eyes darting from him to hoseok as if he could help.

“jimin that's enough. we're leaving.”

“no! he says immediately latching onto namjoon. he holds the alpha tight and just barely gets to grave his teeth against his scent gland before hoseok is pulling him off of namjoon. namjoon scoots away on the couch looking startled, hand coming up to cover his scent gland and jimin doesn't know why he did that. he doesn't feel like himself. he feeks wild, out of control. he's wanted namjoon for so long and the alpha is a virgin and unclaimed. a fucking wet dream walking. still- there's no sane reason to explain why he did that. why- he's acting like this. turning his head to hoseok, the beta is looking at him like he's lost his mind. jimin can't help but to feel as if he's had. he feels feverish and horny and like he's two seconds away from snatching namjoon up and fucking him to within an inch of his life.

“hyung-” he starts, grazing his teeth against namjoons scent gland. “let me fuck you. i-i'll mske it so fuckong good for you” he pleads desperate. namjoon looks frightened and the apples of his cheeks are a black cherry red. he looks so damn good, jimin can feel slick pool between his thighs sticky and wet. “jimin get off of him! you're acting crazy!” hoseok snatches him by the back of his shirt yet jimin refuses to let go. he sinks his teeth into the thin skin of namjoons collar bones to leave a mark. he- jimin has to let everyone know that this alpha is claimed.

his, something dark and primal seems to say. namjoon is his.

namjoon gasp at the feeling, hissing in pain before staring at jimin with wide eyes. hoseok finally gets him off of namjoon and practically drags him out of namjoons house without moment's hesitation. jimin licks his lips and taste bittersweet, metallic, red. hoseok tosses him into the backseat and begins cussing him out as he starts the car. “what the fuck os wrong with you!” he demands pulling out the driveway. jin doesn't give him an answer. instead he pants as he begins to feel uncomfortable heat flare through him. thick gushes of slick feel like it's being forced out if him and he whines holding his stomach has cramps begin to tear through him viciously.

jimin doesn't know what's wrong with him.

he keeps thinking about namjoon and the fact that he's never fucked or been fucked and feels another bought of heat come over him.

“hyung” he croaks out. “something is wrong with me.”

“you're damn right something is wrong with you! you flipped out and practically sexually assaulted namjoon!” jimin grits his teeth. he's right and jimin doesn't know why he did that. doesn't know why some large awful part of his brain thinks he's going to do it again. jimin feels like something has set him off.

“no” he huffs out, snarling as cramps shred his inside. it smells unbearably sweet and it makes him want to vomit. it's disgusting. he wonders if namjoon would like this. “i mean, something is really fucking wrong with me.” he claws at the leather of hoseok's upholstery as he tries and fails to sit up. “i feel like i'm going into heat but worst. i need to go to the hospital.”

hoseok gives him one quick glance before swearing harshly and making a sharp U-turn back to where the hospital is. “what the fuck is going on with you!?” he ask sounding panicked and jimin groans. he really fucking wish he knew.

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hoseok comes through the hospital doors with jimin's in his arms, a look of fear on his face as if the devil himself had sought out to chase him. he bumps past an annoyed beta women who has her arm in a cast. “watch where you're going” she growls and hoseok gives a distracted snarl. “i need a nurse!” her shouts, swiveling towards the first person in white scrubs he sees. in his arms, jimin feels like fire. “what seems to be the problem” a large male in a doctor's coat ask. any other time, hoseok would have been tongue tied by his beauty but right now the only thing he can feel is fear.

“m-my ugh, my friend. i don't know what's wrong with him. first he was acting crazy and then he just suddenly went into heat but it doesn't feel like a normal heat. please, help. something's really wrong with him.”

“alright, calm down” he soothes. he motions for two women in white scrubs to bring him a gurney and makes a motions to take jimin. hoseok rears back and holds a trembling jimin tighter. “its okay. I'm just gonna take him so we can see what's wrong.”

hoseok frowns wary but lets them take jimin nonetheless. he can't help but to fret nervously as he watches them take him between forbidden doors. biting his thumb, it just barely registers to hoseok that he should call yoongi and let him know that his baby brother is in the hospital.

he barely gets the full story out before the alpha rumbles out that he's on his way, hanging up on him. hoseok whines, a very omega like noise that gets him a few looks. he doesn't care about society and their standards right now though. instead he plops down heavily and cradles his hands between his thighs whimpering. jimin gets on his damn nerves but that's still his best friend. he's never seen him act like this or go into some random freaky heat. its scaring him.

hoseok thinks yoongi really couldn't come fast enough.



it's about an hour later when yoongi shows up looking frantic and hoseok gives a sigh of relief.

“where is he!?”

“i don't know. no one would tell me anything. i tried asking the lady at the front office but she just keeps telling me to be patient.” yoongi curses, the soft undertone of a snarl evident in his voice, and turns to hoseok. “what happened?”

hoseok bites his lip and hesitates to speak. yoongi typically doesn't want them seeing namjoon because he hates how depressed jimin acts after seeing him. hoseok explicitly knows this yet jimin is persuasive. it's not hard to go against yoongi's orders when jimin is letting off this depressing pheromones, staring up at you with wide pathetic eyes. hoseok lets his eyes fall to the floor guiltily.

“we were visiting namjoon-ah. at first he was fine. talking normal, acting normal. etc. but then- i don't know. he just started acting crazy out of nowhere! he tried to claim namjoon twice, and when he couldn't, he gave him one of those old barbaric claiming bites right here on his collarbone” he says, nervously tapping his own collarbone in the same spot where jimin had bit namjoon.

yoongi looks pissed after his little story. nostrils flaring and fist clenched at his sides. hoseok wants to tilt his head to the side in submission. how traditional.

“why'd you even let him go in the first place!” yoongi hisses, “you know how fucking weird he gets around him!”

