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I will stay alive, praying for myself

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Tsukuyomi shook as she ducked down into the trench, nervously humming to herself. Oma Zi-o was standing only a few kilometers in front of her and her band of rebels. Her dad squeezed her hand, trying to comfort her. “Yomi.” She looked to her left to see Geiz. She looked around and realized she was in Berlin.

“Kleiner Bruder,” She said, trying to sound happy. “I'm half a minute younger than you, sis.” Geiz chuckled. He gave her a concerned look. “How close are you to Oma Zi-o?” He asked. “Close enough.” She answered. “How's Mom?”

“She's doing fine.” He replied.

“Tsukuyomi!” The visit ended as her father shook her shoulder. “We need to attack now.” Tsukuyomi didn't know at the time that these would be her father's last words to her.

She got into her Time Mazin. (It was really her dad's, not hers.) “Tsukuyomi, wait!” Tsukuyomi felt Eiji grab her arm. “We're going back in time with you. We'll help you kill Oma Zi-o.” He said.

She nodded as Hana wiped the tears out of her eyes and handed her a belt. “Here.” She said. “Momotaros can help you.” Tsukuyomi set the date on the Time Mazin and she was off into the past.


Michael mumbled curses under his breath in Hebrew and Ladino as he fought a yummy.

The stupid wolf fish yummy had been kicking his ass for three minutes now and he was pissed off. Why his Rabbi had recommended him to Kougami as a potential user of the Poseidon driver, he had no idea. Was it because he was a marine biologist? Surely there were others who could do a much better job than him, right?

Michael activated the finisher and destroyed the yummy. He cancelled his transformation. “Are you sure you should keep doing this, Mikey?” He glared at Kotaro. “Of course I'm sure.” He said. “As far as I know, I'm the only one who's capable of using the Poseidon driver. Tsukuyomi heard what Kougami said when he talked to me about it.”

Kotaro frowned. “That's not what I meant. I meant, I'm worried about how it could be affecting you.” He placed a hand on Michael's shoulder.

“Tsukuyomi came up with a plan to kill Oma Zi-o. Maybe we can help by killing the Greed.” Ayumu said, popping in. Michael grinned. “I like the sound of that. Hana needs to get the Denliner over here. Or perhaps Eiji can take me on a trip through the Time Road.”

“Don't even think about it.” Eiji snorted. “I really don't want you getting the passenger seat wet.”


Hana placed a plate of tortilla canaria on the table where Ryutaros was sitting. “There, you go.” She said.

She was nervous. She had a bad habit of cooking when she got nervous sometimes. Killing Oma Zi-o was no small thing. He was the one who created and sent Imajin to attack people around the Canary Islands, Spain, and the Western Sahara. Putting a stop to him would put a stop to the Imajin. Messing something up could have possibly massive consequences.

“Hey, Hana-chan.” She looked up to see Geiz. “Hey, Geiz, how are you?”

“I'm fine, thanks. Michael and Kotaro want to join you on the Denliner. You know, so they can help Tsukuyomi. Ayumu is joining Eiji.” He told her. Hana nodded.

“And you?” Geiz sighed. “I've managed to find my own Time Mazin. I'm not sure how well this'll work, though.”

Hana hugged him. “Don't worry. I'm sure we can do this. Just don't give up.”


Ayumu clutched the eyecon in his hand tightly. He knew this was the only way to defeat Oma Zi-o and the Imajin he'd created, and possibly the Greed, Ganma, and Neo Roidmudes, as well. Why did he feel so conflicted though? Was it because killing Oma Zi-o as a teenager would change history?

Eiji looked at Ayumu. “You ready, Yu?” He asked. Ayumu nodded. “Yes, Eiji.”

“Alright. Let's kick the tires and light the fires!” He yelled. Ayumu gave him an unimpressed look. “Please, stop saying that.”

Eiji laughed. “Sorry.”


Eiji didn't really feel as confident as he looked. They all knew he was kind of the most sensitive person in the cluster. He'd encouraged Michael to fight as Kamen Rider Aqua, had kept Tsukuyomi and Geiz safe, and had helped Hana find a way to negate the effects of the Zeronos cards on Yuto.

Killing a man as a teenager just didn't sit right with him. He knew he could easily get out of trouble by using his police training if he got into a fight but still, it felt wrong.

He actually felt kind of bitter because his hyperempathy had bitten him in the ass more times than he could count and he didn't want that happening now. He couldn't afford any more trouble.

But that wasn't the main thing he was thinking about. He was thinking about his dads. The neo Roidmudes had killed them both two years ago. His Aunt Kiriko had been running herself ragged helping him lately.

“Eiji, you okay?” Michael asked. “Yeah, I'm fine.” He lied. “Want me to hold your hand?” Hana asked. He shook his head. “No, thanks.” 



Kotaro leaned on the railing of a bridge next to Geiz. He couldn't believe they were actually doing it. They were going to save the Earth again.

He exhaled, staring at his kyutama and seiza blaster. “Guess we get to fight together again, old friend.” He said.

“Thinking about the other Kyurangers?” Geiz asked him. Kotaro nodded. “Yeah. I...I miss them. I'd like to see Stinger again in the past. Stinger and Champ haven't been able to come to my astrobiology lectures in the university I work at because of the danger of Oma Zi-o.” Geiz placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I'll see what I can do.”


Geiz strapped his firefighting gloves on before strapping the Ziku driver on just as Tsukuyomi did the same. Rider time. “Henshin!” Kamen Rider Geiz.

“Henshin!” Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi.

He grabbed the Drive ridewatch Eiji had given him. “Sister, wait up.” Tsukuyomi stopped as he ran over, the others joining him.

“What?” She said, staring in shock. “I...I didn't think you guys were actually going to help me on this mission.”

Geiz hugged her. “Our schedules cleared up.”

Tsukuyomi laughed. “Well then, let's go find Oma Zi-o.”

“What's his name, again?” Ayumu asked. Tsukuyomi checked her phone. “Tokiwa Sougo.” Hana jumped up and down. “What are we waiting for? Let's go.”