“i know” hoseok says apologetic, “im sorry. but listen hyung, this wasn't jimin's typical weird. this was out-the-blue, borderline savage weird. it- i don't know any other way to describe it but as wolfish.”

at that, yoongi frowns. it makes his youthful face actually look his age for once and it's scary. before he can say anything, a pretty woman walks towards them, a troubled look on her face. “excuse me, are you the gentlemen who brought in the young omega?”

“yes! i am. jung hoseok” he tells her.

“and i’m his older brother min yoongi.”

“min?” she ask confused. “our database tells us his last name is park.”

“yeah, well” yoongi tells her scowling, crossing his arms defensively, “jimin's my half brother. are parents were married before they passed away in a wreck.” hoseok can see how tense yoongi gets and places a hand on his shoulder. sore subjects. they're picking at barely healing wounds.

“ah, I see. well follow me and i'll fill you both in on what we know so far. honestly, we've never seen a situation like this before so we apologise if the information given isn't what you want .” they follow her silently through the forbidden doors, tuning out the pained wails of sick pups and mothers in distress. the smell of sickness is strong and it makes hoseok curl close to yoongi as if the alpha could protect him from it. *your friends condition is most unusual” she tells them as they're lead down a small corridor. at the top, hoseok spies a sign that says ICU. he tries to swallow yet feels his mouth run dry.

*by unusual we mean we have never seen anything like it before. as you know, the term heat gets its name from the heat like symptoms it produces. often times an inegas body temperature can raise well up into the danger zones.”

“to attract alphas right?” yoongi pipes up.

“exactly. it's a primal action actually. well outdated but our bodies haven't quite realized that.”

“they turn another corridor and hoseok wrinkles his nose as they past a door that smells like burnt flesh and hair. burn victim, his mind unhelpfully supplies. yoongi wrinkled his nose too yet the nurse continues on as if she hadn't smelled a thing.

“but what does that have to do with jimin?” hoseok asks her. he's confused. he knows about heats. everyone does actually, but more so him considering his best friend is an omega rights activist. “right, well- in jimins case, his heat is literal. his body temperature is literally so high, his insides are boiling.”

“isn't that dangerous!?” both he and yoongi simultaneously shout in alarm. hoseok can feel his grip on yoongi grow tighter yet he can't seem to loosen his grip. shock and panic has gripped his heart in its vice-like clutch.

“it is” she tells them stopping in front of an all black door. it looms ominous like an omen of death. a bead of sweat drips down his forehead. “that's why we keep his room iced out. technically temperatures are below freezing but his body is producing so much heat, you can say it basically cancels out. not only that but we give him ice baths every 39 minutes or so to regulate his temperature.” she sighed. “it's honestly the only thing we can do until we figure out what's going on.” opening the door, hoseok let yoongi lead them into the room, instantly feeling himself shiver as a blast of incredibly frigid air hit him. hoseok's teeth chattered loud enough to be heard and yoongi tensed up in his group.

hoseok let out a stuttered gasp as his eyes landed on jimin.

he was pale- deathly so as he lie twisting uncomfortably in the small hospital bed. despite the extremely cold temperatures, his cheeks were flushed red and sweat dripped down his body as if he were drenched in it. hoseok covered his mouth in horror and yoongi made a pained noise. “as you can see, even with extreme measures taken, his body temperature is still incredibly high. please refrain from touching the patient please if you can.”

hoseok could feel his face turn down with sadness as he gazed at jimin. with the way he kept tossing and turning, face screwed up, it was as if he were having a terrible nightmare. he turned to look at yoongi and saw that the older man looked like he were trying to hold back tears.

“jiminnie….” hoseok trailed off sadly, “what on earth is happening to you?”

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“because I could not stop for death,
he kindly stopped for me…” namjoon murmured softly to himself in the mirror as he patched the wound on his collarbone. it stung. a vicious feeling that had seem to come back with a vengeance every time he even so much as thought about it. namjoo felt himself flush as he traced the outside of the bite with hesitant fingers.

he still finds himself in a state of disbelief everytime he thinks about what had transpired. jimin. sweet, kind, jimin had out of nowhere, apparently attacked him. namjoon keeps thinking about what jimin had said.

“let me fuck you” he had said. “ i-i'll make it so fucking good for you”

namjoon feels himself go pink at the memory and hides his face in his hands. namjoon isn't as oblivious as many think him to be. it takes some time, be he recognizes the signs of someone being attracted to him. it's hard not too when usually, he's being rejected or looked at like the last crushed cookie in the tin. some small part of him has always knew that jimin wanted him. his scent always got a little sweeter. spicier. the unmistakable scent of arousal. he was kind to namjoon. not to say that he wasn't usually kind, but he was always stiff and standoffish towards most alphas. most alphas that weren't namjoon.

jimin had wanted him yet namjoon hadn't known like that.

he sighs and leaves the bathroom feeling confused and conflicted. namjoon liked jimin. he was cute and stood up for what he believed in but namjoon was hesitant to pursue anything with him after what happened. he couldn't believe jimin tried to claim him in such a barbaric manner. namjoon runs a hand through his hair and plops down on the couch tiredly. he could use a drink or two and a very long nap. absentmindedly rubbing his scent gland, he lets his head lolled back to stare at the ceiling blankly.

now that he thinks about it, namjoon hadn't heard from jimin or hoseok regarding the matter. jimin, he figures, could be embarrassed about his actions but hoseok would have been called him to profusely apologize. namjoon can't help but to sit up with a perplexed frown. he tugs his bottom lip between his teeth and searches for his phone. something he can't help but to think is wrong. he can feel it deep down in his chest, building up and spreading through his veins. jimin had been acting weird that day, fidgety, tense, like a live with ready to snap. namjoon touches the bite to his chest once more before swiping over his lock screen to go to his contacts.

jimin, he realizes faintly, is at the top of the list. they've only ever talked on the phone once and it was a conversation that had lasted for hours. jimin frightened yet livid on the phone as he waited to be prosecuted. namjoons remembers that day as if it had been yesterday. its when the ORA where really hitting the streets of seoul hard. storming through shops, apartments, parks, chanting and demanding better rights. it had been such a big even then, especially that particular day that it had been filmed live on the news. the americans had even came to document it, claiming how it would go down in history.

and it had.

namjoon remember the unease that had gripped him as he watched the huge angry storm seoul. jimin and hoseok were there in that crowd. impossibly tiny to see but there, probably just as livid as the rest, jimin more so than hoseok, raging about the unfair way he and the millions of others around him were being treated due to their dynamic. namjoon had wanted to go but he couldn't. metaphorically chained to his house by the claws of social labor.

namjoon remembers watching soldiers border the massive crowd. remembers taking a sip of his coffee has he hoped and prayed, a religious thing he had never found himself doing before, for them to be okay. namjoon remembers watching how within a blink of an eye, chaos had ensued like a viper waiting to strike. he hadn't known what had happened exactly because it happened too fast. one minute he was watching a non-violent protest and the next he was seeing screaming, fighting, and one very pissed, very bloody park jimin being dragged away in cuffs as he fought back, screaming into crowd.

it had been a long conversation. a 15 hour conversation that won't ever leave him.

it's what sets namjoons resolve. he calls hoseok before he can psyche himself out and digs his fingers into the bite on his chest. namjoon doesn't know why but he has the foreboding feeling that something awful is about to happen.

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hoseok goes to ask the nurse, jiyoo, what they plan to do regarding jimin but gets interrupted by his phone ringing. yoongi's lips tip down and jiyoo gives him a disapproving look.

“no phones in the patient's room please.”

“right, sorry” he tells her going to click his phone off, only to see that it's namjoon calling. hoseok blanks before realizing he never did call to check up on namjoon or apologize for jimin. the alpha was probably worried sick.

“excuse me for a second” he tells them.

“who is it?”

“namjoon. i forgot he was hurt and he's probably worried about jimin.” yoongi scowls. “honestly he can wait. jimin's condition is more serious then his anyways.” hoseok rears back appalled and looks at yoongi as if he's lost his mind. he isn't dumb. he knows that yoongi had never really cared much for namjoon but to say that? to completely disregard the alpha when he's apart of the situation and injured is cruel. yoongi doesn't like namjoon because he feels as if jimin is choosing namjoon over him. he always had the minute jimin met the man and chased after him with heart eyes but this is ridiculous. it's time for him to let his petty pride go.

hoseok glares. “like i said, excuse me” he says a bit more forcefully. he exists the hospital room feeling a ball of anger build up in his stomach. he never knew yoongi could be so heartless. his phone buzzes again with an incoming call from namjoon and he answers it quickly, practically hearing the alphas anxious pacing. “hello? joon-ah?”


he breathes a sigh of relief.

“joonie are you okay? i'm sorry i haven't gotten the chance to call you and check up on you, it's just been a lot happening so fast. are you okay?”

namjoon gives a soft breathless laugh. “honestly i feel like i should be asking you that question. you sound awful. i'm fine though. just patched up the bite. i actually wanted to call and ask if jimin was alright. i know he wasn't exactly… himself before you guys left.”

at that hoseok gives a disbelieving laugh and backs up against the wall to slide down pitifully. he covers his face tiredly. “that's a damn understatement. he's- he's not okay joon-ah. i don't know what's wrong with him. we left your place and suddenly he was sick demanding me to take him to the hospital. me and yoongi hyung have been here for awhile and in that time its just- been a lot.”

“wh-what's wrong with him!? is he okay!? I'm coming down there. seoul national hospital right?”

before hoseok can answer, namjoon hangs up with a beep and hoseok lets his phone fall to the ground to put his head in both his hands. this- this is fucked up man. there's just been so much shit happening lately, hoseok is stressed out. letting out a tired sigh, he stands on numb legs and walks the way where he swore he saw a vending machine. he needs food. and water. if jimin was in any condition right now, he'd tell him that himself.

the vending machine is back towards the patient waiting room. the front desk nurse is still there handing candy to a pair of fraternal twins. they're both missing a front tooth and that makes hoseok smile. he gets two water bottles and a bag of honey chips. honestly he doesn't even have an appetite but he figures light snacking couldn't hurt. hoseok waits patiently for the vending machine to him back his change and scowls when it doesn't. he clicks the ‘change back button’ and huffs when it still doesn't.

“fucking piece of shit machine” he snarls. he heads to the front desk, giving the fraternal twins a weak smile when they stare at him wide-eyes as he passes.

“how can I help you?” she ask sounding flat when she sees hoseok again. he inwardly winces, being reminded of the fact that he did hound her for information regarding jimin. “uhh, yeah, the vending machine never gave me change back for my 5553 won.”

“that machine is janky. hit the button a few more times and it should work.”

“ah, okay thank you-” hoseok is cut off by a women bursting through the hospital doors, look of pain on her face. she's flushed incredibly red and sweat practically drips off her in buckets. she smells sweet like sugar and lemon and it only takes hoseok a second to realize he saw the same thing with jimin. the front desk nurse stands up and comes from around to walk towards her calmly. “miss are you okay?”

“no” she pants out. “hot. im so damn hot” she moans in pain. she staggers forward until she clutches his stomach and doubles over in pain. hoseok can see thick trails of slick slide down her legs and stares in alarm. “are you in heat?” she ask her, placing a hand on her bare shoulder only to snatch it away. her hand is bright red as if she touched a hot stovetop. “you're on fire!” she exclaims in alarm, “someone go get me a doctor please!” a few scared looking beta women gather their pups up and a elderly alpha runs off to presumingly find a doctor. “hoseok watches as the omega claws at her stomach and whines out in pain. “hot” she repeats, “its so so hot”.

hoseok doesn't even think before he takes the two water bottles in his hands and gives them to the nurse. “i- wha? what am i supposed to do with these!?”

“make her drink them! her temperature is dangerously hot and we need to cool her down. i-im gonna go get help” he lets her know before taking off to find the nurse in jimin’s room. as he does, he pasts a group of quickly running doctors and prays that they help that young omega. finding the familiar black door, he busts in and finds yoongi and the nurse in a deep discussion.

“hobi-? wait, what's wrong!?” yoongi ask upon seeing his face. hoseok takes a minute to catch his breath. his heart is beating painfully quick inside his chest and he clutches it as he tries to gasp his words out. “its- its happening! the same th-thing happening to ji-jimin!”

the nurse hands him a cup of water and he graciously accepts it, downing it in one go, before he finishes talking. “another omega- a women- is experiences the same thing jimin is. y-you have to help her! her skin was literally so hot it burned the nurse at the front desk. that cause the nurse to gasp in alarm before she brushed past him and runs to the front of the hospital. he looks at yoongi who stares back at him, before looking at jimin. they're probably thinking the same thing. both wondering what the fuck is going on.

namjoon can feel fear grip his heart as he wishes for the bus to go faster. in moments like this, he wishes he would have saved up for a car instead of a new mixing system. he feels so nervous, he can't stop bouncing his leg nor biting his lip. at this point he's bitten the skin of his lip raw and he can taste blood. sighing again he checks the time on his phone before realizing it's only been 15 minutes since he's talked to hoseok. still, its 15 minutes too long in his eyes. the bus comes to a stop and narrows his eyes in frustration.

a young omega male gets on, paying his fare with visibly trembling hands and looks around dazedly for a seat before spying one next to namjoon. he sits down uncomfortably close and namjoon gets a whiff of something sickly sweet. like maple pecans. he blushes lightly and adverts his eyes when they meet those of the young omegas. he smiles shakely at namjoon.

namjoon picks at a loose string on his hoodie and keeps his eyes low as the omega continues to keep staring at him. he's oddly hot. not in terms of looks but actual body heat. the scent out arousal, sweat, and pain radiates off him in waves. it makes the other passengers on the bus start or shift uncomfortably. namjoon figures he might be apart of the ORA movement like jimin. a lot if omegas hated the fact that heats were considered something taboo and forced to be holed up in one room until it went away, despite the fact that they had lives to live. namjoon can't help but to at least admire him for that.

checking the time again, he licks his lip and lets out a soft squeak when the bus jostles, causing the omega to press up against him. he stares at namjoon, this time without a smile and wipes sweat off his forehead. namjoon watches as he wipes his hand off on his jeans and the material where he swiped dampens considerably. namjoons no omega so he doesn't know what a heat is like, nor is he the type of alpha to have ever helped an omega with one considering he's not exactly desirable alpha material. that and the fact that he's a blushing virgin which us considered pitiful for an alpha, but namjoon has the least mind to know that that amount of sweating isn't healthy. he turns concerned and watches as the omega flares his nostrils at him, taking in his scent.

“you-... you smell nice” he tells namjoon, placing a hand on his thigh to push himself up against namjoon and sniff at his scent gkqbd. namjoon gapes and gently tugs the omega off him pink in the face. he looks around to see people whispering and flushes harder. “um, thank you” namjoon tells him as sincere as possible, “but it's rude to just go around just sniffing strangers. you should know that” he chided gently. the omega stares at him blankly and wraps his hands around namjoon's wrist tightly. namjoon tries to tug his hand away and frowns when he can't. his grip is alarmingly strong.

“um…” namjoon laughs nervously, looking around for help. nobody pays attention, instead purposely looking away. namjoon feels his heart drop. right. he forgot about double standards. he's an alpha right? he should be able to handle some touchy omega right?

“hey...alpha…” the omega pants out. he sounds like he's struggling to find a breath and namjoon can't help but to be concerned despite the situation at hand. “are you alright?” he ask lowering his hands. the bus comes to a stop and many people get off just leaving him, the omega, and three other people. one of the three who are asleep.

“hey.. are you okay?” namjoon ask him. “you don't look so good..” and he doesn't. his entire body is painfully red and his skin is burning hot to the touch like he sat in a vat of hot water for hours. namjoon's hand touches something wet in the omegas lap and he belatedly realizes its slick. he's practically drenched in it. all the way down to his thighs. a sopping wet mixture of slick and sweat.

“hey..” he says again ignoring namjoon. “_you should fuck me. you smell really nice” he tells him leaning forward to lick a wet stripe up his throat. namjoon shoves him away with his entire strength and scrambled away. one of the three people on the bus, a sneering older alpha, leers pervertedly down at the omega whos now curled up in a ball holding his stomach. “damn omegas’ he spits, “only good for one thing and that's a sloppy fuck. look at him” he snarls at namjoon who flinches, “he needs a fat knot in him. practically begging’ for it. if you don't give it to him i will” he grins salaciously and namjoon rears back disgusted.

how could anyone say that knowing this omega clearly isn't in his right state of mind? he's obviously in pain judging by his fetal position and this man is talking about fucking him. namjoon is disgusted. this- this is exactly what jimin protest against. sick fucks like this. the bus comes to a stop, right in front if seoul national hospital and namjoon doesn't even think before picking the whimpering omega up. his skin is so hot to the touch, its painful, but instead of dropping him, namjoon just adjusts his grip on him and makes to leave the bus before stopping. he turns to the two people on the bus, a alpha women and beta man and tells them; “you can't be a bystander all your life” before exiting the bus. the shittty alpha curses him out from the window and calls him a dumb fuck. namjoon rather be a dumb fuck then basically do what is raping someone.

when namjoon enters the hospital, the first then he's greeted with is chaos. there are nurses and doctors everywhere frantically running too and fro, some with gurneys that have people, omegas, on them. the sane scent e smelled coming off the omega in his arms, permitting the entire room. a doctor rushes past him with an omega in his arms. its a girl and she looks young, probably no older than 15 or 16 and she's drenched in sweat, pawing at the alpha doctor to knot her. its disturbing and namjoon can see it happening all around him. omegas either whining to be fucked or doubled over in pain.

the temperature in the room feels unbearably hot.

“get thee remaining omegas to an ice bath” a handsome doctor shouts out. namjoon sees his nametag says ‘Dr. Kim Seokjin’ and rushes towards him with the trembling omega in his arms. when he sees namjoon, he shouts at him. “what are you doing!? follow them” he yells shoving namjoon into the direction of the other nurses who have sick omegas. namjoon stumbles after them lost and panicked. uts like the omega in his arms just gets hotter and hotter. at this point, namjoon is drenched in sweat and slick and wonders if the temperature the omega feels is even safe.

he's led to a crowded room that has a myriad of tubs everywhere. all of them are filled up with cold water and ice and omegas are being placed into them. namjoon hovers uselessly until a nurse come and slides the in fire omega out his arms to slip him in one of the ices baths, clothes on and all. “whats going on!?” namjoons asks a rushing nurse. her name tag says ‘Jiyoo’.

“we don't know. it was one omega and now it's over thirty” is all she she says before she rushes past him to fill a tub that's ice has melted, up with more ice.

namjoon furrows his brows before turning, only to bump into someone. “oh, im so sorry-”


namjoon blinks and sees hoseok. he doesn't even think before he wraps the beta up in his arms, holding him tight. hoseok hugs him back just as tightly before peeling away. “are you- wait, you're drenched in slick” he says.

“and sweat” he supplies unhelpfully. “I helped a sick omega on the bus here.”

“god,”hoseok said shaking his head, “this is fucking crazy. come on, i'll take you to jiminnie. he's still unconscious though.” namjoon let's hoseok lead him through a series of hallways before stopping at a black door. just standing outside the room, namjoon can feel how freezing it is inside.

“ugh, just a forewarning” he tells him, stopping him with a hand to the chest, “yoongi might not be happy that you're here but i won't let him try to muscle up on you okay?” namjoon bites his lip nervously at that and gives a timid nod. namjoon is man enough to say that yoongi terrifies him. he's never liked him from the beginning and namjoon has always done his best to avoid him. it seems today is the day for confrontation. hoseok opens the door, shivering at the blast of cold air that hits him. namjoon brings his hands up to wrap around his own shoulders and walks through. instantly he spies a flushed jimin lying in bed with a heartbroken yoongi standing over him. when he sees hoseok he goes to speak but stops when he sees namjoon. his lip curls up into a snarl and he growls at namjoon who takes a hesitant step back.

“leave” he hisses at him and namjoon steps behind hoseok. he really is the most pitiful kind of alpha, he thinks. running at the first sign of confrontation.

“no” hoseok snaps back. “joon is just here to check on jimin. he's jimin's friend and he's allowed to be here.”

“not while im here he's not” yoongi growls and stalks toward namjoon. namjoon feels the hair on the back of his neck raise and tilts his head to the side in submission. it's such a traditional tactic, hardly used in today's society but namjoon knows yoongi was raised in a traditional home so he knows. he steps towards namjoon until they're in each others space and gives a long slow sniff at his neck.

“you reek” he tells him before storming out the room. hoseok gives namjoon a worried look and frets over him until namjoon assures him that he's fine. “you should go after him” namjoon tells him gently. “yoongi hyung is going through a lot.” hoseok shakes his head no. “but-”

“go hyung. i kinda wanted a moment alone with jimin anyways.” hoseok hesitates once before chasing out after yoongi. when he's gone, namjoon takes a deep breath and places his hand over his heart, feeling how fast its beating in his chest. his wills his heart to be steady as he takes careful steps towards jimin's bed.honestly he looks awful. he looks like a rotted tomato and ge smells like a candy factory and a sweatshop both had a meltdown together. nevertheless though, namjoon sets himself down gently and stares at him. it's not his fault. obviously, but he still can't help but to feel like it is.

“oh jimin” he sighs soft and sad, leaning forward to press his cheek against his burning forehead. namjoon goes to pull away only to feel something nosing at his neck. he tugs away and sees an awake jimin staring at him with hazy eyes. “jimin-ah!? are you okay?” he ask placing a distressed hand to his shoulder. he has to go tell hoseok and yoongi! no- wait, he needs to get a doctor first. ah, no. namjoon needs to-

jimin stares at him blankly before sitting up and matching namjoon's hand in his. his grip is so tight and it takes namjoon a second to realize jimin is crushing his wrist. “ahh, jimin” he murmurs pained and jimin snarls at him, other hand coming up to grip namjoons jaw fixedly in his hand. he tilts namjoon's head back impossibly far and takes a long deep inhale, huffing like a dog or wolf every time he smells something he's unfamiliar with.

“you don't smell like me anymore” he hisses gnashing his teeth. namjoon tries to tug back to with no avail. jimin lets go of his wrist to rip at his shirt and expose the patch covering the place where he bit him. he rips it off of his chest and leans forward to lick it. “mine” he snarls, “my alpha.”

“jimin, please let me go” namjoon whispers, hoping yoongi and hoseok would hurry and come back. he's never been more terrified in his life. jimin noses his way back up to his neck, right over his scent gland, before scraping his teeth over it. namjoon feels cold dread wash over him. he's- he's going to try and officially claim him. he's going to give namjoon the official mating bite and that makes some hard and cold sit heavy in the bottom oh his stomach. jimin ignores him and presses down just as yoongi, hoseok, and the familiar nurse, jiyoo, walk back into the room.

namjoons face screams help just as jimin bites down.

Chapter Text

even when he was just a pup, jimin has always had to fight for what he wanted. as the only omega in his neighborhood, if he wanted a turn on the swings, he had to fight for that. his parents attention? he wasn't an alpha. he had to fight for that. jimin had to fight for that. as he matured, his body softened instead of hard muscular planes like most boys. he stayed short and his face remained sweet. he remembers getting a practice baby doll to prepare for children for his 9th birthday instead of the race car set he asked for. jimin angrily remembers having to take home ec in school instead of being allowed to participate for sports. and it was okay-. he wouldn't have said it was awful. it's nice and helpful to learn how to cook and clean for the future, but what it isn't fucking is, is being 12 years old and forced to learn how to cook and make the “perfect” fucking sandwich for some future lazy piece of shit alpha, who couldn't get off his fucking ass to make it his damn self.

as jimin got older, his resentment grew and the more he seemed to hate the unfairness of the world around him. he didn't hate being an omega. how could he? it was just simply who he was, but he hated the stigma forced upon him. hated how he had to be this sweet delicate thing who was only good for taking care of kids and being fucked by some alpha who only saw him as a living fuck doll. he rebelled. jimin had to fight for what he wanted all his life. he had to fight to be seen as just jimin, and not jimin the omega. he worked out because he wanted muscles and not curves that made alphas stare and touch him as they pleased. he proudly sports a six-pack, thick arms, and muscular thighs that make alphas turn their noses up at. he wheres thick soles in his shoes to be seen as tall instead of something to coo at. he learned taekwondo and earned himself a black belt despite the harsh criticism he faced. and when the next bitch ass alpha thought he could just get away with grabbing his ass, he broke their hand and crushed it underneath his foot with a vicious sort of righteousness.

his most proudest moment was running a small omegas rights club in his sophomore year of school. and even though it was just his best friend hoseok, step-brother yoongi, and four other rebellious omegas, it was a small star that sparked something revolutionary in him.

park jimin has had to fight for what he wanted all his life and still continues to till’ this day. he fought to be seen as equal to alphas and a few betas who only saw him as a baby maker. he only ever had yoongi and hoseok to treat him like a person. until he met namjoon, that is. he was a friend of hoseok and he didn't leer at jimin like meat or snerr his nose up at him when he saws jimin defiant gaze, but instead swept his eyes away and made himself look small. he asked jimin his opinion on important matters and expressed his honest desire to see omegas treated equally in their fucked up society. his voice was soft and quiet any other time but when it came to something he was passionate about, it'd boom with a fervor that left jimin's heart beating erratically in his chest. jimin fought for whatever he wanted but he couldn't seem to work up the courage to fight for namjoon.

he made him feel like an omega, and it felt good. but not just that, he treated him like a person- a man and it was intimidating. soft, submissive, sensitive namjoon who couldn't even muster the courage to stare other alphas in the eye intimidated jimin and that was new.

jimin wanted him.

jimin couldn't seem to have him.

until now.


namjoon jerked painfully in his grip as jimin sinks his teeth into his neck. his blood fills jimin's mouth, something bittersweet that makes him lock his jaw up tight to prevent the alpha from escaping. something in the back of jimin's hazy, savage mind tells him to stop. that this is wrong and that he should just let namjoon go, but the feral part if his mind, the one that has him acting out, tells him to bite harder until the alpha in his grip scars beautifully with jimin's mark.

he pants and bites harder. hard enough for namjoon to whine and paw helplessly at him.

this is wrong. he should stop. in his peripheral, someone makes a move towards them and he growls menacing. his teeth sink out of namjooms neck and he snarls at them looking like something out of a horror scene as blood smears and drips from his mouth. namjoon crumples to the ground stunned, a shaky hand coming up to cover his bleeding neck and that seems to snap everyone into action. hoseok grabs namjoon and jimin can't have that. he doesn't know why everyone keeps touching his alpha. he claimed him. jimin claimed namjoon and he's his yet everyone keeps fucking touching him. its like his childhood all over again, he can't fucking have shit he wants without fighting for it. he stands on shaky legs and curls his lip up at hoseok when his hand gets too close to his bond mark. just as he goes to grab his wrist and crush it in his grip, someone snatches him back by his hospital gown like a rag doll and he turns to swipe at him.

“get off” he snarls.

“no! you need to get a hold of yourself. do you not realize what you just did!” a familiar voice snaps at him, grabbing him by his arm to force it behind his back. “i claimed what's mine” he barks, struggling out of his grip. he makes eye contact with a nurse and gnashes his teeth at her threateningly. jimin feels out of control but he can't help himself. there's an inferno inside his body roasting him alive and his mind won't stop chanting namjoon, namjoon, namjoon over and over like some obsessed mantra. cramps tear through him like someone ripping his insides open and he groans in pain, feeling pain hit him like truck. he whines and struggles some more. namjoon… he needs to get to namjoon. only he can put a stop to this insufferable heat that's burning him alive.

“stop!” yoongi alpha orders but it doesn't stop him. he slams his head back into his face, hearing a crunch and a pained yelp as his nose makes contact with yoongi's nose. he barely spates him a glance- barely feels bad as he collapses to the ground and crawls to namjoon who's staring at him with wide, horrified eyes. if he was in his right end right now, jimin would bow to yoongi's feet and bed for forgiveness. he loves his brother. would never want to hurt him, but jimin isn't jimin right now, and right now he wouldn't hesitate to break yoongi's arm in seven differently places if he kept trying to keep him from namjoon.

sweat drips into his eyes, pouring down his face like rain, and he sways, nausea hitting him hard, as he crawls weakly to namjoon. jimin feels like he'll die if he doesn't touch namjoon right now. “hyung” he calls out between painful huffs of air, “come here hyung. i need you” he tells him when namjoon just shakes his head no frantically and scrambles away. jimin can see hoseok dark behind him to presumably grab yoongi and check on him, and jimin hobbles towards him while no one is keeping him from namjoon. namjoon crawls away again and jimin whines pained. he feels like his skin is melting.

couldn't namjoon see that jimin needed him?

just as he gets close enough to namjoon to grab him, the nurse he forgot all about grabs him and drags him away. jimin snarls enraged. “get off him you fucking bitch. i'm going to fucking kill you- im going to gouge your fucking eyes out” he tells her before a wave of nausea hits him so hard, he vomits violently. “what the fuck is wrong with him!?” the panicked voice of hoseok calls behind him and jimin vomits again and cries. “namjoon…”

“i- i don't know” she says staring at jimin with calm, calculated eyes. she lets go of namjoon and jimin jobs with relief before something sharp stabs him in the neck. he growls weakly, trying to grab whoever just stuck him and falls to the side feeling faint. “what is that?? what'd you just stick him with!?”

“anesthesia” jimin hears her says as she comes into view, blocking his sight of namjoon. she squats down to stare at him. jimin wants to claw her fucking face off but can't even move his body. he feels unnaturally tired and knows it's because of her. she's keeping namjoon from him. he needs namjoon. “i think i perhaps might know whats going on with all the omegas ” is the last thing jimin hears her say before his eyelids flutter shut and he falls unconscious.

Chapter Text

namjoon figures he's in shock when he watches a team of nursing filter in and strap jimin down onto a bed that looks like it came from an insane asylum. he holds his bleeding neck and blinks slow, feeling like he's been drowned. it's hard to think and breathe as he watches them wheel an unconscious jimin away and he doesn't know if its because of the bond or not. the bond. such an unreal thing to say- to think. namjoon is bonded. jimin bts namjoon and claimed him. he blinks once- then twice, before his face crumples up and he begins to cry confused.

he watches hoseok cradle an injured yoongi, and nurse jiyoo instruct someone to help them before turning to namjoon. when she sees his face she quickly rushes over with two other nurses in tow. “be careful” she instructs, gently walking towards namjoon. “he was just claimed against his will and his mate isn't here either. he's in a delicate state.”

namjoon holds the bite on his neck tighter and feels blood ooze between his fingers. jimin wasn't kind when he bit him. he went straight for the kill and namjoon figures that's probably what has him so fucked up right now. he- he always thought that when he'd get his bondbite, it'd be sweet and gentle. bonding with someone is a painful process. it's like proposing to someone but with deadlier consequences. your binding two souls together and saying this is it. you- are it for me. namjoon had always imagined it to be done with love and tenderness. that he himself would give his bond byte to someone with a heart full of love and adoration. instead he's lying on the hospital floor feeling he just got his throat practically ripped out.

nurse jiyoo steps closer to him, softly cooing, and namjoon is crying before he realizes it. he feels vulnerable and weak. something he knows alphas get looked down on for being but right now he feels like he's made of sugar glass. incredibly fragile. he feels lost and afraid and it's really fucked up but he wants jimin. it's the bond talking. working its magic quick as fuck in his system and he feels resentful. how could jimin do this to him? why, would he? “hey” jiyoo coos soothingly, “i'm gonna need you to work with us okay? we need to check that wound on your neck.” at the mention of random strangers touching his bond, he feels his skin crawl. namjoon doesn't just panic. he becomes hysterical. it's not him, he knows, but the bond instead yet he can't help but to hyperventilate and scramble away from them. the only one he'll want to see right now is jimin and jimin is out of his damn mind and knocked the hell out of anesthesia right now.

“no!” he shouts at them. shaking his head from side to side incredibly fast, as he backs away. they're soft growls vibrating in his chest and they just seem to get louder and louder, deeper and deeper in timber the closer they get. it's not me, he wants to tell them with a whimper. but he just growls. he wants jimin.

he never fucking wants to see park jimin ever again in his miserable life.

“we just want to help” a random nurse says, making a move to grab him and some unholy snarl comes from his mouth so loud and vicious he startles himself and catches hoseok and yoongi attention. namjoon has never heard himself make that noise before. he makes whines and whimpers, soft growls and even a purr that's considered too omegan for an alpha this day and age, but never a snarl like that. he sounds like an alpha and it's terrifying. “joon we just want to help you” hoseok calls out. namjoon snaps his wide eyes to hoseok. he's tilting yoongi's head back for him and cupping his bloody broken nose timidly. blood rubs up down yoongi's face and shirt like a masacre just occured and hoseok looks worn out and tired. namjoon wants to tell him he's so sorry. that it really isn't his fault.

everyone knows bonding is something you should only do when you're absolutely positive you've found your one true mate. it's a process that takes lots of time, thought, and consideration and Should never be done on a whim due to the psychological issues it can cause. bonding should always be a two-way thing. it's literally a connecting of souls and if only one soul is connected- giving 100% while the other isn't giving anything at all, it can create many serious issues, mentally and physically. bonding only halfway and abandoning your partner is actually against the law in over 123+ countries and is punishable by up to 50 years in prison. it's considered a form of cruel abuse and namjoon is positive that if jimin was in his right state of mind, he'd be hauled away in cuffs right now. he can already feel anxiety grab him by the neck and choke him the longer jimin is away from him.

its awful.

“i-I can't” he tells him stuttering. his hand is shaking so bad he looks crazy. “i need jimin. the bond- and, and-” he says unable to get his words out. realization dawns on hoseok face and he looks sick. “we know” jiyoo cuts in, “and that's why we need to check you. the longer you go only half-bonded, The more you'll start to feel ill. both of you actually.” namjoon thinks of jimin who's already going through it. who feels like a living breathing inferno and a defected candy shop. who must be having cramps so severe right now that is insides feel like he's being cut open alive. namjoon thinks of that and then he thinks of jimin also having to feel the effects of an unfinished bond and whimpers.

“i'm scared” he says feeling his stomach twist and roll. there's a wave of anxiety hitting him so hard he feels nauseous. “its okay namjoon” a voice speaks up and he's surprised to see its yoongi. the other alpha stares him square in the eyes before telling him again: “it's okay.” being bonded is a vulnerable to for anyone. namjoon doesn't have his bondmate to direct him so right now he needs the next authoritative figure right now. which is yoongi. the most dominant alpha in the room. namjoon takes a slow breath and lets yoongi's presence calm him. they aren't on the best terms- this namjoon knows but he should be okay. nurse jiyoo takes a cautious step closer and when namjoon doesn't snarl or growl at her, lays a ginger hand on him. he tenses but meets yoongi's eyes again who holds his gaze. in the background he can hear hoseok cooing to him that it's okay.

he lets jiyoo takes his hand off his neck and hears her curse. “he tore the skin of your neck. you'll need stitches but other then that, your scent gland doesn't look damaged.” namjoon breaks his gaze with yoongi to stare at the women in front of him. “i won't be able to remove the bond will i?” he ask already knowing the answer. and it's no. not unless he wants to kill himself. there's a reason bonding shouldn't be done unless absolutely sure. there's an only 5% removal rate and a even lower survival rate of just 2.5%. medical science hasn't figured out a way to successfully split two souls in half and maybe they never will.

“i-” she starts, only to give a sullen shake of her head.”my honest opinion? no. but let's worry about one thing at a time okay? we'll have to take you to another room seeing as this one's no good.” namjoon sees her eye jimin's pile of vomit and winces. he doesn't want to go. can't help but to feel like he doesn't want anyone except jimin to touch him but he knows that its necessary. he lets the unfamiliar nurses tug him to his feet, feeling something awfulawfulawful crawl up his throat. the make a motion to head to the doors and namjoon panics. “wait! ca-can yoongi-hyung and hoseok come?!” they pause and the room goes still.

hoseok flicks his eyes from namjoons panicked ones to yoongi's dark ones. namjoon watches them hold eye-contact before they nod.


“we'll come joonie. you'll be okay.”

namjoon closes his eyes tight and lets them lead him out, the scent of hoseok and yoongi following close behind.

namjoon holds back a few pained whimpers, and keeps his eyes trained on yoongi aa he watches the alphaset his own nose in place. the nurses surrounding him chide him for his recklessness, saying he should have let them fix it. the stitches hurt. they gave him a numbing shot but he can still feel it. it throbs. painful and achy and he can't stop thinking about jimin. the bond is calling out to him, making his own canines in his gums pulsate, crying out for him to mark jimin back. namjoon can't do that. it's- the bite is nonconsensual. namjoon didn't want this but his body is crying out for it. he clenches his fist and hisses when the tugging of skin being pulled together stings at him.

there are tears in namjoons eyes when he speaks his next words: “i want jimin.”

yoongi pauses, as well as hoseok and the other nurses in the room. namjoon slides his eyes to yoongi's. the alpha is wiping blood off his nose and upper lip and his eyes are dark. “it's the bond talking” he tells him flatly, “you don't want jimin. your body does- the bond does.” namjoon jerks and hisses. “you think i don't know that?! i'm not a fucking idiot. i know what it means but it's hard to fucking think when my soul is dragging me to him. when my mind is chanting his name like a broken record. it's only been two hours and i already feel like i'm going to break down without him.” tears silently poor down his face and he claws at his thighs.

“i didn't ask for this” he tells him, “none of this.”

hoseok lays a hand on yoongi's shoulder as the alpha stands. “you're right. and i'm sorry.” he says before he storms out. namjoon lowers his gaze and stares down at the ground. he can't breathe. hoseok bites his lips before following him out and once again- namjoon is left alone.

“are you okay?” hoseok ask fisting his hands in his shirt. yoongi grips at his hair tight and snorts. a small splatter of blood drips down his nose, and he wipes at it before giving a laugh of disbelief. “do i fucking look okay hoseok-ah? my brother- my baby brother is out of his fucking mind and i don't know wrong. he nonconsensually claimed someone. do you not know how fucking serious that is-? the prison time he could be potentially facing? not only that but he broke my fucking nose and is acting like some feral beast. i can't help but to feel like this is somehow my fault.”

“it's not though!” hoseok suddenly shouts. “this- i don't know what the fuck is going on either but this isn't your fault. and it's not only jimin. its happening to other omegas too. all around seoul.”

“but did any of them fucking claim someone against their will?!” hoseok opens his mouth but then closes it. his fist ball up at his side and his lips turn down. “i'm sorry too* he tells him before turning to go back to joon. hoseok doesn't know what's going on but he knows one thing for sure; jimin would never willingly act out like this. he loves namjoon. has worshipped the ground he's walked on for years. jimin is soft on namjoon- knows how soft he is. how he isn't like the other alphas. jimin rather kill himself then hurt the only alpha besides yoongi he's only ever cared for. he thinks back on nurse jiyoos words. how she claimed she might know whats going on with all the omegas, including jimin.

he walks back into the room and finds a nurse putting a gauze over joons neck. there's fear in his eyes and his lip trembles every so often as fat tears silently spill down his cheeks. namjoon doesn't look like an alpha, doesn't smell like one, or act like one. he's too soft. needs protecting. looking at him now only furthers the thought that something more is going on. a bigger picture- HIGHER POWER in play. “jiyoo” he says looking her square in the eye. “the omegas. you said you had an idea about what's going on and i want to know.”

she bites her lip and stares back.

“the suppressants” she says sighing tiredly, “ i think there's something in the suppressants.”